Illegal Things That YOU Do Every Day

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
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    We’ve probably all broken the law at some point in our lives. Even the people that proudly call themselves law-abiding citizens may have accidentally driven through a red light or not-so-accidentally stolen candy as a child. It’s thought about 1 in 3 Americans have some kind of police record, and the figure is about the same in the UK. Research shows that in the USA, about 70 percent of the population have done something that could have landed them in jail. That’s a fairly realistic statistic considering that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says around half of the population admit to having taken illicit substances. What you might not know, though, is that you’ve probably broken the law on occasions and are not even aware you did. Today we are going to explore these small crimes in this episode of the Infographics Show, Illegal Things That We Do Every Day.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +505

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    • Random Sh1t
      Random Sh1t 2 months ago

      thx info

    • jacky zhu
      jacky zhu 4 months ago

      CCRLH85, I agree with you!

    • jacky zhu
      jacky zhu 4 months ago

      The Infographics Show lied 🤥 to us!

    • Za Doge
      Za Doge 4 months ago

      The Infographics Show k 👌

    • The emarled minecart tem
      The emarled minecart tem 4 months ago

      The Infographics Show did you know it's ilgell to smoke when a child is in your car in Michigan. Lol

  • Uni Potato
    Uni Potato 3 days ago +2

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you OH GOD ITS THE POLICE

    • Ary Lopez
      Ary Lopez 3 days ago +1


  • Sensia v7.03
    Sensia v7.03 4 days ago

    Correction: the copyright of "Happy Birthday" was revoked in June 2016 and the song has been made public domain since then.

    ASAINBLACKMAN299 4 days ago

    xD i can't believe i used to smuggle gums to my friends at singapore

  • mr randomkid
    mr randomkid 5 days ago

    wix vs squarespace

  • potrart_ studio
    potrart_ studio 6 days ago

    Ok , come to India , you are cool with all of these ( most of the time )

  • Jakov petroševski Novak

    No crimes here

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez 6 days ago

    I didn't read the Terms and Conditions

  • Eric Snipes
    Eric Snipes 7 days ago

    might as well go around killing people if i'm a criminal anyway lol

  • life of stich
    life of stich 8 days ago

    I just drank when i was 13-14
    Edit:shit i noticed that i am still 14

  • Buurblox Production
    Buurblox Production 9 days ago

    *executed for bringing sharpie to school*

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 10 days ago

    Watch anime and movie illegally. Thatsme

  • De Name Is Charles Garbage

    How the hell is asking for internet without permission Thats Why We Have Passcodes the world is such dummies

  • Gavinator
    Gavinator 11 days ago

    Still a kid, I'm good.

    For now...

  • DanRage47
    DanRage47 11 days ago

    Illegal things I do every day.
    1: think
    2: have an opinion
    3: offend people for doing the first 2
    4: am not dead
    5: offend people for not being dead
    6: repeat as needed

  • Crimson Cutter X
    Crimson Cutter X 11 days ago

    *It's not illegal if you never get caught*

  • GameMaster Sniperbro990

    Well identity theft is like something everyone does. In games mainly.

  • cartoon craver
    cartoon craver 12 days ago

    I've never done any of theses

  • Bharath Krishnan
    Bharath Krishnan 12 days ago

    so lying that you are over 18 before entering websites is legal? I'm sure billions have done this at some part of their lives.

  • FlogRocks
    FlogRocks 12 days ago

    Someone needs to explain fantasy games.. because if they are real games then the name needs to change

  • Reltpid
    Reltpid 12 days ago

    The most illegal thing

    *Read more*

  • I main IQ
    I main IQ 12 days ago

    No one cares about small crimes it’s like j walking no cop cares they have bigger problems

  • Rumblefin
    Rumblefin 12 days ago

    Illegal things that YOU do every day?
    Haven't vaccumed in Sydney lately - or ever come to think of it.

  • super fart face 97
    super fart face 97 13 days ago

    I have they thought I was stealing and my parent had to talk to them I never went there again 'cause we moved I don't know why they thought an 11 year old like me would steal

  • Saumya Maskey
    Saumya Maskey 13 days ago

    6:27 this is now true for Dubai and parts of Sharjah too, where I live. You can get fined 500 dirhams, or about 300 dollars if you jaywalk, or don’t cross the road on a pedestrian crossing.

  • Katherine Buchanan
    Katherine Buchanan 14 days ago

    "The copyright expired in the European Union on January 1, 2017. In the United States, a federal court ruled in 2016 that Warner/Chappell's copyright claim was invalid and there was no other claim to copyright" for happy birthday

  • ngantnier
    ngantnier 15 days ago

    Most of these are a violation of liberty...

  • MarLeo
    MarLeo 15 days ago

    Watching this video was a criminal offence.

