Maleficent meets Diaval and turns him into a man to save him [HD 720P]

  • Published on Oct 17, 2014
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  • Clarise Sillana
    Clarise Sillana Day ago

    The devil is nit maleficent its stefan/stephan

  • Ангелина волк

    Sam Riley 😍😍❤️

  • Angela Tran
    Angela Tran 7 days ago


  • mlkths
    mlkths 13 days ago +1

    Angelina “Jolina” 😂


    This taught me to look for both sides of the story

  • IAmA Foodie.
    IAmA Foodie. 17 days ago

    2:09 bro be looking like adam levine for a second

  • weirdkid951
    weirdkid951 24 days ago

    happy pride month she could step all over me and i'd thank her

  • Dexter
    Dexter 25 days ago

    I want to pet crow like her

  • Billy Candra
    Billy Candra 27 days ago


  • Twisted_Moon ML
    Twisted_Moon ML 27 days ago

    Damn cheekbones

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan 27 days ago

    She is strong man

  • Farah Ahmed
    Farah Ahmed Month ago

    I've watched the whole movie on TV

  • Hope Hopefully
    Hope Hopefully Month ago +1

    I don't get why people thinks she's a villain.

  • Ali Alush Anajafi
    Ali Alush Anajafi Month ago


  • Bella
    Bella Month ago


  • Dominus Sātomé
    Dominus Sātomé Month ago

    2:57 this is the moment King Stefan knew he fucked up BIG!!! TIME!!!
    Me: Maleficent!!! there he is the false King get him!(Ran and jumped into the bushes)😰

  • Topan Armindo
    Topan Armindo Month ago

    The king is captain murrdock (the A team)

  • R X
    R X Month ago

    Wicked 👩🏾‍🦱

  • Rassy lyuk
    Rassy lyuk Month ago

    The effects were terribly fantastic, and this was only 2014. How much more fabulous on Maleficent 2😍

  • Laraine Thorpe
    Laraine Thorpe Month ago

    I so ship these two

  • Scarlet Smoak
    Scarlet Smoak Month ago

    Whats with the boxes

  • iiadxventure
    iiadxventure Month ago

    I thought the title was " Maleficent meets Diaval and turning him into a slave"

  • tharnasarn ichthys
    tharnasarn ichthys Month ago

    a highlight on Diaval's chest? well he's hot indeed.

  • Aloy Mago
    Aloy Mago Month ago +1

    hot diaval

  • PurpleSunset82
    PurpleSunset82 Month ago +1

    I just love how, as a child she dreamed f someone who would fly with her and at the end she and Diaval are soing through the air!!!!!


    Kaisa lag raha hai bhai and bhar subscribers aur land bhar views🖕

  • Jewel Tabitha15
    Jewel Tabitha15 Month ago +2

    He knew he'll turn as a very hot human being, maleficent is lucky isnt it

    • J Wood8558
      J Wood8558 Month ago

  • Siseneg Stam
    Siseneg Stam Month ago +1

    Ian Curtis looks sexy in raven Lol

  • Moniroth Chan
    Moniroth Chan Month ago +1

    3:00 the moment he knew that he’s screwed

  • Clarissa Reichling
    Clarissa Reichling Month ago

    Awesome scene.

    • J Wood8558
      J Wood8558 Month ago

  • Health Beauty786
    Health Beauty786 Month ago

    Very nice

    • J Wood8558
      J Wood8558 Month ago

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur Month ago +2

    The Beautiful Self Man...

  • Berdina Reynolds
    Berdina Reynolds Month ago

    Love the First movies I hope they can explain why she turned evil

  • Phantomonum
    Phantomonum Month ago

    Always though the music in this film seemed familiar and just realized it sounds like the main soundtrack of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago +18

    This was such a clever addition to the original story. Diablo is very one-note in the animated version, but Diaval is my favorite character in malefiecent

  • Ariel Lumbres
    Ariel Lumbres Month ago +3

    im here because of maleficent 2

  • Clyde Del Rosario
    Clyde Del Rosario Month ago

    Why you keep showing his nipples that he doesn't have

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera Month ago

    One of the most beautiful women I've been the pleasure of witnessing.

