What Japanese think about America (Their Voices) 大学生インタビュー・クイズ (アメリカ)

  • Published on Nov 25, 2014
  • An interview of Japanese college students on what they think of America! As always this is just for fun, so don't take it too seriously. :)
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  • Blasian Asian
    Blasian Asian 3 days ago

    A bunch of respectful chillenz, I reckon!❤

  • Sokhom Pech
    Sokhom Pech 4 days ago

    0:12 the guy in the red sweater looks like Jin in BTS

  • caleb frost
    caleb frost 4 days ago

    What they really don't know is: this country is decaying from the inside but we know how to make it look like we got our shit together😂😂

  • Sea Fire
    Sea Fire 5 days ago

    Also true we do use the f word😔

  • Sea Fire
    Sea Fire 5 days ago +1

    All of them said we are freedom country and mix country with different people

  • MGaming
    MGaming 7 days ago +1

    Clearly they have no idea what american freedom is

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 8 days ago

    The girl from 0:42 is sooooo cool!!!

  • Toki Warheart
    Toki Warheart 11 days ago

    I'm a California girl that is 5'2 and only wears a small size. The only things big about me are my eyes, lips, hips and booty. Most people in California eat mexican food or italian, and lots of Asian food. Honestly my town has sooo many vegans.

  • Virtualy frf
    Virtualy frf 17 days ago

    Enta temen to kan holywud

  • 19brownboy81
    19brownboy81 18 days ago

    They are right on for the most part.

  • VulcanXIV
    VulcanXIV 19 days ago

    omg the lady with the red v-neck sweater was so amazingly feminine I would have fallen in love if I saw her in real life. It's like how in the west people call someone beautiful because of their face, but when you think beautiful for japanese people it's more of a complete body image, including fashion :O So attractive

    *edit* just finished the video. Yeah nope actually i'm pretty in love with the girl in the red sweater. uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh haha

  • MC King
    MC King 23 days ago

    Johnny Depp, Barack Obama, And Michael Jackson? 😂😂😂

  • MC King
    MC King 23 days ago

    “I lived in LA for a year. The people there were nice and friendly.”
    You obviously weren’t living there in 2017

  • Force Multiplier
    Force Multiplier 23 days ago +2

    I love the Japanese people.

  • Safyan Khan
    Safyan Khan 24 days ago

    Fuck you America and shame you japanese people because America had bombed you on people and you still like them you are not in the world unbelievable fuck you America 🖕

  • Garett Salovski
    Garett Salovski 25 days ago +6

    For anyone who might find this interesting:
    Firearm related death statistics (according to the FBI and CDC)
    32,000 firearm related deaths occur yearly in the US.
    Media likes to call all of these deaths "gun violence" however, this is far from the truth.
    More than 60% of these deaths are suicides.
    2% of these deaths are accidental discharge (improper firearm safety precautions)
    Now I forgot the numbers for the rest but feel free to research for yourself.
    All I know is that the vast majority of "gun violence" is due to gang & drug related individuals.
    Don't forget to factor in justified shootings (self defense/ police / etc...)
    There's also scenarios that are hard to calculate the statistics. For example; you are forced to draw your firearm against a life threatening individual. The individual runs away at the mere sight of the firearm. The police aren't called, nobody is hurt. This happens every day.
    What I'm trying to say is; do NOT be afraid of firearms. There's over 300,000,000 of them in the US.
    The best thing you can do is educate yourself. Proper firearm safely can literally save your life.

    Think about it... When you're at work & your spouse is home alone wouldn't you like the comfort of knowing he or she has the means to defend themselves from home invaders?
    It happens more often than you think.

    Please excuse my grammar & poor punctuation. Feel free to reply & debate with me.
    I understand many will disagree with me when I say that firearms save lives.
    I'm willing to listen & in return share my opinions.

    • Luna Lovegood
      Luna Lovegood 19 days ago +1

      YES. of course gun safety is important, but it's entirely possible to have a good guy with a gun.

  • Jacqueline Seinen
    Jacqueline Seinen 25 days ago +1

    avoid europe with these questions xD

  • Chris Chan
    Chris Chan 26 days ago

    Interesting to know Japanese people view America so positively 5 years ago. I wonder if their attitude towards the states changed now? It’d be interesting to see the reaction of the same people again.

    • Joe Z
      Joe Z 23 days ago

      Yes I would like to see that too

  • gale2384
    gale2384 26 days ago

    What a great bunch of people you interviewed! It was a few years ago, so hope they're doing well in their lives and maybe have revisited our country since then as some were hoping to! :)

  • Yasmin Carey
    Yasmin Carey 26 days ago +2

    I don't think those are necessarily "negative" stereotypes, just facts...lol!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 28 days ago

    Stupid foreigners!

