Ashanti Talks Murda Inc, Relationships, New Music + More

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  • MakeUpWhore6
    MakeUpWhore6 10 hours ago

    Yasszzzzz Libra! Always loved her!!!

  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro 13 hours ago

    U know what i mean !!!!

  • david tate
    david tate 14 hours ago

    Shanti is 10X Badder den nicki

  • Mosenie Harpley
    Mosenie Harpley 15 hours ago

    She has a baby girl 💕

  • Julius Lewis
    Julius Lewis 20 hours ago

    It’s crazy how she’s genuinely humble yet our society is so fixated on people showing off that they expect her to do the same. Not only is she FOINE, she has humility. She just went from a 10 to a 20 in my book.

  • Mike Mizzill
    Mike Mizzill 21 hour ago

    Im glad she shaved her sideburns.

  • Curtis Walton
    Curtis Walton 21 hour ago

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  • JCsTurn68 C
    JCsTurn68 C Day ago

    I think Bey has a lot to do with Ashanti not being more successful

  • Ariel Walker
    Ariel Walker Day ago

    Yo Yee weave on fleek!

  • Tiffany B
    Tiffany B Day ago

    New York, libra, fine black woman 💜💜💜

  • mixymonroe
    mixymonroe Day ago

    Her mother is beautiful

  • BryanVEVO
    BryanVEVO Day ago

    24 HOURS

  • Christina Thomas

    She seems so sweet! That was my girl in high school

  • Jerusha Dowdy
    Jerusha Dowdy Day ago +1

    Love the woman she's become! 😘

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  • I'mcute 22yrsold
    I'mcute 22yrsold Day ago +1

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  • bfears
    bfears Day ago +1

    Ashanti is so humble, fine and down to Earth. Many blessings and much success to her.

  • Yanette Zavala
    Yanette Zavala Day ago +1

    She's classy😍🖒

  • Unlikely Outcome
    Unlikely Outcome 2 days ago

    Had to go listen to The Pledge after this.

  • Ash Wara
    Ash Wara 2 days ago

    Yo y’all gotta have Juelz Santana interview

  • Erik Rogers
    Erik Rogers 2 days ago

    She look like she fresh out of coach carter my lawwwddd

  • Dee Greer
    Dee Greer 2 days ago

    Ashanti blocked me too 😂

  • Mochahontas
    Mochahontas 2 days ago +2

    Her. Got. Damn. Hair!!!!!!!! And the jacket too! I ain't mad at ya sis!! 👏👏

  • audiodopebeats
    audiodopebeats 2 days ago +1

    Wow, Ashanti is even finer than she was back in the days

  • josemuriel1981
    josemuriel1981 2 days ago

    You know what I mean

  • kkviiggikvikgujges king


  • MsSexyDiva4Lyfe
    MsSexyDiva4Lyfe 2 days ago

    You know what happened to Ashanti?? Beyonce came out with her single! I was bumping Rock wit u and the Beyonce came out with crazy in love. And Beyonce just provided more visuals than her.

  • beautifulblackboy2015
    beautifulblackboy2015 2 days ago +1

    I loooove this interview!!! 💛 She’s entertaining! And her hair is too cute!!! 💙💚

  • joy
    joy 2 days ago

    Her lace front lit af!!! & That jacket!!! She so humble wit it..Gotta love this chick!

  • Goddess Counselor
    Goddess Counselor 2 days ago

    Whatever she be laughing at I wish I had that drug

  • Maarifa Ukweli
    Maarifa Ukweli 2 days ago

    Ashanti isn't a tribe.. its a kingdom.. tighten up mom

  • mp mc
    mp mc 2 days ago +1

    Dam back in the day there was so many queen's Ashanti Kelly Rowland ect. The knew gen is skank city

  • timothy smith
    timothy smith 2 days ago

    All I wanna know is why Nelly let her go

  • Hallelujah Entertainment, studios

    man what happened to artist like this music has really changed over the last 20 years

  • D Alexandria
    D Alexandria 2 days ago

    Damn her momma look good, black don’t crack ...

