• Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Challenge: Color your illustration using a random color. Result: Success! YAY!
    ► Supplies used:
    - #24 Marigold - Ohuhu Alcohol Based Markers:
    - Art-n-Fly Fine Liners:
    - Mechanical Pencil from Holly Brown (
    ► Line-art available to color here:
    Still learning to use my new camera. but looky at my color correction skills. haha Leveling up, boom baby! My hands don't look like grey blobs.
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  • simsNightcore _yt
    simsNightcore _yt 6 days ago

    I am wear a glasses! 😂

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean 7 days ago

    Who else thinks it's boring to only color a picture
    👇 Thumbs for drawing 😄

  • Lizzy lovegood
    Lizzy lovegood 7 days ago

    Has anyone noticed the pen on her nail

  • Rachel Gordon
    Rachel Gordon 11 days ago

    I love these videos. I hope you do another one soon.

  • Ashlovesyorkies
    Ashlovesyorkies 11 days ago

    I wear glasses

  • Bloodied Rose
    Bloodied Rose 13 days ago

    Me, i can't remember who wears glasses either. Id be like... SHE WEARS GLASSES?

  • Leo lena YouTube YouTube

    You did really goood

  • Gracie Wade
    Gracie Wade 14 days ago +1

    No offense of course (because your my inspiration) but it’s pronounced (the marker is) Mary-Gold and I know because there is a band called that but they r small but my sisters boyfriend is the drummer so :) just helping out they spell it the same way I think and I got a free poster of 1 of their albums for my birthday signed with their names. There songs r pretty good to so :) I suggest checking them out but to find them type in MRYGLD because I’m pretty sure that’s what you type but anyway I love your art style I’m watching u on my TV and iPad rn two different videos xD but ya no offense or anything just I have OCD and if EVERYTHING isn’t perfect it bothers me a lot ;-; that’s actually why toddlers kinda annoy me to.. but I can’t rlly control it so :I but loved the vid so far (I’m not even done with it I just started watching it xD)

  • Belle Doolan
    Belle Doolan 16 days ago

    You should name it coffee bean

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z 16 days ago

    But what if you only wear glasses when you need to see something far away, but not in daily life. Which group am I classified in? Am confusion

  • Darcy B.
    Darcy B. 20 days ago +2

    Seeing people saying they forget to draw glasses on themselves...
    I have glasses... But I never draw myself 😞😔 it makes me feel awkward and reminds me of all the things I don't like about myself 😣😢

  • Becky French
    Becky French 22 days ago

    To be fair, when drawing myself I forget I have glasses soooooooo :P

  • Unicorn Draws
    Unicorn Draws 23 days ago

    Irgendwer deutsch?... Nein?

  • gadsdenrose
    gadsdenrose 23 days ago

    This looks really good.

  • saara genan
    saara genan 24 days ago

    I don't like overlapping lines with markers but your painting beautiful 😍✊

  • Vanessa Alvevåg
    Vanessa Alvevåg 25 days ago

    You: you all have glasses lol
    Me : have the the perfect vision 😂

  • Sweet Meee
    Sweet Meee 26 days ago

    She looks like me...😂 I have a Shirt that look simular to her top... I'm so confused😂

  • Noah Austn
    Noah Austn 26 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does the hair look like bacon??

  • Nerd Fish
    Nerd Fish 27 days ago

    * when your a fan who should wear glasses but slowly is letter her vision go because I hate wearing glasses*

  • LifeWithAlex
    LifeWithAlex Month ago +1

    Wow, imagine being talented

  • Jakkals
    Jakkals Month ago +2

    I love your drawing :)

  • Keribellas 29
    Keribellas 29 Month ago

    I dont know but i hate my glasses

  • Gabriela Perez
    Gabriela Perez Month ago +1

    Bacon hair

  • Snowflower And Moonkit

    Knock Knock.
    It’s the One Marker Police.

  • orangenurse06
    orangenurse06 Month ago +2

    Orange is my favorite color so this was EPIC!!!