    • LKP KoroOcto
      LKP KoroOcto Month ago

      Shiva's Chimera She's so pretty, but also WAY too skinny. Like, that can't be healthy. I wanna give her a cheeseburger or something.

  • yvonne middleton
    yvonne middleton Month ago +1

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

  • roghayeh mansoori
    roghayeh mansoori Month ago

    ok what is it with him and long black jackets he even wore one in the pride and prejudice and zombies movie

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner Month ago

    And then Disney ruined the film by making her a protagonist. Like what the actual living f*ck were they thinking?

  • Miss Horizon
    Miss Horizon Month ago

    I fucking loved this character

  • chainstar X7
    chainstar X7 Month ago

    Okay I haven't noticed that symbol on the dudes chest before until now so I'm guessing that symbol obviously means he's or Crow which is quite obvious🐦🐦🐦

  • Alex Lao
    Alex Lao Month ago

    If she’s that powerful, what’s the point of taking her wings?! Or did they think it would weaken her somehow?

    • LKP KoroOcto
      LKP KoroOcto Month ago +1

      Alex Lao Her lover wanted to become king, so he cut off her wings while she slept and brought them to the dying king, who despised her as his archenemy, as "proof" she was dead. The king then named him as his successor.


    Angelina Jolie Really Did A WonderFul Job Portraying Maleficent I Just ♥ Her


    I Even AlSo Have Maleficent On DVD As Well AlSo 2 ^_^ :D


    I've Seen Maleficent Lots And Lots Of Times It's Cool

  • Karine Fonte
    Karine Fonte Month ago

    I still can't like A. Jolie kept the "Maleficent" name. I'd rather her have a similar sounding name, like Melisane, and then be nicknamed by human kings as the other scornful name - it would represent better her relation with their own people in the Moors, versus the acrimony with humans. Also mark the transformation into resentful and then back into her true self.

  • Mystic Blue
    Mystic Blue Month ago

    He was my favorite character in this movie

  • Mabel Lawerteh
    Mabel Lawerteh 2 months ago

    I've always heard "what have you done to my beautiful south"

  • xPorsum
    xPorsum 2 months ago

    This movie sucked

  • Kezianna_
    Kezianna_ 2 months ago

    I ship them🌚

  • Wandering Soul
    Wandering Soul 2 months ago +4

    Diaval must have been so weirded out when she started petting him all of the sudden

    XORION 2 months ago

    When I saw the movie for the first time I thought the actor was Orlando Bloom

  • Ksenija Kasalo
    Ksenija Kasalo 2 months ago +1

    Doesn't that make you gay??

  • blade007
    blade007 2 months ago

    I didn't know that Maleficent lives in Minas Morgul 3:02

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee 2 months ago

    I seem to be the only one who ships Diaval and Aurora.

  • Dan Dy
    Dan Dy 2 months ago

    From Life magic, to Dark magic!

  • Sammie
    Sammie 2 months ago

    "ITt's a DdeemOn!" LOL.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 2 months ago

    My thing is even after her wings were taken she was still good. She went evil after she found out he cut her wings to be king

  • Syahir Nizam
    Syahir Nizam 2 months ago

    Guy from a team

  • Zera The illusion
    Zera The illusion 2 months ago


  • Deepak
    Deepak 3 months ago

    I personally liked this movie from bottom of my heart...
    If you are truly have good heart then you can't hide your kindness even if its about your enemies..

  • Poonam Sadafal
    Poonam Sadafal 3 months ago

    Happy Birthday to you Mama

  • jack mayhoffer
    jack mayhoffer 3 months ago

    Seriously, he couldn’t be black?

  • Mi Lan Bui Le
    Mi Lan Bui Le 3 months ago +1

    Does anyone else think that Maleficent likes Diaval ?

