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Illegal Things That YOU Do Every Day


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    The Infographics Show  Year ago +585

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      ISSAI HERNANDEZ 4 days ago

      Finnally a sponsor who isnt wix

    • CraCra Grape
      CraCra Grape 26 days ago

      in roblox are you aloud to make a fake name because you have to but is it Illegal

    • That 1 Guy
      That 1 Guy 2 months ago

      most illegal thing i do everyday is smoke crack

    • Zabivaka
      Zabivaka 4 months ago

      Bright Side made a video on this same topic and stole your thumbnail

    • Random Sh1t
      Random Sh1t 7 months ago

      thx info

  • bad content
    bad content 5 hours ago

    oh frick i sang happy birthday to my friend in the park

  • LucaZ Yang
    LucaZ Yang Day ago

    Watching from streaming sites, yes;
    Crossing the street when the little green guy is not flashing, yes;
    All the others, nope.

  • je ffy
    je ffy Day ago +1

    Subscribing to T series is illegal

  • Oj Achi
    Oj Achi Day ago +1

    Iv done 50% of these

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 2 days ago

    Stupid laws.

  • Smartpupies27 _boss
    Smartpupies27 _boss 2 days ago

    Um I live in Denver and, 😫why amy why you take my vacuum give me money now, I said now😤

  • juan gucci
    juan gucci 2 days ago

    all i have to say is furry's in Germany

  • Saim Mirza
    Saim Mirza 2 days ago

    ok but why are you speaking in 150 BPM

  • Drifter
    Drifter 3 days ago

    Just remember. If there is no sign, there is no crime

  • Drifter
    Drifter 3 days ago

    Is it illegal to be drunk on the streets in the UK? Hahahahaha I've seen more wasted people on the streets in super public areas there than in Ireland

  • Warren Cowan
    Warren Cowan 3 days ago

    In 2030, you will be able to sing Happy Birthdah in public 😃 yay

  • Richard Phi
    Richard Phi 3 days ago

    good thing I murder is not one

  • SciBlast Official
    SciBlast Official 4 days ago

    2:55 Good news! The copyright of TimeWarner/Warner Chapelle is gone, and Happy Birthday is now in the public domain.

  • SciBlast Official
    SciBlast Official 4 days ago +1

    The most illegal thing:
    Allowing Bright Side to steal your thumbnail

  • Sharingan War703
    Sharingan War703 5 days ago

    *watches a PewDiePie stream and watches him get tackled by the police*

  • Clone Commander Devis Ct78260

    So is betting 1999$ illegal

  • EvoEvan Nismo
    EvoEvan Nismo 6 days ago +1

    I try my best to not break the laws. But most of break the law without even realizing it.

  • the mind toust
    the mind toust 6 days ago

    Ive heard that in the bible it reads everyone is your neighbor and a lot of people are loud so i can be rich

  • a. babatunde
    a. babatunde 7 days ago

    Wth so I heard wrong. Jaywalking is legal in the Netherlands. I was shitting it there. Don't want the police on my ass 😂

  • Kool_Cactus
    Kool_Cactus 8 days ago

    So basically if you can’t drive you can’t break the law

  • jonathan andrew
    jonathan andrew 8 days ago

    nobody is perfect

  • EpicWinNoob
    EpicWinNoob 9 days ago

    I mean if it's illegal to transport at all, then ot's effectively illegal, by that standard, gum was made illegal in Singapore.

  • lel peoples
    lel peoples 9 days ago +2

    When I was 7, I stole banana flavored dog breath strips from Pet Smart

  • 1UP7 The Mushroom
    1UP7 The Mushroom 11 days ago

    It's illegal for BRIGHT SIDE to copy this video

  • Callsign_Lifeinvader_DS04

    You C-walk?
    Dutch: Nah i J-walk


  • Joel Mohan
    Joel Mohan 11 days ago

    The most illegal thing

    Taking a $#!t in a public bathroom and not flushing the toilet

  • gamerzss
    gamerzss 11 days ago

    Video starts at 0:40

  • Philip Greenwald
    Philip Greenwald 11 days ago

    Online gambling is now legal

  • Amber Warner
    Amber Warner 11 days ago

    I got a J-walking ticket running across PCH. In California when I was a teenager

  • The golden camel from Egypt

    i jumped on mcdonalds wifi without his permission...

