Watch all 49 Alex Ovechkin goals from 2017-18 season

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • We've compiled every single goal scored by Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin for the 2017-18 regular season.
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Comments • 275

  • zeke kaebel
    zeke kaebel 10 days ago

    To bad to see him not get that 50th

  • cheetar
    cheetar 21 day ago

    this pov sucks

  • zeke kaebel
    zeke kaebel 26 days ago

    This guy is so good Iove him I want a one tier like him

  • RISSSD17
    RISSSD17 2 months ago


    PREPARE YOURSELF 4 months ago

    i would have waited and then when they won the cup would have put it in..

  • Xmgeoxm TOMS
    Xmgeoxm TOMS 4 months ago

    We all know we want to skip dinner to watch this

  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL 5 months ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL 5 months ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL 5 months ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL 5 months ago


  • Christian Giles
    Christian Giles 5 months ago

    Too bad he can’t pass or play defense, but other than that nice montage

  • AD L
    AD L 7 months ago

    still just surprised howin some of these, there's no opposing players within 10 feet of him. How do you let the greatest player of all time get that wide open?

  • J James
    J James 7 months ago +2

    Legendary shot. Truly a work of art. This guys stat sheet is a thing of beauty as well, and a cup to top it off. GOAT.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 7 months ago

    Just look at goal #23. That’s why ovi is the best shooter in the league, maybe all time

  • Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson

    He's going to score over 750 goals by the time he retires.

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 8 months ago

    The first 3 goals are a nice reminder of how useless of a player Cody Ceci is.
    Edit: #13 too lmao

  • Gacha Cat
    Gacha Cat 8 months ago

    Ovi - лучшее! Он лучший хоккеист на земле

  • Blockchain Millionaire
    Blockchain Millionaire 9 months ago

    The close-up camera angles are annoying as hell.

  • bbmtge
    bbmtge 9 months ago

    What's so entertainingly ignorant with regard to the fools who actually whine about from where a goal is scored is that Ovi is often in his position as winger when he scores. Malkin says you can't even see the puck as it's going so fast. the video shows...Ovi creates, deflects, name it.
    We've watched him mature and alter his game as needed. He actually scores less due to the change in the
    Caps style over the last few years. Dislike him if you want; it's your loss.

  • September2004
    September2004 9 months ago

    Damn, if he only had one more goal, he would have 8 50-goal seasons and would challenge Gretzky and Bossy's record of 9.

  • Ana Bona
    Ana Bona 10 months ago

    4:00 goal is awesome.

  • FanatdeVigor
    FanatdeVigor 10 months ago

    720p, a u serious???

  • Jacob Daugherty
    Jacob Daugherty 10 months ago

    Freak of nature

  • доллар потридцать

    все с левой точки вбрасывания?

    • Ana Bona
      Ana Bona 9 months ago +1

      нет. Достаточно посмотреть видео.

  • Richard Spalding
    Richard Spalding 10 months ago +7

    The sign of a great player is when you know exactly what he wants to do, and you still cannot stop him.

  • Ilya Klevtsov
    Ilya Klevtsov 10 months ago

    Here's THE rule of goalscorers: if its effective; USE IT. It doesn't matter how, if it gives your team an advantage, keep sliding those pucks home. I'm sure that hockey players like me can relate to this.

  • Peter Thiessen
    Peter Thiessen 10 months ago

    World class player

  • Walter W Shan Jr
    Walter W Shan Jr 10 months ago +13

    There must be 22 Crosby fans to dislike this. Go great 8!

  • Loganator
    Loganator 10 months ago

    When he scored the 4th goal 10 seconds into the game i knew Montreal's season was over

  • Stas Net
    Stas Net 10 months ago +2


  • Бортрадист Бывалый

    + 15 to the playoffs!

  • Иосиф Бродский

    это все за одну игру?

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф Month ago

      за одну смену, там просто слишком долгое видео получилось бы

  • Mike G
    Mike G 10 months ago +4

    Ovi has never scored less than 30 points in a season.. Let that sink in... His highest season was 65.. this past season he passed Gretzky to in Points Per Game Average. He's the most effective goal scorer in history. Compared to crosby.. who has only broken the 30 point threshold 8 times in his carer (Ovi and Crosby came in the league the same year). Most goals scored in a season by Sidney was 51. Just because Sid has more trophies than Ovi doesn't make him a better player. The team is what earned Crosby those trophies, not just him. If you put Ovi on Sid's penguins they would have gone on a streak to end all streaks.. the stats say it all..

