Why you should make useless things | Simone Giertz

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • In this joyful, heartfelt talk featuring demos of her wonderfully wacky creations, Simone Giertz shares her craft: making useless robots. Her inventions -- designed to chop vegetables, cut hair, apply lipstick and more -- rarely (if ever) succeed, and that's the point. "The true beauty of making useless things [is] this acknowledgment that you don't always know what the best answer is," Giertz says. "It turns off that voice in your head that tells you that you know exactly how the world works. Maybe a toothbrush helmet isn't the answer, but at least you're asking the question."
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Comments • 2 646

  • Quang Nhat Pham Nguyen

    well i do love the popcorn feeding machine, lol

  • LukeOfTroy
    LukeOfTroy 12 hours ago

    If I really wanted to make something useless, I'd write a TED talk

  • 1994delicaman
    1994delicaman 14 hours ago


  • dob1997
    dob1997 16 hours ago

    My hero

  • Draigon18
    Draigon18 16 hours ago


  • Vadym Radkov
    Vadym Radkov 17 hours ago

    It's so simple, Just go to woodprix page and enter woodworkers world.

  • Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani
    Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani 18 hours ago +1

    I almost cried when she said that it's a lesson in humility that gets lost while inventing. That is true and right from the heart. Thanks Simone. You're always Awesome! God Bless you.

  • Gaurav Saxeriya
    Gaurav Saxeriya 19 hours ago +1

    When you've chosen your career and people tell you that you're crazy, just show them this.

  • Marek Antoži
    Marek Antoži Day ago +1

    Thank you, Simone "See-through-shirt" Giertz and get well soon!

  • PalmnutRalph
    PalmnutRalph Day ago

    Loved it . The best. Thank you.

  • Aulia Aliyev
    Aulia Aliyev Day ago

    You're awesome, Simone! :D

  • TheFoeniks
    TheFoeniks Day ago

    She literally didn't say anything... she showed crap and talked nonsense...

  • vob boo
    vob boo Day ago

    Thought she was gonna talk about kids

  • Phương Trần
    Phương Trần 2 days ago +1

    She is a beautiful girl and very intelligent. I'm admire her...love

  • Juliia Zaiets
    Juliia Zaiets 2 days ago +1

    It was great for me to start my day with such a cheerful video.I hope never to use Simon's s wake up machine but still think she is great speaker and inventor.

  • Jenny Gurl
    Jenny Gurl 2 days ago

    might be the coolest person on the internerd.

  • Ayush Arya
    Ayush Arya 2 days ago +1

    You are an inspiration for all the makers including me who love tinkering and breaking parts apart.

  • Dhaval Nimavat
    Dhaval Nimavat 2 days ago +1

    The brushing machine is not a solution but it is first step of solution good one ma'am

  • Yuchen He
    Yuchen He 3 days ago

    It’s so damn entertaining!

  • athirah
    athirah 3 days ago

    love you simone!!!

  • Douglas Stenberg
    Douglas Stenberg 3 days ago

    Love the end note 😊

  • Elly Yuen
    Elly Yuen 3 days ago

    Wow! This is great! It really captivated my attention! 😀😀❤

  • Diego Higuera
    Diego Higuera 3 days ago +1


  • Eduardo Vargas
    Eduardo Vargas 4 days ago +1

    Hey, I spent 9 months making myself. That’s enough.

  • Bryan Gonda
    Bryan Gonda 4 days ago

    great talk!

  • Berkay Bayar
    Berkay Bayar 4 days ago

    That orbit device doesnt look useless to me its brilliant ! Hope she can get away from her tumor as one piece best luck !

  • Evzen Evangelista
    Evzen Evangelista 4 days ago

    sad to think she's suffering with brain tumor over her right eye which is kinda ironic watch her channel to get updated and give her support

  • Stefan VanSchoyck
    Stefan VanSchoyck 4 days ago

    she adorable

  • Izzy
    Izzy 4 days ago

    One of the best TED talks I've EVER seen. What a wonderful person.

  • Amy G
    Amy G 4 days ago

    She's awesome :)

  • Petitio Principii
    Petitio Principii 4 days ago

    If I weren't an atheist, I'd build a dozen praying robots to pray for her whole brain tumor situation to get solved with no problem. At least we know that she's not going to perform a surgery on herself with her own robots.

