Survive the Holidays (Save the World) Announce Trailer


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  • Jesus Arteaga
    Jesus Arteaga 2 days ago

    There will be presents more like there will be lag

  • The Dark Skull
    The Dark Skull 13 days ago

    What’s the music anyways?

  • Deano
    Deano 15 days ago +1


    Christmas fortnitemares

  • Colossal Broadcast
    Colossal Broadcast 20 days ago

    Dang just cant believe I've been playing for a year😅🙁missed those good old days with random person

  • RSN Bronco
    RSN Bronco 24 days ago

    Og alpine ace owner boys

  • KellonRulz 24
    KellonRulz 24 27 days ago

    Sadly save save the world is not in the friken switch

  • Dash3r
    Dash3r Month ago +1

    Last good update for stw imo

  • Flareon 528
    Flareon 528 Month ago

    What's the name of the music?

  • curious george Garcia
    curious george Garcia 2 months ago

    Whats the name of the back round sony

  • Streaky
    Streaky 2 months ago

    Lol this is when I started playing. Back when the game was good

  • Fortnite Jonsey
    Fortnite Jonsey 2 months ago

    Alpine ace

  • Sauce Eatsik
    Sauce Eatsik 2 months ago +1


  • Luna
    Luna 3 months ago +1

    I Play since november 4 2017

  • daniel felipe gonzalez garzon


    TSGz FEISTY 4 months ago

    Dang, the thumbnail of the loading screen brings back sooo many memories ❤

  • This is Omega
    This is Omega 5 months ago +1

    Wich is the song?

  • ocean boy
    ocean boy 5 months ago +1


  • Mr Stygimoloch
    Mr Stygimoloch 5 months ago +1

    I wish I had save the world back then hell I wish I knew what fortnite was back then

  • Clark Parker
    Clark Parker 5 months ago +1

    When will save the world be free?

  • AwesomeDUDE1407
    AwesomeDUDE1407 5 months ago

    I remember this in battle royale FLASHBACKS

  • Itz_Chen_Papu Fortnite y más OMG

    Holy shit i remenber these old days

  • Heavy Shotgun
    Heavy Shotgun 6 months ago

    Thanks for saying the best time of the year is my birthday, tbh u did upload this on my b-day and u said "its the best time of the year" thanks epic games. Oh and also I AM NOT the real ninja

  • Ryan Davenport
    Ryan Davenport 6 months ago

    Me:Oh boy what flavor?
    Ray:Present flavor

  • T0xic
    T0xic 7 months ago

    Will this happen every year?

  • pendragonandjenkins
    pendragonandjenkins 8 months ago

    I like fortnite but this ad is starting to make fortnite for noobs

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz 8 months ago +1

    Happy chriatmas

    DEVIL REAPER 8 months ago

    when epic games actually care about stw more than br now the game slowly dying

  • Alex Le Baptou
    Alex Le Baptou 9 months ago +1

    what is the name of the sound

  • Merel Scholtz
    Merel Scholtz 9 months ago


  • yardino
    yardino 10 months ago

    I got fortnite when this event launched

  • TheAlvaroGamer 1627
    TheAlvaroGamer 1627 10 months ago +1

    When will he be saving the world for free? In 2018 but what exact day and month

  • Der Allesmacher
    Der Allesmacher 10 months ago


  • Sight Steady
    Sight Steady 11 months ago +1

    Does anyone know when this is going to be free aswell

  • Francesco Bonasera
    Francesco Bonasera 11 months ago


  • Francesco Bonasera
    Francesco Bonasera 11 months ago

    Save the world gratis come in Epic

    POLSON GAMES 11 months ago


  • TjhandraGTV
    TjhandraGTV 11 months ago +1

    Heeyyyy soooo it is gonna be free right? the pve game is said to be free in 2018 . ia 2018 now so it just be free right????😅😅😅😅

    • Jztvchannel
      Jztvchannel 11 months ago

      Tjhandra GTV it's in March or February

    • TjhandraGTV
      TjhandraGTV 11 months ago

      Jztvchannel ok 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Jztvchannel
      Jztvchannel 11 months ago

      Tjhandra GTV yeah just wait a little more

  • Ville Jokiranta
    Ville Jokiranta 11 months ago +1

    Is save the world gonna come free in this year???

