You Can’t Call It Ramen Without Using タレ...

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • The Perfect Bowl of Ramen needs Tare ( Seasoning Sauce or タレ in Japanese). I share 3 recipes to get you started : Shio Tare, Shoyu Tare and Miso Tare. It’s the main seasoning of Ramen Noodle Soup, and the whole Flavor Profile depends on it.
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  • supercj12
    supercj12 6 days ago

    This looks really good, I've got to try these sometime

  • Lewis Maddock
    Lewis Maddock Month ago

    This comment will never probably be seen by Alex... but, why didn't you put the tare in bottles?

  • Live Untied
    Live Untied Month ago

    I really enjoyed how much you enjoy cooking. I have watched this before and I love your facial expressions and gestures. You look like this stuff is so good I just want to die eating it.

  • Samuel’s wandering

    I just moved to Japan and bought the exact same soy sauce. Dont know if it is the greatest but I like it. (Second ramen)

  • sherline nonchalant

    8:11 what the FUCKK was that???

  • Live Untied
    Live Untied Month ago

    Wow, where have I been? You have this down to a science. I could practically taste it

  • urpomussukka
    urpomussukka 2 months ago

    Bonito is veggie?

  • Sleepy Dog
    Sleepy Dog 2 months ago


  • Geert Drieghe
    Geert Drieghe 2 months ago

    The miso tare skipped a step, where you drain the stock and get rid of the boiled mirepoix.

  • Sam McDonald
    Sam McDonald 2 months ago

    This guy's Ramen looks incredible

  • jonas holvoet
    jonas holvoet 2 months ago

    so when's the mazamen (no broth ramen) episode coming alex?
    Edit: should probably have said sub-series shouldn't i considering the perfectionist within you :)

  • Rowdy Yates
    Rowdy Yates 3 months ago

    Your addiction tells me one thing: You need Pho

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 3 months ago

    Your hair look like ramen with nori & squid ink.

  • April Bewell
    April Bewell 3 months ago

    wow, where were you all my life?

  • Cobalt360Degrees
    Cobalt360Degrees 3 months ago

    I'm surprised you never found a source that told you to never boil miso.
    Boiling miso tastes really kills the flavour.

    RAGHAV MALHOTRA 3 months ago

    Love your channel man!
    Just wanted to ask if the same miso tare can be done without the anchovies as they are hard to find in India!

  • The Rowing Boat
    The Rowing Boat 4 months ago

    alex, u know your shit about ramen

  • Lucitaur
    Lucitaur 4 months ago

    1:10 - 'Long story short, don't bitch too much in the comments.'
    :slowly backs away from the keyboard:

  • atomicbrain9401
    atomicbrain9401 4 months ago +1

    Can’t call it ramen if it doesn’t contain UwU

  • Diego Angeles
    Diego Angeles 4 months ago

    I'm probably eating a toast after this.

  • Melody
    Melody 4 months ago

    I thought cooking miss ruined it..

  • Kevin Sheats
    Kevin Sheats 4 months ago

    Keep going man, your videos are great! Super helpful! Thanks Alex

  • King Whyvern Dragoon
    King Whyvern Dragoon 4 months ago

    Shio salt shoyu soy sauce miso soybean paste. Ya gotta love it for ramen

  • thewatertorch
    thewatertorch 5 months ago


  • asdfjklaew
    asdfjklaew 5 months ago

    Nice recipes! But I have to suggest: never boil miso. It is fermented foods so its has lots of good digestive benefits, but only if they aren't boiled off. maybe at the end of reducing the rest of the tare, add it at the end?

  • Maleik burns
    Maleik burns 5 months ago

    I love his accent😸

  • mahlon paku
    mahlon paku 5 months ago

    lol for some reason I am now watching previews on my iphone so I can read the captions rather than watch the video properly?? 🤣

  • Matthew Saunders
    Matthew Saunders 5 months ago +1

    The Casey Neistat of cooking

  • Javi Nieto
    Javi Nieto 5 months ago

    that darren aronofsky reference caught me off guard lmao

  • bonbons
    bonbons 5 months ago

    Can confirm, your soy sauce bottle says soy sauce😂

  • Alyosha Tanetović
    Alyosha Tanetović 5 months ago

    Those edited close up cuts when he eats ramen always remind me of requiem for a dream or spun... i mean any drug related movie actually

  • Hoodini milo
    Hoodini milo 6 months ago

    I like how i watch this like im gonna make it

  • leewardstyle
    leewardstyle 6 months ago

    Whoa, you are a beast in the kitchen! How do I make fishcake from scratch? I'll wait.

  • idiotbox mel
    idiotbox mel 6 months ago

    How long do you store your tare in fridge? Also, have you tried making chashu from scratch?