    • Peter Pálfi
      Peter Pálfi 10 months ago +3

      Mike G look it up again. Then we’ll talk about who the moron is. Ovi has more trophies.

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago

      Yes he does you moron

    • Peter Pálfi
      Peter Pálfi 10 months ago +2

      The irony is Sid doesn't have more trophies.

    • HC_Electric88
      HC_Electric88 10 months ago +2

      Mike G 30 *GOALS*

  • Кирилл Ковальчук

    малкин дацук как то по человечески праздновали а овца искончался весь

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф Month ago

      +David rnd Войнов не был пассажиром, в остальном согласен.

    • David rnd
      David rnd 10 months ago +2

      Кирилл Ковальчук Не скули эксперт. Дацюк пришел в сильный детройт и уже через 2-3 года взял чашку, затем через 5 лет еще одну. Малкин пришел в команду с кросби и взял три кубка.. Овечкин же пришел в лузерскую команду, построил ее заново вокруг себя, и привел эту команду к победе через 13 лет. Проявлять лидерство нелегко, легко как Войнов в свои 22 года очутиться в хорошей команде и взять сразу две чашки, считай пассажиром. Подумай об этом, деятель.

  • Кирилл Ковальчук

    в жопу только еще не засунул эту урну

  • Everythingomnia
    Everythingomnia 10 months ago +1

    Kid didn't even throw his hat... smh

  • AG Coarseman
    AG Coarseman 10 months ago

    Hockey seems a very simple game judging by this vid. Give the ball (or whatever you call it) to Ovechkin in the left circle and its game over, LOL

    • AG Coarseman
      AG Coarseman 10 months ago

      Mike LOL, really? Not even at chess? Or downhill barrel rolling?

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago +1

      You're really dumb if you don't know what a hockey puck is called. It is a simple game, just as simple as soccer or basketball. Put the ball in the goal. It's so simple that you can even do it, but you'd never not in a million years be able to beat any of these hockey players - in any sport.

  • Pompsie
    Pompsie 10 months ago +36

    Every goal is a thing of beauty

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 10 months ago

    I enjoyed watching all the goalie reactions in this.

  • BZmusicvids
    BZmusicvids 10 months ago

    overrated. he just does cheap one timers. Do something else

    • hardtomakeanamelol
      hardtomakeanamelol 4 months ago

      So what you're saying is he should stop shooting and try to do more complicated things to score fewer goals? :D
      That sounds like the same kind of cancer my Oilers are suffering from. JUST SHOOT DA PUCK.

  • PuckTheFenguins
    PuckTheFenguins 10 months ago +7

    His goals were very diverse. Just watch the first 22 or so; back handers, breakaways, in the slot, near the paint, from both circles, on the rush, standing in one spot, c'mon. Even a carom for an empty netter!

  • M
    M 10 months ago

    Ovetchkin is the modern day Craig Muni

  • Christoph Rathgeber
    Christoph Rathgeber 10 months ago

    His shot's are sick in general, but the velocity of #47 is rediculous ...

  • rob rick
    rob rick 10 months ago

    Back of the net was called Gretzky's office.
    Top of the left circle should be called Ovi's Balcony.

    • Subir Nigam
      Subir Nigam 9 months ago

      Ovi woulda destroyed destroyed Gretzky goalie era

    • rob rick
      rob rick 10 months ago

      Balcony, like a sniper.

    • JJ Comet Cat
      JJ Comet Cat 10 months ago +2

      rob rick no, Ovi's Office

  • Ben Santoleri
    Ben Santoleri 10 months ago

    Flyers lifer here, anyone saying its the same goal get out of here... Look at his first 7 goals. He got that in 2 games!! Look at goal number 4, are you kidding me?? Dude consistently puts up ridiculous goals that are often on another plane. And yeah he's like got the deadliest one-time game from the slot ever. That's just the icing on the cake. Def not the main course.

