Illegal Things That YOU Do Every Day

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
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    We’ve probably all broken the law at some point in our lives. Even the people that proudly call themselves law-abiding citizens may have accidentally driven through a red light or not-so-accidentally stolen candy as a child. It’s thought about 1 in 3 Americans have some kind of police record, and the figure is about the same in the UK. Research shows that in the USA, about 70 percent of the population have done something that could have landed them in jail. That’s a fairly realistic statistic considering that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says around half of the population admit to having taken illicit substances. What you might not know, though, is that you’ve probably broken the law on occasions and are not even aware you did. Today we are going to explore these small crimes in this episode of the Infographics Show, Illegal Things That We Do Every Day.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +538

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    • chillin b
      chillin b 17 hours ago

      most illegal thing i do everyday is smoke crack

    • Zabivaka
      Zabivaka Month ago

      Bright Side made a video on this same topic and stole your thumbnail

    • Random Sh1t
      Random Sh1t 4 months ago

      thx info

    • jacky zhu
      jacky zhu 6 months ago

      CCRLH85, I agree with you!

    • jacky zhu
      jacky zhu 6 months ago

      The Infographics Show lied 🤥 to us!

  • Sammy The Chihuahua
    Sammy The Chihuahua 10 hours ago

    My username is fine. Its my dog. I gave him my account XD

  • Zeh Fiends
    Zeh Fiends 11 hours ago

    I'm surprised pirating softwares isn't in this video.

  • Harasen
    Harasen 14 hours ago

    I don't think or at least I don't remember ever just dropping trash on the ground. I've carry trash in my pockets or backpack if I have that with when there wasn't a trashcan nearby.

  • Harasen
    Harasen 14 hours ago

    When I was about 5 I stole a pink hairband when about to go home from kindergarten. I didn't think much when I did it. I just saw it and picked it up. When my dad and I got home and he found out he got mad and drove me back to the kindergarten to put it back. I didn't know who took it from and didn't check when taking it, but the hairband ended up in the kindergarten again in the same room as I took it from.

  • Riyasha Singh
    Riyasha Singh 16 hours ago

    When my family and I were traveling to Singapore from Malaysia , they told us to check our luggage to see if we are carrying any chewing gum. It’s prohibited to chew gum in Singapore

  • belle tundra
    belle tundra Day ago

    No jaywalking. Then set the fucking roads up right near the schools for heavens sake. Just random roads. Everywhere. No place to cross without jay walking. Really. We use what we learn in school. That is education. When was anybody educated about that? Never. Because there are not proper roads to walk from school and then trafficking.

  • belle tundra
    belle tundra Day ago

    One thing we do is get hurt, abused and no justice so we adapt.
    Legal illegal my ass.

  • Mrblondezilla The great

    My parent was speeding on the highway while EVERYONE ELSE WAS going faster then them and they still got pulled over for it

  • CJ 4504
    CJ 4504 Day ago

    About half of MILLENIALS

  • jhen weng
    jhen weng Day ago

    Oh , idk that but I think something is illegal...

    Oh wait , it's TVclip!!!

  • Jey Tee
    Jey Tee Day ago

    I.O.A.C.I.Y.G.C 😏

  • Joel thomas Mielke

    Many laws are stupid and others make sense for why they are there

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    Imagine being fined for spitting

  • Richard Nelson
    Richard Nelson 2 days ago

    Jaywalking. More like crossing the street.

  • Homebrew Gaming
    Homebrew Gaming 2 days ago

    make an update video, Happy Birthday is no longer owned anymore last year. so its now Public Domain lol

  • HicalebiH *
    HicalebiH * 2 days ago +1

    Well apparently it’s illegal to “Cough” at school 😑

  • Stanimir Nikolov
    Stanimir Nikolov 3 days ago

    Jaywalking is not illegal in the UK to my knowledge and research.

  • Marcell D
    Marcell D 3 days ago

    Things are different when ur Canadian 😄

  • Julian
    Julian 3 days ago

    The most illegal thing is..
    WARNING:People will hate this(If they play fortnite) and MAYBE comment some defence


  • Gamer_ Unikat
    Gamer_ Unikat 3 days ago


  • Randel Casanes Nudalo
    Randel Casanes Nudalo 3 days ago +1

    One of them is watching the infographics show for 36 hours straight

  • ori bargil
    ori bargil 4 days ago

    i was feeling great until jaywalking loll

  • Ashley Paul Asilum
    Ashley Paul Asilum 4 days ago

    Its not illegal to steal if you are subscribed to pewdiepie

  • David String
    David String 4 days ago

    You're wrong about the Happy Birthday song. Warner's copyright was deemed invalid and they refunded much of the amount that they had wrongfully collected on it.

  • 슙슙syubbi
    슙슙syubbi 4 days ago

    It’s actually not illegal to cross the road in the UK when the light is red. There aren’t even that many light crossings where I live so you have no choice but to just cross anywhere. It’s just advised against since there’s the obvious risk of being hit by a car.

