"Crocodile Hunter" - Gabriel Iglesias (from Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2010
  • Check out this quick bit from my special "Hot & Fluffy" and let me know what you think! Enjoy! -Gabriel
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  • Oe Mund
    Oe Mund 2 days ago

    As if the Iraqis were the aggressors and not the US Army🙄!

  • Gavin Beazley
    Gavin Beazley 4 days ago

    Oi look over there, right there here's a bull, one of the craziest farm creatures on the planet, one kick and I down and out.
    Let's ride it.

  • WittmangNL
    WittmangNL 6 days ago

    "That's an Al Queda member, an Iraqi soldier"
    I love Fluffy and I know he's joking, but those are two very different things. Just because he didn't intend it, doesn't make it right. A lot of Iraqi soldiers died fighting terrorists.

  • MrJMannMC
    MrJMannMC 6 days ago

    Irwin was one of if not the bravest men to ever live.

  • Nick W.
    Nick W. 7 days ago

    A fat rip off of Jim Gaffigan who makes fun of dead legends.... just what you guys subscribed for??? Not to mention cringy af

  • The Legendary Yeeter
    The Legendary Yeeter 10 days ago +2

    And now PETA is making fun of Steve Irwin

  • Wesuwius
    Wesuwius 13 days ago

    You are a genius you glorious bastard.

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips 14 days ago +1

    Look over there it’s a wild fluffy... I’m going to imatate him
    (Fluffy) Hey
    HE’S- he’s not angry weird

  • Kristian Bailey
    Kristian Bailey 15 days ago +4

    PETA: “That’s the internet, they really love Steve Irwin... I’mma insult him on his birthday!”
    Internet: *proceeds to destroy PETA*
    PETA: “They’re angry!”

  • madbear3512
    madbear3512 16 days ago

    I'm gonna poke em wi... Boom boom boom boom
    Cramra crew oh shit let run

  • Makayla Flores
    Makayla Flores 16 days ago

    “ It can kill a man in 10 seconds, I’m gonna touch it”

  • Dominic Sebastian
    Dominic Sebastian 17 days ago

    Marvellous ....🤣🤣🤣😂😍

  • Skully
    Skully 18 days ago

    Ya don't wanna get too close! Woo! Danger! Danger!

  • jordan brown
    jordan brown 19 days ago

    hes awesome

    NUPUR NISHANT 20 days ago

    Gabriel you are the fucking bestest ever!

  • Xizsto Xizsto
    Xizsto Xizsto 20 days ago +3


  • Nick Bright
    Nick Bright 20 days ago +2

    Years later this is still hilarious. RIP Steve Irwin

  • Elise Choong
    Elise Choong 21 day ago +1

    Steve Irwin would have laughed along with him !

  • Onyx Fenrir
    Onyx Fenrir 21 day ago +3

    Fluffy: makes fun of Steve Irwin without making it offensive
    PETA: makes fun of Steve Irwin whilst making it offensive

    • Onyx Fenrir
      Onyx Fenrir 7 days ago

      +Dakota Stein Ture that

    • Dakota Stein
      Dakota Stein 7 days ago

      PETA didint make fun of him,they slandered him.

  • halfpipefreak
    halfpipefreak 21 day ago

    Steve knew more about animals then you will ever know.

  • US Pitbull
    US Pitbull 21 day ago +1

    Steve Irwin just didn’t have any fucks to give.

  • Champsr0ck2247
    Champsr0ck2247 22 days ago +1

    Take notes PETA

  • jake helton
    jake helton 22 days ago

    That was NOT what the crocodile hunter did at all. Yeah he'd pick up animals if he could but the entire time he'd be telling you all about them. Fat bastard.

    • Legends Always Die
      Legends Always Die 14 days ago

      He's not insulting him, everyone has mad respect for Steve. The jokes in good taste dude

  • *drip drop*
    *drip drop* 22 days ago +1

    Fuck PETA

  • Blossoming Flower
    Blossoming Flower 22 days ago

    "I'mana touch it"

  • S.KullRandom
    S.KullRandom 23 days ago +1

    Google doodle today!

  • Ossie Dylan Peraren
    Ossie Dylan Peraren 23 days ago +3


  • Ricky Febrian
    Ricky Febrian 23 days ago

    pick it up man , you're awesome seriously :D
    Indonesian People

  • ngflycloud
    ngflycloud 24 days ago

    Note that all the punch lines Australian accent is gone , and it is American accent, really adds to the comic effect.