  • Asa Zanca
    Asa Zanca 11 months ago

    I was just about to get the limited edition upgrade for 30$, but it went up with out telling me when it would

  • Alex Hubert
    Alex Hubert 11 months ago +1

    Love the music!!!

  • MR.Z
    MR.Z 11 months ago +1

    Fortnite can u make a llama called the event llama which allows u to get the original survivive the storm and horde bash and fortnitemare stuff like characters and weapons and survivors please consider doing this thank you . 😊

  • iam groot
    iam groot 11 months ago +1

    Fortnite when zombies coming free it's 2018 can you tell us please

  • Torique White
    Torique White 11 months ago

    Implement an item that works kinda like a bloodthirster ..ex: a red epic consumable that gives you 5-10health per kill up to a max up 50 health grey shield added to your health bar every time you get a kill and it regens when out of combat for 30 secs; it’s time to start rewarding the 7-15 kill every game people who lose to 2 kill stand still corner campers : Vote up if you like the idea so they can see 🤘🏾

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 11 months ago +1

    When is ( save the world ) going to be available in 2018 on Xbox one??

    LUBRAX 11 months ago

    I know we should not ask for anything because Fortnite is the best game but to lie down would improve the gameplay experience once again. I would be very happy about a backpack, of course, only as a costume, but that just gives a different feeling when you play. it's actually about an apocalypse with zombies :) and there must not be missing a survival backpack ....

  • Luistavo
    Luistavo 11 months ago +1

    Por favor cren un modo de construccion

  • Mute
    Mute 11 months ago +1

    When save the world gamemode will be free

  • FSF_ 511
    FSF_ 511 11 months ago +1

    Arabs love FORTNITE

    THE GOD OF GAMERS 11 months ago +1

    When is ot going to be free

    • Jztvchannel
      Jztvchannel 11 months ago

      THE GOD OF GAMERS in March of February

  • MoneyM8
    MoneyM8 11 months ago +1

    You guys should make a way to earn MORE vbucks for free

  • Red 2 Cacca
    Red 2 Cacca 11 months ago

    Signor fortuite

  • Lord Stalin
    Lord Stalin 11 months ago

    Can their be a free skin for free to play players please. I think you might can give us that please

  • HypeBeast 101
    HypeBeast 101 Year ago

    You guys should make a light Machine gun in battle Royale

  • Pelaaja 908
    Pelaaja 908 Year ago

    When you go to Fortnite why does it say Save The World is 50% off on dec 19-jan 4 and its not on sale?

  • Vanessa Lepore
    Vanessa Lepore Year ago


  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha Year ago

    Should I wait until the pve mode is free or should I just buy it??

    • Artsa
      Artsa 11 months ago

      Obito Uchiha Once the PvE is free, people who have bought it will receive special treatment. I have the game and highly recommend it.

    X LUXURY Year ago

    Plz add snow in battle royal

  • eagle bunny
    eagle bunny Year ago +1

    local multiplayer?

  • PM
    PM Year ago

    On the new weapon balance you guys should make snipers like real life snipers (this could be played with certain rarities of snipers) what I mean it's a feature that would give more depth to snipers over all and not even the development teams have thought's a simple change yet so rewarding when it's executed right...what I'm talking about its sniper bullets being able to go through the targets body (maybe not apply this to structures) but like I said, you guys can make it like this, different type of rarity snipers can go further away after hitting first body target (this change will allow single shot sniper multi kills) because come on! That's the first thing I thought I would be able to do with the legendary volt action sniper but then became kinda sad when I finally tried to accomplish this and wasn't happening...this can make snipers more fun to play with and skill with them would be greatly rewarded...

