• Published on Jun 5, 2015
    Check out my full cost break down here: www.psychotraveller.com/24-hours-in-stockholm-on-a-budget/
    The moment we arrived in Stockholm we had to fork over what we considered a considerable amount for return bus tickets to and from the airport. The bus took 45 minutes and set us back 215 SEK each for a round trip! You can grab these tickets just next to where you collect your luggage. You will see lots of ticket machines for either the train (which takes half the time but double the cost) and also the coach.
    Don’t get me wrong, Australia is a place very close to my heart and is unique in it’s own way. But there is something about Europe which draws me back to this side of the world. Maybe the long and lavish history. The glorious architecture, maybe. Or just because it’s a continent I have come to know so well during my childhood.
    After eventually finding our boat, we headed back towards the old town with meatballs on the brain!We couldn’t come to Sweden for one day and not divulge in one of the country’s most popular dishes. It set us back 125 SEK each which I can guarantee were tourist prices, but damn they were tasty!
    So, after 24 hours with very little money, here is a full break down of our costs (prices per person unless otherwise stated):
    Food and drink
    Gasgrand 4:
    Meatballs, potatoes and salad 125 SEK
    Cafe Sten Sture:
    Goulash Soup with bread 85 SEK
    Salmon and prawns with potatoes and creamy sauce 160-180 SEK
    Pizza with ham and mushrooms; claimed to be better than Italy. 85 SEK
    Hot dog from a food stall 17 SEK
    Free continental breakfast
    Free Nature Valley Oat & Chocolate Bar X 4
    Drinks: Beer ranged from 29 - 63 SEK
    Coffee: 41 SEK
    Evian Water: 25 SEK
    Airport transfer 215 SEK RETURN (EACH)
    Metro from boat to Central station 36 SEK
    Log Inn Hotel 600 SEK (Based on two sharing, 300 SEK each)
    There are many options available when you think about filling your days with museums, galleries and long walks. Unfortunately, we had no time to see any of the paid attractions but saw some amazing sights by simply wandering the city and also sneaked in a free attraction.
    Grand total: 1,830 SEK = 915 SEK each! (£71.80 each)
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  • Ilie Cornel
    Ilie Cornel 4 months ago

    most useless video ever seen... you waste my time you fucking idiots

  • DOORN media
    DOORN media 5 months ago

    20th century fox

  • Eat my Shiteu
    Eat my Shiteu Year ago

    i got an add that said new to sweden, learn swedish

  • Lonnie Christopher
    Lonnie Christopher 2 years ago

    Sweden is not protecting it's citizens....www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-22/swedish-gang-rapes-hundreds-protest-after-third-attack-weeks-leaves-17-year-old-hosp

  • Sali Zac
    Sali Zac 2 years ago +3

    Quite uncomfortable to watch due to the excessive camera shake. I couldn't watch much!

  • Prerna Tripathy
    Prerna Tripathy 3 years ago

    what is the tune they are playing? It's beautiful

    • UnmercifulFate
      UnmercifulFate 2 years ago

      PRERNA TRIPATHY Which one? The only one I know the name of was the one played on the streets, it's from Swan Lake :)

  • David Olsson
    David Olsson 3 years ago +4

    If you ever come to Sweden again, I have a couch and a bed sofa to sleep on. Always fun to meet new people. I live 15 minutes from the Stockholm Skavsta Airport. And ofcourse, i´m on Couchsurfing.com to find! :)

  • Carlos Saraiva
    Carlos Saraiva 4 years ago

    I was 8 days in Stockholm and it felt ike a short stay. 24 hours is way too little time!

  • Bertil แดง
    Bertil แดง 4 years ago +1

    Awesome my country :-)

    • Nick D
      Nick D 2 years ago

      Mimi Tinio is that the only thing you can say?

      And you spelt jävla wrong

  • Becky Dahl
    Becky Dahl 4 years ago

    OMG we stayed in the same hostel/hotel in Sweden! I loved that place. Rather noisy sometimes, but still fab.

