Incredibly RARE Muslim Street Food in DEEP China | SILK ROAD Street Food Series!

  • Published on May 29, 2017
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    Street Food in China and Street Food around the world is worth traveling for! You won’t believe the street food you can try in western China, it is unbelievably delicious! The BEST street food for sure! We made our way deep past Kashgar to the animal market every Sunday to try out the local uighur street food specialties, and had an amazing travel experience eating as much as we could! Everything from Pilaf, Hand Pulled Noodles, Kebabs, and so much more!
    This is definitely one of the most unique places I’ve been for a street food tour before. The people are so friendly too!
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  9 months ago +1016

    WOW, we were so lucky to get this deep into rural Xinjiang at this farmers market! AND have an amazing home cooked meal after with my friend Ali who runs . You can follow my instagram at to follow these street food journeys!! Thanks so much for watching, hope you're doing well!

    • Rizwan Ali Shah
      Rizwan Ali Shah 6 days ago

      Dear I wish you to come pakistan. I hope you explore something new

    • Don Harrus
      Don Harrus 18 days ago

      The Food Ranger ting was like take tha pic this guy is creapy

    • peekaboo peekaboo
      peekaboo peekaboo 18 days ago

      Nothings "rare" about those Muslim streer foods. It's not even in the "deep" parts of China.

    • peekaboo peekaboo
      peekaboo peekaboo 18 days ago


      Over exaggerating about China's Xinjiang.

  • Yawar Syed
    Yawar Syed 23 hours ago

    8:18 well, I've found a new girlfriend. Lol😂

  • Patate Wimboo
    Patate Wimboo Day ago

    J'ai faim maintenant .

  • Mimi
    Mimi Day ago

    who could not love the noodle man? his smile is so contagious :)

  • Alexander Walter
    Alexander Walter 2 days ago

    Look at those poor lambs, where are lamb protecters? Come on just like dog protecters, go to film them :D

  • Mujib Izzati
    Mujib Izzati 2 days ago

    Your vlog make me hungry. That look so delicious 😂😂😂

  • Death War
    Death War 3 days ago

    If you loke all the food so which food is bad to eat???????

  • 陈佳俊
    陈佳俊 3 days ago

    лагман, плов, кебаб, чучвара 原来我全都吃过XXXXD

  • King Montezuma
    King Montezuma 6 days ago


  • Rhoslaine Asa
    Rhoslaine Asa 7 days ago

    your wife is beautiful

  • Islam Awan
    Islam Awan 8 days ago


  • adrain white
    adrain white 10 days ago +1

    its so sick what the chinese government is doing persecuting these people for their religion

  • Memo Amir
    Memo Amir 10 days ago


  • hassan al.harbi
    hassan al.harbi 10 days ago

    how food could be muslim ? lol

  • Siam Lk
    Siam Lk 11 days ago

    they r so cute

  • narayan Venkatesh
    narayan Venkatesh 11 days ago

    huh? what's that! luck men or lack men?

  • habbotcahmet
    habbotcahmet 12 days ago

    Lakman lakman😂😂

  • Tamzeeda Salam
    Tamzeeda Salam 12 days ago u ate halal food but you aren't MUSLIM???

  • ifraz iman
    ifraz iman 13 days ago

    You got stuck with food on the first half 😁
    Appreciate ALI and his family for treating his guests well. 👏🏻

  • muhammad parvaiz butt
    muhammad parvaiz butt 13 days ago


  • shekhal Empire
    shekhal Empire 13 days ago

    come to somalia james

  • umm Aisha
    umm Aisha 14 days ago

    Great video, I kept smiling all the way through. Food ranger seems very humble. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • J T
    J T 14 days ago

    Can't tell if "I've ever bean on" is a food pun or just proper pronunciation of "been" I like to think it was a pun

  • Azmi Sopian
    Azmi Sopian 14 days ago

    Masya allah the people so friendly

  • Doni Prasetya
    Doni Prasetya 14 days ago

    GOD bless all Chinese Muslim.
    and Thank you James for this great video

  • Bomb Schit
    Bomb Schit 16 days ago

    you have never seen that? if you have ever had a bowl of Japanese Ramen, this is where they learned it from.

  • yao zhao
    yao zhao 16 days ago


  • tayku s
    tayku s 17 days ago


  • Snsnns Kskks
    Snsnns Kskks 18 days ago

    Because China is a communist country, religion is a super controversial topic there

  • Tatar Torunu
    Tatar Torunu 18 days ago

    This Uyghur Turks, living in china.