  • JubbaTheHott
    JubbaTheHott Year ago +2

    Could you please fix the HORRIBLE lag and hitching in your game that make it unplayable for up to ten seconds every time it occurs? And since you are clearly able to make new areas look like snow or Hallowe'en-ish, can you please finish Canny Valley to make it look like the desert we see in the SSD? Battle Royale isn't the only place you need to spend your time and resources improving the game!!

  • Gillian Ivy
    Gillian Ivy Year ago


  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Year ago

    Nintendo switch port ?

  • isaac lepitzki
    isaac lepitzki Year ago

    (epic music plays)

  • Sam Brennan
    Sam Brennan Year ago

    I don’t know if anyone can help me but in a solo match I had the opportunity to eliminate a guy with nothing just a pic he stood there waiting but I did not shoot I showed I was friendly and gave him my gun this sounds stupid sense it was my only one but he did not backstab we lasted from 100 players to just 10 I never got his name so can anybody find a way I could get help on finding him or get fortnites help that would be great

    • Artsa
      Artsa 11 months ago

      You know, crossteaming is bannable offense and I wouldn't recommend doing it again.

  • YouTube Movie Junkie

    Folks beware before investing any more cash on this game..I am not trying to be mean to the developers..but there track record is bad..and is staying bad..They are not honist and upfront in the vids here...address the lag issues with your customers Epic..I need to start a company collect cash and provide sub par goods..Ihave been gameing for many years and I am very upset with epic..stop taking our cash till you fix the game..

  • YouTube Movie Junkie

    Epic your servers can not handle what you are doing...Like I said on voice chat in your game..I am better off with 2 tin cans and a rope across the map..It would sound way better..THe gameing world is heading in a bad direction...Profit profit..let the customer rot..keep making happy vids..screw the customer..I don't care how much content you add..if ya cant play it what good is it...lag lag lag..Folks keep calling sony customer service till they get sick of epic and put them in there place...

  • YouTube Movie Junkie

    Sony customer service informed me today..they are getting many many complaints about this company and its servers. I find this company Epic Games to be rude to its paying customers..adding thousands of free customers are save the worlds expense...The lag has become so bad there now its almost at the point of being unplayable...I stream many services with no the time of the lag all players are having the same issues..It would be in my benefit to fix the issue if it was on my end...I am asking epic to use the sony servers..Enough is enough now..I am glad I am building a case with customer service at sony..I have been waiting and waiting for this company to atleast bring up the topic about the lag..and admit there is an issue...and what do they plan on doing to fix it..

  • Inactive Channel
    Inactive Channel Year ago

    lol nobody even plays save the world

  • XxFl4v0rxX
    XxFl4v0rxX Year ago +1

    Epic Games logic :
    Save the World - Stop developing and make it shittier
    Battle Royale - Start developing and make it better

  • Gamer Hamno
    Gamer Hamno Year ago

    If fornite 2018 make save the world for free fornite well have more players so please fornite make it free on 2018

  • Nx2006
    Nx2006 Year ago

    pls make fortnite come out on steam

  • N dragon
    N dragon Year ago

    When will save the world become free to play???

  • Mini LP
    Mini LP Year ago

    When save the world is free its free in 1.1.2018 or in the mittle of the year

  • Isaac Timms
    Isaac Timms Year ago +1

    There is a problem the levels went down to one I use to be at 26 my user name is Isaactheman08

    • Jztvchannel
      Jztvchannel 11 months ago

      Isaac Timms it's lowers every season

  • Dearest Spade
    Dearest Spade Year ago

    Add more guns fortnite and add some structures to your next update

  • The Mordoc ๏̯͡๏


  • Mr.FunTimez
    Mr.FunTimez Year ago

    How about EpicGames stop updating this game so much and count my DAMN WINS JESUS CHRIST

  • Shadowcrafter
    Shadowcrafter Year ago

    Hey Epic Games will u bring in gun customizations? so where you can get a silencer and attach it to your gun

  • ClasSic
    ClasSic Year ago

    I keep freezing for no reason then i crash! HELP!