  • T Hill
    T Hill 4 years ago

    I'm curious how you're liking the new smaller backpack??

  • Vegard Heyerdahl
    Vegard Heyerdahl 4 years ago

    As a Norwegian. Not the airline but my nationally. I've never been to Stockholm. Been to many other places though

  • DID-mannen 1.0
    DID-mannen 1.0 4 years ago +4

    Stockholm is a swamp filled with feminists and the land of political correct zombies, hipsters and posers their best achievements has been to make Sweden look bad, Stockholm is like San Francisco combined with Los Angeles, it's just one city in Sweden but 7 out of 10 times when something is filmed it is from that shitty city which makes people from the outside think: "wow so that's Sweden hmm" (Stockholm does not define Sweden). Outside of Stockholm is where you'll find Texas, Alaska and so on. Everybody outside of Stockholm dislikes them and vice versa. Hope you learnt something.

  • SA Production
    SA Production 4 years ago

    was this recorded in june ?

    • Carlos Saraiva
      Carlos Saraiva 4 years ago

      +SA Consoles there's snow in some shots, so i suspect it was probably April or October.

  • Declan Flynn
    Declan Flynn 4 years ago

    Maybe you just wanted the novelty of sleeping on a boat for the night, but it seems like you could have gotten cheaper accomodation than 800sek per night

    • Sheree Boulton
      Sheree Boulton Year ago

      Nope it is about right the cheapest I got for my trip was that :/

  • misswhiskeykittie
    misswhiskeykittie 4 years ago +2

    Wait a minute, did you stay in some kind of boat hotel???? That looked awesome. Details please!!!

    • Carlos Saraiva
      Carlos Saraiva 4 years ago

      +misswhiskeykittie It's an hostel made in an old lighthouse ship. At first i thought it was a museum.

  • Jimin that is it That is all I need

    What is the best cheapest way to travel from south east asia to australia? Please help

  • Andrew Timms
    Andrew Timms 4 years ago

    Stockholm looks nice.

  • Brady Burnsides
    Brady Burnsides 4 years ago

    Who is that guy? A brother? Boyfriend?

  • Sofie Arvidsson
    Sofie Arvidsson 4 years ago +1

    We have a saying in Sweden which is "Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder." and in English it means "There is no bad weather only bad clothes."
    The weather never stays the same for a long time, so always bring a raincoat when visiting Sweden. Umbrella usually don't work because the winds are too strong. :P

  • Alexander Haraldh
    Alexander Haraldh 4 years ago +1

    1 euro = 9 SEK
    1 USD = 8 SEK

  • Alexander Haraldh
    Alexander Haraldh 4 years ago

    where did u find beer for 29?
    I dont live i stockholm so i cant really give so tips on what do there but I think one should go to naturhistoriska museet (museum) its 100 kr for adults (free if u are 18 less). If u add 50 kr u may whatch a "documentary" at Cosmonova withch is a nice visual experience. For 130 you can go to vasa museum and see the ship vasa. There are also some museums that you can go to for free.
    I have heard that you can get free walking tours in stockholm.

    • Alexander Haraldh
      Alexander Haraldh 4 years ago

      @a Haraldh But if i were to go to sweden i would go the north parts and i would go in (late) jun or in july experience the nature and enjoy 24h sun. or i would go in feb and go skiing in Åre

  • lifeguard2564
    lifeguard2564 4 years ago

    My first time viewing this the advert before it was for the movie "Everest". You ever fancy taking that on? Haha. Great video as always. Brings back some nice memories.

  • Pontus Olsson
    Pontus Olsson 4 years ago

    Oh I'm so happy that you liked it here!! :)

  • A V
    A V 4 years ago +1

    I live in sweden!