  • Marissa Noelle
    Marissa Noelle 4 days ago

    Yes. Inspirational

  • Marcus Polus
    Marcus Polus 4 days ago

    I'm a millennial and I SMASHED that thumbs up at the Millennial joke.

  • mohammad bassam
    mohammad bassam 4 days ago

    We need Arabic subtitles plz

  • Eric Neel
    Eric Neel 4 days ago

    Such a wonderful girl.

  • Timothy Peacock
    Timothy Peacock 5 days ago

    You did such a good job Simone!!! I love your channel and have been a subscriber for a while :)

  • Robbie Vigil
    Robbie Vigil 5 days ago


  • Alfred Clement
    Alfred Clement 5 days ago

    a conveyor belt sushi!

  • Daniel Adeyemi
    Daniel Adeyemi 5 days ago

    😂 💜 👏🏽 Hilarious and Inspiring! You have a new subscriber

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar 5 days ago

    It's all great and all but nobody else would have become successful doing the same thing, for obvious reasons ofc .

  • junior cabrera
    junior cabrera 5 days ago

    She’s so frickin cool I already love her 💗

  • MrAnimal1971
    MrAnimal1971 5 days ago

    Great job Simone, Always enjoy the humor. your the best.

  • Bulous me Fab
    Bulous me Fab 5 days ago +2

    Exxageration, she is just another entertainer.she is just selling stupid things and useless things to make her famous....i don't get any enlightment and new informative knowledge from her Ted talk. I'm wasting my time. Ted, she is just trying to earn money from her useless channel...and the audience were bored already

  • QuintonFlynn
    QuintonFlynn 5 days ago

    This is incredible Simone! You're at the top of your game, thank you for doing this talk!

  • Daniel Alves
    Daniel Alves 5 days ago


  • Henry Lehtovirta
    Henry Lehtovirta 5 days ago

    Her accent is so flawless :D

  • Gunas Hanuman
    Gunas Hanuman 5 days ago

    On the shoulders of Prof. Pott's

  • Helrison Hebert
    Helrison Hebert 5 days ago


  • Satou
    Satou 5 days ago +1

    Tough crowd

  • Rahul
    Rahul 5 days ago

    I saw it when it had 2K views (:

  • Tony Morris
    Tony Morris 5 days ago

    Simone is one of my favorite makers. Thank you for inviting her to give a TED Talk!

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja 5 days ago

    She is exactly like me. What is scary, she also discovered a tumor in her head, yes, just like me.
    Currently going to school for engineering and psychology and playing league of legends in my down time. The thing about league is I am very good at it and climbing fast and the world, when they can watch me, when I am not screwed like I am right now, is tagging along and cheering me on.
    I do that as well as Activisim. I speak from a top of a soap box. Anyway, pretty good at lots, amazing at some, and terrible at math and memory. They are related.
    Anyway, love you girl, as a random man in the net, we should get married.
    One last thing. Chip and Dale rescue rangers. There is a character named Gadget, you can see where I am going with this, I always loved her and thought she was so cute and awesome with her useless stuff that is actually useful and amazing. This chick is just like her. Pale, light hair, engineering. Hard to say no.
    Anyway, enough.
    K bye

  • Abhishek Kasar
    Abhishek Kasar 5 days ago +1

    I lovveee her sacrifice for science...🤣🤣🤣

  • Abhishek Kasar
    Abhishek Kasar 5 days ago +1

    She is awesome

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan 5 days ago +2

    Awesome propcomic, next stop Las Vegas? :-)

  • BaldingClamydia
    BaldingClamydia 6 days ago +1

    Do you think I can get one of those shirts?

  • Charles Hitchcock
    Charles Hitchcock 6 days ago +1

    She lost me with her opening statement about how its wrong to picture everyone in your audience naked. Great, another SJW soapbox! Guess I'll stop watching TED Talks.

  • MrMichael8806
    MrMichael8806 6 days ago +1

    Simone is awesome!

  • Becca
    Becca 6 days ago +1


  • Unit27
    Unit27 6 days ago +1


  • Niall
    Niall 6 days ago +1

    She is my hero

  • Gideon Tsang
    Gideon Tsang 6 days ago +1

    Great job Simone!

