7 Questions We Have for Stranger Things - Cracked Responds

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • Hope you all binged your way through Stranger Things 2 as fast as we did, because here there be spoilers, so don’t peek into the Upside down unless you’re ready to know what we know.
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Comments • 570

  • Brian Max
    Brian Max 7 months ago

    Only if Hopper punches a shark in the chops.

  • beccabunny09
    beccabunny09 8 months ago

    As to bullies when I was in HS in Las Vegas in 03 or 04, this super rich kid that was the child of some hotshot lawyer was going around and harassing minorities and telling everyone he was bringing back the Klan and got in fight with some kid at a party. When the kid was driving off he threw a rock at the car which went through the window and seriously fucked up half his face including destroying his eye. I think he was in a coma for a while. The father fought to get his son off and almost got away with the little shit getting only community service but after it was reported the community went apeshit and he got some time. Nothing like what a black granger banger would have gotten though because he was rich and white. So there are crazy awful bullies irl.

  • Steven Hates
    Steven Hates Year ago

    Cracked.com died because it got too far up it's own SJW ass with the work of snowflakes like Robert Evans.
    They lost all of their talented people recently and will never recover.

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood Year ago

    Damn I thought it was Darth .Guess the phone rang or something

  • Dat Rooster
    Dat Rooster Year ago

    Bob... barb well both aren’t coming back so it’s easy to get them confused. Lol!!!

  • Shuggie Bear 1058

    Without Episode seven Jane wouldn't have the Strength to close the portal

  • Vincent Urquhart
    Vincent Urquhart Year ago

    He says hopper get a machine gun but it actually an M4!(which is an assault rifle)

  • DoobieDrew
    DoobieDrew Year ago

    Max is my favorite MVP

  • Jack'n the box Productions


  • Brynn Wood
    Brynn Wood Year ago

    I only just got round to season two so watching this video late and now it is full of former cracked employee's.
    Not cool cracked!

  • Hunter Andrus
    Hunter Andrus Year ago

    Does no-one notice that the girl in the rainbow room with 8 isn't 11? 11 it's brunette and the other girl had blonde or RED hair. Tell me I'm not the only one to notice this obvious detale.

  • bozle25192
    bozle25192 Year ago

    Preditction - El is connected with the demogorgon theory but also 8 and the mindflayer are connected

  • Peter Booth
    Peter Booth Year ago +1

    I am wayyyyyyy late to the game b/c hype really makes my cynicism boil...
    I just watched S2 - and I had to turn it off at the Chicago episode. What. The. Hell. Happened. Hopper needs to go punch that episode back into the writing room...

  • HattiesaurusRex
    HattiesaurusRex Year ago

    See, I thought Billy was like... married? To Max? Because he was just so controlling and the racism came off more as jealousy at first, and he wouldn't call her his sister. Also their parents weren't even mentioned as existing until super late. So I thought it was some weird backwoods child marriage thing.

  • Frankenstein's Mother

    8. Did anyone in the 1980s refer to Kentucky Fried Chicken as “KFC”? OR IS STEVE A TIME TRAVELLER???

  • Phovon
    Phovon Year ago

    I think they'll track down doctor Brenner and he will have either impacted himself with powers from some of the kids for protection in a really fucked up way or the kids will be protected him because they're brainwashed or something and they have to deal with that.

  • thisamericandyke
    thisamericandyke Year ago

    I mean, part of why the goddess Kali is revered precisely because nothing can be created, there can be no order or beauty, without chaos. So yes, the character appears morally grey in this season, but in a sense so is El at times, and they've had vastly different recovery processes after what they went through. I think Kali will be a 'chaotic good' going into season three, which would work well as a foil for Hawkins Lab's attempting to contain the chaos they've created through their carefully controlled, yet ultimately evil experiments on children. Chaos and order can't be innately moralized, so it wouldn't make sense to judge Kali just yet.

  • Mike Mcglasson
    Mike Mcglasson Year ago

    C'mon everyone, Mike's dad was clearly the MVP

  • bre0401
    bre0401 Year ago

    Stranger Things is Fringe but with middle school kida. Sorry, but admit it

  • SwogFrog
    SwogFrog Year ago +2

    When they talked about kali's powers being great for a villain, something clicked. They're totally right, and she's 100% a watered down Aizen. It would work so well.

  • K J
    K J Year ago

    I liked the Brooklyn part but also SUPER HERO BOB IS MVP

  • Lilith Euphimia
    Lilith Euphimia Year ago

    Holy shit, Mike is *such* a little bitch the entire season. Okay, I get it, you miss Ele but like you miss Ele so much that 'WE CAN'T KNOW ANY OTHER GIRLS, IF I'M NOT GETTING ANY NO ONE IS'? Fucking chill out, man. Do you think you can let your black and/or fat friends have a girlfriend?