  • tp
    tp 2 days ago +1

    Ashanti is one of the most beautiful women in the game

  • tp
    tp 2 days ago

    It dont feel like its been that long but i am a full grown woman now vs back then i was in middle / high school

  • Edward Ark
    Edward Ark 2 days ago +1

    15 Years An She Still Look 23 Years Old Black Don’t Crack She Is Gorgeous Still

  • Gail Sylvester
    Gail Sylvester 2 days ago

    Ashanti looks great!

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 2 days ago

    I love her bond with her mom. Reminds me of me and my mom

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 2 days ago

    Ashanti's version of So Into You was garbage though. Tamia's was better.

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 3 days ago +1

    Ashanti and Ja Rule.
    Name a better duo, I'll wait.

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 3 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 everyone has Charlamagne blocked.

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez 3 days ago

    Been wantin to suck a fart out her ass since those "John tucker must die" days, real ones know what I mean

  • Rhontae Rhontae
    Rhontae Rhontae 3 days ago

    I'm just coming here because Wendy clown her ass.

  • Divo Productions
    Divo Productions 3 days ago

    When Ashanti and Ja Rule fell off the music on the radio turned to shit

  • wwenewyork
    wwenewyork 3 days ago +1

    That weave is incredible 😍 and she still look like she did in 2002!

  • Vivian Barrett
    Vivian Barrett 3 days ago

    Back up singer voice and can't dance. All she can do is take pics for Instagram

  • MZ 42
    MZ 42 3 days ago

    Some of yall say she rude. Let me explain this these celebrities are not your friend. It's a job that's it. Stop idolizing these celebrities.

  • Laura Reynolds
    Laura Reynolds 3 days ago

    Quality Musician

  • D. Mrls
    D. Mrls 3 days ago

    lol shanti a fool... as wendy said she is an exotic dancer lol

  • SomeStickyIky
    SomeStickyIky 3 days ago

    Why Yakubian Amy Shumer block CTG?

  • Tionna Wilson-Pierce


  • Shannon Cleveland
    Shannon Cleveland 3 days ago

    Xoxo Ang & Ashanti sweetheart.

  • Knoe Shalum
    Knoe Shalum 3 days ago

    she is dope

  • Ayisha King
    Ayisha King 3 days ago

    Angela Yee had me laughing the entire interview!! "Good thing you weren't watching Precious" Lmaooo!

  • Poopy Pants diggity
    Poopy Pants diggity 3 days ago

    Murda what

  • John _Red_Corn
    John _Red_Corn 3 days ago

    She still real .....

  • blue37beauty blue37beauty

    hey gurllll

  • Kanisha
    Kanisha 3 days ago

    After watching her interview on everyday struggle...u can tell she enjoyed her time here more lol. Didn't even realize envy wasn't there..good lol

  • RastaGrand
    RastaGrand 3 days ago

    She’s looks amazing 🔥🔥

  • Baby M
    Baby M 3 days ago

    It’s not fair that so little can stop a female artists career so easily but the men Can go to prison and come back bigger than ever. Ashanti should be on Beyoncé level she’s beautiful and so talented. And she was the hottest shit on the radio for a while and then something she didn’t even do stopped her career

  • charlita25
    charlita25 3 days ago

    I want her jacket

  • Dame Luz
    Dame Luz 3 days ago

    She's a Libra with Venus in Virgo. Lowkey is what we DO in relationships..

  • Rihanna Lynsey
    Rihanna Lynsey 3 days ago

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  • riz1738
    riz1738 3 days ago

    she rocking the irene glasses i see still beautiful.

  • Silvaback Stk
    Silvaback Stk 3 days ago

    Vlad coulldent get ashanti 😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😂 and brakefast club better without envy?? The god should be the host of the show.

