Gravity Falls Theme Song (OVA Dubstep Remix)

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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Comments • 13 510

  • OVA
    OVA Year ago +6976

    Ohh my GOD! I still don't believe that is happening. Thanks everybody for the support and to DSG for upload my remix ❤❤❤

  • flowchart lrtgw
    flowchart lrtgw 6 hours ago

    oh no, dont tell me i actualy like dubstep

  • Alexia Flamenco
    Alexia Flamenco 6 hours ago +1

    Que linda pero yo no anblo ingles para saver

  • Multi Energizer
    Multi Energizer 8 hours ago

    Cade os br krl vamo representa

  • Vassle Humor
    Vassle Humor 14 hours ago

    needs BASSBOSTED. Nice, i am reed comments on speak english 2019 years, oh... I am Russian...

  • demian flores
    demian flores Day ago

    solo el principio esta bueno el resto no tiene mucho que ver con la cancion y la serie :v

  • Randomboiman
    Randomboiman Day ago

    Holy fuck... This hit so fucking hard it's so fucking good

  • paulina morillo
    paulina morillo Day ago

    This remix changed my life 0o0

  • Forti
    Forti Day ago +1

    1:16 Basssssss

  • uma baka louca por gacha e kpop

    i love gravity fall my favorite serie❤❤💕💕💕❤❤

  • Four eyes
    Four eyes Day ago

    I'm hulk now

  • Its Niq
    Its Niq Day ago +1

    Who else missed gravity falls

  • J워터
    J워터 2 days ago +1

    I went to area 51 to find an alien body,
    But instead I found GRAVITY FALLS 2

    Not bad :)

  • Amazing Renan Face BR


  • Bryan games
    Bryan games 2 days ago

    Daora eu e meu irmao adoramos musica que nem essa ajente só gosta de música eletrônica

  • Alboomo hine
    Alboomo hine 3 days ago

    I grew up with that theme song.......

  • xanderdapanda2 _yt
    xanderdapanda2 _yt 3 days ago


  • Good Bye
    Good Bye 3 days ago

    Coooooool, goood veryy goooood !!!!!!!!!! Legendary!!!!

  • Bray of fun
    Bray of fun 4 days ago

    1829 June anyone?

  • stefan sauvageon
    stefan sauvageon 4 days ago

    To me it doesn’t sound like the theme...

  • čäfé žīň
    čäfé žīň 4 days ago

    Please i need gravity fails 2

  • Gold Night
    Gold Night 4 days ago +1

    December 2019?$-%("&%8-(:!:-$-$#*-#3&@-$ почему я это написал под музыку. щадя пал выбрал спад Ипра допросы пары Загрос

  • ༻ÐĀŃ༒ ƤƦƠ༺

    Quase chorei saudades gravyti

  • Diego Gauna
    Diego Gauna 5 days ago


  • GuntherDer3te
    GuntherDer3te 5 days ago +1

    Why does this Song still not exist on Spotify? Its a super great Song 😍

  • Jesus salvador Huarhua Ferro

    DECEMBER 2019?

  • Karin Puga
    Karin Puga 6 days ago

    O ye siiiii

  • Vicente Quintero
    Vicente Quintero 6 days ago

    soy el segundo que habla español'?''''?''?

  • Jens Nielsen
    Jens Nielsen 6 days ago

    Beat dropped harder than my grades

  • Diego Martínez
    Diego Martínez 6 days ago

    Los que le dieron dislike soi unos mongoles incultos

  • Consly Joy Tojot
    Consly Joy Tojot 6 days ago


  • Gh0steyy I
    Gh0steyy I 7 days ago +7

    Song starts:

    Everyone: Nostalgic noises

  • FoxyBoy64 Gaming
    FoxyBoy64 Gaming 7 days ago

    Me when I drink a whole pot of coffee in the morning. I mean the when the screen go black and white.

  • Alvin arifin
    Alvin arifin 7 days ago +5

    In december 2019?!

  • AnarchySpice
    AnarchySpice 7 days ago

    No one:
    Screen: **VIOLENTLY SHAKES**

    MOSIN DOS CINCO 7 days ago +1

    español? deja like pa saber

  • Spooky Life:D
    Spooky Life:D 8 days ago +1


  • Gamer NTV irazer
    Gamer NTV irazer 8 days ago +1

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fack guat dzoop

  • EpicShober
    EpicShober 8 days ago +1

    despite everything, season 3 will never come out. it is up to the fans to decide what comes next.

  • Dancoo Bunio
    Dancoo Bunio 10 days ago +1


  • Aaliyah May Thorne
    Aaliyah May Thorne 11 days ago

    epic song!

  • Godzilla501
    Godzilla501 12 days ago

    Names llib rehpic

  • ALEX Ałεx God
    ALEX Ałεx God 12 days ago +1

    don't stain it

    LADA SEDAN 12 days ago

    Когда пытаешься найти ответы на контроше на математике

      LADA SEDAN 12 days ago

      И тут ты их находишь но всё равно ты из этих ответов нечего не понял и продолжаешь искать более понятный ответ

  • Headshot in dein Fuß !

    Why is this not on fckn spotify?!

  • Leon акула
    Leon акула 12 days ago


  • Blasty
    Blasty 13 days ago


  • popping sebaxx
    popping sebaxx 13 days ago


  • Eveiplayzanimation S
    Eveiplayzanimation S 13 days ago

    OML amazing!

  • Hell_Wolves YT
    Hell_Wolves YT 14 days ago

    Why do i think of fast and furious when the beat drops and them speeding and drifting 🥴 might just be me 🤷‍♀️

  • Z E R O
    Z E R O 14 days ago +1

    gravity falls: far from home

  • DragonCat239
    DragonCat239 15 days ago

    On eno lliw dnantrendnu siht ekil fi ouy od mI ton a ekil reggeb tsuj annaw ees woh ynam epleop nac dear siht

  • floofy bisqut
    floofy bisqut 15 days ago +3

    I litterely still cry when someone reminds me they cancelled gravity falls

    • floofy bisqut
      floofy bisqut 12 days ago

      The end of gravity falls was dipper holding a note saying see you next summer and Disney announced that they cancelled another season

    • MrDerpyEnder 876
      MrDerpyEnder 876 12 days ago +2

      They didnt cancel it, it just had a good ending, watch rick and morty its like gravity falls but rated-MA

    • floofy bisqut
      floofy bisqut 13 days ago +1


    • Wonderful world of Akio
      Wonderful world of Akio 13 days ago +2

      floofy bisqut they canceled gravity falls

  • Vladimir Vintilă
    Vladimir Vintilă 15 days ago

    Play this on 0.75

    HOW TOO HACK,MOD 16 days ago

    Come back coming soon

  • The loud house
    The loud house 16 days ago

    Hi DubstepGutter I'm very your fan your channel is the best of all congratulations to you

  • Monetizaç ão
    Monetizaç ão 17 days ago


  • cecilia ocampos
    cecilia ocampos 17 days ago

    Estubo buena la parte de gill

  • Carlos Aguirre
    Carlos Aguirre 17 days ago +3