  • Alex Thomas
    Alex Thomas Year ago

    I DO think that Max has something to do with "whole thing" and that will be revealed in Season 3. Also there is 11 and 8; but where are 9 and 10. Possible they are Max and her brother or yet to be revealed.

  • Cheyanabel Hunter

    My answers for question the first.
    Stranger things 2: 2 Strange 2 Strangerer
    or instead of a tagline a new theme song
    Thingies are strange when you're a stranger
    demon's posess you when you're alone
    your mom seems wicked, but shes undaunted
    Streets are uneven in the upside-down
    When you're strange
    demons come out in arcades
    When you're strange
    you won't remember their name
    When you're strange
    When you're strange
    When you're strange
    People are strange when you're a stranger
    Faces on tv El's all alone
    people seem wicked waiting for Hopper
    Hes stuck in tunnels beneath the whole town
    When you're strange
    trained to kill by CIA
    When you're strange
    your're mom lost some of her brain
    When you're strange
    When you're strange
    When you're strange

  • Jack Hyde
    Jack Hyde Year ago

    I really hope next season we get "Brenner is part alive/part mindflayer." Also, I need to know what happened to 009 and 010! I hope we get an evil powered kid. Someone that touched something and went super dark.

  • May Velaz
    May Velaz Year ago

    Bob dying didn't surprise me because I feel like a lot of shows kill off the nice guy. Maybe because he didn't have story growth or because they want you to feel cathartic.

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson Year ago

    You haven't exceeded the character limit, so specify that it's for 2 and not 1 in the title

  • sirdaveysockrocker

    I love that the Duffer brothers knew we all thought what was going to happen with Bob and Dr Paul Reiser, SO the twist was they werent evil. They put a twist on the twist we expected! +8 for meta cleverness right there.

  • the madman lowercase

    LOL so obviously Dan is the only smart one at Cracked, "D'Art" is a very stupid name. "Twelve" would be a good name...maybe "E.T."? Hell, "Count de la Fere"...FTW

  • Chris Manthey
    Chris Manthey Year ago

    Also, what's the deal with Steve always getting beat up? His nose should be crooked by now.

  • Syrange13
    Syrange13 Year ago

    My question is why does literally everyone online spell it "demigorgon" when it's clearly "demogorgon"

  • Jaydon Amaya
    Jaydon Amaya Year ago

    Biggest question of the season- WHERE IS YURTLE?! He lost his home to dart and then was never seen again

  • Dezarae Medley
    Dezarae Medley Year ago

    I want to learn more about the other kids. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, ten, i want to learn more about them.

  • Elliott Barth
    Elliott Barth Year ago

    I can’t wait for the show to last so long that season 8 is all about “Remember Game Boy? Beastie Boys? Vanilla Ice? Bush vs Clinton???”

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome Year ago

    Hey i thought dart should be named nougat too!

  • Edie xo
    Edie xo Year ago

    please let beaded dude sitting in the middle talk more lol yall kept interrupting him

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock Year ago

    I hated Billy. I thought stuff was going to be way darker than it was. I had two theories:
    A) He's actually gay and the reason they had to move was because he got caught was because of something Max did by accident so now their Father hates his guts. (wrong)
    B) Billy and Max's father was sexually abusing Max and he slipped and said something so they had to move before an investigation happened. (wrong)
    I was thinking way darker stuff. I was disappointed when I realized it was just an overbearing Father.
    I hope they do more with 8 later. However her presence did feel like it came out of nowhere. I think the next big question is what happened to the other numbers?

  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB Year ago

    Kali being used as a villian would be SO overdone and sad. Making a traumatized woman of color a villian? Not great. Make her conflicted and complex but please god I hope they don't make her a straight-up villian.

  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB Year ago

    Orphan Black made me think Bob was a traitor lol

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock Year ago

    Bob was MVP!

  • Johanna Shaw
    Johanna Shaw Year ago


  • Julian Fuentes
    Julian Fuentes Year ago

    My theory for the next season is them finding more kids like 11 and 8 and the portal to he upside down opens and they have to stop it together and then it basically turns into the X-men

  • Maria Proctor
    Maria Proctor Year ago

    I also totally suspected all the new people in season 2 to be secretly evil (US or Soviet) agents. Including Max and Billy.

  • Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons Year ago


  • Direful
    Direful Year ago


  • ghostdog2041
    ghostdog2041 Year ago

    The first season was better and much tighter as a story. In season 2, the other government experiment girl didn’t pay off, hopper had little/ nothing to do, the bullet tripwire didn’t pay off, the baby lizard monster was a waste of time (imho), and Winona ends up doing something screwy with her house again (Christmas lights/ root map). I feel like they also wimped out of the obvious racial implications of the asshole older brother, though I have no idea why. If there was anybody that you could get a pass for making a racist, surely it would be the human villain, no?