  • Johanifa Macabalang
    Johanifa Macabalang 18 days ago

    I was smiling all the time while watching those men making noodles.. You can tell how happy they are. 😍

  • asnita asri
    asnita asri 19 days ago

    Good work and i love it😁

  • hip hoppy tube
    hip hoppy tube 19 days ago

    They don't look like China look like russians

    INDIA TODAY 24 20 days ago

    oh i love this video... amazing food

  • PepsisWarrior
    PepsisWarrior 20 days ago

    Man - NO ONE fills my noodle fetish like The Ranger!

  • Monster Krruger
    Monster Krruger 21 day ago

    I dont know why i said bismillah everytime when he eat haha

  • Dj Hyde
    Dj Hyde 22 days ago

    my wife and I are planning our first trip outside of the U.S, and we want to go to China. Where would you reccommend as far as scenery and good food (along with non-chinese speaking tourists friendly areas)

  • Aydın Rashidov
    Aydın Rashidov 23 days ago

    Uygur Türkleri

  • fero 55
    fero 55 23 days ago

    They uigur Turks!

    AL FAHAD 23 days ago

    Muslim 💚💚💚💚 الله

  • Marley Osborne
    Marley Osborne 24 days ago

    This isn't look like China, this more Central Asia

    ANWAR D 24 days ago +1

    الغربيين جاؤا بلادنا. بهذة الطريقة وحفظوا كل أساليب الطبخ والفن والبناء والعلوم العامة. ورجعوا بعد عدة سنين ليستعمروننا. ويمصوا خيرات بلادنا. فهم في ظاهر الزيارة أناس تبدوا عليهم الطيبة وهم بالحقيقة حاسدون. واذا لاحظتم معي كيف كان هذا الشاب يتكلم ولكنة يعكس اُسلوب الحياة عند الكم الأكبر. بثقالة الدم وزناخة الخنزير. (ثقيل دم ) ولكنة. أدى زيارة ناجحة وعكس صورة الحياة عند أولئك الناس. يا ريت نتعلم من أساليبهم في مصلحة بلادنا ورفعتها.

  • AK41
    AK41 24 days ago

    That market looks really rural... seemed like everyone at the market were just men... ting ting must of felt weird lol..

  • XxAli-123xX x
    XxAli-123xX x 24 days ago


  • adam hamad
    adam hamad 24 days ago +1

    big regards to the nice chinese peoples love from lebanon

  • adam hamad
    adam hamad 24 days ago +1

    very good and nice video to see a such nice & friendly peoples plus healthy good food

  • Anton EightBall
    Anton EightBall 25 days ago +5

    They look more mongol Turkish or Kazakhstani than Chinese

  • A dead man
    A dead man 25 days ago

    As a person from Xinjiang, I'm gonna tell you that you were paying two much for those lol!

    DVLOGS 26 days ago +9


  • coltx64
    coltx64 26 days ago +1

    You ever get food sick mate? haha

  • casey sinclair
    casey sinclair 26 days ago

    what happens with the food you don't like to eat?

  • Tolga Sbg
    Tolga Sbg 26 days ago

    Kinda feels like he got screwed over from these guys. I'm not an expert but been in China before...prices seem higher then they really are, what do you guys think?

  • назым Жасыузакова

    вааще не пойму этот английский

  • Zoro Cooks
    Zoro Cooks 27 days ago

    Sometimes I close my eyes while watching this and it sounds like very weird porn

  • Adriaan N
    Adriaan N 27 days ago

    * opens canned pineapple * HMMM OYAA HMM SOO SWEET

  • Agung Kurniawan
    Agung Kurniawan 28 days ago

    Amazing nodle

  • Sami Cemil
    Sami Cemil 28 days ago

    uygur pilav
    not pilaf

    CARMINE PETRACCA 28 days ago

    so much fun and delightfully people. such good food. marvelous. so much food.

  • Patel Kashyap
    Patel Kashyap 29 days ago

    Old man is really love his job..

  • jomborong china
    jomborong china 29 days ago

    where district this place?

  • Geekz
    Geekz 29 days ago

    I can't watch your videos because of how goofy you talk. You're way too animated it comes off as being fake and cringy.

