"Crocodile Hunter" - Gabriel Iglesias (from Hot & Fluffy comedy special)


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  • savage dog
    savage dog Hour ago

    ITS AWESOME!!!!!

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell Day ago

    He is going to hell lol * I’m going with him lol

  • Mike Dangerfield
    Mike Dangerfield Day ago +1

    How the hell did Steve Irwin avoid animal attacks with such heavy balls of steel???
    RIP Steve...

  • GT700
    GT700 3 days ago

    What happened to this guy

  • Kerri Reilly
    Kerri Reilly 3 days ago

    Don't talk shit Steve Erwin was the best

  • Chris p
    Chris p 5 days ago +1

    he's angry!

  • mighty panguins
    mighty panguins 5 days ago

    He's gourges

  • Amelia Alice
    Amelia Alice 9 days ago

    Please don't take Gods name in vain

    OXYMORON 9 days ago

    Fluffy is the best comedian ever kevin hart who overrated HE'S ANGRY 😂

  • II_4_R_Z_II
    II_4_R_Z_II 11 days ago

    R.I.P Steve Irwin

  • Reece Magele
    Reece Magele 12 days ago

    HES ANGRY!!!

  • Josh McDermott
    Josh McDermott 15 days ago

    Send him to Iraq, hell no

    Send him into office.

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith 20 days ago


  • croplaya
    croplaya 25 days ago

    ohhh boyyyy.. the most cliched and not funny humor

  • Tamburo52
    Tamburo52 26 days ago

    He stole this bit. Very disappointed.

  • imtiyaz khan
    imtiyaz khan 28 days ago

    Iraq never attacked USA, USA attacked Iraq twice so who is the enemy

  • dianalimardi88
    dianalimardi88 Month ago

    Anyone realize that Al-Qaeda is really NOT from Iraq? Not even near to Iraq.

  • 8LAZ3
    8LAZ3 Month ago

    Y'all saw Channing Tatum @ 2:06? 🤣

  • Ma Lee
    Ma Lee Month ago

    Favorite comedian!!

  • name name
    name name Month ago

    Hey tiger AHHHH HE ANGRY

  • GojiraGeek
    GojiraGeek Month ago

    noticed at the end of the vid your ad for your shirts now says 6xl instead of before when you said you had up to 5xl you think that guy that was at 'oh hell no' level is happy now? lol! by the way do intend to do any more specials like "Hot & Fluffy", "I'm not fat, i'm Fluffy", and "Aloha Fluffy"?

  • shirtless pajamas
    shirtless pajamas Month ago

    Ay look over their its a angry mob one of the craziest people in the village
    One stupid thing I'm dead.......I'm gonna piss them off *pisses them off* AHHHH THEIR ANGRY *runs*

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez Month ago

    If you cant take a joke, than don't watch. 😂😂💣

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Month ago

    I laughed so hard

  • Ryan Holford
    Ryan Holford Month ago

    I don’t care how bad of a day you’re having, this guy will cheer you up

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 2 months ago

    Meanwhile Stan Lee is just a cameo in every Marvel movie cuz he made the comic books ❤️

    MAXIMUS SANCHEZ 2 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA oiiii I’m gonna poke him with a stick iiiyyyyyeeeeeeyyyeeeeeee ooooo he’s angry🤣🤣🤣

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance 2 months ago

    He is so amazing at accents and sound effects
    So hard for people to do a passable aussie accent - this dude pretty much nailed it

  • Brooke Alatana
    Brooke Alatana 2 months ago +1

    17M views but only 110K likes, wth!

  • Ben Zene
    Ben Zene 2 months ago

    Us Australians are not shy to put shit on anybody, including ourselves. If you can't take it, don't try to dish it out.
    Steve Irvin was a very likeable bloke, he would have laughed about this, no doubt

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 2 months ago

    That part when he said انظر من هو هذا؟ مع السراويل والكاميرا craiky!!!

  • KW Entertainment
    KW Entertainment 2 months ago

    HE'S ANGRY!!!!

