NEW! Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation + Concealer + Cushion Contour & Highlighter

  • Published on Dec 29, 2016
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    Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation- Desert Beige-
    Photo Focus Concealer- Medium Tawny
    Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Contour- Cafe Au Slay!
    Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlighter-
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    What's your MAC shade? NC40
    What camera do you use?
    Canon 70D
    What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro & iMovie
    What type of lighting do you use?
    I use a diva ring light & two soft boxes- Both of them were bought off of Ebay.
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  • Sumana Mahdi
    Sumana Mahdi 7 months ago

    Should I buy fenty or wet n wild? Please Help, really love fenty but wet n wild is so cheap though

  • Dina Vazquez
    Dina Vazquez 8 months ago

    Guess I just found my new fav TVclipr😛😛

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia 10 months ago

    Hey chica, I had to watch the video again to find out which shade in the foundation you selected cause we’re about the same skin tone. I picked the wrong one out 😓 👻

  • Melanie
    Melanie Year ago

    What liner did you use?

  • Doha Ben
    Doha Ben Year ago

    '' Highlight with steroids" 😂😂😂 LOVE THAT

  • Lyzette Vega
    Lyzette Vega Year ago

    I skipped some Tutorials so I could watch stuff like this...gonna check it out!

  • Meryl Seibert
    Meryl Seibert Year ago

    What's a good setting powder to use I need to buy some. I had the elf hd powder which I love

  • Meryl Seibert
    Meryl Seibert Year ago

    My dollar tree has the wet and wild brushes..$1. I got a bunch for myself and my daughter

  • Meryl Seibert
    Meryl Seibert Year ago

    I've seen this in their website too

  • Meryl Seibert
    Meryl Seibert Year ago

    Love your hat

  • vlaur 17
    vlaur 17 Year ago

    It looks flawless on u, wow!😍

  • pricilla santiago

    How much did all of this cost?(Every product mentioned)& where did you buy these products?(Love you & your channel 💕)

  • Draya
    Draya Year ago

    thanks for the info going to buy them🤗

  • All things Beautiful

    after using shape tape any concealer doe foot applicator is itty bitty. about to go shopping thanks to you!

  • All things Beautiful

    your wings tho 🕊😍 gorgeous!

  • Fabiola Cardenas
    Fabiola Cardenas Year ago

    i really want to try this foundation but don't know what shade I am in mac i use nc42 can some one help

  • odaliz paz
    odaliz paz Year ago

    what I love about wet and wild is that they don't lie about their products other drugs store products lie for the money

  • Brianna Falk
    Brianna Falk Year ago

    ctfu i got that hat

  • Ramonita Sadie
    Ramonita Sadie Year ago

    blush is like my must wear makeup items, and I just opt it using my bruushes from below
    I am pretty impressed with the brush set and eyeshadow at once. It was soft and blend the make-up perfectly

    • Ramonita Sadie
      Ramonita Sadie Year ago

      This tutorial also assists me modifying my make-up design.

  • lifewithkaren
    lifewithkaren Year ago

    Hey girl what did you mean when you said apply the precious petal highlighter before powder bc it will get streaky??

  • m a y a n
    m a y a n Year ago

    Omg I was waiting on your input on this! 💗 love youu

    VILAY Year ago

    I love that foundation so much 💖

  • Lisa Mohammed
    Lisa Mohammed Year ago

    just added u😘

  • Yasmine Duncan
    Yasmine Duncan Year ago

    Great tutorial! I recently got the concealer and I love it

  • miley what's GOOD
    miley what's GOOD Year ago +2

    Who will dislike her video like they are amazing

  • sephorasara
    sephorasara Year ago

    I love your eyeshadow and background!

  • Jessfig04
    Jessfig04 Year ago

    The concealer does blend so easily! Love it so far😍

  • Andrea Flores
    Andrea Flores Year ago

    I was like what hereby jeebyz why ? And then BAM I got the chills ! That ugly as hell what is that haha

  • maree15
    maree15 Year ago

    This foundation blew me away! Y eso que Im really picky 😂...

  • Sabrina A
    Sabrina A Year ago

    Does that Dessert beige foundation have an orangey undertone or golden? Or reddish? It looks sooo diff in everyones videos so its hard for me to tell bc i want to order it online

  • Banyat Khunratwek

    Which's shade of Wet n wild Megaglo highlighting powder?