  • Turki Almooka
    Turki Almooka 25 days ago +2

    2019 RIP STEVE.. .. PETA SUCKS

  • Jason Lightning
    Jason Lightning 25 days ago +1

    Happy birthday crocodile hunter

  • Wookiezzz
    Wookiezzz 25 days ago +1


  • m m
    m m 25 days ago +2

    Hate how comedy like this wouldn’t be tolerated today because people are so butthurt and fake sensitive on Twitter🤦‍♂️

  • Clayton Hovatter
    Clayton Hovatter 25 days ago

    Who else randomly came across this today, then realized it was his birthday?!?

  • JSRbowling595
    JSRbowling595 25 days ago +1

    Today's Steve's birthday guys. Happy birthday, Crocodile Hunter! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • clean toilet
    clean toilet 25 days ago

    chicanos have a funny accent

  • Austin Hodges
    Austin Hodges 25 days ago

    RIP Irwen

    JOSEPH J SALAZAR 26 days ago +2

    it's Steve Irwin's birthday today
    RIP The Crocodile Hunter.

  • Grilled Cheese
    Grilled Cheese 26 days ago

    HE'S ANGRY!!!

  • Ian Oas
    Ian Oas 26 days ago

    Oh look over there it's a Shi Tzu bichon. If i make i contact with her in dead. Im gonna touch it. Oh shes angery

  • Heyheymadibellehere
    Heyheymadibellehere 26 days ago

    I used to watch the crocodile hunter when I was just a toddler (sightly before he passed) and eventually I forgot about him. A few years ago I saw a picture of him and I knew I recognized him somehow. I just found out he was the crocodile hunter not too long ago and now I regret not continuing to watch him all these years. He's misses by me even if I was too young to realize what happened at the time.

  • Waylon Woolsey
    Waylon Woolsey 27 days ago

    He’s angry

  • Lone Shark
    Lone Shark 28 days ago

    Steve Irwin is in Heaven LMFAO 🤣

  • Caleb Graves
    Caleb Graves 29 days ago

    I am rolling around on the floor
    Rest in peace steve

  • CheetoFireCat
    CheetoFireCat 29 days ago

    He lived a very full life 😍🖤 R.I.P🖤🤣

  • TheAngryHolmesian
    TheAngryHolmesian Month ago +1

    If I know Steve he would've laughed his ass off at this.

  • Scarlett Vixen
    Scarlett Vixen Month ago +1

    Steve Would have cracked up so much at this 😂😂

  • Alex Meza
    Alex Meza Month ago

    HE'S ANGRY!!!

  • Shaylynne Swanberg
    Shaylynne Swanberg Month ago +1

    Anybody watching this and has seen The Meg...just imagine Jasom Statham swimming with the shark saying: Hey! Look over there....thats a megalodon...the biggest and baddest shark of the ocean. One bite and he'll swallow me whole.....I'm gonna pet it.
    *Shark swims for him*

  • destroyer imperial
    destroyer imperial Month ago

    No lie he sounds like a clone from star wars

  • Sea Fire
    Sea Fire Month ago

    He’s angry 🤣🤣🤣

  • Death Bringer05
    Death Bringer05 Month ago

    Fluffy the chocodile hunter

  • TheDavid771
    TheDavid771 Month ago

    Not funny at all... completly disrispectfull

  • prasanth kallath
    prasanth kallath Month ago

    Watching at Jan 2019 and I remembered years ago one night crying because of the demise of Steve. I was so young that time. Oh god time flies.

  • Galaxy Krosz
    Galaxy Krosz Month ago

    Oii, look over there, its an angry wife and IT can make ME homeless in seconds!.............. imma poke IT with a sick..

  • Jay Cisco
    Jay Cisco Month ago +1


  • A_H_C
    A_H_C Month ago

    So funny 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Purppscription
    Purppscription Month ago

    What out fluffy, Steve still got shooters out here 👀👀

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    Spot on Australian accent 😀😀

  • TheBuronic
    TheBuronic Month ago

    next joke..look over there, There's a white guy .He said the same joke..He got arrested..HE'S ANGRY...

  • TSK Fizzz
    TSK Fizzz Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Candace Baughman
    Candace Baughman Month ago +1

    He has a point! Nothing against Mr. Irwin. But Fluffy has a point.

  • ColleenStockard
    ColleenStockard Month ago

    Imagine Iglesias doing a Croc Hunter vs Donald Trump...oh yikes.

  • Chastina Constant
    Chastina Constant Month ago

    That's so funny! 😅💖lol And i love Steve's nature shows! He really loved getting into the action! I always loved it when he would say, "you're alright, mate!" And the animals seemed to calm down, like it understood Steve! That was pretty wild!

  • Jimmy Curry
    Jimmy Curry Month ago

    Watch this guy while your high, its crazy

  • OH NO
    OH NO Month ago

    The joke was funny but how about a joke about - hey! There's an American soldier..the most imperialistic creature on the planet...hell bent on oppressing, destroying men, women and children all over the planet for his corrupt government... I'm gonna kick his ass. How about that?

