What Japanese think about America (Their Voices) 大学生インタビュー・クイズ (アメリカ)


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  • Ghost of a Panda 2

    Btw these stereotypes are talking about Americans minus the southerners

  • Fungis Rock
    Fungis Rock 2 days ago

    I think they like to say Obama😂

  • FBI
    FBI 5 days ago +1

    We have pranksters in usa you forgot about that and gangsters.

  • Samcreates
    Samcreates 5 days ago

    Almost every stereotype is true, but we are not nice lol. Also that a lot of Americans are insecure, not confident

  • Samcreates
    Samcreates 5 days ago

    i love that they mention Florida because I live here and im just like "OMG"

  • Gary Surber
    Gary Surber 8 days ago

    I work for the Japanese for over 15 years and I found them very nice people I love there culture as well. Domo arigatogozaimashita to the people of this video for there kind words about America!😽

  • Armani Diaz
    Armani Diaz 10 days ago

    Man can someone get me a flight to Japan I'd love to meet Japanese people and tell them America from a Hispanic view and how nice it is

    XoPOOKIEoX 11 days ago

    Washington...no the one on the right not the one in the upper left. Most American way a foreigner could describe our country lmao

  • The Hound
    The Hound 12 days ago


  • Roman Cusumano
    Roman Cusumano 12 days ago

    The ironic thing is that I live in the u.s. and have never had dunkin’ donuts in my life

  • allspaughv
    allspaughv 12 days ago

    I hope they still like us after Logan Paul made us look stupid and disrespectful

  • Jay Some61
    Jay Some61 12 days ago

    I have a lot of Japanese families that are in my neighborhood and they are the most nicest people I’ve met

  • Robert Hansel
    Robert Hansel 13 days ago

    we love you too Japan

  • Clevername
    Clevername 14 days ago

    I'd be VEEERRRY curious to see this video with these same exact questions asked in Japan nowadays.

  • Michele M
    Michele M 15 days ago

    Great ambassadors for Japan and America. Wonderful to hear from such respectful, positive, kind, and genuine people. Love that they correlated freedom with America ❤(even more so than our largeness!). Hope each of them can come for a visit (again), and that they will have wonderful experiences.

  • Biff Danielson
    Biff Danielson 15 days ago

    Japanese: most beautiful women, best food,best engineers, worst cartoons.

  • That Girl Violet
    That Girl Violet 16 days ago

    Cheerful? *Breaks out laughing, then stops and gets serious* We all want to die here.

  • Nickolas Franklin
    Nickolas Franklin 16 days ago

    Every video that I watched about foreigners talk about America they all assume we eat hamburgers. Well guess what not all Americans eat hamburgers

  • Alien Vlog
    Alien Vlog 17 days ago

    I’ve been living in America and what i hate about is the negative things coming out of American teens. When i was in Middle school i’m used of being bullied by those popular kids just because I was born and raised from a different country and because Im half Filipino half Español. But i still love America.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 19 days ago

    They all seem like really nice people.

  • Lisa'sLife815
    Lisa'sLife815 20 days ago

    I love this video, and Japan. I'm in the US and I will be making a video responding to this video and telling what I think of Japan and Japanese people. It should be up 12/31/2018.

  • Allyson Lou
    Allyson Lou 21 day ago +1

    "And hamburger."
    I agree.

  • nemesis stars
    nemesis stars 21 day ago

    I hate la vegetarians hippies and flag burners dumbest Americans live their

  • nemesis stars
    nemesis stars 21 day ago

    Damn are we that easy to predict

  • giving up
    giving up 23 days ago

    It is suprising to me that the Japanese have such a positive view of the U.S. I wonder if their views have changed since Trump became president. Also interesting that they view themselves as shy, and us as positive and friendly.

  • I've GoneAway
    I've GoneAway Month ago

    I rarely eat hamburgers... Then again my brother eats them weekly

    WORLD BEST VIDEOS Month ago +1

    please read it full and give me reply hello i am Pakistani and i watched this video few days ago i had watched the video which american plane have fall atom bomb on japan city Hiroshima i very hurt about that and in my heart i hate american government the american some people is good but more people i hate because they cooperate with government and american government is very very bad from other countries they want to defeat others countries and more Muslim countries they want to defeat and their people want to died but thanks of my God Allah that pakistan has atomic power and no one can see Pakistan on bad eyes and you Japanese people please do not like those people who hurt and torture your elders

  • XsaidZ
    XsaidZ Month ago

    Dude all the "bad" stereotypes were true tho lol
    And damn Japanese folks are really polite and nice

  • Julia Powell
    Julia Powell Month ago

    So the summary of what they’re saying is… That America/Americans are diverse, Food, entertainment, outgoing. Edit: oh and freedom 😆

  • aaron short
    aaron short Month ago

    So far pretty right on about how we are also nice about us i love Japanese people anyway theyre smart and oh my the ladies WOW so hot. Id love to hang around these young people in Japan for awhile

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Month ago

    I love Japan

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 26 days ago

      Thank you and you as well, and also to all the beautiful and wonderful people of Japan, u guys rock merry Christmas and much love!!!!!!!!