  • June G
    June G Year ago

    Just found your channel, and this video was so informative. Just subscribed! Can't wait to see your other videos! 💗

  • Yely 1978
    Yely 1978 Year ago +1

    we always "stumble" around the beauty section in walgreens,😂😂😂 btw I enyoyed your vid,😘😘😘

  • Beauty 51
    Beauty 51 Year ago

    bella! ty for the review! i just bought all of them and was looking for how to best apply the cushion bronzer for one of my tutorials and stumbled upon your channel ! new sub! xoxomarilynn beauty4ever

  • Crystal Barber
    Crystal Barber Year ago

    Just subscribed. Great video. Can't wait to get my hands on these.

  • sparxbbyy
    sparxbbyy Year ago

    Really want to try out this foundation but every drugstore I go only has the lighter shades. Suck because I don't want to buy online and get the wrong shade

  • asianleo83
    asianleo83 Year ago

    Just found your channel by typing in the new wet and wild photo foundation. You're so pretty and your eye makeup is flawless😍

  • Jackiee Franco
    Jackiee Franco Year ago

    jeez i know i shouldnt have looked after the she mentioned trypophobia but i got scared to death and skiped the video a little forehead , im in tears . 😭

  • Chelsea Castillo
    Chelsea Castillo Year ago

    I can't wait to try these!!!

  • diamonds glitz n glam

    I have both the highlighter and contour and the high lighter is super awesome base for my powder high lighter 😍😍🎉

  • Magali Aquino
    Magali Aquino Year ago

    i finally got the cushion highlight n the contour today 💜 🙌🏽🙏🏽 after lookin at 14 dif walgreens i was lucky since it was the last pair, they r walgreens exclusive n someone who works there said they should be in the wall display by this weekend since they only got about two displays for the preview on the little stands they have by the halls

  • Lola love18
    Lola love18 Year ago

    Hello. love this video. New subscriber here :) Thank you so much about mentioning the phobia. i have it. couldn't even look at that lol

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago +1

      haha glad I warned you! thanks for subscribing :)

  • Justine Barbosa
    Justine Barbosa Year ago

    do you recommend it for dry skin?

  • Rosa Collazo
    Rosa Collazo Year ago

    Hello I'm new to your channel, what brand is the fan brush u is in this video

    • Rosa Collazo
      Rosa Collazo Year ago

      +Oh!MGlashes Hola thank you👌🏻

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      Hi babe! welcome to my channel, thanks for subscribing! It is from Vanity Planet, its comes in a set of brushes.

  • SEGURAS brothers
    SEGURAS brothers Year ago

    what's the price of the makeup

  • Ebony Carter
    Ebony Carter Year ago

    great review and demo!!!!🤗🤗🤗😆😍

  • Daisy L. Palumbo
    Daisy L. Palumbo Year ago +1

    how did these products end up wearing ?

  • Lourdes Ramirez
    Lourdes Ramirez Year ago

    I'm addicted to your channel😍😍 Just watched 5 more of your videos...I don't want to comment on each one, para no aburrirte😂😄 ! Girl, you slaying Wet'n'Wild!! Love this brand!

  • katie rose
    katie rose Year ago

    Amazing how such an affordable makeup brand can have such amazing results!!

  • Jonny Gallo
    Jonny Gallo Year ago +1

    You need to stumble upon some braces that london look with the split in the front teeth is not cool

  • Glam and Curvy
    Glam and Curvy Year ago

    where is your hat from chica?!!

  • Glam and Curvy
    Glam and Curvy Year ago

    amazing review finally!!! glad i found ur channel

  • breanna Chapman-coker

    Hey guys if you all could watch my TVclip video and leave some feed back I would be so grateful. I recently just went through a abusive relationship with my father last year and I've been trying to recover from depression and anxiety. So that being said I thought I would start a TVclip channel to help keep myself busy rather than letting those things get to me. If y'all could do that to me it would mean so much thank you love you all💗💗

  • Melissa Whitt
    Melissa Whitt Year ago

    This bronzer is amazing. I have light skin and it works for me. So light and blends amazingly. If you see it...Get it! 😁

