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  • Tomato Pie
    Tomato Pie Day ago

    you complain about Casper Lees rhyming but you tried to rhyme christmas with it sucks

  • Luna Malfoy
    Luna Malfoy 5 days ago

    I hope he really hates Thanksgiving this much. I despise it and I’m glad someone else does too.

  • F. I. R. E.
    F. I. R. E. 9 days ago +1

    And he didn't even _mention_ the native genocide...

  • bogusangus
    bogusangus 9 days ago

    0:25 that shit is magic

  • Distorted Nick Crompton
    Distorted Nick Crompton 10 days ago +1

    Canadian Thanksgiving is in October so there’s a reasonable sized gap in between Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Moof
    Moof 10 days ago +2

    I actually like turkey.

  • Jim Kim Killer 78 kil.
    Jim Kim Killer 78 kil. 11 days ago +1

    I need you to fix indonesian flag

  • Jade Everest
    Jade Everest 12 days ago

    This is why Canada is better, we have it before halloween

  • Swittle
    Swittle 12 days ago +1

    I get a week off school so i really dont care if its dumb

  • Phyllida Hickish
    Phyllida Hickish 13 days ago +1

    the advantage of writing your own song is that you can put it in a key appropriate for your vocal range, Jack.

  • Your Mom 420 BlaZe
    Your Mom 420 BlaZe 13 days ago +1

    I actually love Thanksgiving but it's my opinion lol

  • Ron Ron Bright
    Ron Ron Bright 14 days ago

    You steal pewdiepies content why

    • Zackary Chong
      Zackary Chong 12 days ago +1

      Oh god please tell me you are being sarcastic

  • DuckyMcQuackles A
    DuckyMcQuackles A 14 days ago

    I had ham instead this year

  • Impro
    Impro 14 days ago

    Big boy me me

  • Robloxian Dancer Sade
    Robloxian Dancer Sade 15 days ago +1

    U calling Michael Jackson weird?

    • Black
      Black 15 days ago

      Robloxian Dancer Sade no he’s calling all the other Jacksons weird

  • wyatt ben videos
    wyatt ben videos 16 days ago

    0:25 just fucking why though

  • juwebles
    juwebles 16 days ago +1

    Dude who has thanksgiving before 6 at the least

  • Harry Potato
    Harry Potato 16 days ago

    Wat is thanksgiving ( I’m Australian )

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker 16 days ago

    Boy Thanksgiving is my favorite.

  • Insert-pun-here Productions

    I'm British so I don't celebrate it

    Good for us!!! 😊

  • Hermione Measley
    Hermione Measley 17 days ago +1

    Glad not to be American right now!

  • Festive Boris
    Festive Boris 17 days ago

    Thanksgiving is the only time my parents feed me.

  • ZyPhi Bros
    ZyPhi Bros 17 days ago

    The new Tik Tok Anthem

  • untitled 01
    untitled 01 17 days ago

    laughs in Canada

  • PapaPierogi
    PapaPierogi 17 days ago +1

    I don't have thanksgiving here, but it sounds terrible

    • Black
      Black 15 days ago

      No it’s bad, this guy is wrong

    • splub
      splub 16 days ago

      no its good, this guy is wrong

  • Prime SamPictures
    Prime SamPictures 17 days ago

    This is the reason that thanksgiving sucks this should be presented to the us goverment

  • communist memezers
    communist memezers 17 days ago

    Not fan, bunch of Jews came to my house and wouldn't get out, same with black Friday GET OUT MY TERRITORY

  • Natural Instinct
    Natural Instinct 17 days ago

    In England we have turkey for Christmas

    • ZyPhi Bros
      ZyPhi Bros 14 days ago

      just showing that sometimes irony can take over

    • Black
      Black 15 days ago

      FireGame what?

    • FireGame
      FireGame 16 days ago


  • Sniz Wiz
    Sniz Wiz 17 days ago

    I-i like turky

  • Llama and friends
    Llama and friends 17 days ago +1

    I only like thanksgiving because we get a day off from school.