    • i i
      i i 26 days ago

      +William Wallace
      Good morning🌅
      May you have a warm,happy Christmas this year💐😊💐

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 26 days ago

      Merry Christmas Nebraska 5:17am

    • i i
      i i 26 days ago

      +William Wallace Hello😺
      Merry christmas 🎄🎅🎁✨
      Japan is now 21 o'clock

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 26 days ago

      Do I know you? ii

  • Rumpleforskinn
    Rumpleforskinn Month ago

    I find Japanese people really friendly. I would like to visit Japan one day 🤗.

  • sunny bhalla
    sunny bhalla Month ago

    As an Indian every time i go to states i meet wonderful people most of the time but sometimes bad ass proudy ppl too. But at the end I just love USA.. bad apples are everywhere

  • Jess Blanchard
    Jess Blanchard Month ago

    As an American I can say....I HATE HAMBURGERS.... ^_^

  • Red Warden 19
    Red Warden 19 Month ago +4

    Great video. But I'm pretty sure if you asked them the same question now, they would hate us like the other countries. This is coming from a Republican (Trump supporter). All the other countries hated Americans before, and now they hate Trump's America.

    • pierusofpella
      pierusofpella 4 days ago

      Red Warden 19, because they cannot stand to see the United States improve.

  • William dabill
    William dabill Month ago

    I was hoping for more negative responses

  • Kiari !
    Kiari ! Month ago

    1:15 me with anxiety is scrEamInG

    KiNG KXTA Month ago

    Most of the stereotypes about America aren’t even really stereotypes. America is severely overweight. Most Americans do curse a lot. There IS a lot of gun violence. Etc.

  • Alden
    Alden Month ago +1

    People are cheerful and positive
    And hamburger

  • Vault101 Vault Tec
    Vault101 Vault Tec Month ago

    Wow that doesn't sound anything like me lOl

  • TruePaij
    TruePaij Month ago

    When they went 1...2 I was thinking of that one meme.. renai circulation btw

  • Hazel Love
    Hazel Love Month ago

    Um true Americans curse but I.dont I hate it too!!

  • AkoiChild
    AkoiChild Month ago

    The first group -- that guy in the middle -- he looks like Kim Seokjin!!

  • XsaidZ
    XsaidZ Month ago

    Wow I can't believe that Japanese people think of us like that! Wow Japanese people
    are really nice
    Japan I respect your country and I can't wait to live there someday!

  • Dylan Fontaine
    Dylan Fontaine 2 months ago

    George Clooney-sama the cutest fucking thing I swear

  • Gamer Fox
    Gamer Fox 2 months ago +1

    Man I miss Obama (watched this in 2018 :D)

  • Aeonmancer
    Aeonmancer 2 months ago

    I suspect you'd get some very different answers now if you redid this.

  • Xenofag Uprising
    Xenofag Uprising 2 months ago

    I love Japanese people's thoughts on my country. Especially in the form of entertainment (Steel Ball Run especially)

  • Philip Friesen
    Philip Friesen 2 months ago +1

    I've definitely used that space joke before haha

  • Dragon Animation
    Dragon Animation 2 months ago

    This is honestly really nice :) I don't like all of the stereotypes against Americans, but seeing what other people actually think is nice.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve 2 months ago

    please no one go to new york! its not what it looks like in the movies.

  • Cookie's World
    Cookie's World 2 months ago

    Thank you for saying nice things about us, but... we aren’t *ALL* overweight....

  • Rey Crusader II
    Rey Crusader II 2 months ago

    Hahaha... Japan know in anime makings and good in culture.
    Share this Nesie soldiers of Americans proud and respect. Watch the videos how they fought in WWII. Japan never know this, and specially they are the great men know in France and Italy.

  • Cody Peavler
    Cody Peavler 2 months ago

    heh. honestly i didnt expect the good comments about us Americans. Its nice to hear some good things about us from our Neighbor from across the Pacific thinks about us, and the joke at the beginning had me laughing :)

  • BobTheT-rex
    BobTheT-rex 2 months ago

    I'm American and I have FAR worse options then these lovely people.

  • Tony Ramos
    Tony Ramos 2 months ago

    I just have to say that was pretty awesome!!

  • American Soldier
    American Soldier 2 months ago

    America is so culturally diverse that you can’t classify their culture.

  • RoniZtarz
    RoniZtarz 2 months ago

    @3:16 the subtitles spelling of People is wrong....lol

  • Prof Chaos
    Prof Chaos 3 months ago

    expectations: America is a realy nice country with a lot of races with different backgrounds and the people there are nice
    REALITY: america has the highest rate of murder, people divided by a lot of different things, riots, robberies, hell think of it as the worst country in the world atm, except for Africa they're living in absolute solitude atm

  • Julia Szafranski
    Julia Szafranski 3 months ago


  • uh disturbance
    uh disturbance 3 months ago


  • Cosmic Queen
    Cosmic Queen 3 months ago

    Sadly I don't think America is as welcoming or friendly as it was 3 years ago. Our president and his administration have tarnished what it means to be American. Now we're just stereotyped as fat angry xenophobes as well as we should be. Fuck Trump for demolishing the patriotism I had for this once great country.