  • R. Eon Holt
    R. Eon Holt 5 days ago

    I've broken most of them and I'll do it again. Hell, I am doing it right now =o

  • Ibraheem Shaqqou
    Ibraheem Shaqqou 5 days ago

    If the illegal downloading thing is true then I’m supposed to be in jail for 30 years...🤫🤫🤫

  • hutchyy
    hutchyy 5 days ago


  • wadduck67
    wadduck67 6 days ago

    Yes,in Australia we don’t KILL PEOPLE AS A RESULT OF SOMETHING! * cough * * cough * * America *
    We are quite high up on the “Not Killing People Scale”.

  • Juanca
    Juanca 6 days ago

    In my country a man got a fine for parking in front of his own garage because it had a no obstruct sign in it

  • DickBillHill
    DickBillHill 6 days ago

    95% of laws are completely stupid

  • Pixel Shibe
    Pixel Shibe 7 days ago

    now thats just flat out stupid. copyrighting happy birthday.

  • Parker Stone
    Parker Stone 7 days ago

    I get illegal stuff all th e time

  • alex pagan rivera
    alex pagan rivera 7 days ago

    A lot of stupid laws to control people

  • Lyndsay Grey
    Lyndsay Grey 7 days ago

    I use illegal lego building techniques

  • Tamar Frank
    Tamar Frank 7 days ago

    The most I ever did was to steel 2 pieces of gum from my brother

  • ChrisD4335
    ChrisD4335 7 days ago

    I do my best to break a law every day

  • EliteOfGamers
    EliteOfGamers 8 days ago +1

    There should be playing roblox on gaming PC on list.

  • Sagar Dahiya
    Sagar Dahiya 8 days ago

    So wix or squarespace

  • Quinitaz
    Quinitaz 9 days ago

    Law : Use your real name
    Every teacher In the history of every : DONT ITS PERSONAL IMFORMATION YOU CAN GET HACKED
    Whos lying to me.

  • Keegan McCallum
    Keegan McCallum 9 days ago

    Is that a snowolf???

  • Scooteroy
    Scooteroy 9 days ago

    laws are stupid

  • John77
    John77 10 days ago


  • Mis E
    Mis E 11 days ago

    Once I had a school trip on my birthday and I went to a museum. All of a sudden 89 other children began singing Happy birthday near the entrance. Fortunately, my teacher at the time stopped them and my class sang it to me after the trip.

  • ngc4594
    ngc4594 11 days ago

    Not speeding in the US is very dangerous in some states.
    I spent time in Indiana, where when the signs says 55mph people go 80. You're not exactly safe going 25mph slower than everyone around you

  • zubair naseri
    zubair naseri 11 days ago

    oh shit life is difficult in the west

  • Hudson Truitt
    Hudson Truitt 12 days ago

    What about circle space huh. Now don’t be shapeist

  • Pinguin Präsident
    Pinguin Präsident 12 days ago

    Is dealing cocaine legal?

  • Tierra Nauman
    Tierra Nauman 12 days ago

    Happy birthday is no longer copy righted

  • bossdragonking20
    bossdragonking20 13 days ago

    So Im not illegal yeaaaaaaaaaa

  • SeCocoXy
    SeCocoXy 13 days ago

    Lithuanians are huge criminals. WE ARE THE PIRATES

  • CATS Plays
    CATS Plays 13 days ago

    Me never had any laws broken

  • Undead Lily
    Undead Lily 14 days ago

    I live in America and free roam cats are against the law but they do it anyway

  • JordanTRS
    JordanTRS 14 days ago

    Um... the Happy Birthday song is in the public domain. This has been the case for a while now, a couple years. So... yeah... I'M STILL CLEAN!!

  • Andrew Pearson
    Andrew Pearson 14 days ago

    Oh there's so much wrong information about the uk

  • TJ Warwick
    TJ Warwick 14 days ago

    The happy birthday copyright law was released in 2016 so it’s legal

  • Fagu Jiang
    Fagu Jiang 15 days ago +1

    guess we're all going to jail

    • Fagu Jiang
      Fagu Jiang 15 days ago

      also the last time I sang happy birthday it was in a park

  • wolfpackflt670
    wolfpackflt670 15 days ago

    WRONG, the happy birthday song was classified as "public domain" since nobody could prove that they owned the rights to the song.

  • Pheonixeye_1
    Pheonixeye_1 16 days ago +1

    Only if everyone had a unique name

  • Kaming Lau
    Kaming Lau 16 days ago +1

    4:55 I play piano at night. Whats more, it's piano rock music

  • Omar Abdusalam
    Omar Abdusalam 16 days ago

    I'll tell the vacuum cleaner law to my mom now itself

  • Bejhamen
    Bejhamen 16 days ago

    You can now sing happy birthday, the claim expired

  • jack Jones
    jack Jones 16 days ago +1

    i cant drive im 12

  • Uvan Sankar
    Uvan Sankar 16 days ago

    This is why we call India a democratic country

  • RVN Risk
    RVN Risk 16 days ago

    So ppl dat watch anime in youtube needs to be arrested? Cos i THINK they dont have the right to copy sooo... Am i going to jail ._.