  • asa asa
    asa asa 16 days ago

    Most ilegal thing is plagiarism by bright side

  • Farm of Potatoes
    Farm of Potatoes 16 days ago

    Well, im indonesian, and there are some laws here that applied in indonesia, such a speeding & chew more than 3 gum per day

  • Surya Ningrat
    Surya Ningrat 16 days ago

    Your thumbnail got stolen

  • Salvation Station
    Salvation Station 18 days ago

    "Hi im Butch and im in for GBH and armed robbery! So pal, what are you in for? "Err well Mr Butch, I publically sang Happy Birthday!" *cowers in corner of cell* "ya mug!" *Bang, pow, ping, crunch* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Windows Aura
    Windows Aura 18 days ago

    w-w-what about Marilyn Monroe's rendition

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 18 days ago

    In my city feeding pigeons is illegal

  • Jan M
    Jan M 18 days ago

    Omg what??? I had no idea about the time zones for when u can vacuum in the UK and it being illegal! Lol! I've been breaking the law for many many years...

  • Duxy Wuxy
    Duxy Wuxy 19 days ago

    Trust me I do a lot more than that

  • steelethescene
    steelethescene 21 day ago

    i wish public spitting was illegal throughout the usa.

  • Dallon Perry
    Dallon Perry 21 day ago

    isnt tech savvy, dude you have an animated youtube show with 2.9 million subs

  • Nazar Tkachenko
    Nazar Tkachenko 21 day ago

    The Happy Birthday copyright has actually been ruled invalid

  • Gemma Person
    Gemma Person 21 day ago

    Don't pronounce Aus cities. It hurts.

  • My I
    My I 22 days ago

    Lmao America

  • Shito
    Shito 23 days ago

    Damn I didn’t know rape was illegal

  • InSpyre
    InSpyre 23 days ago

    These are the stupidest laws I've ever heard of.

  • LUXRAY97
    LUXRAY97 23 days ago

    What about pineapple on pizza?

  • Massimiliano Fardo
    Massimiliano Fardo 24 days ago

    In italy the blasphemys to Cristian god are illegal. But, only if there is a people offended from that, that he denounce you; and there isn't never. Fun fact: the nord est of Italy are famous and loved in all Italy for her dialectical and cultural blasphemy.

  • Jason Rodgers
    Jason Rodgers 24 days ago

    33% of brits jaywalk...
    Obviously have not been to Glasgow then XD

  • G.M.F
    G.M.F 24 days ago +2


  • Accurate Gamer
    Accurate Gamer 25 days ago

    The most illegal thing is

    Getting ligma

  • RJ Hoops
    RJ Hoops 25 days ago

    Lol jaywalking is what we do in the philipines and we dont get a fine

  • trainboy 165
    trainboy 165 27 days ago

    Some of them were really stupid but great video

  • JackHawk 9000
    JackHawk 9000 27 days ago

    Well we’re all going to jail :/

  • The Magic Of Football
    The Magic Of Football 27 days ago

    if you can get arrested for watching free versions of shows or movies the whole world would be in prision, why pay when you can get it for free

  • Light Rod
    Light Rod 27 days ago


  • Wobasta Ilipaf
    Wobasta Ilipaf 27 days ago

    You only break the law for speeding....if you get caught.

  • Dawn Clark
    Dawn Clark 28 days ago

    I bet you this Snickers you cannot complete your PDF by Friday and I get your fake gold stapler! Arrest me!

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 29 days ago

    we're all monsters oh noes

  • Justin Y.'s dad
    Justin Y.'s dad Month ago

    gang member: ok so we only recruit people people that disowbey the law. we dont want any goody two shoes in the gang.
    Other gang member: so why where you recruited?
    me: i watch anime on kissanime

  • GrumpyMPS13 S.U.R.
    GrumpyMPS13 S.U.R. Month ago

    I live in Denver and it’s not illegal to lend someone our vacuum. That’s a false law.

  • Jasmine Laranart
    Jasmine Laranart Month ago +1

    Well if it is illegal to have a fake name then why do people on TVclip have fake names

  • ThatGuySupreme
    ThatGuySupreme Month ago

    Welcome to the Salty Splatoon, how tough are ya?

  • Criminal Scum
    Criminal Scum Month ago

    Happy Birthday had already been in the public domain for a year before this video was posted, so I don’t know what y’all are on about.

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins Month ago

    Isn't movie streaming kinda like Netflix? So should the people behind Netflix be fined and/or prosecuted?

  • MacRat
    MacRat Month ago +1

    I broke every law in this video.

  • myscrnnm
    myscrnnm Month ago +1

    There was actually a federal ruling in 2016 that "Happy Birthday to You" is in the public domain.