  • Lewis Miller
    Lewis Miller 6 months ago

    Love this channel!

  • The Mo
    The Mo 6 months ago

    WTF I'm doing here.....

  • 0ZeroZeta0
    0ZeroZeta0 6 months ago

    lovely Street Fighter's sounds effects ^^

  • ewrfeasr
    ewrfeasr 6 months ago

    i blended the vegetables and added them to the tare. Way powefull flavor

  • Subbasstian Frêsh
    Subbasstian Frêsh 6 months ago

    Hei man, nice video. I enjoy them a lot, but it hurts my heart, when I always see you using those instant chopsticks. A lot of waste of wood... A ramen chef should have his/his personal chopsticks ;)

  • Conor Treacy
    Conor Treacy 6 months ago

    Shouldn't you dilute 9 teaspoons of water with one of Tare? Otherwise it's a 1 in 11 dilution not 1 in 10?

  • Eliah Holiday
    Eliah Holiday 6 months ago

    Fish out the kombu...That's pretty funny. By the way you can buy Sun ramen noodles that are fresh, kept frozen.

  • Michieldering
    Michieldering 6 months ago

    Titel is Ramen Heads

  • Michieldering
    Michieldering 6 months ago

    Did you see the documentary? Credits
    93 min, Koki Shigeno
    Production Yusuke Kamata namens Netzgen, Arata Oshima
    Cinematography Hidenori Takahashi
    Editing Junichi Saito
    Screening copy Netzgen

  • Heatea
    Heatea 6 months ago

    8:10 what was that hellish sound

  • spiritualinsight
    spiritualinsight 6 months ago

    This makes me want to know how you would make the perfect rice ball

  • Stian hagebø
    Stian hagebø 6 months ago

    you could make ice cubes out of this and store it in the freezer. perfect portions

  • leezus
    leezus 6 months ago

    You're banned

  • Lucas
    Lucas 6 months ago

    Is it alright to freeze the tare? I don't eat ramen often enough to use it all when it's in the fridge

  • Andy Betts
    Andy Betts 6 months ago

    Made my first ever Ramen today, loved it
    Dressed with smoked bacon sb egg,mushroom and green onion chilli seaweed
    It was like crazy tasty
    Thanks Alex for inspiration

  • marie durantet
    marie durantet 7 months ago

    pourquoi tu ne met pas de sous titre francais

  • Andrea Cuiuli
    Andrea Cuiuli 7 months ago

    Is there a good way to store a tare for a good amount of time?Is it possibile to freeze it?

  • Uroš
    Uroš 7 months ago

    I wonder how long does tha tare llast in the fridge? I also wonder if you can freeze it and use it later.

  • Gabriel Kouvalis
    Gabriel Kouvalis 7 months ago

    this is so cringe.....

  • Frei Bier
    Frei Bier 7 months ago

    Why is TVclip showing me your Video title and description in German?

  • Haris Iqbal
    Haris Iqbal 7 months ago

    Is Fish sauce much different from using boiled anchovies, in taste?

  • Yankee Dowerah
    Yankee Dowerah 7 months ago

    I am here just for the voice....french infused english....aaah

  • Nugroho. T
    Nugroho. T 8 months ago

    My feeling tells me that you're editing and camera angles are similar to Casey Neistat

  • Kberry1249 sal
    Kberry1249 sal 8 months ago

    Can you email the full recipe for yhe tare

  • Seaweed Project
    Seaweed Project 8 months ago

    Nice video! Does anyone know how to make Shio Kombu?

  • Petr Chutný
    Petr Chutný 8 months ago

    Thanks for this amazing video! You've uncovered quite important part of ramen cooking to us :)

  • Bilal Ing
    Bilal Ing 8 months ago

    You are The French Casey Neistat Chef

  • Jonathan DPG
    Jonathan DPG 8 months ago

    "In other words don't bitch too much in the comments". That's what I love about him

  • Tom Parsley
    Tom Parsley 9 months ago

    Alex, there is one BIG question I have... What if I would mix shoyu and miso tare together 50/50...Do you think that would create better flavor than not combined?

  • Geert Drieghe
    Geert Drieghe 9 months ago

    “Don’t bitch too much in the comments.” LOL

  • Maal3m
    Maal3m 9 months ago

    Good to know : unlike the broth this one won't freeze. But you can freeze some Dashi and cook the rest just before ramen. (Edit : Talking about Shoyu Tare)

  • herp derp
    herp derp 9 months ago

    Alex, wonderful video. But have you ever had real Tonkotsu Ramen (white pork broth) in a Japanese ramen shop? It is the gold standard. Nothing else comes close imo. It's liquid Foie Gras and it's the iconic ramen.