  • Landon Moragne
    Landon Moragne 15 days ago

    All i do all day is watch youtube

  • Dark Guardian
    Dark Guardian 15 days ago

    First world problems. All depends where you live and when. It is the provider that's breaking the law and not the end consumer just viewing it.

  • Xander T
    Xander T 15 days ago

    Smh Playing Fortnite isn't on the list

  • 12 34
    12 34 15 days ago

    Only been charged for speeding.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 16 days ago

    0:58 damn that cop is holding a shotgun with 1 hanf

  • Snowshower's Show
    Snowshower's Show 18 days ago

    In Minnesota, it's Illegal to cross the state border to Wisconsin with a duck on your head.

  • Aditya Prasetiyo
    Aditya Prasetiyo 19 days ago

    i love how people doing crime to celebrate my birthday

  • John R
    John R 19 days ago

    Farting in a elevator! Not illigal

  • Bridin Lyng
    Bridin Lyng 19 days ago

    to more information of bigfoot

  • Araceli Lara
    Araceli Lara 19 days ago +1


  • Kuldeep Kaur
    Kuldeep Kaur 20 days ago

    I know someone who has and he got sued for trying stealing my heart....but

    SIKE I DONT HAVE ONE 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • o7
    o7 20 days ago

    The happy birthday song is actually no longer under copyright and is public domain so that one is no longer breaking the law

  • lil GUCCI
    lil GUCCI 20 days ago

    I legit watch movies and show every day on google 😂😂

  • toby jones
    toby jones 20 days ago

    i've thought of pirating before, but i havn't.

  • Eliezer Tirado
    Eliezer Tirado 21 day ago

    I'm from Jersey, and drove to Florida in a rental that had a Pennsylvania license plate. I cross the state lines into Georgia going down Rt 95 when a policeman pulls me over randomly around 2am. The speed limit in that area is pretty high enough, so no speeding was necessary when you can just coast. The officer asks me if I knew why he pulled me over, and I answered "No". His reply was "Because you crossed the line.". So to end my story; I didn't get a ticket, but I found out that apparently crossing the state line to Georgia is a crime lmao..

  • Tanz
    Tanz 22 days ago

    Trying to download Minecraft for free
    *_FBI OPEN UP_*

  • charlotte gribbin
    charlotte gribbin 22 days ago

    what about netflix originals, i mean they first streamed on netflix

  • Unknown Badger
    Unknown Badger 24 days ago

    Logs onto tinder
    Accidentally puts the wrong letter at the end of their surname
    Sings happy birthday over text to best friend
    Turns phone of after watching copyrighted material
    Jaywalks over the road
    Spits out chewing gum and drops a cigarette butt
    Hovers mates house at 7:59
    Just another day.

  • Antonio Benitez
    Antonio Benitez 24 days ago

    Crossing railroad tracks is illegal unless it's a crossing with gates

  • Tanner Loehr
    Tanner Loehr 25 days ago

    In tehran pedestrians flood the streets and walk everywhere. No jaywalking

  • Tanner Loehr
    Tanner Loehr 25 days ago

    Commercial before this “ look at you. You always been doing things YOUR Way” lmaoo

  • Michael Verdon
    Michael Verdon 25 days ago

    This just proves that everything in life is a crime everything every single thing about a human being and human nature

  • The Animation Guy
    The Animation Guy 26 days ago

    In Roblox you need to make a fake name

  • shit fuck
    shit fuck 26 days ago


  • Edvinas Sungur
    Edvinas Sungur 26 days ago

    2:37 LOOK AT MY NAME IT'S MY REAL NAME... on all the other websites and apps i'm breaking the law

  • MrRakky
    MrRakky 26 days ago

    Not wearing a reflector in estonia can get you fined.

  • Noctis Alucis
    Noctis Alucis 26 days ago +2

    the most illegal thing you do every day is

    go to school⏰🚙🏫

  • me
    me 26 days ago

    Talking about an NFL game without the consent of the league.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 26 days ago

    Where I live I Utah it is completely illegal to gamble at all.

  • clavacado
    clavacado 26 days ago

    you should do a infographic video on the process of making one!

  • matthew styles
    matthew styles 27 days ago

    All of them

  • Ben
    Ben 27 days ago

    Thanks for all the great content. You're wrong about happy birthday, the law was recently changed. Thanks again

  • SomeRandomGuy
    SomeRandomGuy 27 days ago +1

    I only eat gum when I’m on a plane cuz it stops my ears from popping.
    *EDIT* it is not like bubble gum.