  • savage dog
    savage dog 2 months ago

    ITS AWESOME!!!!!

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 2 months ago

    He is going to hell lol * I’m going with him lol

  • Joe Dangerfield
    Joe Dangerfield 2 months ago +1

    How the hell did Steve Irwin avoid animal attacks with such heavy balls of steel???
    RIP Steve...

  • Border_Collie7
    Border_Collie7 2 months ago

    What happened to this guy

  • Kerri Reilly
    Kerri Reilly 2 months ago

    Don't talk shit Steve Erwin was the best

  • Chris p
    Chris p 2 months ago +1

    he's angry!

  • mighty panguins
    mighty panguins 2 months ago

    He's gourges

  • Amelia Alice
    Amelia Alice 2 months ago

    Please don't take Gods name in vain

    OXYMORON 2 months ago

    Fluffy is the best comedian ever kevin hart who overrated HE'S ANGRY 😂

  • II_4_R_Z_II
    II_4_R_Z_II 2 months ago

    R.I.P Steve Irwin

  • Reece Magele
    Reece Magele 2 months ago

    HES ANGRY!!!

  • Josh McDermott
    Josh McDermott 2 months ago

    Send him to Iraq, hell no

    Send him into office.

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith 2 months ago


  • croplaya
    croplaya 2 months ago

    ohhh boyyyy.. the most cliched and not funny humor

    • Fabian Lopez
      Fabian Lopez Month ago

      +croplaya its is funny what you have is taste

    • croplaya
      croplaya Month ago

      +Fabian Lopez its NOT FUNNY

    • Fabian Lopez
      Fabian Lopez Month ago

      Good for you its pretty funny also comedy is subjective

  • Tamburo52
    Tamburo52 2 months ago

    He stole this bit. Very disappointed.

  • imtiyaz khan
    imtiyaz khan 2 months ago

    Iraq never attacked USA, USA attacked Iraq twice so who is the enemy

  • dianalimardi88
    dianalimardi88 3 months ago

    Anyone realize that Al-Qaeda is really NOT from Iraq? Not even near to Iraq.

  • 8LAZ3
    8LAZ3 3 months ago

    Y'all saw Channing Tatum @ 2:06? 🤣

  • Ma Lee
    Ma Lee 3 months ago

    Favorite comedian!!

  • Greg Joseph
    Greg Joseph 3 months ago

    Hey tiger AHHHH HE ANGRY

  • GojiraGeek
    GojiraGeek 3 months ago

    noticed at the end of the vid your ad for your shirts now says 6xl instead of before when you said you had up to 5xl you think that guy that was at 'oh hell no' level is happy now? lol! by the way do intend to do any more specials like "Hot & Fluffy", "I'm not fat, i'm Fluffy", and "Aloha Fluffy"?

  • shirtless pajamas
    shirtless pajamas 3 months ago

    Ay look over their its a angry mob one of the craziest people in the village
    One stupid thing I'm dead.......I'm gonna piss them off *pisses them off* AHHHH THEIR ANGRY *runs*

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez 3 months ago

    If you cant take a joke, than don't watch. 😂😂💣

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee 3 months ago

    I laughed so hard

  • Ryan Holford
    Ryan Holford 3 months ago

    I don’t care how bad of a day you’re having, this guy will cheer you up

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 4 months ago

    Meanwhile Stan Lee is just a cameo in every Marvel movie cuz he made the comic books ❤️

    MAXIMUS SANCHEZ 4 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA oiiii I’m gonna poke him with a stick iiiyyyyyeeeeeeyyyeeeeeee ooooo he’s angry🤣🤣🤣

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance 4 months ago

    He is so amazing at accents and sound effects
    So hard for people to do a passable aussie accent - this dude pretty much nailed it

  • Brooke Alatana
    Brooke Alatana 4 months ago +1

    17M views but only 110K likes, wth!

  • Ben Zene
    Ben Zene 4 months ago +2

    Us Australians are not shy to put shit on anybody, including ourselves. If you can't take it, don't try to dish it out.
    Steve Irvin was a very likeable bloke, he would have laughed about this, no doubt

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 4 months ago

    That part when he said انظر من هو هذا؟ مع السراويل والكاميرا craiky!!!

  • KW Entertainment
    KW Entertainment 4 months ago

    HE'S ANGRY!!!!

  • Violet Yona Tanya
    Violet Yona Tanya 4 months ago

    OMG geweldig

  • Marcos Medina
    Marcos Medina 4 months ago

    What's the name of the song