  • PAINtballingxghillie
    PAINtballingxghillie 4 years ago +2

    Hi! First of all I want to say thank you for being you and all your TVclip and social media beautifulness, it really is beautiful! All of it! Especially youtube! Ok! Anyway! Me and two other of my friends have decided were going Australia next year in June (I decided a while ago) and once I said that I'm going, I got so nervous and well.. Scared! It's some scary shit bro! But yeah, I then watched back to back videos on your channel for a couple days and got them all finished and now I don't feel too nervous and when I do I just watch a couple more to learn to chill and enjoy and get excited more it than piss myself and get scared. So thank you for inspiring me to go and helping me to go and see Australia and when I get back I am more than likely going to carry on travelling ( depending on how Australia goes down ) it's funny because I keep having dreams of being late for the plane or forgetting something important, but I know I'll just keep chilled and watch a couple of your videos and chiiiiiiill.. The.. FUCK.. OUT.. Peace. Thank you and have fun in New Zealand and Thailand. Liam ☺️

    • whimsical2tree
      whimsical2tree 4 years ago +1

      @PAINtballingxghillie Travelling is the best thing, especially on your own. But don't be too scared, it's exciting, and you'll have your friends there for some familiarity. I took the trip to New Zealand on my own (from UK) when I left school and it was the best thing ever! I hope to go back there (and Australia) in the next 6-12 months myself. I agree that these videos are always relaxing to watch.

  • Iigor
    Iigor 4 years ago

    Do you planning to go to Siberia?

  • Sanne Fredriksson
    Sanne Fredriksson 4 years ago

    Welcome to Stockholm! :)

  • sdnalyam
    sdnalyam 4 years ago +1

    It's a ripoff. Totally overpriced. With all the traveling you have done you don't seem very organized and you seem to have too much money. Most travelers are looking for deals and Scandinavia and Western Europe are not value for money.

    • Carlos Saraiva
      Carlos Saraiva 4 years ago

      +sdnalyam Balls!! Sweden is value for money and then some.

    • misswhiskeykittie
      misswhiskeykittie 4 years ago +3

      @sdnalyam You sound like fun.

    • rackstar 1
      rackstar 1 4 years ago +3

      @sdnalyam as a total guess. I'd say she's in Stockholm for 24hrs because she was in the UK visiting family and got a cheap deal on a flight to Thailand with a 24hr layover! a lot of people flying from the UK take a short flight to Amsterdam/Stockholm etc before flying long-haul because the flight taxes are cheaper

    • whimsical2tree
      whimsical2tree 4 years ago +2

      @sdnalyam I have to say in response to travellers wanting deals, that yes, I am always looking for free accommodation, food, travel etc. But I am doing Scandinavia because it's a destination I want to go to, and the fact that it is ridiculously priced doesn't mean people don't want to go there. Similarly, seeing blogs about the cheapest countries in the world doesn't necessarily mean I want to go there just because I'm a low cost traveller.

      I agree with you that I think I would spend much less myself on a day, especially that I don't drink and I wouldn't spend so much on food. Although there is the fact that when you are somewhere for a day you have a lot of things like travel that ordinarily you wouldn't have to worry about; plus you don't want to be sat somewhere cooking if you have such little time.

      I get your view, but it's more that the price limits the duration of a trip, it doesn't make a trip to Western Europe not worth going on.

    • Alexander Haraldh
      Alexander Haraldh 4 years ago +1

      @sdnalyam well what if u want to see Scandinavia and Western Europe? and you cant really say that its overpriced, but yeah its a bit expensive.

  • ATacticalDuck
    ATacticalDuck 4 years ago

    I know in australia you had a holiday working visa and that kept you going but how are you funding this trip? :)

  • Kärolyn Nigula
    Kärolyn Nigula 4 years ago +1

    Come to Estonia! It's a boat trip away

  • heyash95
    heyash95 4 years ago

    I leave for Stockholm soon to visit family.

  • Jesse Hettinga
    Jesse Hettinga 4 years ago +5

    I'm so jealous! I can't wait to go travel to the ends of the earth. I just gotta wait till high school is done :/

  • TheShaleco
    TheShaleco 4 years ago +1

    I would love to visit Stockholm someday! It is on my list for sure.