    PATRICIA WON 17 days ago +1

    But my thanksgiving is in October cause I live in Canada

  • jumpingfoxart
    jumpingfoxart 17 days ago

    damn this is catchy

  • Ellie Larson
    Ellie Larson 17 days ago +1

    Anyone else just have this stuck in their head all Christmas?

  • Oli Sonic
    Oli Sonic 17 days ago

    anyone get offended by the turky thing?

    • Black
      Black 15 days ago

      Oli Sonic definitely not the turkey activists

  • Mega-p
    Mega-p 18 days ago

    I love thanksgiving...
    It’s like one of my favorite holidays

  • Niles Stickels
    Niles Stickels 18 days ago

    Free food though????

  • Black cat Studios
    Black cat Studios 18 days ago

    black friday .

  • Otaku Obsession
    Otaku Obsession 18 days ago

    Yay! Thanksgiving song again.

  • Jane Who?
    Jane Who? 18 days ago +2

    This is almost as good as the Whore vs Who’re song

  • Paige Osmond
    Paige Osmond 18 days ago +1

    I'm Canadian. We get Thanksgiving over with in early October, so there's nothing in the way of my Christmas :))))

  • Samantha Warhola
    Samantha Warhola 18 days ago

    So true

  • Charlie Crowley
    Charlie Crowley 18 days ago +1

    And of all birds, turkey?
    Why turkey?
    A fucking turkey.
    Gobble gobble.


  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen 18 days ago +1

    the only thing i'm thankful for is memes

    • Ben Nguyen
      Ben Nguyen 17 days ago

      +ZyPhi Bros I don't think you're related to this comment.

    • ZyPhi Bros
      ZyPhi Bros 17 days ago

      Why does this relate to me?

  • ΛCΣ
    ΛCΣ 18 days ago

    But you eat turkey at christmas in the UK

  • Arrayro
    Arrayro 18 days ago

    "i love turkey" said arrayro

  • Layne Bottom
    Layne Bottom 18 days ago +2

    and now this song rests again for a year

  • pey
    pey 18 days ago +1

    here for thanksgiving 2k18

  • Clipz
    Clipz 18 days ago


  • Theressa Rankins
    Theressa Rankins 18 days ago

    Fix north Carolina flag

  • Robert Paul
    Robert Paul 18 days ago

    Ordinarily, I love parodies, but this one was not remotely funny.

  • Noneof Urbiznes
    Noneof Urbiznes 18 days ago +2

    Wow, its already been one year. Thus seems like it could have come out last week

  • ManiacMiner//MMM
    ManiacMiner//MMM 18 days ago +1

    So when is 2018 version coming out

  • Ash Anamaitez
    Ash Anamaitez 18 days ago +2

    Ha! Canada gets this pointless holiday before Halloween! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • KatieIsNotOkay
    KatieIsNotOkay 18 days ago


    Inside of
    Ham and

    Becomes darkness

  • KatieIsNotOkay
    KatieIsNotOkay 18 days ago +1


  • the day of the bots
    the day of the bots 18 days ago

    Every year

  • Grace Bramer
    Grace Bramer 18 days ago +2


  • Judy Wu
    Judy Wu 18 days ago +1

    honestly thanksgiving does not have a good history

  • Lemon Drop
    Lemon Drop 18 days ago

    family puts on songs about being thankful, thank you jack

  • Mr. Stuff Doer
    Mr. Stuff Doer 18 days ago

    It’s time, bois!

  • Cool Guy Sci
    Cool Guy Sci 18 days ago

    happy thanks give

  • ThisIsHeath
    ThisIsHeath 18 days ago +2

    See y'all next year!

  • DooDly Noobs
    DooDly Noobs 18 days ago +2

    When this bad boy jumps back in your feed for 2018

  • Just An Average Penguin


  • Travis West
    Travis West 18 days ago +1

    what is christmas ham? we have both Ham and Turkey on thanksgiving. also Turkey tastes great.

