The Most Bitter Confessions Of Reddit - r/confessions (Part 35)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • 12 Stories about Remorse regret and disgust from r/confessions. Especially the last story is very sad and disturbing.
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    1. I left my new friend to die...
    2. I lost everything because I fell in love...
    3. I get pissed off at obese people...
    4. I bullied a kid who later died, and I feel terrible about it
    5. I broke up with my boyfriend because he didn't believe in evolution...
    6. I lied about not being able to see, and completely ruined my vision...
    7. I had to kill a baby seagull yesterday...
    8. I used to call my sister ugly when I was younger and I regret it so much
    9. I pick my nose and eat it...
    10. I anonymously called my boss in the middle of the night for almost a year...
    11. I think my wife is going to leave...
    12. I left my wife to die on 9/11

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Comments • 931

  • idiot boy vincent
    idiot boy vincent 9 hours ago

    3:56 I get the whole "fatness is a sign of laziness" in theory but a lot of people are actually fat due to poverty. The cheapest foods are unhealthy things like ramen, fast foods and frozen foods. I've been impoverished my entire life and have lived off of this junk, only staying small my whole life because I developed an eating disorder and wasn't getting much nutrition in the first place. I understand being mad when someone who is well off and has the means and time to exercise and eat properly wants you to pity them, but a lot of people are fat due to circumstance - not choice.

  • Juan Tapia
    Juan Tapia 2 days ago

    That last one, I couldn鈥檛, so much adrenaline would be pumping that I would literally pick her up and carry her anywhere, fuck that

  • Daddy's Little Princess 666

    A lot of people have medical conditions and gain weight because of thyroid or other medical problems think of that first

  • Cc
    Cc 4 days ago

    Wearing glasses when you don't need them will not ruin your vision. You likely won't see well with the unneeded glasses but that's all.

  • Devilleus
    Devilleus 5 days ago

    3:19 as an overweight person, I can understand this as a reasoning for being upset. Though, I still would like to remind anyone who feels this say that sometimes its because of a medical condition, or the person has just been brought up without proper care towards their diet considered and are still trying to break those habits.
    I myself was raised on junkfood and have never been skinny, but I've been trying to break bad habits lately. Its never too late to figure out whats best for your body, but the problem is realising there is something wrong with what you're eating and gaining the knowledge and motivation.
    But I agree that gaining pity points then continuing to do the same thing is just not on. You dont want to be the way you are? Lose weight, mcdonalds aint gonna help you drop weight, diet soda or no.

  • Maggie Delicious
    Maggie Delicious 5 days ago

    The fat hater is dumb as hell. Im fat and i do not eat junk food i eat healthy and probably should eat more .... im not lazy either

  • Eva Nielsen
    Eva Nielsen 5 days ago +1

    I'm not trying to "protect myself", but I'm just saying that not all "fat" people are lazy, or don't know how to lose weight and eat right, some people take meds that make them overweight, some people have an eating disorder and doesn't know what to do.

  • Fredric鈥檚 11
    Fredric鈥檚 11 5 days ago


  • Edie Mae
    Edie Mae 5 days ago

    Thee baby seagull one is totally understandable tho... i get that the mom mightve been concerned for the mental state of her son but i would've done the same. Poor thing wouldnt have survived and having flies lay maggots in your brain doesnt seem like a nice way to go /: honestly i wouldve chose to be shot

  • pattida28
    pattida28 6 days ago

    The guy that gets upset over fat people is just an insensitive fuck. Alot of overweight people are not lazy or frequently stuff their faces with unhealthy food. Most of them actually have hypothyroidism or other medical conditions that cause them to be overweight or have issues losing the weight. To that dickhead, how about you stop and think for once about why a persons body is the way it is? And then think about the fact that their weight is none of your business or concern and you shouldnt open your fat mouth to verbalize your shit opinions.