  • MariCruz
    MariCruz Year ago

    You skin is beautiful 😍😍 I can't wait to try this stuff 😁

  • MaD  LosAngeles
    MaD LosAngeles Year ago

    like review pretty 💖💮💖💮💖💮💮

  • Mia De La Cruz
    Mia De La Cruz Year ago

    I just found your channel and you are so adorable omg 💕

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      haha thank you girl! hope you subscribed! xoxo

  • Erin Delagrange
    Erin Delagrange Year ago

    i dont see the cushion products on their website. :(

    • Sailor Skitty
      Sailor Skitty Year ago

      They are now! They Just released a few days ago (on the website), I already ordered them lol C:

    • diamonds glitz n glam
      diamonds glitz n glam Year ago

      Erin Delagrange I have both and they are not in Web site got mine Walgreens but they sell out fast have only 2 of each on their rack

  • Cynthia 15
    Cynthia 15 Year ago

    wow I just watched Jefree Starrs video on him using all elf products and now I see wet and wild definitely stepped their game up I need to get on the hunt lol

  • Alondra Peña
    Alondra Peña Year ago +1

    Your skin is so flawless that's why it's a medium/full coverage for you 😭 lol

  • thats really pretty

    That cream contour looks GREAT on you!!! Nice and subtle. Good for everyday ✨

  • lebasi0408
    lebasi0408 Year ago

    My sweet baby Jesus!!! Your eyeliner is gorgeous!!! Cant stop staring 😍😍😍

  • AlizMari23
    AlizMari23 Year ago

    Does anyone know how this foundation works on oily skin?

  • AlizMari23
    AlizMari23 Year ago

    Your wings just stabbed me through the heart. Your eye makeup is perfect.

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Year ago

    W&W new collection looks so good!

  • Lioness Queen
    Lioness Queen Year ago

    This makeup look😍😍

  • CarmenDee Almonte
    CarmenDee Almonte Year ago +1

    I cannot find any of the wetnwild cushions not even on line😩

  • Eileen Darling
    Eileen Darling Year ago

    i need to get my hands on this collection OMG! you look stunning girl,

  • Janice Ecinaj
    Janice Ecinaj Year ago

    Im a new suscriber and I already love you 😄

  • Ashley Romanillos

    GREAT review! I am obsessed over your makeup in this video, so gorg! And now you have me wanting to run to my walgreens.... LOL

  • Caroline Malave
    Caroline Malave Year ago

    Great review. Just sub 😁

  • Maribel
    Maribel Year ago

    I can't find in the website the cushion highlight

  • Rachel Welke
    Rachel Welke Year ago

    What redness and imperfections?

  • Norma Cruz
    Norma Cruz Year ago

    New subbie!!! Can't wait to see more! ❤️


    Oh!MGlashes I am soo happy that you are showing the "cheaper" side of make up lines! They don't get enough credit and sometimes they get the job done better than high end ones. I'm currently using Fit Me foundation but am not happy with the results so I'm definitely gonna try this one. Fingers crossed!!!! Thanks girl, you got this newbie interested, love the wings btw!

      MARY BOCANEGRA Year ago

      Oh!MGlashes Of course! I shall let you know how well it works for me. I have an oily t-zone too with dryness pretty much everywhere else on my face so it's hard to find a foundation that gets the job done for me, but again, we shall see ha! Now if only I could master lashes like you lol, I am a total klutz at that. But I'm trying lol

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      I AGREE 100% I am a drug store lover! all these brands are stepping up their game. Thanks for the love!

  • Asian Persuasion
    Asian Persuasion Year ago

    Is this foundation better than the truematch?

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      The true match makes me heeeeeeellaaaaa oily. I like this one better.

  • Draven Blackwood
    Draven Blackwood Year ago

    looks like im gonna be replacing my becca highlighter with wet n wild!!!!💞💖💓

  • Denisse.Olvera
    Denisse.Olvera Year ago

    are they out already ?

  • Vicki Marie
    Vicki Marie Year ago

    New sub :) wet and wild has been pretty damn amazing lately. Upped their game since I was in high school for sure! Lol

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      heck yes girl they are on fiiiiire lol

  • DavilaFamily
    DavilaFamily Year ago

    Omg I need to try them just subscribed:)

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      Welcome babe! hope these products work out for you. Let me know!