  • DaRichGuy646
    DaRichGuy646 Year ago

    You guys should add a option to drive cars in fortnite idk my opinion

  • Save Imagine
    Save Imagine Year ago

    When will xustom matches for ps4 avaible

  • Myth Pro
    Myth Pro Year ago +3

    Perfavore rimettete il deltaplano prismatico me lo compro se lo mettete e perfavore mettete outfit per gli omini di Fortnite migliori così compro anche quelli e mettete anche picconi, emoticon,deltaplani, o ombrelli e stemmi (in poche parole tt) mettete cose fighe plz

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Year ago

    Hola, intento descargar fortnite y al iniciar el Epic games Launcher se queda la pantalla negra, alguien me puede ayudar porfavor?

  • Detlef d sooos
    Detlef d sooos Year ago

    Do you Need ps plus for the update

  • 737senyas—&.,;:3Fjzjxwjdrua

    Will the battle pass stay forever

  • Sup Bois
    Sup Bois Year ago

    Any good information of when save the world will be free?

  • DrArhemblox
    DrArhemblox Year ago

    Hey i found a bug i also reported it a teammate killed me how?

  • Rafael77mi 53
    Rafael77mi 53 Year ago +1

    fortnite can you make that guy's can drive in cars. (battle royale)

    • KingOG
      KingOG 11 months ago

      Just make it run speed

    • Hoocy
      Hoocy Year ago

      And it would be GTA, not Fortnite.

    • Obi
      Obi Year ago

      Rafael77mi 53 no, map is way too small...

  • Jesse 049
    Jesse 049 Year ago

    Can u fortnite owners add cursor to ps4 when u play with keyboard and mouse?

  • lolass231
    lolass231 Year ago

    When is it free what day hopefully January

  • SpraY Supreme
    SpraY Supreme Year ago

    Make the game 1st person and 3rd person

  • frezzy
    frezzy Year ago +3

    ich habe eine sehr wichtige frage die zwar auf deutsch ist aber hoffe es geht ^^
    auf der ps4 kann man ja mit maus und tastatur spielen aber ist schon ziemlich blöd da man keinen mauszeiger sieht deswegen wollte ich fragen ob ihr einen einfügen könntet währ ziemlich nice 😊

  • The Guys
    The Guys Year ago

    Will fortnite be free forever

  • DouglesThe Shrimp

    I would like the medium range weapons to be just a little bit accurate so you at least had a chance of hitting the enemies!!

  • BadmojoCZ
    BadmojoCZ Year ago

    Song / music name is "Carol of the Bells" by "X-Ray Dog". I dont think its on TVclip, but its 100% on Spotify. ENJOY :)

  • KoningChalik
    KoningChalik Year ago +2

    That freezing is epic games in the 1.9 update and 10 my screen freezez every 5 minuts and i can't play anymore its completly frozen.😠I want to play zo bad but.... They mist fix it.

  • Static Ripper
    Static Ripper Year ago

    @EPICGAMES this game is not free on xbox one tell them to fix it free pvp i should not need xbox live gold to play? warframe is free online PLZZZZZ make it free I was haveing so much fun till i ran out of gold plzzzz reply

    • Obi
      Obi Year ago

      Madden 2017 You need xbox live to play online...

  • JakeTheCookie
    JakeTheCookie Year ago +4

    I'm shocked this guys aren't working for EA, because only HALF the game is free. if you want to play the FUN part, you have to pay 190$
    battle royal isn't fun at all most of the time it depends on luck. most of the time f2ps just find a grey pistol, and the people that have sucked your dick by throwing money at you find the best guns

      DEVIL REAPER 8 months ago

      i agree there is no such thing as pay to win in br but in pve mode you need a better gear llama opening

    • Obi
      Obi Year ago +7

      CookieKing101 lmao you clearly just SUCK at the game. There's no pay to win in this game😂 get your facts right kid.

  • Gumer Zambrano
    Gumer Zambrano Year ago

    Wish it snowed here in LA

  • Glob Gab
    Glob Gab Year ago

    Hey epic games,why dont you make all the cars all over the map in battle royale are drivable.