  • ShredwardWizardhands

    Cats can stay warm in snow just by eating. You can save a cats life with a can of tuna.
    The more you know 馃寛馃専

  • Ashton Mills
    Ashton Mills 8 days ago

    I think the 911 one belongs in shit that never happened land

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson 9 days ago

    people are really getting on my nerves not understanding that the mother was taking her son to therapy in case he was traumatized by killing the bird.

  • The Gentleman Fish
    The Gentleman Fish 9 days ago

    That man is no coward

  • Minimalism and Chill
    Minimalism and Chill 9 days ago +1

    Absolutely right for breaking up with some one who denies science in favor of fairy tales

  • Mia. Clare
    Mia. Clare 10 days ago

    Low key i have a fear of becoming fat

  • nhihihi5
    nhihihi5 10 days ago

    I kinda agree on the obese guy though. It's just that There's not that many fat people around me. But i totally look down on fat Americans that are surrounded by foods and cant control themselves.

  • Veyron Playz
    Veyron Playz 10 days ago

    The guys son watches this video: ...

  • laur lauryn
    laur lauryn 11 days ago

    the one about the the person wanting glasses really badly, have they never heard of false glasses?

  • GeorgianaDarcy
    GeorgianaDarcy 11 days ago +1

    4:00 really? that one with fat people? so many people are fat for other reason than lazyness and bad food: hormones problems, depression (real one not just a blue), sickness, genetic.... etc I'm fat but I eat healthy food and I work out! I'm fat because of a syndrome that make me gain weight more than others but also cause infertility issues. To have a child I had a treatment (and an operation too), the treatment made me more fat (I new it before I took the treatment it would make it worse but didn't care). Then I felt pregnant and had a difficult pregnancy so I had to stay in bed during the last 4 months, it didn't help. That's why I'm fat. People shouldn't judge without knowing and shouldn't be offended by other people's "beauty"! (sorry for my english, still learning).

  • Chauncey Perkins
    Chauncey Perkins 12 days ago

    My God the last story. I didn't know the wife was in a wheelchair. That brave women.

  • Clayton Paisley
    Clayton Paisley 14 days ago

    I totally understand the feelings of the anti fat guy, but he's failing to understand two things: 1) if we had universal healthcare, the people with eating disorders that stem from trauma would have far more access to mental health care, often when they were younger and before they ever became morbidly obese. 2) mild to moderate obesity is a societal problem. Sure, you can fight it, but the problems driving it are so much bigger. There needs to be huge changes to the entire food industry from the ground up. Additionally, with access to healthcare for all, so many more folks would have financial resources and wouldn't live in food deserts, would be able to access and purchase genuinely healthy food. I know firsthand that the grind of poverty is a huge contributor to obesity. I know many obese folks who are extremely hardworking, CERTAINLY not lazy, but their effort would have to be superhuman to get fit. This perspective is often that of people who were born into enough wealth to not have any understanding of this.

  • Hi How ya doin ?
    Hi How ya doin ? 15 days ago

    Im a kid, fat as fuck, and I'm raking leaves. It's not my fault that everyonebe I know forced me to eat fast food and snack cakes or nothing at all. Is raking a big yard a good start?

  • Stormy The Bohemian Fox

    I actually ruined my eyes the same way-

  • heusker
    heusker 15 days ago

    Just from doing a little precursory "research" on the internet, it looks like wearing glasses when you don't need them will not affect your vision.

  • JohnSydney225
    JohnSydney225 15 days ago

    What are the songs used in these videos?

  • hey daddy
    hey daddy 16 days ago

    About the fact i would say it depend on genetic too, im more lazy and eat more but my friend eating way less and not even lazy like me and do more physical required work yet still fatter than me

  • hey daddy
    hey daddy 16 days ago

    The second story is relatable to me

  • Saysikerightnow
    Saysikerightnow 16 days ago +2

    obesity can also be an illness. You鈥檙e disgusting if you think EVERYONE who鈥檚 obese is just lazy.