    • Geekz
      Geekz 29 days ago

      you sound like youre talking to young children

  • Nab Feel
    Nab Feel 29 days ago +1

    Those people are real Muslims kind and generous

  • Jel Hoque Ali Mollah
    Jel Hoque Ali Mollah 29 days ago

    Wow. What a friendly people!!
    Muslim people of this area is very nice

  • How to Open Your First Successful Restaurant

    Fun Video! I like it!

  • mil kim
    mil kim Month ago

    Amazing people. Amazing food.

  • Arcadia arcadia
    Arcadia arcadia Month ago

    There’s a uegher restaurant in DC, this reminds me of the food served there.. best uegher food in America

  • 1安静的美男子


  • Bluebeard2011
    Bluebeard2011 Month ago

    dont eat those noddles i saw them hit the ground five times

  • PizzaCandyChipsPop
    PizzaCandyChipsPop Month ago

    15:06 When I fart and look behind me and someone is there

  • Johnny Slaps
    Johnny Slaps Month ago

    I love the first old guy's prideful swagger as he holds up the noodles, to show them off.... he is a craftsmen. Those noodles are made with love!

  • Namira Alta
    Namira Alta Month ago

    Some day i want going there

  • 乐明
    乐明 Month ago


  • determinist palavra.

    Thanks for this video, perfect.

  • hatter00
    hatter00 Month ago

    Love you Trevor, you're truly an inspiration! An inside look at this rarity, quite a pleasure!

  • sajid pathan
    sajid pathan Month ago

    ..8:22 ..bc tharki budhhaa h be 😂😂😂😂

  • zhiqiang bai
    zhiqiang bai Month ago

    You have a big stomach.

  • Kier Raynor
    Kier Raynor Month ago

    Great home cooked episode!

  • Hamad Go
    Hamad Go Month ago

    *MashaAllah that's clean food you can eat*

  • Albert Finkel
    Albert Finkel Month ago

    I come to a view that the food is not fatty by lack of quality .But by necessity as a hard working person needs caloric content that the fat affords .

  • 王垚
    王垚 Month ago

    Nice background music pick!

  • Arnold smith
    Arnold smith Month ago +3

    I am Muslim too but I have never seen this lifestyle in my life . Amazing Halal food and simple living environment with friendly people 🤗

  • Donte Johnson
    Donte Johnson Month ago

    8:42 😂 Says It All

  • Stankin' Thankin'
    Stankin' Thankin' Month ago

    The Uyghurs are actually really close to us Bulgarians :) I would love to talk to some of these people about history!

  • DZ Bluesawn
    DZ Bluesawn Month ago

    Does anyone know if in these streets there is a risk that they use gutter oil like in other places in China?

  • Anthony Huntet
    Anthony Huntet Month ago

    Some people saying like Uyghurs are chinese blah blah blah. Uyghurs are were and will be Uyghurs. For example will you call someone came into ur house and kills ur father and rapes ur mother a FATHER? Think before u speak dear mister know how rednecks ;)

  • Farhan Afridi
    Farhan Afridi Month ago

    I love you Chinese Muslims I m from Pakistan

  • Farhan Afridi
    Farhan Afridi Month ago

    hi how are you you com to Pakistan

  • Sariku
    Sariku Month ago

    this is wonderful film, thanks for sharing, missing the Polo from Kashgar.

  • Lhaa Doll
    Lhaa Doll Month ago

    Ali & the whole family members doesn't look cChinese? ? they look migrated from Nepal. .as the dressing and the cooking styles is much similar like napalis. .

  • Mojo
    Mojo Month ago

    Mix it with some pork 🐖

  • Umar Daraz
    Umar Daraz Month ago

    Love kashgar from Pakistan 🇵🇰 :) m happy to see the muslims from across the border, they’re very down to earth Allah bless them

  • Muhammad Ilyas
    Muhammad Ilyas Month ago

    this is zafrani polao also refer to as kabuli polao in Afghanistan , Pakistan and india

  • maria antonio
    maria antonio Month ago

    Theyre so friendly 😍

  • Little Angels
    Little Angels Month ago

    this called PULAO

  • leena lee
    leena lee Month ago

    Please come to pakistan and be our guest. I am sure you'll love the food.

  • zahid kayani
    zahid kayani Month ago

    nice food journey i lke

  • Qwer Asdf
    Qwer Asdf Month ago

    What a friendly country !

  • Think Creative
    Think Creative Month ago

    How many languages do you know


    Sir you having everyday the mach of food what about your health sir