  • Maxwell 89
    Maxwell 89 10 months ago +4

    Great goals Alex . Keep going and don't stop . Your team needs you and your fans including me . I'm Washington capitals fan

  • Ed Wa
    Ed Wa 10 months ago +2

    Congrats to the Caps from Russia!!!

  • Allfath3r
    Allfath3r 10 months ago +48

    Nobody imagined at any point this year that Ovechkin would end the season as a Conn Smythe winner and Stanley Cup champion.
    What a magical season for Ovechkin and the boys. Here's to many more like it!

    • murra84
      murra84 10 months ago +2

      yea 1 Player to Win SCF who have Rocket and became best sniper at PO

    • Jeff Mitchell
      Jeff Mitchell 10 months ago +3

      Allfath3r oh yeah u forgot he also got the rocket rashard trophy 🏆 to for top goal scorer u can throw that one in too

  • Philip Rubio
    Philip Rubio 10 months ago +4

    And he’s a champion.

  • Mafa Foma
    Mafa Foma 10 months ago +1

    go caps!

  • Olivier Paille
    Olivier Paille 10 months ago +1

    I guess highlight reel goals are just a routine for him, it seems to be a best of video

  • D Hank
    D Hank 10 months ago +4

    Isn't it ironic that a Russian leads the Washington Capitols? I wonder if that was set up by Putin as a in your face long joke?

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф Month ago

      i wouldnt have any problems if american would lead CSKA Moscow... ofc if he would be worthy

    • Leo Lex
      Leo Lex 10 months ago +4

      Trump leads USA. THAT is ironic )

  • Jason Barber
    Jason Barber 10 months ago +36

    We should name the left circle the Ovi circle after he retires.

    • rob rick
      rob rick 10 months ago

      Nah I prefer Balcony cause he's a sniper with those one-timers.

    • Kirill Mojeluk
      Kirill Mojeluk 10 months ago +4

      rob rick OVI office like the Oval Office in the White House, the capitals are a DC franchise...

    • rob rick
      rob rick 10 months ago +1

      Ovi's Balcony

    • Kirill Mojeluk
      Kirill Mojeluk 10 months ago +7

      Jason Barber it’s already called the OVI office

  • Damon Prince
    Damon Prince 10 months ago

    So did he not score on fleury the whole season 👀

  • Max Mayfield
    Max Mayfield 10 months ago +4

    And now he’s off to the Stanley cup final!

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago +3

      and now he's champion.

  • Peppapigplayz 123
    Peppapigplayz 123 10 months ago +1

    I bet there all, and I mean every single one is a one-timer
    Maybe not the dekes and the deflections
    Carrie and Kuzi must have da most assists

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude 10 months ago +1

    well about 14.3% of his goals came from the first 2 games ! wowzaz

  • Duncan Smith
    Duncan Smith 10 months ago +1

    so the first 7 are from 2 games...

    • Subir Nigam
      Subir Nigam 9 months ago

      Caps always put up numbers vs MTL and Carey Price in general

    • Subir Nigam
      Subir Nigam 9 months ago

      yup that how he starts the season and it ends with a Stanley Cup in his lap. Legendary season for the TRUE GR8

    • charozoid
      charozoid 10 months ago

      The game against the habs pretty much sums up the season for them hahaha

    • Alexander Farzaneh
      Alexander Farzaneh 10 months ago +1

      Duncan Smith the first 2 games of the season. 2nd time he’s put up 4 in a game against Montreal lol

  • Danny Baum
    Danny Baum 10 months ago +2

    8:53 can we talk about this mans crusty ass nails?

  • Tyler
    Tyler 10 months ago +3

    looks like hes playing nhl on rookie mode ffs
    sniping corners like jesus

  • Joshua Dawson
    Joshua Dawson 10 months ago

    I got too see #47 in person

  • Tyler Nolan
    Tyler Nolan 10 months ago +48

    I’m not even a caps fan and I don’t even really like the caps but why is everyone complaining about how he scores the same goal over and over again?? If literally not a single team can stop it why wouldn’t he keep doing it? It’s unstoppable and no goalie can save that

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф Month ago +1

      ​+ClutchPlays why did you stop commenting? You already did my day but i need something to read tomorrow)))

