Lin-Manuel Miranda's next act: Helping rebuild Puerto Rico

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • Correspondent David Begnaud joins Lin-Manuel Miranda on a trip to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The creator and star of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" has been leading relief efforts (including creating a charity song and video, "Almost Like Praying") for the island, which is still suffering nearly two months after Hurricane Maria decimated critical infrastructure, water and power supplies.
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Comments • 29

  • meowingsheep XD
    meowingsheep XD 4 days ago

    Oh my God I love him so so so (add an infinite number of ‘sos’) much

  • wizpiez
    wizpiez 10 months ago

    Bought the song!! I live it sooo much, Maria is my favorite and when I saw that it helped Puerto Rico, I made an immediate decision. Thank you Lin, you have done so much for everyone

  • Jenny Q
    Jenny Q 11 months ago

    What a great man! I love him and will have to find a way to go to Puerto Rico to see him in Hamilton

    HOLD_THATDARNL Year ago +1

    Im.going to Puerto Rico just to see this man play Alexander Hamilton again

  • enildith Slas
    enildith Slas Year ago

    Being next to the idiot Yulín messed it up. He is too intelligent to be next to that cry inept baby.

  • kally wetzel
    kally wetzel Year ago +1

    Tickets for ten dollars??? I wanna live in porta rico

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer Year ago +3

    Lin-Manuel for 2020. He understands humanity and compassion.

  • Barbara Rey
    Barbara Rey Year ago +1

    God bless him for his compassion in action :)

  • clouhds edits
    clouhds edits Year ago

    Hes such an amazing person, i look up to him so much

  • Aang A
    Aang A Year ago +1

    Is he only going to perform in Puerto Rico

  • charly poem
    charly poem Year ago +1

    ;-; he's so pure its beautiful

  • Dave Dee
    Dave Dee Year ago

    I hope HIS money from his stupid $800 per seat play is being used and not donations from some guy working for minimum wage.
    800 per seat in a 500 seat theater is 400,000. Multiply that by 40 theaters nationwide and he's got 16,000,000. Multiply that by 5 countries with 40 theaters with 500 seats and you got 80,000,000

    • enildith Slas
      enildith Slas Year ago

      Dave Dee What a poor frustrated envious hater you are! Saying that his play is not worthy means you are a poor thing since even the most intelligent person in this world has praised it so much means that you are a poor nothing hater.

    • Will Frost
      Will Frost Year ago +1


  • deadpoolnerd
    deadpoolnerd Year ago +3

    As a fellow Boricua living in America I understand how he feels especially when those that are supposed to lead and help put us down looking at us the value of human life with a price tag... but it's so uplifting to see one man step up for his people bolstering a huge feeling of hope

  • yashiWinchester
    yashiWinchester Year ago +6

    This really made me cry. Just alone looking at that porch..i cannot even begin to imagine how he and his family felt, and how the other people, whose life have been turned upside down by the disaster feel. I just hope that the supplies and the relief efforts are reaching them and helping them get out of this dire situation.

  • brujaja Aknot Wrought
    brujaja Aknot Wrought Year ago +14

    Thank you for posting this, I hadn't heard about it. Lin-Manuel seems like a completely delightful person. So nice to know there are people like him in the world.

  • Margarita Estrada
    Margarita Estrada Year ago +7

    Because of Lin-Manuel's status, his initiatives will be executed. For those of us who are collecting supplies from our neighborhoods to send to Puerto Rico, we wonder, "What if this is all in vain." But we believe in a higher power that controls all, and we couldn't just sit around crying and not take any action. There is no doubt in my mind that the American people care about Puerto Rico, because of the generosity I have been honored to see and feel from every ethnicity who has contributed money, checks, and supplies for our cause. However, we pray that supplies get to the people that need it. That somehow, divine intervention takes place, breaks through the barriers, because people are hungry, have no running water, and some are dying.

  • Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley Year ago +27

    I am so proud of Lin but I am absolutely furious he has had to do this because Trump is so utterly useless.

      HOLD_THATDARNL Year ago

      I'm not taking sides but Lin wanted to do this like know one is making him do this he wants to do this for his family for his people

    • Cristina Renteria
      Cristina Renteria Year ago +1

      Megan Ripley God, Trump is so stupid

    • Cristina Renteria
      Cristina Renteria Year ago

      Megan Ripley This is exactly what I am thinking!

  • Patricia Burke
    Patricia Burke Year ago +16

    His family and Puerto Rico must be so proud of him, as all Americans are. We are one & we must never forget that, despite the greedy, selfish, heartless politicians. We, the people, are ashamed of their neglect . They don't reflect the majority of Americans and that electoral college should be ashamed and stopped.

  • SENE 777
    SENE 777 Year ago +1

    Ahí con la comunista Yulin,q pena por Lin!!

    • Tony D
      Tony D Month ago

      Why don't you cool it and make your comments more constructive! instead of spewing poison!

  • Darlene Serrano
    Darlene Serrano Year ago +5

    I am so proud of everything you are doing! God Bless..Pa' Alante

  • Spiral Breeze
    Spiral Breeze Year ago +29

    Lin is an angel as pure as they come.

  • Hamilton Comixs
    Hamilton Comixs Year ago +14

    I love this man so much he’s just amazing

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Year ago +46

    In many ways, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the most amazing man in modern history.

    • Julie
      Julie 10 months ago +1

      ☝🏼that’s true!