  • Denisse Torres-Ruiz
    Denisse Torres-Ruiz Month ago +2

    I think the "using fake names" law shouldn't be a law because then people can see what your real name is

  • BaconVEVO sings
    BaconVEVO sings Month ago

    The real reason why you shouldn't spit gum on the floor in Singapore because,back in the old days,they built our very first train in singapore.but people tend to stick their gum on the train,railings,floor,seats or even beneath seats.

  • Danz Gaming
    Danz Gaming Month ago

    This is fake I live in Melbourne and there is no such law

  • alic seprin
    alic seprin Month ago

    Are you still illegal gambling if you don't use money at all like if you use candy or something

  • William Turner
    William Turner Month ago

    Tiger woods was fined for spitting I don’t know what year but it did happen

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith Month ago


  • Dalton Chapman
    Dalton Chapman Month ago

    I got a speeding ticket while trying to borrow a vacuum so I could do some cleaning at midnight. I’m serving a 7 year sentence.

  • Julio Zaico
    Julio Zaico Month ago

    Crosswalks ignored by drivers in japan???????

  • Frontier Dustice
    Frontier Dustice Month ago

    I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me

  • Priamo Bekteshi
    Priamo Bekteshi Month ago

    Do americans build most of there houses of wood because in Europe they mostly build there houses of rock

  • PsyQo Hippy | Chris

    6:37 You should add Vancouver to that list.

  • Tier S7ven
    Tier S7ven Month ago

    If using a false name on Facebook is illegal because they fear the spread of misinformation by people they can’t track...

    How do they fine them $500

  • Steven Carsley
    Steven Carsley Month ago

    I see these on a daily basis. Nower days if your not seen in person or on CCTV your fine.

  • ShadowSamuel
    ShadowSamuel Month ago

    Is making fanarts or fanfics illegal?

  • Laykan M
    Laykan M Month ago +1

    *Strict guM patrol* 😮😊

  • lollipops and dimes inc.


  • Lynn Walker
    Lynn Walker Month ago

    Cant sing happy birthday 😂😂😂 come on

  • DY/ DX
    DY/ DX Month ago

    The UK does not have laws on crossing at the green man. However if someone hits you and is traumatised, they can sue you

  • Sir Quacksalot
    Sir Quacksalot Month ago

    Bright side coped

    AL3X BLUME Month ago

    i hope theese are old laws

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion Month ago

    I never broke any of those laws

  • Dan Nigro
    Dan Nigro Month ago +1

    Life is too short to care about these little crimes.

    BLACK REBEL Month ago

    Sometimes am bruteforcing wi fi

  • MrStanderd5000
    MrStanderd5000 Month ago

    I'm a criminal!

  • Tracy Olson
    Tracy Olson Month ago

    "Happy Birthday" is now public domain. Anyone can use it for free, even for public performance. Specific *performances* may be subject to copyright action. The words and melody, as well as the sheet music are fair game.

  • zach duperron
    zach duperron Month ago

    The most illegal thing I have did is steal LEGO from school and no one did ever caught me.

  • zach duperron
    zach duperron Month ago

    Did you know it’s considered an offence to carry more than 44 kilograms of potatoes in Western Australia

  • badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

    I’ve done most of these.
    **cops surround my house**
    Ah Shit

  • Brodcast Gaming
    Brodcast Gaming Month ago

    12. Exist

  • Flamin' Up
    Flamin' Up Month ago +1

    This episode is brought to you by every company in the world

  • poodlelover 863 yay

    Watch in 2031,these things will b illegal...




    Drinking water

    Changing ur clothes



    Throwing parties


    Giving birth

    Using the restroom

    Not being barefoot

    Having fun

    Watching ur favorite yters

    Hopefully this doesn't happen

  • Sylvia M
    Sylvia M Month ago

    Oh no I bet a dollar with a classmate!

  • 8k
    8k Month ago

    Go to school and sing happy birthday when your school cop is around... :|

  • SomeShit
    SomeShit Month ago

    I jaywalk all the time

    Yes really I never use the crosswalks

  • Dhruv Pawar
    Dhruv Pawar Month ago

    in september 2015 the copyright on happy birthday was lifted