Shaq's 10-year beef with David Robinson included the pettiest 71-point game and one huge lie

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • Shaq and David Robinson were presented as two totally different people, one flashy and interested in being a star on and off the court, the other humble and service-oriented. But when the beef between these two legends started, it sometimes brought out the worst in both.
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Comments • 1 659

  • John Mortellaro
    John Mortellaro 2 days ago +1

    Shaq is lucky to meet kobe, not much without him

  • Hi Lo
    Hi Lo 9 days ago +1

    I doubt anybody outside of vanilla ice was jealous of Shaq's rap album and acting career

  • Logan Rasch
    Logan Rasch 14 days ago +1

    Steve Smith Sr. Vs Micheal Irvin

  • Thomas Henderson
    Thomas Henderson 20 days ago

    Shaq admitting that story about the Admiral shunning him as a kid was a hosk, is very BIG OF HIM 2 DO!😊 Way2go neighbor 👌👌

  • Red Egg
    Red Egg 21 day ago

    Im against shaq all the way here, but ganging up on a person on the all star game? He has the right to caal it jealousy. Like cmon, who does that on all star games?

  • Lear Cooks
    Lear Cooks 26 days ago

    Dude both these dudes mad scary

  • David Johnston
    David Johnston 29 days ago +1

    Do the beef between Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas

  • Andy Tegenkamp
    Andy Tegenkamp 29 days ago +1

    Shaq is the most overrated big man in NBA history

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 29 days ago

    PETTY??!! These are pro athletes , stop the scorer, if you can't, the scorer gets what he gets...get real

  • John Juanda
    John Juanda Month ago

    shaq is one of the stupidest men alive

  • Carlos Cereceda-Rojas

    Do Jordan's beef with the bad boy pistons

  • vanvlietskies
    vanvlietskies Month ago

    David Robinson was a king among men

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit Month ago +1

    Scoring 70 is petty?! No offense that's BS

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago

    true story: I met david robinson 6 years ago in a hotel in manhattan, asked him for a picture, he said sure, i had a iphone 5 and the camera was taking long to load, he said your camera is talking long... but he still took the picture.

  • Intisar Kazumi
    Intisar Kazumi Month ago

    Guys really? You used the same magazine and same quote but cherry picked different parts of it to make it seem like it was continuous lol

  • christopher pezzano
    christopher pezzano Month ago +1

    If 💪SHAQ was ah 75-80% free throw shooter during his entire NBA career he would be the all time leading score inn NBA history!!!

  • the GOAT
    the GOAT Month ago

    Graduates after 11yrs? Man that must be boring

  • Keith Thomas
    Keith Thomas Month ago

    How. About the beef with joe Montana vs Steve young they did like each other at all . I am a huge fan of san Francisco 49 my name is Keith Thomas. I love your show keep it up.

  • sirapat kanwaseth
    sirapat kanwaseth Month ago

    Good story... Thk

  • Hanz Henry
    Hanz Henry Month ago

    Petty? Last games had 2 players in point title. Amazing really, 71pts.

  • David H
    David H Month ago

    Man of Faith
    Military Duty
    Community Leader
    World Champion
    Daves the man

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +1

    So The Admiral was too nice and Shaq had to talk himself into being angry at him? 😂 That's awesome.

  • 121212
    121212 Month ago +3

    Shack is very insecure... The Admiral is one of the best people to ever be in the league and keeps that legacy alive nowadays

  • Full Blown Yahewan
    Full Blown Yahewan Month ago


  • Al Phuckya
    Al Phuckya Month ago

    Some of you should stop watching basketball. You can’t compare the shooting percentages of Shaq and Hakeem. Hakeem actually had a jumper and every post move in the book. Shaq could hit you with a drop step and a hook, that’s it. Not to mention Shaq went against an old Hakeem

  • Damyris Carlton
    Damyris Carlton Month ago

    Shaq is one annoying individual

  • Ryusuke Graal
    Ryusuke Graal Month ago

    This man was 5'9 at 15

  • flamingobandit
    flamingobandit Month ago

    back in his early days the big guys HATED shaq but he proved them all wrong lmao

  • JD
    JD Month ago +1

    I'd like to see the beef history between Roy Keane and Patrick Viera.

    • foocw
      foocw Month ago

      i don't think keane and vieira had any real serious beef off the pitch but when they were playing they epitomised the culture of their respective teams and their rivalry against each other during that era. which meant they absolutely hated each other on the field and made sure everyone knew about. but keane seems to have beef with pretty much everyone he's worked with anyway!