    • Emelia Gehman
      Emelia Gehman Month ago

      You should watch the video she made were she uses only orange art supplies🧡🧀🍊

  • Roxly Gamez
    Roxly Gamez Month ago

    Oh, and I have those same markers with the same holder ^•^ lmao

  • Roxly Gamez
    Roxly Gamez Month ago

    My friend always forgets that I have glasses 😂😂

  • Kirsten Santos
    Kirsten Santos Month ago

    I love how she is just like playing then she creates beautiful arts

  • Merci Veneracion
    Merci Veneracion Month ago

    i dont know why but the hair look like bacons sorry if you consider hate comment

  • jenuuchi
    jenuuchi Month ago

    i want to date this character

  • Victoria McGraw
    Victoria McGraw Month ago

    The only thing I can think of when I see the shirt is indigo Montoya from the princess bride

  • AlyGachaLove
    AlyGachaLove Month ago

    Are you German?

  • Your Gay thoughts
    Your Gay thoughts Month ago

    Your videos literally make me sleepy. Not because they’re boring, you’ve just got such a calm voice

  • DragonGirl 22
    DragonGirl 22 Month ago

    I did copy the picture but I definitely did not pick color lmao 😂😂😂 love your drawings so much and you ❤❤

  • Emerald Sky
    Emerald Sky Month ago

    It’s fine, I forget to draw my own glasses

  • AJ the gacha Wolfie

    Pls draw my character

  • chio and lala productions

    Waffles:uses pens wit markers
    Me:you werent supposed to do that.

  • martial arts makeup

    I love this and your style of drawing

  • That black kid Fat Otaku

    When you don't own markers😭

  • Zombie SmittenKitten

    The term for the paper fibers balling up is called “wicking” if I remember correctly

  • kurt
    kurt Month ago

    I remember when people have glasses, because...


  • Blue gamer
    Blue gamer Month ago

    Hey 👋 you should try gacha life it’s a game on iPads phone and stuff

  • Jiana Basilio
    Jiana Basilio Month ago

    I got those marker waffle😁

  • Tracy Rosales
    Tracy Rosales Month ago

    You remind me of Malinda Kathleen reese she is another TVclipr and you kinda sound like her lol but I know you’re not her cause you’re rin

  • Gabriella Martins
    Gabriella Martins Month ago +2

    I think she should make a rainbow gang where she makes characters and give them a colour theme

  • C harlie
    C harlie Month ago

    How do you organize all your art stuff????

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean Month ago +1


  • Alix Nerd
    Alix Nerd Month ago

    10:00 (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Gatcha Universe
    Gatcha Universe Month ago

    Everybody : 90% of you is wearing glasses ........
    Everybody: 89% of you is wearing glasses .......
    Me : HOW ?! HOW ?! GUYS HELP ME !!!!!
    1 like -- 1 stupefy spell for Voldemort to give my glasses back ! IM OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER !!!! 🥶❤️😇

  • Harly Quinn
    Harly Quinn Month ago +1

    Hi hi hi

  • naomi
    naomi Month ago

    one time I drew a picture of myself and I (a glasses wearing human) forgot to add glasses on myself like? my glasses are one of my key features on my face and I completely missed them until like a week later I saw the drawing I was like ??? how idk

  • ella ortiz-ruiz
    ella ortiz-ruiz Month ago +2

    i want that shirt

  • Disco_ potato
    Disco_ potato Month ago +15

    This is how many people have glasses ( including me lol )

    • Lara Holbrook
      Lara Holbrook Month ago +2

      I have been wearing glasses since I was one years old!

  • Eli Eliza
    Eli Eliza Month ago

    i wear glasses

  • Kazi Islam
    Kazi Islam Month ago

    I don't wear glasses btw my dad in my pro pic

  • Adriana Valadez
    Adriana Valadez Month ago

    I liked the vid it was GREAT but I feel like u should do the 3 marker challenge but randomly😻👍🏼 LOVED THE VID 💜💙💗

  • TheNITRO68
    TheNITRO68 Month ago

    Your an awsome insperation to us all, keep up the great content, your new sub from Australia :)

  • Matthew Allan
    Matthew Allan Month ago

    Props on the freehand circle. 👍

  • Sofia Gabriel
    Sofia Gabriel Month ago

    I wear glasses 😂