• Published on May 31, 2018
  • BTS reacted to by Elders! Video links below!
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    Elders React to the K-pop sensation, BTS! Watch to see their Reactions!
    Content Featured:
    BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV'
    [LIVE] BTS 'FAKE LOVE' - 2018 Billboard Music Awards
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    Elders React #152 - ELDERS REACT TO BTS - FAKE LOVE
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  • FBE
    FBE  9 months ago +2205

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    • destinee diamond
      destinee diamond 9 months ago

      React more to BTS please 😁

    • Asckmd2007 AC1982
      Asckmd2007 AC1982 9 months ago


    • Kanaangg __
      Kanaangg __ 9 months ago

      K- hip hop👍👍
      Sik-k iffy, party
      Jay park yacht, All l want a do
      to react🙉🙊

    • Denzel Joaquin
      Denzel Joaquin 9 months ago


    • Janai Robinson
      Janai Robinson 9 months ago

      Elders react to Tyler the creator

  • joon
    joon 9 months ago +22


  • joon
    joon 9 months ago +24

    "Some are boys, some are girls, right?" *HHHHNNNNGGGGGGG* lmaooooo i can't

  • dong carrot
    dong carrot 9 months ago +45

    Some of my favorite quotes
    "They move better than the temptations."
    "I love it! Okay, let's buy a concert ticket."
    "Young, beautiful, handsome people. I mean, what else could you want?"
    "I don't understand a word you're saying, but I sure like watching you move."

  • oH yOu'Re nANa
    oH yOu'Re nANa 9 months ago +7

    I cried while watching this I dunno why

  • awkward potato
    awkward potato 9 months ago +24

    My mom thought that bts was just girls

    • Metchelle Azul
      Metchelle Azul 9 months ago

      Melanie Cardenas ikr!

    • awkward potato
      awkward potato 9 months ago +3

      16Monica Huerta these mom's especially mexican moms

    • 16Monica Huerta
      16Monica Huerta 9 months ago +2

      Melanie Cardenas o my gosh. My mom asked me if some of them were girls. She’s still not convinced they are all guys. 😹

  • Soobin Is A Cucumber
    Soobin Is A Cucumber 9 months ago +26

    "Their so cute, They look like girls" My Fav part.

  • I went to BTS LY WORLD TOUR 2018!!


  • Rin Sotomei
    Rin Sotomei 9 months ago +3

    OMG!!! YAAAAAAS!!!! Akjdhdgwkdvdkakf

  • Elyse Nguyen
    Elyse Nguyen 9 months ago +7

    React to Seventeen Thanks?

  • Bre XP
    Bre XP 9 months ago +4


  • videofan77 -Louise
    videofan77 -Louise 9 months ago

    Would love the elders to react to EXO & the performance they did at the Olympics Closing Ceremony

    • Melissa
      Melissa 9 months ago +1

      videofan77 -Louise lmao

  • Jessica Nicolae
    Jessica Nicolae 9 months ago +12


  • Dej Sai
    Dej Sai 9 months ago +8

    These old people make me laugh😂😂

  • J S
    J S 9 months ago +5

    1:14 lmao

  • Zeynep Atik
    Zeynep Atik 9 months ago +5

    Wow how would know elders would like bts😂

  • HeyItsMeWeirdo LOL
    HeyItsMeWeirdo LOL 9 months ago +13

    “They’re so cute! They look like girls!” XDD

  • Camryn Rodger
    Camryn Rodger 9 months ago +5


  • Angel Santiago
    Angel Santiago 9 months ago +2

    The girls in my class

  • Traduttore Traditore
    Traduttore Traditore 9 months ago +25

    "They need more practice" BTS ROASTED

    • dong carrot
      dong carrot 9 months ago +12

      Traduttore Traditore that part popped a nerve for me

    • joons crabs
      joons crabs 9 months ago +8

      Traduttore Traditore I’m TrIgGrEd

  • okay then
    okay then 9 months ago +9

    can we just all talk about Rock because what a kinnnggg

  • Big Chunk
    Big Chunk 9 months ago +15

    "But i sure like watching you move" oolala

  • Tania
    Tania 9 months ago +14

    these army comments got me cacklin 😂

  • BangtanHeaven MICDROP
    BangtanHeaven MICDROP 9 months ago +18

    2:56 Me as a grandma lololol

  • BangtanHeaven MICDROP
    BangtanHeaven MICDROP 9 months ago +12

    2:46 Me Everytime i hear some of the new kpop song was like..But then realize that im jobless and broke asf ._.

  • vee
    vee 9 months ago +22

    "I don't understand a word you're saying, but I sure do like watching you move."
    Oh okay this was funny.

