r/Choosingbeggars BUY ME AN IPHONE 11 OR ELSE!!!

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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    r/Choosingbeggars The lady in this post believes that she deserves a new phone, so she just posts online asking random people on the internet to buy her a brand new phone. Because, you know, we all just have $1,000 sitting around for the sole purpose of buying a complete stranger a phone. Honestly, what is wrong with these people?
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    "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  26 days ago +402

    Hey you guys this is rSlash and BUY ME A NEW IPHONE OR I WILL HAVE TVclip DELETE YOUR CHANNEL

    • Millennium Jade
      Millennium Jade 4 days ago


    • chimken nugget gal
      chimken nugget gal 14 days ago

      pay me $30 first

    • Seamus MacHooligan
      Seamus MacHooligan 23 days ago

      Only if you do r/excgarated, r/engrish, and r/crappyoffbrands, otherwise no iPhone for you! 😝

    • oxford14
      oxford14 24 days ago

      I already listen to you. I think I deserve the iPhone and if you don't get me one...well, all I can say is my dad is the head of the FBI and is best friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • Deez Nuts
      Deez Nuts 24 days ago


  • FlameWolfScout
    FlameWolfScout 19 hours ago

    Wow...I sincerely feel really bad that the artist at 1:31 has to deal with that guy. I personally love his art, and I think he's a pretty cool person. If I had the money for it, I could genuinely see myself commissioning a piece from him.

  • Bigest_dog_man
    Bigest_dog_man Day ago

    Dumbass. Two. Not too

  • Quicky
    Quicky Day ago

    Joycons on amazon are 15dollars so the seller was the douchebag

  • OneCatShortOfCrazy
    OneCatShortOfCrazy Day ago +1

    The whole aisle seat window seat is so typical. There is a special kind of breed that know perfectly well they have the aisle seat but sit in the window seat and gambles on that the person in the window seat doesn't want to make a fuzz or that they can convince/trick/shame/bully or otherwise the person into sitting in the aisle instead of the seat they are assigned. I got to study this behavior over a period of two years where I took the train very regularly between my hometown and university (3h train ride and yes I went home every chance i got). The train cart had 2 seats on each side and I always booked a window seat because I like to get comfy in my little "corner" of the world and watch shows on my laptop or do schoolwork, eat snacks and all in all have a nice comfy ride in my own little bubble of sorts. I VERY rarely got out of my seat, so for my "camping" comfort, I wanted the window seat so i never had to move for anyone that wanted in or out of their seat. VERY frequently if the person who was in the aisle seat had come before me they were sitting in my seat. Step 1, they would either ignore my existence or ask, "ow are you sitting in THIS seat" (pointing at the isle seat). Trying to trow you off and promoting you into a confrontational situation which there is every chance that a lot of people would avoid. When you say, excuse me, I think you are in my seat, some would give up at that point (very few), some would thoroughly check their ticket or demand to see yours, some would suggest that you are "more than welcome" to just sit there (aisle seat). And the ones that go even further (and there wasn't too few of them either) would come up with reasons why you shouldn't get them out of their seat: they were all settled in, say things like "are you really gonna make me move, siiigh" and make it out like you are a bad person for being so petty. But it might seem like a small thing, and to many it would be a small thing but it never was to me. And the stupid thing is, if it wasn't the preferable seat, why are you trying to pinch it in the first place? Learn to use the ticket ordering system to chose your seat already! Anyways, I never let any of them get away with it, just politely let them know I would be sitting in my seat, old granny or not, you are moving your butt out of my seat, don' pretend you don't know exactly what you are doing playing the age card. PS) Is there no character limit on these comments? I feel like I've put half my life's story in here lol.

  • ViKING
    ViKING 4 days ago

    All these stories of choosing beggars on planes is one of the reasons I get nervous on flights

  • hypocriitea
    hypocriitea 6 days ago

    stage line is like 45 for just a medium pizza. 15 for a large isn’t that much lmao

  • _Typical- Loser_
    _Typical- Loser_ 6 days ago

    The thumbnail is kind of like r/entitledparents

  • Nekro G
    Nekro G 6 days ago

    "bundle of sticks"

  • Liam Does Everything
    Liam Does Everything 6 days ago +2

    2:37 he misspelled two

  • Omega Forever Pahrump

    I put an add for house preppers , it’s when people want to sell their house and it’s very time consuming. Some people have not painted in 29 years and are heavy smokers . A lot of moving furniture out and in and a lot of cleaning. Today I was asked how much our service is I explained , due to the fact every house is different, one time we were screwed a small house with a hoarder had once I seen it and lost money never again. Never quote on Fakebook market place .