  • Sami Taylor
    Sami Taylor Year ago

    That sign-off was beautiful and so soothing

  • RoyBoy
    RoyBoy Year ago

    i want to see more of the upside down. like they all have to go there to rescue joyce and some other characters. so it becomes an adventure

  • Andrew Cleasby
    Andrew Cleasby Year ago

    His argument to call Dart Nougat sums up why Americans call Autumn; Fall.
    "Hurr durr you like nougat, I call you Nougat"
    "Leaf fall down, I call season Fall"
    Dart was better than any of your suggestions, it also hinted ahead of time that there was more than one. I was waiting for "the three musketeers" to show up as soon as he named him Dart.

  • K Dubz Jr
    K Dubz Jr Year ago

    One thing I haven't anyone mention is that El had to be taken out of the situation for a while. It would have been too easy if she were there when shit started getting real. So going to meet 8, served multiple story functions.

  • Cosmic Remix
    Cosmic Remix Year ago

    Billy is a racist. That's so fucking obvious

  • Cosmic Remix
    Cosmic Remix Year ago +1

    Why did they have to kill Bob? Anyone else could die and I wouldn't care. But he's fucking Sean Astin!!!!!

  • Victor Cates
    Victor Cates Year ago

    I think a geek audience is too easy and it bother me immensely that we can often think of no better praise than "wow, that was so badass!", rather than praising something for capturing something about the human condition or being surprising. Eleven defeating everything at will is boring and they just film her bleeding more to convey added intensity to solve ANY situation. It's perfunctory. They need to change the equation so they don't have the neat option of Eleven stepping in to save the day and undercutting tension.

  • ObsidianWolf
    ObsidianWolf Year ago

    I loved the Chicago episode

  • Marcel Moreau
    Marcel Moreau Year ago

    oh and billy a douche because hidding his homosexual desire for steve.

  • Marcel Moreau
    Marcel Moreau Year ago

    S3-Year of Hell: Eleven gets her period and goes totally mad thinking shes dying and wants to take out the scientists that hurt her. it takes the boys waking her mom to stop her.

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze Year ago +1


  • danteelite
    danteelite Year ago +2

    Am I the only person wondering why Hopper didn't ask them to whip up a fake Barb body to give her parents closure, and end their investigation..?
    I mean, they made one for Will in like 48hrs... in a YEAR no one, not *one single person* suggested a fake body?

  • ЛевМЭХ
    ЛевМЭХ Year ago +2

    I *HATED* hte Chicago episode

  • Pan Darius Kairos

    MadMax MVP

  • PainMonkey
    PainMonkey Year ago

    I think Sisters was a massive wasted opportunity. That's the setting where you were supposed to put in all the Repo Men references.

  • Titanic Truths
    Titanic Truths Year ago +1

    I only see two paths for Billy. Barb, or Steven. death in the upside down, or redemption. they can't keep him the racist douche he's been. I'm leaning more towards a Barb ending though.

  • valar
    valar Year ago

    I really liked Episode 7 and had no idea that I was supposed to hate it until the Internet told me to.

  • Brian M
    Brian M Year ago

    I feel like Season 2 is more character-oriented and that’s why I like it better.

  • Guinier
    Guinier Year ago

    I also liked 008 more than 011. I know there are going to be so many people who hate this comment

  • Tem Plar
    Tem Plar Year ago

    No people of color = racism
    FFS crack'eds it's 2017

  • Samuel Crawford
    Samuel Crawford Year ago


  • CaptDanneskjold
    CaptDanneskjold Year ago

    I love these. Please make more... OH sorry... *in a light whisper* you're doing good work... more please

  • Alexander Larkin
    Alexander Larkin Year ago

    Agree that we need more of Hopper punching things. The show should be called Stranger Things That Hopper’s Gonna Punch

  • one-of-us
    one-of-us Year ago

    I've never watched that show, but you kids make me laugh at most anything.

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards Year ago

    Did anyone else think the new bully was a racist? Like I thought that subplot would lead to Lucas getting hurt or killed by him

  • Michael Ruther
    Michael Ruther Year ago

    I thought Billy and Max were undercover Russians seeking Upside Down intel, a la Paul Reiser's fear about gate information falling into the wrong hands. Very surprised and disappointed that Billy was just a dick and not Spetsnaz.

  • The Masters Mad Face

    Just like that. *snap* EZ PZ.

  • Mr. W
    Mr. W Year ago

    I kept thinking season 2 was the best all the way - until the Morlock episode. That was the worst. I’m so glad it’s not the backdoor pilot it appears to be.