  • BurningLanguages
    BurningLanguages 3 months ago

    "People are cheerful and positive."
    And then there's me D:

  • White-Van Helsing
    White-Van Helsing 3 months ago

    Not that I dislike the niggas, but if I went to a non-white country I'd be scared of being mistaken for an American lol, those poor lads aren't popular

  • karen
    karen 3 months ago

    Well this is a depressing video to watch. I can't imagine most of these "open, friendly, accepting" stereotypes still hold in their minds.

  • Thompson Family
    Thompson Family 3 months ago

    I like that grown women are allowed to still like disney

  • Eric Nading
    Eric Nading 3 months ago

    using the f word a lot thats fucking bullshit

  • melissa Emy
    melissa Emy 3 months ago

    I was the all video like: " Ho my gosh they're soo lovely!" Or like " they are so cute"

  • Maria John
    Maria John 3 months ago

    I was hoping for someone to point out our flaws and I think they get the idea that Americans are friendly is from Michigan

  • purple pillager
    purple pillager 3 months ago

    I'll be honest, I expected a lot worse stereotypes to pop up even if this is the first stereotype video I've seen.

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan 3 months ago

    02:45 WoW what a beautiful and kind girl. Is she single? :D

  • scully392z
    scully392z 3 months ago

    Women have more freedom in the US. They can excel in their careers and can get married at any age. There are more and more women doctors, dentists, attorneys, etc.

  • Truth
    Truth 3 months ago

    I always wanted to visit Tokyo Japanese people love Americans. Also our education system is a joke we need to abolish the department of education.

  • Tom Chien
    Tom Chien 3 months ago

    Many of they literally just pop out the name of the president only LOL. The answer would definitely be Donald Trump right now.

  • Allan Love Jr
    Allan Love Jr 3 months ago


  • Blue Twilight
    Blue Twilight 3 months ago

    I’m American. Born and raised. Yes...we’re very stupid, irrational, and “crazy”. 😂 (you guys are nice but we know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t offend us. We know it too 😆)

  • Felicia London
    Felicia London 3 months ago

    George Clooney-sama xDD

  • Chris billing
    Chris billing 3 months ago

    as an American im am absolutely flattered

  • Sanaa Rapp
    Sanaa Rapp 3 months ago

    "And hamburger."


  • Rudolf Adler te envita
    Rudolf Adler te envita 3 months ago

    This is why people consider the Japanese and other Asians to be animals without honor. They say all these fake, nice, kind things, and you know that in the privacy of their own homes, they curse anyone who isn't of pure blood. The way the Japanese deceive and pretend to be humble and fawning over people they hate. In Europe, you will only see women pretending to gush and admire people that in reality they despise. But of course, Asian men are women. At least Whites admit they are racist, because they are not scared and timid.

  • MoonShield

    I'm starting to think I don't belong in America, i'm nothing like they describe ;~;

  • SuP Sucka
    SuP Sucka 4 months ago

    0:23 nah 🅱 krispy creme is where it's at

  • Rebekka H
    Rebekka H 4 months ago

    Oh gosh is that sweet! I love Japan. I hope I can go there some time

  • A k
    A k 4 months ago

    We worship Americans !! 🙇🙏

  • Kai
    Kai 4 months ago

    XD Why is Obama famous???? Ahaha... But I love the girl that said Johnny Depp

  • Mr BOIson
    Mr BOIson 4 months ago +1

    Wow they know so much more about us than I know about them 😅

  • Instagram Funnies
    Instagram Funnies 4 months ago

    Japanese are pretty nice

  • Junior Wolf
    Junior Wolf 4 months ago

    I went all the way back in my history to find out what video first got me into Japanese culture and this was it. Thanks guys

  • Sara De Avila
    Sara De Avila 4 months ago

    The opening joke was literally the greatest thing I ever heard!!

  • Brooklyn Jones
    Brooklyn Jones 4 months ago

    They are so sweet!!

  • ネコnekosans1234
    ネコnekosans1234 4 months ago

    But I’m from America and I don’t like to be with people...

  • Majestic Moose
    Majestic Moose 4 months ago

    When they say oily food they usually mean heavy, of really filling, not actual oil

  • Naomi Nara
    Naomi Nara 4 months ago


  • R T
    R T 4 months ago

    America loves you very much too, Japan!

  • BlackDragon41 l
    BlackDragon41 l 4 months ago

    I don't know any of these beautiful people, but as a born citizen of America, I Love these people! ❤

  • Johnny Rock
    Johnny Rock 4 months ago

    Being from America...I wanna find the assholes that thumbs down this recording and slap them with my gun belly ...and kindness

  • GrantKP
    GrantKP 4 months ago

    why do they all say freedom? are they under totalitarian government or something?

  • Anna Scanlon-Kimura
    Anna Scanlon-Kimura 4 months ago

    They’re really cheerful. And hamburgers.

  • Sumire Rumpeltes
    Sumire Rumpeltes 4 months ago

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦 I am half Japanese from my moms side. I’ve been to japan 3 times