  • Aazam Ben
    Aazam Ben 16 days ago

    I don't break law because I'M BATMAN

  • Dandi Cabana
    Dandi Cabana 17 days ago

    *No no no, stealing my mum's credit card to by v-bucks is not illegal. nah you're joking fam.*

  • Ulrich Leukam
    Ulrich Leukam 18 days ago +2

    i might be streaming this video illegally from Facebook lol

  • Sub_Spawn 09
    Sub_Spawn 09 19 days ago

    Australian cops being generous? Hilarious

  • Salty_ Lemonade
    Salty_ Lemonade 19 days ago

    In this country spitting is a 500 dhs law
    (About 166 usd)

  • peachy
    peachy 19 days ago

    I live in Michigan, there is no law on spitting where I am

  • D. Ho
    D. Ho 20 days ago

    I’ve done a lot of these things... allegedly.

  • BlueLegion
    BlueLegion 21 day ago

    Why do we do these things everyday and why are we not in jail yet stupid fack if we use our real name for youtube it will be more dangerous because if you do vlogs they will know where you live and try to kidnap you duh 😒 It's on the news in my news channel

    • BlueLegion
      BlueLegion 21 day ago


    • BlueLegion
      BlueLegion 21 day ago


  • Sulaiman Wael
    Sulaiman Wael 21 day ago

    My only crime was watching online content for free cuz I can and I want to cuz there are some movies that don’t show up in my country and also some shows

  • mexicano soy
    mexicano soy 21 day ago

    no mamesss wueyyy

  • mexicano soy
    mexicano soy 21 day ago

    lmao wellll theres alot of videos on youtube for happy birthday song 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣🤣

  • mexicano soy
    mexicano soy 21 day ago

    what if u dont want other ppl know your name huh???? explain that

  • Jack Rand
    Jack Rand 22 days ago

    I'm pretty sure 99.9% of people commits a crime before watching this video..
    The other 0.01% are liars

  • Edison Monarch
    Edison Monarch 22 days ago

    I dont cuz im a child

  • c h i m m y
    c h i m m y 22 days ago

    HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I’m going to jail

  • IndonesianMan Gaming
    IndonesianMan Gaming 22 days ago

    Saya Takut Karena Nanti Saya Kena Tabrak
    I'm A Real Indonesian Btw

  • demoneye
    demoneye 23 days ago +1

    In my country almost all are fine

  • calska140
    calska140 23 days ago

    Wow, who knew time warner was SUPER EVIL in the same vein as nestlé trying to own water?

  • NuckChorris12345
    NuckChorris12345 24 days ago

    "We need to crack down HARD on gum control now!"
    "Uh... do you mean gun control?"
    "Did I stutter?"

  • NuckChorris12345
    NuckChorris12345 24 days ago

    Me watching this video: I haven't done anything illegal.
    Watches first minute of video
    Me: I guess I can add lying to the list of things I've done.

  • COAL1t plays
    COAL1t plays 24 days ago

    Please answer this question at the bottom:

    *Read more*

  • Brian Alex
    Brian Alex 27 days ago

    Gum/ gun control 🤔🤔🤔

  • Fabian Keating
    Fabian Keating 27 days ago

    Wix ?

  • Jimmy Olan
    Jimmy Olan 28 days ago

    In United States of America ; if the government system sees a economic increase through certain things, what's illegal becomes legal 😒 ( marijuana & alcohol ; just to name a few )

  • John Gray
    John Gray 29 days ago

    Throwing away trash in another’s garbage can i believe was fed offense. Which is terrible for all of existence.

  • Vobiscus σοφός

    The happy Birthday think isnt correct anymore

  • Roblox Rebel
    Roblox Rebel Month ago

    I did do something illegal! I used Popcorn Time, and it let's us have access to movies that the owners did NOT give permission to allow there.

  • albonistaa
    albonistaa Month ago

    Law is fiction

  • TheLighteningBolt louie

    The most dangerous criminal is Logan Paul.

  • Cebastian Marquez
    Cebastian Marquez Month ago

    I don't mean to brag but... when I play Wii I don't put on the strap😉😉😉

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life Month ago +1

    Never committed any of these

  • Tobias Limosnero
    Tobias Limosnero Month ago



  • Drake  Goble
    Drake Goble Month ago

    Wait... so naming your channel the Infographics Show is illegal

  • soulweaper
    soulweaper Month ago

    Unfortunately its not illegal to be an insensitive liar or they would have arrested trump a long time ago