  • Bradley Abel
    Bradley Abel 6 days ago +1

    What are all of these people taking notes on... I’m soooooo confused

  • Thaddeus Podulke
    Thaddeus Podulke 6 days ago +1

    Her accent is alot more noticeable when she's nervous

  • He Man
    He Man 6 days ago +1

    Meanwhile in camp penis - men have made space rockets and travelled to other planets

  • ASMR Smiling Face
    ASMR Smiling Face 6 days ago +2

    Thank you, that it's so good.

  • Carlos Andres Arias
    Carlos Andres Arias 6 days ago +1

    people pay money to view this on TED stage?

  • Run R
    Run R 6 days ago +1

    Great and inspiring! Have a speedy recovery, Simone!

  • Jessi Reece
    Jessi Reece 6 days ago

    My girl did a TED talk!!!! I adore her!!! I'm like a proud mom.

  • Matteo Sinatra
    Matteo Sinatra 6 days ago

    Carrot Top's act has sure changed a lot over the years...

  • Ethan Reusora
    Ethan Reusora 7 days ago

    *Reads the title*
    Me: I bet my parents watched this before they made me

  • YC Wang
    YC Wang 7 days ago +1

    Yes, those kinds of stuff are useless, or we can say that every prototype or research is useless, for the first time. What really important is the idea. So later other people can implement those ideas or improve the products.

  • Paul Adam
    Paul Adam 7 days ago

    That shirt is literally your subconscious screaming at you...note it

  • Robert Fast
    Robert Fast 7 days ago

    The Great Exhibition!

  • forkmaster
    forkmaster 7 days ago

    OMG not only has she charm, but she has great things to say while giving humorous results.

  • Jonassoe
    Jonassoe 7 days ago

    Does she have a tattoo in braille?

  • Daniel Ham
    Daniel Ham 7 days ago

    So she's the female version of Carrot Top. Got to work a little on the timing and delivery but much better looking. :)

  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure she has Asperger's Syndrome...
    If not that. Obviously, Severe Anxiety...
    That was great!

  • Shweta Crawford
    Shweta Crawford 7 days ago

    Why can’t all teenagers be like her ???

  • Pump Truck
    Pump Truck 7 days ago

    This is the video my parents watched before i was conceived

  • You and what toaster?

    Make useless things that still teach you something, otherwise you become a modern artist.

  • C. Matt Scott
    C. Matt Scott 7 days ago

    I love Simone so much

  • Kolya Vashchishin
    Kolya Vashchishin 7 days ago

    Simone best as always!)

  • Secret Forreddit
    Secret Forreddit 7 days ago

    Love you, Simone! You can get through it! We think you're awesome!

  • Molly Boord
    Molly Boord 7 days ago

    Ahh I love Simone!!! Her robots are so funny

  • thfiv
    thfiv 8 days ago

    why am i watching this

  • durchndurch
    durchndurch 8 days ago

    Good talk. i laughed and learned. Perfect match. Thank you!

  • Z lives matter
    Z lives matter 8 days ago

    your mom & dad made you...and that's about as useless as one can get

  • Plum_ Pie
    Plum_ Pie 8 days ago

    GL simone. please PLEASE do an ebike build

    (tiny insignifigant sidenot cause your gonna be fine :D )oh yeah and good luck with the brain tumor thingy

  • Chasity B.
    Chasity B. 8 days ago

    I love her so much 😂

  • Majek temmy
    Majek temmy 8 days ago

    You're healed in Jesus' name. Awesome video

  • NarnianGirl02
    NarnianGirl02 8 days ago

    10:14 i though it would fall on the ground and that it was glass, glad it wasn't

  • Bryan Hermannsson
    Bryan Hermannsson 8 days ago

    So so moving! Thank you Simone.

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson

    how about... a machine that can excellently aid you to make me a sandwich...

  • Anak Kampung
    Anak Kampung 8 days ago

    Today you can make nice things but future, you'll make great things

  • Dr Roomba
    Dr Roomba 8 days ago

    brillant. thankyou Simone

  • John Pover
    John Pover 8 days ago

    Heath Robinson would be proud.

  • Stephen Lumley
    Stephen Lumley 8 days ago

    Amazing... Thank you.... : - )

  • Knut Eiane
    Knut Eiane 8 days ago

    Best TED-talk I have seen in a long time. Well done, Simone!