    • Saysikerightnow
      Saysikerightnow 14 days ago

      Josuke ehh actually its more common for it to be caused by illnesses. Mental or health wise. Some people really are just lazy tho.

    • Josuke
      Josuke 15 days ago

      For the most part they are tho 馃槼馃き馃槼

  • alexey bagirov
    alexey bagirov 16 days ago

    Praying for that guy and his wife

  • w a c k
    w a c k 16 days ago

    That one dude pissed at overweight people needs to chill. Although he does present a reasonable argument, some people are just born fat. There's this one TVclipr names Daz & he's mentioned once that he's always been overweight. He has some leg problem as well. Associating fat with overeating is a bad assumption to make. Maybe they cope that way 'cause of emotional trauma- who knows? The whole tax thing is f***ed though.

  • Marie Beaulieu
    Marie Beaulieu 16 days ago

    Why didn't the optom just streak refract? Why wasn't the kid auto-refracted on the tech work up for the exam? There are ways to know when the kids aren't truthful in the optical world...

  • Evelien Hoving
    Evelien Hoving 16 days ago

    The third person is ignorant. 1: Not everyone can afford to be healthy. 2: some people have actually health issues that causes them to be overweight. 3: healthcare should be free no matter what. Big yikes.

  • Terry Wilson
    Terry Wilson 16 days ago

    The guy abandoning his wife was one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard. It's his job as a man and her husband to protect her not run away and Leave her in a dangerous situation. I'd gladly die for my wife in a heartbeat I can't imagine living without her

  • Cyk盲 Bly盲t - Mizore

    I mean I have prescription glasses and it鈥檚 pretty well known you shouldn鈥檛 wear them if you don鈥檛 need them
    Edit: that last ones really sad, and I don鈥檛 blame the guy, she wanted him to leave so atleast one of them would be there for their son. He honestly did the right thing cause he listened to her.

  • Warden
    Warden 16 days ago

    yikes, fat hater guy had big incel vibes

  • Nathan Nat Figgers
    Nathan Nat Figgers 16 days ago

    There's no trace that God had ever existed in that 2nd story.

  • Suz E
    Suz E 16 days ago +2

    I'm going to eat some cookies just for the fat haters out there! Yum!

  • Mr.Squiggles Gaming
    Mr.Squiggles Gaming 17 days ago

    the booger one was the worst one by far

  • meathedonist
    meathedonist 17 days ago

    I'm not even fat but the fat hater made me feel a bit angry... Do they know eating disorders exist? Health issues that make your metabolism shitty? If someone you know is struggling with overweight just be nice and supportive to them, offer to go on a walk with them, or try new healthy foods with them

    • meathedonist
      meathedonist 17 days ago

      @Dylan Mattox Anorexia is an eating disorder too and I haven't seen a fat anorexic so I don't really know about that. People develop them for different reasons and other mental illnesses can result in them as well. I assume OP is American and I'm not familiar with how healthcare works there so I can't really say anything about it. But I also don't think he knows that not all people get overweight because they're just "lazy." That or he refuses to acknowledge it.

    • Dylan Mattox
      Dylan Mattox 17 days ago

      Eating disorders are such an excuse to be fat. He's right, he shouldn't pay for fat peoples medical bills when he's worked to maintain his shape. That's why liberals are so wrong when it comes to healthcare

  • B.L.I. 漏
    B.L.I. 漏 17 days ago +1

    Holy shit that last one...