  • Gulfaam Ali
    Gulfaam Ali 3 months ago

    What is movie name?

  • Suparna Basak
    Suparna Basak 3 months ago

    1:26 is she venus ?

  • Teresita Muñoz
    Teresita Muñoz 3 months ago +1


  • Elle The Bat
    Elle The Bat 4 months ago

    He's sexy af !!

  • Ashif Khan
    Ashif Khan 4 months ago

    Movie name please

  • LegitMan335
    LegitMan335 4 months ago +3

    Oh that’s his name?
    I thought it was Theava or Belova, whatever.
    That’s good .
    I like Diaval, he’s a good crow man

  • Ума Махдиева

    Diaval 😢❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Anajah Culmer
    Anajah Culmer 4 months ago +1

    Maleficent: *saves him*
    Diablo: “what have you done with my beautiful self?!”

  • Jaša Knez
    Jaša Knez 4 months ago

    That crow guy is God Damn Irish😍

    • ChooseYour Poison
      ChooseYour Poison 2 months ago

      The actor who plays him is English, but the director asked him to perform the lines with an Irish accent so as to make Diaval sound more mystical

  • Janean Francois
    Janean Francois 4 months ago

    He's hot dont @ me

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh 4 months ago

    4:03 lol ents from LOTR

  • TrytoFindme
    TrytoFindme 4 months ago

    Never piss a woman off until you can safely say she’s not actually a witch with op powers.

  • Nisha Khan
    Nisha Khan 4 months ago

    Plz plz koi ye movie hindi me uplord kar do

  • TJ Martinez
    TJ Martinez 4 months ago

    Shit edits

  • kozzdraws
    kozzdraws 4 months ago

    ... if angelina jolie is allowed to make Malificient AU fanfiction a movie reality so to can I write self-indulgent AU fanfiction about my favorite characters.

  • Joan Ramirez
    Joan Ramirez 4 months ago

    And Jack White was born

  • UniDraGuine
    UniDraGuine 4 months ago

    i still kinda wish the girl and diaval endes up together

  • BlAkeem el
    BlAkeem el 4 months ago

    Ew that mid transformation was scary

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 4 months ago +2

    3:00 the moment he realizes he has messed up big time.

  • Yobii Cho
    Yobii Cho 4 months ago


  • Don't. Argue.
    Don't. Argue. 4 months ago

    Maleficent, hands down, is the best live action movie that Disney ever had.

  • esthusiaVy ingram
    esthusiaVy ingram 4 months ago

    She is the best & I've seen her so many movies.

  • Toni Time
    Toni Time 4 months ago

    I hope in film 2 they are a couple 👫

  • Belle Le Grand
    Belle Le Grand 4 months ago

    Anyone know the song playing in the beginning?

  • Naera The Unicorn lover

    " what have you done to my beautiful self "

  • The Bismarck
    The Bismarck 4 months ago

    Who would win

    Diavalo or this dude

  • Tropical Babe
    Tropical Babe 4 months ago

    Sam Riley

  • Adult Virgin
    Adult Virgin 4 months ago +87

    He's so hoooottttt.
    I remember having a big Crush on Diaval.
    -I ship Maleficent and Diaval hard-

    • Niko Bitan
      Niko Bitan Month ago +1

      it's just me Annalena same here

    GOVIND KUMAR 4 months ago

    wow please dubbed in Hindi

    GOVIND KUMAR 4 months ago

    this is best movie of the world please dubbed in Hindi

  • Danny Pham
    Danny Pham 4 months ago

    How come she knew it was a male raven to say 'into a man' what if it was a female raven??

  • SR S
    SR S 4 months ago

    Mr. Darcy what are u doing here as a crow?
    *What have u done to my beautiful self*
    Me:- "Man u looked beautiful but now u look fcking hot & handsome."

  • Mersedeh M.H
    Mersedeh M.H 5 months ago

    Oh...sooo hot
    Girls...who want a handsome servant?

  • Matthew Mckinney
    Matthew Mckinney 5 months ago

    All her