  • Emit Nelson
    Emit Nelson Month ago

    I jaywalked last year because I accidentally passed the sidewalk and I was too embarrassed to turn around.

  • Crankybag 1
    Crankybag 1 Month ago

    That’s a lie u Say that we can’t use vacuum between those times But I have I’m in Melbourne And I’ve done that i don’t get it I might be wrong so correct me if I am

  • MrDropThatNaeNae _
    MrDropThatNaeNae _ Month ago +1

    I do ur mom everyday

  • The Etroll
    The Etroll Month ago

    People around the world have broken this one law of USA... they ate kinder eggs!

  • A Jar Of Mayonaise
    A Jar Of Mayonaise Month ago

    I'm addicted to this channel....

  • Hippie Eradicator
    Hippie Eradicator Month ago


  • Ruth Gray
    Ruth Gray Month ago

    My boss made me break the law by telling me it was part of my job description to hoover in the nursing home during a night shift back in 2009. Shocking!!!!!

    I AM A POTATO Month ago

    Oh so technically speaking, everyone literally breaking the rules. Soooo........ does this mean I can tell my grandkids I'm a badass?

  • soulfreaz
    soulfreaz Month ago

    All these people should spend time in prison. It's ILLEGAL. The same prisons people want illegal immigrants to go too.

  • Rudy C
    Rudy C Month ago

    You should add border crossing to the list. Dumb law.

  • Ian The Cool Thief
    Ian The Cool Thief Month ago

    3 Weirdest made up laws that I made up
    1: In North Korea, It's illegal to pee in a bowl full of Flowers and Soda in the desert.
    2: In Vacitan City, It's Illegal to fly from 11:02 to 12:15
    3:In Japan, It's illegal to throw a dead pigeon wearing pajamas into the moon.
    Like if you agree 😂😂😂

  • Ian The Cool Thief
    Ian The Cool Thief Month ago

    Wow, I was only kidding when I said I was 11.

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter Month ago

    Crossed explicitly (nonsensical) red traffic light, while police was seeing me.
    Only saw him waving around his arms in the car.
    (Seriously that red light just doesn't make sense, it blocks all directions without any direction getting green light)

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer Month ago


  • Darren Ragan
    Darren Ragan Month ago

    I downloaded music...illegally, shared a Netflix password with someone non related to me, rode a bike without a helmet, smoked the devils cabbage, drank before being 21 stole a slim jim with cheese and an uncut key from Wal-Mart, come get me coppers

  • Lizzy Morton
    Lizzy Morton Month ago

    well actaully the fuckin cops in Australia will mess with you THEN take you home lmao thats what happens here

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Month ago

    I live in Melbourne Australia and that vacuum law is a total load of shit... there is no such law

  • GSans101
    GSans101 Month ago

    is it bad that im watching netflix?

  • holdenman3000
    holdenman3000 Month ago

    U copied bright side

  • Moosing Around
    Moosing Around Month ago

    *In a distant future*
    Inmate 1: *shows tattoo* I watch Game of Throne series with streaming site, what you in for?
    Inmate 2: I let my neighbor borrow my vacuum.
    Inmate 1: Whoa..

  • Dylan Mcgarr
    Dylan Mcgarr Month ago

    I’m always speeding (not intentionally)

  • ataraxia
    ataraxia Month ago

    Jaywalking happens everywhere in India

  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung Month ago +1

    Never done any of these lol

  • Dudzkie Duterte
    Dudzkie Duterte Month ago

    The vacuum law is just ridiculous

  • Wes The Gaming Guy
    Wes The Gaming Guy Month ago +5


    I made a WoW acoout without my parents permission

  • Jesse Sweet
    Jesse Sweet Month ago

    I should be executed

  • Duhop Javalin
    Duhop Javalin Month ago

    This might be weird but I'm 12 right and I get taken to the police station and yelled at for having graffiti equipment it was a damn sharpie

  • Theres a snake in my boot

    I stole a purse when I was 9


  • Zachary Guarino
    Zachary Guarino 2 months ago

    Turns on vacuum at 2am...
    "FBI OPEN UP!"

  • Nick Angel
    Nick Angel 2 months ago

    In greece none of these laws exist lol

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones 2 months ago

    Way more than 33% jay-walking in UK.

  • AceO Blade
    AceO Blade 2 months ago

    wow someone that know slovenia exists XD

  • Mario Plush From Mars
    Mario Plush From Mars 2 months ago

    happy birthday is no longer copyrighted :l

  • TT999
    TT999 2 months ago

    Stop Advertising

  • Ryan Vangelder
    Ryan Vangelder 2 months ago

    How are casinos legal because people with casinos do it

  • Suryansh Gupta
    Suryansh Gupta 2 months ago

    EU will eventually destroy everything...first memes and then this!