  • Matthew Morcos
    Matthew Morcos 18 days ago +2

    2 Coming Soon

  • Starling Skys
    Starling Skys 18 days ago +1

    Happy christmas lite everyone

  • bmtten
    bmtten 18 days ago +1

    *Jack hates America confirmed*

  • Adrian Alberto Ceja
    Adrian Alberto Ceja 18 days ago +15

    You know what day it is boys

  • Madalene Vicini
    Madalene Vicini 19 days ago +2

    Happy Turkey Sacrafice day!

  • RescueRex70
    RescueRex70 19 days ago +1

    Woo Merry Thanksgiving Forehead Fuckers

  • Dewgang_47
    Dewgang_47 19 days ago

    its that time of the year again

  • Osiris Games
    Osiris Games 19 days ago +1

    Thanksgiving is shit I’ll I get is food which gains me 25 pounds and no presents

  • Jickyjam Plays
    Jickyjam Plays 19 days ago +4

    TVclip recommendations please me again.
    Oh wait
    This is the first time

  • R3dMonkeyJunkie
    R3dMonkeyJunkie 19 days ago +6

    Who’s watching on Thanksgiving

  • Anita Pierce
    Anita Pierce 19 days ago +37

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018...
    33 days til Christmas

  • musical trash and memes
    musical trash and memes 19 days ago +1

    its thanksgiving

  • Holly Jolly Retard
    Holly Jolly Retard 19 days ago +3

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 everybody!

    • FireGame
      FireGame 16 days ago

      +Ben Nguyen ouch

    • Ben Nguyen
      Ben Nguyen 18 days ago

      the day when the capitalists show off their wealth and greediness

  • moloney02
    moloney02 19 days ago

    I enjoy thanksgiving

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 19 days ago +1

    I got beans greens tomatoes potatoes chicken turkey etc you name it!

  • Erose 524
    Erose 524 19 days ago +1

    Still amazing a year later!

  • Link Chu's Good Authorities

    ha ha

  • R̷a̷n̷d̷o̷m̷ P̷e̷r̷s̷o̷n̷

    Who else is gonna play this song on repeat today?

    • NeyahArts
      NeyahArts 14 days ago

      R̷a̷n̷d̷o̷m̷ P̷e̷r̷s̷o̷n̷ I did but my mom yelled at me 😂

    • Lillian
      Lillian 17 days ago

      Just sad there’s no sequel.

    • Shane Harrison
      Shane Harrison 18 days ago


    • Meta
      Meta 18 days ago

      I totally will

  • London Sibert
    London Sibert 19 days ago +1

    May be
    Than turkey
    *What's the acronym?*

  • Ralph Cota
    Ralph Cota 19 days ago

    Thanksgiving 2018 anyone?

  • jacob
    jacob 19 days ago +1

    Merry Christmas Lite, everyone

  • space dyke
    space dyke 19 days ago +1

    it’s that time of year again, boys

  • GreenGamer JD
    GreenGamer JD 19 days ago

    A year later and this is still the best Thanksgiving song ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

  • Mr. CatMemes
    Mr. CatMemes 19 days ago +1

    It's that time of year again folks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  • WishfulDento+ChoosenSilver

    Oh yeah!

  • Marc Suddleson
    Marc Suddleson 19 days ago +2

    Happy Christmas Lite 2018, everyone!

  • Jules 123
    Jules 123 19 days ago +4

    Thanksgiving 2018 anyone?

  • Molly Moorhead
    Molly Moorhead 19 days ago

    that time of the year again

  • եհҽ եհҽ
    եհҽ եհҽ 19 days ago +3

    Who else is watching the Thanksgiving Macy's parade 2018 right now?

  • TalkWrestlingTV
    TalkWrestlingTV 19 days ago

    Happy thanksgiving everyone

  • sister skin problems
    sister skin problems 19 days ago

    Merry turkey day

  • anmimc
    anmimc 19 days ago

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  • LiamChaun
    LiamChaun 19 days ago

    Happy Thanksgiving one year later!

  • Evan Miller
    Evan Miller 19 days ago

    Part 2?

  • Abby Holt
    Abby Holt 19 days ago

    *_It’s that time of year again bois_*