  • Dawn Stone
    Dawn Stone 8 days ago

    These Choosing Beggars stories are always more believable than some of the EP stories. People always want something for nothing.

  • The Purple Turnip
    The Purple Turnip 9 days ago

    Dude actually when I went trick or treating as a with my friends in primary school, lots of people gave us money because they didn’t have candy, but ofc we never asked for it

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese 9 days ago


  • Shadow
    Shadow 10 days ago

    Oof the penny one reminded me of amazing spider man

  • Jaiden Jones
    Jaiden Jones 10 days ago +2

    I messed up on the spelling XD

  • Jaiden Jones
    Jaiden Jones 10 days ago +1


  • Nysvarth
    Nysvarth 10 days ago

    Wheres the 'buy me an iphone' story from the title??

  • Κωνσταντινος Παγκαλος

    fuckin furries....

    28 STAB WOUNDS 11 days ago

    Hi, I have 101 children and need some free baby toys, food, stress balls, and money. Send them to this address, thanks! **inserted address**

  • { Пьяный идиот }

    I liked this story for some reason.

  • Imani Maldonado
    Imani Maldonado 11 days ago +2

    Lmfaoo I'm dead
    Favorite one so far :'))

  • caiden heath
    caiden heath 11 days ago

    It really baffles me how some people use the "come on we're friends" card because I love and support my friends and I'm not going to haggle them to go to a lower price on something especially if they paid so much money for it and I'm already getting a good deal.

  • caiden heath
    caiden heath 11 days ago +2

    "it takes 0% effort to not be an a-hole"
    It takes 0% effort to not be a choosing beggar

  • kyotokitsune
    kyotokitsune 12 days ago +1

    If I went into a company for an interview and saw that "Things I wish my employees would say," I would be like, "nope!" and ran the other way as fast as I could. That picture had become viral. I saw it pop up on my fb several times.

  • Kuruma Uzamaki
    Kuruma Uzamaki 12 days ago

    Oof dodgers got destroyed in game 5 definitely thanks to Roberts and kershaw

  • Riley Berg
    Riley Berg 12 days ago

    I work as a manager for a windshield repair company, and the amount of people who seem to think that they can barter with us like a pawn shop is hilarious. Like I'll say "Ok, that repair is going to cost 100$."
    And they'll give me this gosh awful look and be like "The shop over there does them for 20. I could also just replace my windshield for that price." And thus I reply "Yeah probably not. Their prices aren't actually low and I guarantee that windshield is most likely gonna cost you at least 500$ to replace." (Plus a bunch of actually educated responses because this happens almost daily)
    Then for some reason they think they're sneaky by saying "I'll give you 20$ cash right now, under the table to fix it."
    Well a couple problems with that: first, regardless of the price it's going to be right now because you still have to pay right away, secondly, that's illegal.
    There's also a few other popular responses I get: "I have a buddy who does it for 10$" (Why the f*** did you come to me then), "This is totally a pyramid scheme!!!" (It's not, all employees are properly hired, trained, and paid hourly/commission wages), "Your guy on the other side of town quoted me this amount!!" (Obviously they're going to different places trying to see if one of us will give them a deal)
    And the list goes on and on, I've been doing this almost 4 years and I still somehow get new ridiculous responses all the time

  • Riley Berg
    Riley Berg 12 days ago

    Bundle of STICKS

  • entername 123
    entername 123 12 days ago

    my mom went to the elton john show and said it was epic.

  • Something Gay
    Something Gay 13 days ago

    I love to crochet while listening to your videos

  • OICU812
    OICU812 13 days ago

    You sound like a total imbecile....

  • Houndoomed
    Houndoomed 13 days ago +1

    at 2:09 That’s fake money and if you read it it says “For Movie Purposes Only”

  • Akira
    Akira 14 days ago +1

    You should pay me for subscribing to you since I took all that time and effort to press a button.