    • Peter Brown
      Peter Brown 7 months ago +2

      ClutchPlays what do you think shadowing ovi means? They put a guy on him... that’s what that means. And you said that he wasn’t anything special but in another comment you said that he was the best shooter in the league. Stop contradicting yourself. Just stop being a hater and admit that ovi is the best goal scorer of all time and that even though teams know how he’s gonna score they can’t stop it. Btw every single coach has forgotten more hockey than you will ever know so shut the hell up

    • Peter Brown
      Peter Brown 7 months ago

      ClutchPlays if you take a defenseman and put him on ovi then it’s a 4-3 with kuznetsov, backstrom, oshie, and Carlson. If you put that defenseman on ovi then that leaves oshie wide open in the slot which is an easy goal. Or if you put a forward on ovi and have 2 defenseman cover the oshie pass, then that leaves Carlson with the one timer from the point. The nbc announcers said it best when ovi scored in game 2 of the cup final. The defense know they want to get it over to him but they make the defense forget for a split second which is when they make the pass and he scores

    • shawn sun
      shawn sun 10 months ago +2

      don't forget ovi is a left winger, so that is his prime special spot. if ovi played in the gretzky era with that skill, he'd outscore gretzky for sure.

  • Keeton Schaff
    Keeton Schaff 10 months ago +1

    This is just a loop of the same goal

  • MegaTies 8876
    MegaTies 8876 10 months ago

    Can you make a video of all of his cup winning goals? Oh wait never mind

  • Dan Wyatt
    Dan Wyatt 10 months ago

    Go alex

  • Just an Albertan
    Just an Albertan 11 months ago +4

    another top notch year from the greatest goal scorer this generation has seen!

  • NYRGaming30
    NYRGaming30 11 months ago +1

    Did anyone else just look at the title and went wow he was one away from 50?

  • right stuff
    right stuff 11 months ago +56

    When you're good, you're good.
    Say what you want about always being the same goal..
    No one stops it.

    • TX9MDY
      TX9MDY 8 months ago +1

      right stuff it is impressive, were in one of the weirdest eras of scoring and this guy does it every time

  • Davchik 7
    Davchik 7 11 months ago +11

    Hopefully they beat tampa

    • Riku Soini
      Riku Soini 10 months ago +1

      Seth Brown you beat me to it.. this is legit the best day of my life

    • schwammkopf
      schwammkopf 10 months ago +1

      They did it!

    • Potty The Parrot
      Potty The Parrot 10 months ago +1

      Davchik 7 You mean the Vegas Bettmans

    • Riku Soini
      Riku Soini 10 months ago +2

      Davchik 7 I'm looking forward to coming back to this comment and saying you were right.

    • Davchik 7
      Davchik 7 10 months ago

      Lucas Rateb hopefully they beat Vegas :)

    KEAGON O'BRYAN 11 months ago +5

    Ovi for life

  • John Perez
    John Perez 11 months ago +8

    Watching this guy dominate never gets old.

  • Donald's 2nd Account
    Donald's 2nd Account 11 months ago

    Booooooooooo Crosby is better ovi sucks

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes Year ago +8

    I may be a Bruins fan, but this guy is freaking unstoppable. Let's see how Washington does in Game 5 against Colombus.

  • Maxy waxy
    Maxy waxy Year ago +1


  • Jim Crow Flag
    Jim Crow Flag Year ago +1

    He needs to get out of Washington and go to a team in the West ...

  • coinhail 29
    coinhail 29 Year ago +9

    Do all of laine' goals

  • Marcello Grispino

    Carle jones tomorrow is work one more day and thats all and tomorrow night is zumba and target and get tv guide magazine and Friday is luke

  • Mason
    Mason Year ago +14

    His closest competition plays in a tougher division amd is 19 years old. That speaks a lot to the direction of the league and future talent.

    • bbmtge
      bbmtge 9 months ago

      No tougher division in hockey.

    • JJ Comet Cat
      JJ Comet Cat 10 months ago +1

      Mason he came into the NHL late because he was drafted at 19 (he was born two days too late to be drafted at 18). There was a whole season missing when he was 19, he played his first game at 20.