  • The Average Guy 路
    The Average Guy 路 17 days ago

    That one person with that has the problem with obese people...I鈥檓 sorry but it鈥檚 expensive to say healthy is she close minded? Not everyone has health insurance we live in a world where a healthy meal is so expensive compared to an unhealthy meal does she not know about trauma Some people eat out their depression and yeah I agree those who are just lazy piss me off

    • The Average Guy 路
      The Average Guy 路 17 days ago

      Dylan Mattox I鈥檓 not saying this from experience lmao and some people can鈥檛 even afford a 3 course meal so they go to the cheapest shit and unhealthiest just to get full

    • Dylan Mattox
      Dylan Mattox 17 days ago

      @The Average Guy 路 Uh, no. Buying things at a supermarket is much cheaper than buying fast food. You can make a salad for 4 or 5 bucks. The reason people don't is because their lazy. Going on a jog for 20 minutes instead of eating McDonald's and playing fortnite is all you Ned to do to stay fit, but most people are to lazy to do it.

    • The Average Guy 路
      The Average Guy 路 17 days ago

      Dylan Mattox huh? Sorry but it鈥檚 not the same at every marketplace and people鈥檚 income depends how expensive a meal is

    • Dylan Mattox
      Dylan Mattox 17 days ago

      Healthy meals are not more expensive than unhealthy meals. You can buy some rice and beans that give you everything you need for 3 bucks.

  • Polly Pockets
    Polly Pockets 17 days ago


  • Texas Tea
    Texas Tea 18 days ago

    :30 sec in and I wont listen to this :(

  • margaret johnson
    margaret johnson 18 days ago

    we don't have to like what others do, but we have NO RIGHT to judge others for their good or bad habits. remember: you are NOT PERFECT, so don't judge others.

  • Cause Why Not?
    Cause Why Not? 18 days ago

    Nicole Arbour was never wrong.. People were sensitive from the start

  • domino diamond
    domino diamond 18 days ago

    Maybe she went down the tower before he did. Ya know they jumped.
    Last one down is a rotten egg!

  • Vegetas Sidechick
    Vegetas Sidechick 18 days ago

    I had a friend online got really close playing games, hits me one day with, the world is flat were in a dome. His whole family believes it, I had to cut off contact because I couldn't handle that.

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan 19 days ago +1

    You know what? Hate fat people all you want but don't ridicule them for ordering diet sodas or whatever other shit. At least they're trying to make an effort. For all you know, the person complaining about their weight is also going to the gym. For all you know, they're fat because they're struggling with depression or poverty or any one of the several other issues that play into weight gain, maybe they're not just lazy. I can't stand people who feel superior to others because they work out.

  • Fcutdlady
    Fcutdlady 19 days ago

    What could the first guy do. It's inhumane to keep a cat cooped up. In a room. It's tragic the bad weather came but what can you do.

  • Laura Rosario
    Laura Rosario 19 days ago


  • Carolann Deakes
    Carolann Deakes 19 days ago

    I half understand the not liking fat people thing.. ( I'm over weight myself ) but food addiction is real and suffering from impulse control is real.. currently down 6kgs tho 馃槏 so I get it some people are just lazy and some really struggle

  • Wolf Krake
    Wolf Krake 19 days ago +8

    Mom: asks for help
    Nathan: helps
    Mom: *"I'm taking you to therapy"*

  • Bill Murry
    Bill Murry 19 days ago

    Childish gambino plays *this is America*

  • Czech Silesian Mapper
    Czech Silesian Mapper 19 days ago

    Everybody starts loving the bullied Kid after they Die but that doesnt make you better person Because you would'nt stopped when He was still alive Its similiar to Michael Jackson but still He has big amount of bullies.

  • A C E
    A C E 19 days ago

    1:03 how tf does a cat affect with copd it鈥檚 not like you can breathe in cat hair. Its not that鈥檚 guys fault it鈥檚 the mums

  • Industrialover
    Industrialover 19 days ago

    The guy who left his wife did the right thing. They agreed on it together, that was the last parental decision they made together. I'd want my child to have one of their parents & I think she felt the same.

  • Ashlee Harlow
    Ashlee Harlow 20 days ago

    R.I.P Jay 鉂

  • brian4480
    brian4480 20 days ago

    5:03 I don't fault her. You can't procreate with idiots.