  • Alexis Newton
    Alexis Newton 14 days ago +1

    I don't even know how to react to these stories most of the time...

  • blastvortex
    blastvortex 14 days ago +2

    "I feel that husband was over there praying that OP would take the middle seat so that he wouldn't need to sit next to his wife. I mean, can you blame him?"
    Um, yes. She's his wife. He's the one that decided to marry her. Tough $#@&.

  • Krish Mehta
    Krish Mehta 15 days ago


  • Troll Nation
    Troll Nation 15 days ago

    Great the furry artists are turning on each other

  • Dragance999
    Dragance999 16 days ago

    666 comments lol

  • Mister Dude
    Mister Dude 17 days ago

    What type of flight attendant ask the person to switch seats next time you really just to injnore people don't give them fuel (attention)

  • LordBoi 1987
    LordBoi 1987 17 days ago

    i dont need sleep i need B E A D S

  • IronVigilance
    IronVigilance 17 days ago

    Why I prefer your channel over some of the other reddit channels is that you sometimes acknowledge the part of the audience that are listening and not watching. I listen to your videos during really long drives instead of music.
    Keep up the awesome work

  • Lil Zally
    Lil Zally 17 days ago

    What does the note say?

  • The Black Crayon
    The Black Crayon 17 days ago

    my family is fairly well off, and last year for a long haul holiday to Egypt my parents splurged and bought us all first class emirates tickets. A Choosingbegger in her mid forties snuck into the first class cabin a few minutes after the flight had started and asked me to switch seats with her... she was in economy. I politely declined and said I was happy where I was and my parents had spent a bit of extra money to do this, and she started swearing and cussing and all that jazz.
    begger: I am your elder, I have back problems and get cold really, really easily so I really need this seat. You don't need to have this kind of luxury, so go away!
    me: I can give you the first class blanket that came with this seat but other than that, Frick off
    begger: takes blanket and my macarons and attempts to leave
    co-pilot (out for a bit of a leg stretch and greeting passengers): What the Frick lady, you just stole that kids stuff. you have no right!
    begger: she gave it to me
    me: nope
    co-pilot: let me just transfer you back to your seat before we have to detain you
    me: gets my stuff back
    Begger: flips me off as she is returned to her seat
    co-pilot: comps some of my ticket for the inconvenience
    parents: love me to death now that we have extra money to spend in Egypt

  • Boo is a boo
    Boo is a boo 18 days ago

    This is a wrong video to watch when having a headache

  • Kat
    Kat 18 days ago

    "Bundle of sticks!" My new favorite non-swearing cuss words.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 18 days ago

    Isnt that how Spider Man started?

  • Ironhide528
    Ironhide528 18 days ago

    Man. If I have to sell stuff online I'm putting the warning
    *WARNING *. Chooseybeggars will be mocked mercilessly, imortilized on Reddit as an a-hole and possibly featured on R/slash on TVclip.

  • Tundra Mouse
    Tundra Mouse 19 days ago

    my choosing beggar story (i don't have reddit)

    i went to see rocky horror at oxford theatre with my girlfriend at the time, and she made me dress like the character riffraff, so i was basically wearing a suit, with a nice velvety jacket so i looked like i might have some money but i'm broke as hell,
    when the show was over we went to mcdonalds to get some food and then went to the bus station to go home,
    i may have gotten a bit too much food and wasn't going to eat my fries, so when a homeless guy (i've had problems with this guy before) came up to us asking for money for food i told him
    "sorry, i don't have any money but you're welcome to these fries, if you want them"
    and i took the fries out of the bag and held them out to him
    this guy then slapped the fries out of my hand really hard, it actually hurt my hand, and started screaming at me
    "how dare you patronise me!! i don't need your filthy f*cking fries"
    i wasn't really surprised, this guy is a drug addict so i knew what he really wanted the money for and he's always a bit of a Prick if you tell him you cant help him out.
    my girlfriend flinched and looked at me knowing full well i was about to freak out at this guy, which normally, i would have but we were having a really nice evening so i kept my cool and apologised
    "sorry dude, i was just trying to be nice, there's no need to be rude, you didn't have to slap my hand mann"
    he then started pacing up and down the bus station shouting about how awful everybody in oxford is towards homeless people, and he kept coming back to us and shouting at us, eventually i got tired of it and just told him to f*ck off
    then he starts doing that thing where they throw a punch at you but stop their fist before it makes contact, which was making me really nervous, so i told him if he didn't go away i was gonna knock him out, (i don't usually resort to violence but this guy was really pushing me)
    then all the other people in the bus station kept telling him to leave.
    he then came over to us again, called my girlfriend some names for being with me and started shouting at me
    "YOU'RE NOT WICKER! YOU'RE NOT EVEN REAL!!!" (whatever that means)
    and started to walk away, while still hurling abuse at anyone that looked at him.
    he doesn't ask me for money anymore
    thank god