  • Violet Yona Tanya
    Violet Yona Tanya 2 months ago

    OMG geweldig

  • Marcos Medina
    Marcos Medina 2 months ago

    What's the name of the song

    KILLIOUS LUCIFER 2 months ago

    Gabriel:"Well he didn't teach us about nature"
    Me: "I hate to disagree with you Gab but he actually did,he would tell us to be cautious whenever we encounter any wild animal out there and we actually learned some awesome facts and stuff from him...God bless you Steve... God bless😢✝"

  • MasterDK
    MasterDK 2 months ago

    Steve Irwin died the way he lived

    With animals in his heart

  • leahgrant1990
    leahgrant1990 2 months ago

    Oi you doin look over thea right thea that's a tiger that tiger can kill a man in 10 seconds im gonna go touch it. Hi tiger rawr ahhh! He's angry

  • Sehidd Uriamb
    Sehidd Uriamb 2 months ago


  • stephen johnson
    stephen johnson 3 months ago

    I'm surprised the Leyland brothers haven't had a mention

  • Hero snake 6677
    Hero snake 6677 3 months ago

    That snake has enough venom to kill 500 men ima tickle is balls

  • Run up Ryan
    Run up Ryan 3 months ago

    No stick i want the holoe pinyal on the stick

  • Run up Ryan
    Run up Ryan 3 months ago

    Hows that supids jokes

  • Blogger by The day
    Blogger by The day 3 months ago

    omggggg, loved this so much❤️ I loved steve irwin ❤️❤️❤️

  • BonTonBunny
    BonTonBunny 3 months ago

    I felt the urge with Steve Erwin recieved a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame that I needed to watch this. He did teach us about animals like Don't pet the tiger, and don't pick up the poisonous snake that's why he did it for us lol

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 3 months ago

    He's angry😂

  • South from Texas
    South from Texas 3 months ago

    O man

  • Talon Knerr
    Talon Knerr 3 months ago


  • River C.
    River C. 4 months ago +1


  • Eversion x
    Eversion x 4 months ago

    Yea look at that right there that’s my parent most dangerous creature on earth one F and I’m gone I’m get an F

  • Ricky Ramirez
    Ricky Ramirez 4 months ago

    Oiii, look over there. It's a female. One word of the yell Rape and my life is done! Im gonna touch her .

  • Crystal Caden
    Crystal Caden 4 months ago

    *HE'S ANGRY*

  • michael fishburn
    michael fishburn 4 months ago

    We Aussies dont sound like that

  • M&EGaming
    M&EGaming 4 months ago

    My favorite show of all time

  • Hunter Draws
    Hunter Draws 4 months ago


  • Liam Bob
    Liam Bob 4 months ago

    Ooh I so needed this

  • the triforce charmander

    Rip for Steve Erwin he done did Australia proud

  • Jubzz
    Jubzz 4 months ago +3

    I just pissed my self this was to funny

  • Abg Cute
    Abg Cute 4 months ago +1

    Bloody good accent mate.cheers!

  • useronethree
    useronethree 4 months ago

    I'm Australian and can positively say that Steve Erwin would laugh at this.. And any person that says this is racist is a fool.

  • Lourde Heru
    Lourde Heru 4 months ago


  • Jesse Styles
    Jesse Styles 4 months ago

    Not to mention the plastic snakes falling into Boats he did a lot of fake shit

  • Wil Barnes
    Wil Barnes 4 months ago

    Imma poke him with a stick.

  • Sonya Hayes
    Sonya Hayes 4 months ago +1

    he's still funny

  • Nathan Biddle
    Nathan Biddle 4 months ago

    Fluffy, don't be dick to our Australian icon blokes

  • Acey Lockehart
    Acey Lockehart 4 months ago

    Watching this in 2018, missing the crocodile hunter.. he was a legend :)

  • a wild foy
    a wild foy 4 months ago


  • Lance Hanlon
    Lance Hanlon 4 months ago

    I get to see him tonight at the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction Vermont tonight. He is the best!!!!!!!

  • BG Peters
    BG Peters 4 months ago

    Lol thanks my friend .needed that.lol

  • Tomb Raver
    Tomb Raver 4 months ago

    "Look at this! Its a facehugger egg! One disturbance and it will hatch and latch onto my face!.....I'm gonna French kiss it!"

  • NeonKitten MSP
    NeonKitten MSP 4 months ago

    This was legit my favorite part.

  • Cub Plays
    Cub Plays 5 months ago

    My cousin and I mock this joke constantly 🤣🤣 he steals my stuff then starts "that theres an angry b*itch in her natural habitat" *I'm gonna poke it with a stick* "shes angry!"