  • Zach Is Back
    Zach Is Back 9 months ago +9

    Hahhaha 0:57 is so savage

  • Ai Kuroh Kishi
    Ai Kuroh Kishi 9 months ago +1

    se piensan que son efectos especiales hechos con la tecnologia actual, pero son reales

    정국MIYAKOSHI 9 months ago +22

    some are boys and some are girls right? no??! 😂😂

  • ·.· тнσмαs ·.·
    ·.· тнσмαs ·.· 9 months ago +14

    Me af

    • Zach Is Back
      Zach Is Back 9 months ago

      Papi Spagoot Noodle hahahhah same

  • Nata de Coco
    Nata de Coco 9 months ago +40

    I dont even like them that much but THEY NEED MORE PRACTISE? REALLY???? ???? mmmhuriurhrhdhsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsj

  • Nidia Gomez
    Nidia Gomez 9 months ago +7

    Elders should react to Melanie Martinez.

  • ᄒ 스누피
    ᄒ 스누피 9 months ago +2

    한국 사람? ㅎㅎ

  • MerlePerle
    MerlePerle 9 months ago +35

    "It's time to get a concert ticket." haha good luck.

  • AMI
    AMI 9 months ago +5

    2:52 did he wanted to get in to a k pop group before and got rejected. 😂 jk

    • kbaby boo
      kbaby boo 9 months ago +1

      DancE LoVe YOLO he probably just didnt think the choreagrohy was good.. or the song..this comeback was a miss for a questionable size of army

    • DancE LoVe YOLO
      DancE LoVe YOLO 9 months ago +2

      2:04 they need more practice.. im like thinking now how many hours did Jhope said they practice everyday and im like SIRRR THEY ARE HUMANS JUST HOW MORE PRACTICE THEY CAN HAVE XD

  • AMI
    AMI 9 months ago +2

    1:44 granny came

  • i love Donuts So Much
    i love Donuts So Much 9 months ago +1


  • Helena Hyuuga Potter
    Helena Hyuuga Potter 9 months ago +14

    the dance and music is just average? because he only listens to girl groups or what? (dont misunderstand, i listen to girl groups)

    • Griddle Puff
      Griddle Puff 9 months ago +1

      Helena Hyuuga Potter Ikr haha...maybe he prefer the girl groups/opposite gender.

  • Probably a Witch
    Probably a Witch 9 months ago +6

    Elders are adorable.

  • tifa afra
    tifa afra 9 months ago +5

    who's here just 4 the song

  • SkrixlerAnon
    SkrixlerAnon 9 months ago +4

    2:05 does he say jin need more practice? :D

  • Tyler Mortan
    Tyler Mortan 9 months ago

    Make them react to samuel - one
    Maybe they will like it

  • alan t
    alan t 9 months ago +1

    They are fun...😂😂😂

  • Kealie christophe
    Kealie christophe 9 months ago +14

    Lady 2: I don't understand a word your saying, but i sure love wacthin you move..
    Me: *oh really?*


  • Fricking Weirdo
    Fricking Weirdo 9 months ago +8

    4:12: quite a lot of kpop fans tbh

  • Desmont Novira
    Desmont Novira 9 months ago +5

    I wanna cry
    I just cant
    I really proud of u BTS :')

  • 한석현
    한석현 9 months ago +4

    미친 한글자막ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 재밌게 봤습니다!

  • Jammy Mier
    Jammy Mier 9 months ago +2

    Please react to shadow hunters pls

  • Kyra Proulx
    Kyra Proulx 9 months ago +6

    they're all so cute and kind!! our boys touching everyone

  • Emily Maddux
    Emily Maddux 9 months ago +6

    This video made me so happy

  • Amela Son
    Amela Son 9 months ago +2


  • jimins jibooty
    jimins jibooty 9 months ago +8

    😂 (Fr)

  • Lillian Tavares
    Lillian Tavares 9 months ago +4

    4:50 awwwwn so cute ❤️

  • Jaehyun Just Wants Some Milk

    "They're so cute they look like girls." Oml 💀😂 1:20

  • Nivea Nivia
    Nivea Nivia 9 months ago +11

    I think the old man is more into the old kind of KPOP, like GG’s “Genie”? Something poppy and quirky or smth. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed the performance more because of the hype

  • xGLOWx
    xGLOWx 9 months ago +2

    5:45 LOVE

  • Aracely Reyes
    Aracely Reyes 9 months ago +3

    Love Rock's reaction!

  • Frederick Irving Iglesias

    Do elders react to haim

  • Man’s not hot
    Man’s not hot 9 months ago +5

    this is so pure

  • Morgan
    Morgan 9 months ago +13

    "They're just hot"

  • Morgan
    Morgan 9 months ago +17

    "Young, handsome, beautiful, people, I mean what more could you want"
    *same Roger, same*

  • R L
    R L 9 months ago +7

    Elderly people are so cute and full of wisdom lol

  • Yesenia Ocampo
    Yesenia Ocampo 9 months ago +15

    Somebody tell my man gary about BTS and how they're new concept has more solo rather group choreo

  • aryajeraled
    aryajeraled 9 months ago +18

    *a v e r a g e*
    I can’t

  • Lola Alagoda
    Lola Alagoda 9 months ago +3


  • Itsokayla
    Itsokayla 9 months ago +59

    "their clothes are appropriate"

  • Echo Ryu
    Echo Ryu 9 months ago +18

    Actually i did not expect them to be so nice! In all respect i always see how elders badmouth things that are a bit new and which they r not used too.. im suprised in a good way and i rly love all their reactions!