  • Tiffini McGill
    Tiffini McGill 3 days ago

    Nice interview; very positive

  • That Dan
    That Dan 3 days ago

    I’m not always there when you call but I’m always on time

  • ItsNaj
    ItsNaj 3 days ago

    She’s the reason I can not be straight girls are soo beautiful and men are just regular & corny

  • ItsNaj
    ItsNaj 3 days ago

    They can say they started that word but we started the word gellingggg idc wat nobody say

  • Nsombi Kent
    Nsombi Kent 4 days ago

    I love Ashanti

  • Colipopkola
    Colipopkola 4 days ago +1

    Love Ashanti she has always been cool people!

  • Sam M
    Sam M 4 days ago

    How she pending
    How she trending
    Womens so selfish
    Charlamgn so stupid
    Why he dress like professional.

  • Jsimm100
    Jsimm100 4 days ago

    Yee a Super Freak! LOL

  • mindyourownbusiness
    mindyourownbusiness 4 days ago +1


  • Big Cee
    Big Cee 4 days ago

    Always had a mad crush on her since the 90s She is fly as hell.Excuse the vernacular,I'm old school.

  • Marlena M.
    Marlena M. 4 days ago

    She is still sooo fine and I still listen to her old stuff religiously

  • AngelaLavie
    AngelaLavie 4 days ago

    Random but she literally has the perfect stomach 😩


    Damn Ashanit! MOMMA FINE!!!! She been FINE!

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin 4 days ago +1

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    TTE_S TTE 4 days ago

    after 70years in the business and ashanti still got it

  • YungKingDai Tv
    YungKingDai Tv 4 days ago +1

    Damn she still fine asf 😍❤💯

  • Galve Jorge
    Galve Jorge 4 days ago +1

    "You know what I mean?"

  • nyeeezy
    nyeeezy 4 days ago

    Thats my tribe, ashanti

  • epun860
    epun860 4 days ago

    Murder hoes let her live that why she #bless ya out trying too sell jlo sex tape and shit #gunit #ashanti

  • Kentarius Carlisle
    Kentarius Carlisle 4 days ago

    😏🔥👍🏾 #enuffsaid

  • Danasweeklypicks #
    Danasweeklypicks # 4 days ago

    still listen to the self title album classic

  • aurorazamora
    aurorazamora 4 days ago

    I will always love Ashanti! She's always been someone I can listen to whenever. I can never get tired of her. Wish her nothing but the best!

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey 4 days ago

    I’m still waiting on Ashanti ❤️💕

  • drinabooboo
    drinabooboo 4 days ago

    Regular beetle faced bitches like this make me mad. It's so many beautiful actually talented women who will never make it and she did. Smh.

  • Randy D. Rosario
    Randy D. Rosario 4 days ago

    shes still looking great!

  • Kayla Overstreet
    Kayla Overstreet 4 days ago

    real talk have yall heard ashanti's Christmas album? her voice is phenomenal.ive slept, i was downloading christmas music early this fall & came up on hers, my favorite song is the The Christmas Song

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  • Andie C
    Andie C 4 days ago

    That astrology shit really bothers me...... can we please stop association personalities with zodiac signs.....please let's leave that in 2017. "I'm a _____, we forgive easily" like do y'all realize how dumb y'all sound?

  • Nathaniel Harris
    Nathaniel Harris 4 days ago

    Ashanti bad

  • britney natalie
    britney natalie 4 days ago

    Being an empowered women??? Come on Ashanti with the grammar.. lol 16:02

  • jayeneye
    jayeneye 4 days ago

    Ashanti is timeless beauty and has sex appeal 😍 and Yee looks great best I’ve seen her on here

  • TightMoneyGripp813
    TightMoneyGripp813 4 days ago

    A lot of important talk about loyalty in this joint, I funks with that. Much obliged.

  • BigNephew87
    BigNephew87 4 days ago

    Take off the make up and fake hair.then see what u got