  • Nicki Angel
    Nicki Angel 5 months ago


  • mckliddo awa
    mckliddo awa 5 months ago

    When dad starts shouting oh hes angry

  • Fluffy unicorn girl
    Fluffy unicorn girl 5 months ago

    The Iraq part is just insulting my culture my dad is from Iraq it’s just shameful

    • MyNameIsNic 1
      MyNameIsNic 1 5 months ago


  • CountryMetal01
    CountryMetal01 5 months ago

    He was on the Discovery Channel

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales 5 months ago

    Julio Iglesias don't talk about Steve Irwin the f*** nut he was the greatest environmentalist nature person made his very aware of all the animals

  • jr Castro
    jr Castro 5 months ago

    Hahaha 😂😂😂

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez 5 months ago


  • Ezra Lennox
    Ezra Lennox 5 months ago

    It's true, though XP

  • Sky W
    Sky W 5 months ago +1

    this is me. "the most dangerous creature on the planet. I'm gonna poke him with a stick!" lmfao!😂😂😂

  • Bethany Parker
    Bethany Parker 5 months ago

    R.I.P crocodile hunter

  • Cheri Finkbiner
    Cheri Finkbiner 5 months ago +1

    Rolling on the flooor howling with laughter~ I Love you Fluffy~

  • Berserker X05
    Berserker X05 5 months ago +2

    Oiii, look over there! It's a latina! Once she speaks spanish i'm dead! I'm gonna marry it. Latina: Does this dress make me look fat?
    Steve: You look fine!
    Latina: Que??!!
    Steve: SHE'S ANGRY!!

  • Mr. DoAll
    Mr. DoAll 5 months ago

    Well actually the king cobra is not the most venomous snake in the world but the inland taipan

  • Nevaeh Ramos
    Nevaeh Ramos 5 months ago

    I love these lol ur the best

  • Mixtape TNT
    Mixtape TNT 5 months ago

    Ay look over there, that's a feminists, one of the most stubborn people in all the World, one opinion and I'm toast, I'm gonna push it.
    Feminist: MOOOOOO!
    She's Angry!

    Ay Look over there, those are taxes, one month without paying them and I'm screwed, I'm forget about them
    *nothing in the house works*
    They're Angry!

    Ay Look over there, that's Kim Jong Un, one of the most craziest person on earth, one mistake and I'm executed, I'm going to make a movie about his country
    *soldiers come after him*
    Ay look over there, those are K-pop fans, one of the most toxic people on all the planet. One conversation and I'm dead! I'm going to say their music is garbage.
    *She starts speaking rusty Korean*

  • Hank Babiar
    Hank Babiar 6 months ago

    Steve Irwin taught more about animals then any other nature show on the planet

  • Gotham’s Reckoning
    Gotham’s Reckoning 6 months ago

    I can use this to describe my ex girlfriend
    “There she is... one of the most venomous creators on the planet... imma poke her with a stick... “
    “The fuck are you doing”

  • Sanne Rooze
    Sanne Rooze 6 months ago

    ooyy, look, that's a dragon. it's a fantasy animal that barfs fire out of his mouth, let's
    throw water on its face.
    AAAGGGHHHH!!!! ITS ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the miracle chuy
    the miracle chuy 6 months ago

    My name is Bella I am seven years old . My favorite joke is Donald gay And you are the best me and I have her now and love

  • Selene Radtke
    Selene Radtke 6 months ago

    He needs to come to Cheyenne!

  • Adam Vahua
    Adam Vahua 6 months ago

    Can’t believe he brought up Steve he was the best guy for nature and he was showing people how they reacted what they were and what not to do if you ever listen to him

  • Nikolai 935Vodka
    Nikolai 935Vodka 6 months ago

    *Pokes Al-Qaeda member with a stick*
    Crocodile Hunter: HE’S ANG

  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra 6 months ago

    This is comedy gold



  • ImGoogle
    ImGoogle 6 months ago

    Make a joke like this in 2018 and you’ll be called racist

  • Ben Calibri
    Ben Calibri 6 months ago

    Shocking Australian accent but funny comedy.

  • AJ Rockin Shockin Williams

    I'm dying. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Grimm Ashley
    Grimm Ashley 6 months ago

    CROIKEY! Look there! It’s the most dangerous animal on the planet, the replay button. One touch and you’ll never get away.

    I’m gonna poke it.

  • Hi, My Name Is [Rayen]
    Hi, My Name Is [Rayen] 6 months ago

    Steve Irwin and Jurassic Park crossover... I wish that happened