  • LyingPeaches
    LyingPeaches 19 days ago

    entitled furries are the worst

  • Lemon Plays Productions

    Welcome to r/choosingbeggars where exposure pays the bills

  • BlackMetalHeart99
    BlackMetalHeart99 19 days ago

    That board reminded me of a manager I worked for, who's red faced screaming when you didn't meet production expectations was pretty common. Yet all he'd post on Facebook was wanky managerial motivational pictures. GIVE! CARE! EMPOWER! MANAGE! "Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will!" Cut to the next day as his spittle is flying in your face, I'm feeling really empowered mate!

  • Skull King OG
    Skull King OG 20 days ago

    a gamestop employee once paid half the cost of a $60 game i was getting when i was a teenager because i looked like T total shit that day and i didnt own a wallet so all my money was loose in my pocket and my pants were worn out and full of holes. i saved up for months to get the game but i forgot how pricey gamestop is. the employee told me it was $60 not $30 and it was the last copy they had so i asked him if it was possible to hold onto it for a few weeks until i got the other $30 he said that wasnt possible but since i looked like i was having a real off day and needed to blow off steam by doing drive bys and throat slashings (in the game not irl lol) he would pay the extra $30 for me and i didnt have to worry about giving him that $30 back to think of it as a gift for a loyal customer. that guy was nice as hell and i hope hes in management now

  • Maximilian Zauner
    Maximilian Zauner 20 days ago

    Bruh who would want a pixel 3xl over a note9 wtf. The note 9 is more expensive so if you really did you could just sell it and get the pixel. Bruh momemt

  • Wyld Gypsy Lily
    Wyld Gypsy Lily 20 days ago

    I've worked customer service for many, many years. I still work at a Halloween Store for Halloween and then at p0ts3maG 10-12 hour days from Black Friday to the first week of January you are even remotely nice I would love to help you. For example if I have a copy of a game used and you're short I will recommend the used version and save then $20 - $25 bucks just doing that. In high school I worked at a low key but nice Italian restaurant. The owners had immigrated here and work 60-70 hours a week for the past owners and one day owned it. Everyone who worked there got one free meal a day for 6 hours and on weekends that averaged 10 hours was two free meals. Often I had someone bring their kids eat and not eat themselves. I always asked them if they wanted anything and would comp the person my meal for that day. No one should go hungry. I have and it blows bigtime. I had to stop saying it's on me because a Karen exploded that I had bought a single mother one cup of tea and a large spaghetti and meatballs. After all EVERYTHING should be free for Karen. When she called out for my manager he looked at her like WTF - what I do with my free food has nothing to do to him. He came back and moved the women and her 3 kids and then came back and told Karen that here food had paid for but that she was now banned from the restaurant and that the police would be called if she returns.

  • Minhaz Minhaz
    Minhaz Minhaz 20 days ago

    I farted I farted I farted I farted up uno in cheese ynui

  • Harrison Williams
    Harrison Williams 20 days ago

    It’s not spit

  • Hikke Bro
    Hikke Bro 20 days ago


  • unknown songs names
    unknown songs names 21 day ago

    I will hurt you first before you do that

  • Karter McDouglas
    Karter McDouglas 21 day ago

    I think that I wish my employees would say this was a joke I don't think it was real just saying

  • Darena Bryant
    Darena Bryant 21 day ago

    As for the Halloween one? Guy doesn't know just how much times have changed. Back when I used to go trick or treating, you could get *anything* for a prize. People gave out small and large candy, popcorn balls, toothbrushes and yes... even money. Usually just change though. We used to come home with as much as $10-20 at the end of the night in pennies, quarters and dimes. Asking/demanding $5 for trick or treating is a bit much though. xD