The Hole - part 1

  • Published on Feb 5, 2009
  • The Hole is a 1962 short animation by John Hubley and Faith Hubley that won an Academy Award for Short Subjects (Cartoons) in 1962.

    The film uses improvised dialogue from Dizzy Gillespie and George Mathews as two construction workers at work in the bottom of a hole on a construction site discussing the possibility of an accidental nuclear weapons attack.
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  • JackFilms99
    JackFilms99 Year ago

    I saw this on PBS back in the 80's and I've been trying to find it again ever since! I ca't tell you how frustrating my search has been year after year. And, no, I never thought about checking Oscar-winning animation. Just never dawned on me. Thank you so much for putting it here. My mind is finally at rest!

  • Kamrat
    Kamrat 6 years ago

    ya blew it

  • Furbearingbrick -stays crunchy in milk

    If you post "Enter Life", I'll love you forever.