    • murra84
      murra84 10 months ago

      betwenn young Ovie and Laine i choose Ovie because he was a hitting tank but i love both of them - also Laine my second favourite player in League. He will be next Great Sniper of league when Ovie retires

    • elliot granger
      elliot granger 10 months ago +1

      you forget the league gets use to players so players will know ovi well and he still scores alot of goals even when everyone knows how he plays

  • y e s
    y e s Year ago +137

    Ovechkin's going to be 55 years old and still scoring 20 a year from the left circle with a one timer.

    • Dylan Klodzinski
      Dylan Klodzinski 4 months ago

      +Mike G laine will be just like him

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф 6 months ago

      Shoot with a cane

    • TheWeirdOneIn
      TheWeirdOneIn 8 months ago

      goals a season

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago +3

      30 a year* He's never scored less than 30 points a season and he never will.. Greatest scorer of all time.

    • theBeer_Leaguer
      theBeer_Leaguer 10 months ago +14

      He'll dress for games and only play on the power play

  • aDv3n0_0
    aDv3n0_0 Year ago +77

    You only need to watch one goal and you know what all of them are

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago

      Nah.. Ovi has had some of the greatest goals in his career.. so good that his most famous goal is literally called "THE GOAL".

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33 10 months ago +1

      Then why don't the other teams should stop him if he's so predictable? Could it be that it takes uncommon skills to time these shots with such power?

    • Mario Balducci
      Mario Balducci 10 months ago +1

      Crazy thing is they kno where hes at n he just diggs in n rips 1Ts all day. Mn

    • Foot Hand
      Foot Hand 10 months ago +6

      If it ain't broke don't fix it

    • aDv3n0_0
      aDv3n0_0 11 months ago

      Habs fan?

  • kungpaochikn122
    kungpaochikn122 Year ago +8


  • hiphopstar765
    hiphopstar765 Year ago +193

    Greatest goal scorer of our time.

    • Евгений Ф
      Евгений Ф Month ago

      ​ hiphopstar765 12-13 seasons? after 10 months i barely remember who is Laine...

    • Aiden Bignell
      Aiden Bignell 8 months ago

      meh eh liane, I will say he will be the new ovechkin,

    • johnj
      johnj 10 months ago

      Come on, check your facts first. Gretzky's career average PPG is 1.921. Ovi's is 1.151. That is 60% of the Gretzky's average and scoring is not down 40% in the league since the eighties, it's down 20% and Gretzky played till 99. Scoring was actually lower in the late nineties than it's now. It was the clutch era. Gretzky and Ovi are not even in the same ballpark. Only Lemieux is close with 1.883. What WG did was something that hasn't been done in any professional sports league ever. Ovi has had a great career, but he is not in the same league with Wayne, or Mario. And Ovi's average is going down the longer he plays. If he plays five more years I expect that PPG to be below 1.

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago +2

      of all time* he just passed Gretzky in points per game average... If Ovi played in Gretzky's era he would blow Gretzky out of the water - even Gretz agrees with this sentiment.. rofl

    • johnj
      johnj 10 months ago

      No, he won't.

  • Pond hoppers biggest fan Q

    He sucks

    • HailCostanza
      HailCostanza 10 months ago

      We’re talking about Ovechkin here, not what your dad does with penises.

    • Sam Hof
      Sam Hof 10 months ago +1

      U suck

    • ClutchPlays
      ClutchPlays 10 months ago

      Pond hoppers biggest fan Q somebody gets it.

    • conor wreckoner
      conor wreckoner 10 months ago

      Your mom sleeps with Ovechkin

    • San San
      San San 10 months ago

      Pond hoppers biggest fan Q Ur mama😂 Дебил..

  • Spencer L
    Spencer L Year ago +15

    leafsnet... oh wait

    • Nick The First
      Nick The First Year ago +1

      that's lame dude Sportsnet is not only about leafs they show highlights of other games

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper Year ago +8

    What about the clips of him winning cups? Oh.

    • Sneaky Games
      Sneaky Games 6 months ago


    • Ana Bona
      Ana Bona 9 months ago

      LOL Feel free to find on youtube.

    • Jake Stolzenberg
      Jake Stolzenberg 10 months ago +1

      God this is the most satiisfying comment on youtube to respond to

    • Seamus lock
      Seamus lock 10 months ago +2

      anyone else replying to him after he won the cup?

    • Mike G
      Mike G 10 months ago +2

      this comment aged well