'Country' boy creates duct tape rainbow flag on truck

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Cody Barlow decorated his 1991 Chevrolet Silverado in honor of Pride Month, writing, ''Not all country boys are bigots.''
    Full story: abc7.com/5343283/

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  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 5 months ago

    Fucking disgrace to real country

  • Berg Fish
    Berg Fish 6 months ago


  • Danny Grogan
    Danny Grogan 6 months ago

    We're not bigots because we're trying to lead people to Christ so LGBT people don't end up in hell that's called true love

    • Robert Wolfgang
      Robert Wolfgang 5 months ago

      @Danny Grogan Danny - thank you for your thoughtful reply. However, the bible silent when it comes to lesbians and transgenders. As for sodomy, I assume you are referencing Leviticus. If you read that passage carefully, what is being discussed is basically rape. The "receiving" person had not given consent. That is definitely a sin. Now one can of course discuss whether sex between two agreeable parties outside of holy matrimony is also a sin. I would have to say, if it is, it is no more sinful when the two are of the same gender as apposed to being of different genders.
      Your friend in Christ and may the Peace of the Lord always be with you. - RTW

    • Danny Grogan
      Danny Grogan 5 months ago

      @Robert Wolfgang true God loves every person on this planet but he hates sin his word is clear on sodomy lesbians transgenders they will not inherit the Kingdom you cannot take the word love out of context it's not a blanket to cover sin

    • Robert Wolfgang
      Robert Wolfgang 5 months ago

      Cody is a true American Hero. Until a little over a month ago, I could not accept Christ's LOVE and PEACE, cause I could not accept myself as being GAY. Once I stopped judging myself for who I am, I was able to finally accept God's LOVE. I will no longer feel ashamed for whom my heart desires. I can now feel normal and look for the right man. I do not fear God's Judgement for whom I will love. Jesus taught us that the First Law is LOVE - from that comes all the rest. Your Friend in Christ.