  • Ur Cool
    Ur Cool 9 months ago +32

    “They’re just hot!”...
    Honestly me

  • Oscar Mancilla
    Oscar Mancilla 9 months ago +9

    I think it'll be interesting to see the elders react to the resignation of Richard Nixon. It would be awesome hearing their stories of how it went down since they were actually there.

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith 9 months ago +14

    that moment when even Josie and Holgie know BTS

  • Melany Olmos
    Melany Olmos 9 months ago +7


  • Johnny Skeletman
    Johnny Skeletman 9 months ago +4

    Please have elders react to the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie


    Are some of them girls?

    • ღ Vixenne ღ
      ღ Vixenne ღ 9 months ago

      CHARLOTTE JAVE TWINK,BEXO,VELFRIEND My mom and grandma thinks some of them are girls too 😭

  • ismail ali
    ismail ali 9 months ago +652

    Woman: okay let's gt a concert ticket
    *me when I first became a army in 2016*

    • xGLOWx
      xGLOWx 9 months ago +8

      ismail ali My reaction to that: good luck 😂

  • Kaitlyn Dasilva
    Kaitlyn Dasilva 9 months ago +4

    I am jungshook

  • Kristlynn 100
    Kristlynn 100 9 months ago +256

    I'm shook that a guy said, "THEY NEED MORE PRACTICE."

    • Ishita Gandhi
      Ishita Gandhi 9 months ago +16

      It physically hurt when he said that and when he said they aVeRaGe

    • Joana Aaltonen
      Joana Aaltonen 9 months ago +13

      But did you see his face when they were "live"? XD He was out of words! :)

  • VrLZ69420 ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

    When he said why do u think people like these things that are in a different language they just ignored the simple plain fact they just hot and when they dance you cant help but to spread your legs

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread 9 months ago +2313

    did he just call them

    *a v e r a g e ?*

  • smooth yeol
    smooth yeol 9 months ago +10

    Since we are on the topic of kPOP , One of EXO'S songs!

  • Katarina Park
    Katarina Park 9 months ago +21

    I don't understand why she said that is one of them girls. They are manly

  • loyughlty
    loyughlty 9 months ago +263

    "some are girls and some are boys right?" rIGhT? RIGHT??

  • Katarina Park
    Katarina Park 9 months ago +19

    Can they again react to BTS, I love itt

  • Dávid Stefáncsik
    Dávid Stefáncsik 9 months ago +10

    Make them react to BTS - I need you original version

  • Ryan Bui
    Ryan Bui 9 months ago +92

    ??????? wh?????

    • Nae nae
      Nae nae 9 months ago +1

      Ryan Bui BRUH I was like 'wut'?

  • FlowerBoyRenjun
    FlowerBoyRenjun 9 months ago +10


    • CrystalShard Flare
      CrystalShard Flare 9 months ago +1

      StrayKidsSlayMyAss I totally agree. Let's see how they react to the choreo and the members.

  • Ridloka Fisyauqi
    Ridloka Fisyauqi 9 months ago +8


  • Charlie doesn't suck
    Charlie doesn't suck 9 months ago +23

    tag urself, im the old guy who wanted to dance with them

  • Leila
    Leila 9 months ago +263

    "Young handsome beautiful people I mean what else could you want" he gets us

  • AgustD
    AgustD 9 months ago +21

    Okay, lets get a concert ticket.

  • Rapper Poet
    Rapper Poet 9 months ago +7

    React to mamamoo please

  • Melodie In Pixels MSP
    Melodie In Pixels MSP 9 months ago +36

    average. average. AVERAGE. AVERAGE???!!? YOU MAD

  • Alisa Johnson
    Alisa Johnson 9 months ago +31

    They move better than the temptations

    • Chiara .m16
      Chiara .m16 9 months ago +4

      Alisa Johnson I was dying😂😂

  • I want to pinch Jung Jaehyun's cheeks

    "I don't understand a word you're saying, but I sure like watching you move." Gold

  • anonim chui
    anonim chui 9 months ago +8

    Elders react EXO 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • MaKa Pan
    MaKa Pan 9 months ago +8

    "they are look like girls" AAAAA

  • oscar loza
    oscar loza 9 months ago

    Bts!! Reaction imagination eran Girls son Boys lovee look Aw!!!!

  • Anil Abduraman
    Anil Abduraman 9 months ago +3548

    asian grandfather wants them to be better and reach their highest pick. #trueasiandad

  • IwannaK
    IwannaK 9 months ago

    Love yaaaa😍😍

  • ZERØ Dełta
    ZERØ Dełta 9 months ago +14

    “They’re fun to watch! They’re just hot!” TrUe

  • just me
    just me 9 months ago +15

    Me agreeing and eating chips in bed smiling and nodding