  • Richard
    Richard 9 months ago

    I hate and love you at the same time. I want this now. Why do you have to show me heaven but also show me that i will never reach it. God damn Dude.

  • Michiru Sato
    Michiru Sato 9 months ago

    an advice from a japanese Alex, you should let konbu or niboshi (dried anchovy) soak in water at leat overnight before you boil them. That's gonna make more umami flavor to get out to the dashi!

  • DM Graves
    DM Graves 9 months ago

    Thanks Alex! I’ve looking for the ramen white rabbit.

  • Alexisblack
    Alexisblack 9 months ago

    Could you just use fish sauce for the miso

    MARIN 10 months ago

    Very useful and interesting video. You are a legitimate cooking Wizard, Alex !

  • Njai Hill
    Njai Hill 10 months ago

    What do you do with the strained veggies?

  • K-POP Germany
    K-POP Germany 10 months ago

    dat clickbait

  • Kevin Alano
    Kevin Alano 10 months ago

    Have you ever tried ramen from Ippudo, I wonder if you could reverse engineer the Akamaru Modern ramen from Ippudo.

  • Davron Ismoilov
    Davron Ismoilov 10 months ago

    Alex, you are like 23.499199823 shaped figure... unlimited creativeness!

  • ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 10 months ago

    The fifth element? Leelu?

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas 10 months ago

    I wish you'd post your recipes for each video so i don't have to watch the video a million times to get it lol

  • Kenn tries and fails
    Kenn tries and fails 10 months ago

    Ha he's French and I can understand him

  • Otterfan
    Otterfan 10 months ago

    What in the name of all things holy was that laugth thing at the slap in the face comparison. I will have nigthmares

  • Wim M
    Wim M 11 months ago

    Hahahahahaha, don’t beach too much in the comments, that’s a classic, hahahahahaha just love ❤️ it

  • Micah Sanders
    Micah Sanders 11 months ago

    All worship the ramen god

  • Phillip Zhong
    Phillip Zhong 11 months ago

    Im going to shoyu hahahha

  • Jakjer
    Jakjer 11 months ago

    Can't believe I didn't notice the reference to requiem for a dream when he first slurped the ramen haha

  • Kevin Dohm
    Kevin Dohm 11 months ago

    I’m making ramen right now:)

  • Mark Harriss
    Mark Harriss 11 months ago

    That's not a kitchen, it's a food research laboratory.

  • DankZkittles
    DankZkittles 11 months ago

    i dont understand the soup thingy, i just drain the water from the pot and add the spices and then mix and boom just the noodles

  • Laura Gilbert
    Laura Gilbert 11 months ago

    You should try JunsKitchen for ideas

  • Game Subutai
    Game Subutai 11 months ago

    i wont bitch too much on the comment...

  • kyle griffis
    kyle griffis 11 months ago

    Great videos thank you!!!

  • Gustavo Dias
    Gustavo Dias 11 months ago

    You need misso, it's a fermented soybean with salt.

  • Robert Xavier
    Robert Xavier 11 months ago

    Hi Alex, can you do a Ramen episode with a variety of Mushrooms?
    How to clean, cut, season & how long to cook to maximize the flavor of different types of Mushrooms. Please :)

  • Kris A Lasky
    Kris A Lasky 11 months ago

    yum! will definitely try these Gross Bisous!!!!

  • MegaMusikMan
    MegaMusikMan 11 months ago

    hehe, we have the same miso brand, also try putting abit of butter in your miso ramen, it does a wonder for the flavor.

  • Loco Tx
    Loco Tx 11 months ago

    1:10 - THAT is so me !

  • Brian Argo
    Brian Argo 11 months ago

    Requiem for a noodle?

  • Myranda Poot
    Myranda Poot 11 months ago

    j' apprend bien des choses depuis je te suis ! Admiration totale d une Mama qui raffole la cuisine

  • Myranda Poot
    Myranda Poot 11 months ago

    😍😍😍 since i fallow you ! i've LEARN so Much even if a cook all Time ahahah ! continue tes vidéos ces beaucoup d'apprentissage d'une maman qui raffole cuisiner😎

  • Myranda Poot
    Myranda Poot 11 months ago

    😍😍😍 since i fallow you ! i've LEARN so Much even if a cook all Time ahahah ! continue tes vidéos ces beaucoup d'apprentissage d'une maman qui raffole cuisiner😎

  • Myranda Poot
    Myranda Poot 11 months ago

    😍😍😍 since i fallow you ! i've LEARN so Much even if a cook all Time ahahah ! continue tes vidéos ces beaucoup d'apprentissage d'une maman qui raffole cuisiner😎

  • filfoman
    filfoman 11 months ago

    boiling miso paste kills all the good stuff thats in it. Avoid boiling it and just stir it in at the end