  • pcg
    pcg Year ago

    "... that big fuckin thing in the sky"

  • 1 3
    1 3 Year ago

    I literally was home alone and starting watching Stranger Things and screamed and cried because of season 1 episode 8

  • Johannes Truppel
    Johannes Truppel Year ago


  • Admiral Percy
    Admiral Percy Year ago

    Stranger Things sucks.

  • Ronald Kharsyiemlieh

    Why is nobody talking about the way they drive. Every fucking one in that town drives a car from 0-60in 2 seconds.

  • Vokoder
    Vokoder Year ago

    I really like this format. Please do more of these videos.

  • Nilobotay
    Nilobotay Year ago

    How did they have Barb's funeral and buried her when her body wasn't found?

  • FrankLightheart
    FrankLightheart Year ago

    Glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed the Chicago episode.

  • Scott Haartman
    Scott Haartman Year ago

    I'm baffled by people who call out the Chicago episode. I think it's extremely clear that this was in the season to 1) let Eleven process her anger about loosing a "normal" life, 2) to tease that (spoiler!) Brenner is still alive, and 3) set up a percieved betrayal so eventually we'll see Eight vs. Eleven. At this point, Eleven is so powerful, it becomes challenging to find an appropriate antagonist for her to fight. But Eight's illusion powers seem to be a pretty potent weapon, and we already know they work on Eleven.
    My prediction: Season 3 is Eight vs. Eleven, with some mystery setting up the return of the Mind Flayer / Upside Down threat to be concluded in Season 4. Poor Will needs a breather for a season!

  • Frigga's Ring
    Frigga's Ring Year ago +1

    No comment about Hopper sending Bob to die? Sending Bob alone to turn the power on in a building full of demodogs was the significantly worse than the Chicago trip.

  • Bratti M
    Bratti M Year ago +1

    Can anyone bring up how awful it is that Eleven and Mike are shipped? I HATE MIKE! HE IS THE WORST! Please, can a demodog just eat him so that Eleven can have a SOMEWHAT normal existence?

  • Grimm GooseGirl
    Grimm GooseGirl Year ago

    Dude it's totally going to be about eleven and eight's 'Papa' and the other kids!!!

  • Pete smith
    Pete smith Year ago +1

    Season 2 is meh as fuck

  • Ashy Larry
    Ashy Larry Year ago

    Definitely didn't like the 2nd season as much. The plot was so unfocused this season, and i felt no tension in the first few episodes because there wasn't a threat for anyone but Will.

  • Bruno
    Bruno Year ago

    O'Brien got totally owned by Bell and Angelica. Their opinions are well structured and mature and O'Brien's are just so fucking dumb. He didn't get the Chicago episode so he just bashes it because all the cool kids are doing it. Then he nitpicks about a name, saying it makes no sense when the whole thing has no relevance whatsoever and was merely based on a candy that happened to be there. The other two were like, WTF?, just calm down, listen and learn, boy.

  • CauCajun Saint
    CauCajun Saint Year ago +3

    I am still amazed that a season built around 80s movie sequels, has an entire episode ripped out of one the greatest sequels of the 80s, The Empire Strikes Back, and not only is the reference not being acknowledged by most reviewers, but the episode itself is being condemned.
    Eleven leaves to go find a master of the power she possesses, using a vision to guide her there (Luke to Dagobah, as guided by Obi-Wan). Master helps her tap powers by calling on fake vision of her Papa (Luke's vision encounter in the cave with Vader) Student leaves training early to return to help her friends (Luke to Cloud City). Even a giant object was moved with the mind (Eleven moved the train car, Yoda raised the X-Wing)

  • mariotiago castro

    -"I don't care about that, I just want...."
    *Dan's face*

  • Silviu Lemnaru
    Silviu Lemnaru Year ago

    Were they sarcastic about Lucas's sister? Because I was about to punch the screen everytime that brat showed up

  • bnose202
    bnose202 Year ago

    Most overated show ever?

  • Brittany Santoro
    Brittany Santoro Year ago +1


  • Damaged Divergent

    eleven dies in season 2

  • dagnabit27851
    dagnabit27851 Year ago

    Dan's heart instantly snapped in half when that guy said he didn't care about Hopper and Joyce getting together. Watch his face hit the floor.

  • BB Bailey
    BB Bailey Year ago

    Are you guys thick? Billy was not 'just a jerk'. His dad beat the shit out of him every time he didn't keep tabs on Max. Abuse creates abuse.

  • Quinn D.
    Quinn D. Year ago

    Billy was so hot I love him but I hate him so much

  • Pol Subanajouy
    Pol Subanajouy Year ago

    Was Billy's "you can't hang out with people like that" supposed to come off as racist? Or did he just mean anyone from that small town? I couldn't tell.

  • bobrocks79
    bobrocks79 Year ago +1

    What is S3 about? I dunno, Will invites the entire fucking upside-down to his birthday party?