  • kpoplove
    kpoplove Year ago

    OMG TRYPOPHOBIA THAT WHAT I HAVE! My entire life I was thought I was weird now I know.

  • Mitzaly Maldonado

    can u get it in store?

    • Vicki Marie
      Vicki Marie Year ago

      Mitzaly Maldonado hey, I had read somewhere that the cushion ones were only going to be at walgreens but the rest of the stuff is on their website. Also Walmart carries some

  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez Year ago +1

    What lipstick are you wearing ? 😍 great video btw 😘

  • Kristen Chang
    Kristen Chang Year ago

    how much did it all cost in total?

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago +1

      it was about $29 the lady in the counter hooked it up with $5 off lol

  • Sumerianharp
    Sumerianharp Year ago

    You are huggable and lovable

  • trayleemia
    trayleemia Year ago +1

    am I the only one that thinks she could be related to PatrickStarrr

  • sarai ortiz
    sarai ortiz Year ago +2

    Can you do a tutorial on your eye look its so beautiful😍 anyways saludos from Jersey

  • Vanessa Rose
    Vanessa Rose Year ago

    Ahhh so glad you popped up cause I loved this video!!

  • Ana Austin
    Ana Austin Year ago

    Has anyone tried the foundation but have oily skin? is it good for oily skin?? Also, how does it do with slight acne scars? mine aren't bad, but I still don't like foundation that don't cover them up...

  • VanessaRoxann
    VanessaRoxann Year ago

    What did you set your foundation and concealer with??

    • VanessaRoxann
      VanessaRoxann Year ago

      Okay thanks!

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      concealer I baked with Laura Mercier powder/ face Mac pressed powder NC42

  • Annalee Matilda
    Annalee Matilda Year ago

    Just found ur channel girl ur eyeshadow 😍 lol amazing and I need to get my hands onto this new makeup! I Subscribed 😊 why drugstore did u find this stuff at?

  • Chessie Domrongchai
    Chessie Domrongchai Year ago +1

    I'm hitting up all the drugstores in my area to get my hands on these. I've got to try them!!

  • Donna Dominguez
    Donna Dominguez Year ago

    How much for the foundation and how many ounces

  • 12ADarkAngel
    12ADarkAngel Year ago

    Why does she keep looking down? Im so curiosed to know now. Does she have a puppy down there can we see the puppy!... okay apperantly I get distracted wayyyy too easily 😂😂

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      12ADarkAngel lol 😂 no puppy I have a monitor to see myself and make sure everything is in focus

  • AngelinaMarie DeMarco84

    I'm in love with wet n wild. And being cruelty free is why I love it, and affordable. Thank you

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke Year ago

      AngelinaMarie DeMarco84 I agree! They have really great products, especially for the price! Their new "au naturale" (at least new to me since I live in BFE & we seem to be 5 years behind everyone else) eye palettes are amazing! So soft, bendable, & pigmented.

  • alyssa m
    alyssa m Year ago +1

    I love your channel and your positive energy :) love how wet n wild is doing great as a drugstore brand makes me happy knowing they are competing at the same level as high end !

    IAMSYDNIE Year ago

    what eye liner are you wearing

  • Tonia's Reviews
    Tonia's Reviews Year ago

    Wow its beautiful on you I'm excited to try them😍

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago +1

      thanks! hope you find them all xoxo

  • dhelie brown
    dhelie brown Year ago

    How much are they? Beautiful makeup tho and well done on the reviews👏🏼👏🏼

    • dhelie brown
      dhelie brown Year ago

      Oh!MGlashes thanks! Btw. I'm trying to figure out what shade is best for me. I'm NC42 in MAC foundation. What shade do you think should i buy? Thank you lots

    • Oh!MGlashes
      Oh!MGlashes  Year ago

      no more than $6!

  • Ann Thi Doan
    Ann Thi Doan Year ago +1

    Oh my gosh I just found your channel and looked at your description box and it said Utah?! Do you live it Utah? Because I do too!! 😭😭😭❤ I would definitely need to meet you!

    • Ann Thi Doan
      Ann Thi Doan Year ago

      Oh yeah and I totally subscribed. Gorgeous!!