  • Jassour Elmir
    Jassour Elmir Month ago

    Can you do a beef of hakeem & Robinson?

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble Month ago

    Would like to hear about glen rice vs Steve Smith rivalry !!

  • Wahjergah
    Wahjergah Month ago

    David Robinson is the most wholesome man on this earth

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster Month ago +2

    You say Robinson putting up 70 was petty

    I call it the greatest flex in NBA history

  • Hazztech
    Hazztech 2 months ago

    If Robinson was white, nobody would have respected him.

    TREY RIVER 2 months ago

    so somehow it's Petty to win the scoring championship because Shaq wanted to win it ... Who knew

  • Leo theChibowow
    Leo theChibowow 2 months ago

    Hahah... i remember reading about that in the book i got from the Library. Shaq probably also made up the story that kobe went to Penny for an autograph and Penny signed it and just gave it to the kid Kobe without talking much to Kobe... and that Shaq was going to train Kobe to destroy Penny. LMAO. Than he said he was going to train Wade to beat Kobe when he left the lakers for the Heat. Ah hahah...

  • David the Chimp
    David the Chimp 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure coach pop came to robinsons house with a bat and broke robinsons foot just to get Tim Duncan

  • Brandon Strachan
    Brandon Strachan 2 months ago

    As a Spurs fan growing up in San Antonio this beef growing up and all the chips were a great time

  • Johnny Blade
    Johnny Blade 2 months ago

    Shaq as a Middle aged man has realized that the jealousy was his own.

  • Phenomenal One
    Phenomenal One 2 months ago

    Shaq is an all time great player, but also an all time great jackass..

  • Eyez Lo
    Eyez Lo 2 months ago +1

    I saw the Admiral At 6ix Flags in San Antonio when I was 10 and he asked me who my favorite Center in the NBA was I told him it wasn't him but he's my 2nd favorite, he chuckled and said Really? Then who is? I said Hakeem Olaujawan he said Good choice and still signed my mini-ball Lol 🏀

  • Alternate Selfie
    Alternate Selfie 2 months ago

    Like the previous comment if I’m right

  • Alternate Selfie
    Alternate Selfie 2 months ago +1

    Do Bird and Johnson’s rivalry

  • A_Boogie
    A_Boogie 2 months ago

    Sorry Penny 😂😂

  • DanDaMan2019
    DanDaMan2019 2 months ago

    Robinson = finesse scoring big man
    Shaq = ferocity scoring big man

  • Wes_hopwizard
    Wes_hopwizard 2 months ago

    “Was it a picture book?” Best smack of all time.

  • Hesus Dela Cruz
    Hesus Dela Cruz 2 months ago

    If they were muslims, it would be pork.

  • Marc Amerine
    Marc Amerine 2 months ago

    I’ remember those Games But U could tell With Robinson Never really responding too it that it was Made Up to get Shaq Motivated & I’m A Shaq Fan, But I wasn’t really buying any of it even as I listened 2it..

  • Gary Lofton
    Gary Lofton 2 months ago

    Two greats love hearing old school stories

  • Arie Fraiser
    Arie Fraiser 2 months ago

    He couldn't mess with Olajawon though.

  • Mannan A
    Mannan A 2 months ago

    Shaq rap albun

  • kaikhosrow
    kaikhosrow 2 months ago

    it's not petty to try and win a scoring title, unsubscribed

  • cozy Cool
    cozy Cool 2 months ago

    Robinson was a better all around player and better scorer , baring those injuries and his 2 year commitment to the Navy he would be really really better than Shaq and his only dunk game !

  • Stephen Cotten
    Stephen Cotten 2 months ago

    Ok so is it just me or was 4:42 a travel

  • Don't Count The Days But Let The Days Count

    It's Dr. Shaq just FYI

  • Killer Caritas
    Killer Caritas 2 months ago

    He did get that ring first though

  • R D
    R D 2 months ago

    1:11 Hakeem smiling behind Shaq lol

  • G G
    G G 2 months ago

    Scoring title is meaningless and petty???

  • Joe Linnen
    Joe Linnen 2 months ago

    Two of my favorite bigs

  • puddles puddles
    puddles puddles 2 months ago

    Shaq comes off as a petulant bitchy child in this video. lol