  • Judah Garcia
    Judah Garcia Month ago +1

    Fucking trump ruined America it's no longer a land of freedom

  • Judah Garcia
    Judah Garcia Month ago +1

    That's not stereotyping if its true

  • Brad Ayers
    Brad Ayers Month ago +3

    These young people are so forgiving and accepting. I wish I could become a part of Japan. Such beautiful people, inside and out.

    • Joe Z
      Joe Z 23 days ago

      They really are. I have visited there and they treat you like royalty

  • 1993igli
    1993igli Month ago +1

    George Clooney sama 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Duchinsmickle
    Duchinsmickle Month ago

    When you bow so far your head is in between your legs

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin Month ago +2

    We love immigrants from Japan, please come and enrich our country.

  • Benny
    Benny Month ago +1

    What the hell? "Cheerful and positive?" where can I find this version of America? Everybody wants to fucking die here.

  • TheGM777
    TheGM777 Month ago +1

    We're are nice? I mean we're "nice" to foreigners, but we're not as "nice" to our fellow Americans. Isn't that right America
    America: Fuck You.
    Ah.Yup, that's the power of freedom of speech.
    (Eagle screeching in the distance and Freedom Intensifies)

  • AlabamaSoldier
    AlabamaSoldier Month ago +5

    This was in 2014? We didn't have a leader. We had someone keeping the president's desk warm.

    • Joe Z
      Joe Z 22 days ago

      +AlabamaSoldier OMG, what a fucking idiot you must be 🙄

    • AlabamaSoldier
      AlabamaSoldier 22 days ago

      We have an actual leader now. America is becoming great again.

    • Joe Z
      Joe Z 23 days ago

      What a stupid thing to say 🙄

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +1

    2:57 I have a chance with her, if I can lose enough weight to be considered chubby

  • Mark Mik
    Mark Mik Month ago +1


  • Jeremy Doughman
    Jeremy Doughman Month ago +1

    The food portions are right. I just got done with two hamburger and two hotdogs...

  • Happy Tree
    Happy Tree Month ago +1

    As an American food sizes are large for us too
    Also all of you are way to nice, like we even think we kinda suck but your just like "They're great!"

  • Swing Line
    Swing Line Month ago

    XD i didnt even know we had a capital XD

  • Isaac Hight
    Isaac Hight Month ago

    good to see America is shown that we are nice here

  • cdip42
    cdip42 Month ago +1

    I dont really follow politics and i dont really feel any overt sense of patriotism like buying flags; but everytime they said "freedom" my mind went straight to-"youre goddamn right"

  • Tricia P
    Tricia P Month ago +1

    Food is huge and so are we! LMHO!! But I don't curse.

  • Guinness1836
    Guinness1836 Month ago

    I couldn't tell a famous person from japan except WWII leaders and do not know who is leading japan today
    they know more about The USA then we know about Japan

  • Kiteh Kawasaki
    Kiteh Kawasaki Month ago +1

    Notice the stereotypes are WAY too optimistic. Japanese are raised to look up to the States.

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J Month ago +2

    I’m shocked that they were so nice

  • DBombzvideos
    DBombzvideos Month ago +7

    Ol girl sitting by herself in the red sweater can get it 💯

  • MTF: Nine Tailed fox
    MTF: Nine Tailed fox Month ago +2

    Trust me We Americans welcome Japanese in open arms if you wanna bring an Anime or cultural topic

  • Sarah Carpenter
    Sarah Carpenter Month ago +1

    Omg! These people are so nice! But wrong people here in the US are so RUDE and unforgiving!

  • Mini Gamer
    Mini Gamer Month ago +1

    I am convinced, that Japan has the best view of America. Like, they see it in such a positive light, and it hurts knowing how much it actually SUCKS.

  • OldSkool
    OldSkool Month ago +1

    freedom...... lolllllll...... AMERICA FREE???? hahhahahaah best joke of 2019!

    • bm phil
      bm phil Month ago

      you you tubing in jail or something?

  • OldSkool
    OldSkool Month ago

    so no one knows about the actual truth?..... wars.... genocide.... coups.... highly rigged stock market.... trigger happy hill billies...etc? what a naiive nation Japan is.

  • ESCfromNome
    ESCfromNome Month ago

    Lol, Clooney-sama. How come nobody in quizzes about visiting the US never says they want to visit Alaska?

  • Abby Schwarz
    Abby Schwarz Month ago

    and h a m b u r g e r

  • Mighty Corndog of America

    *...oh this CAN NOT be good...*

    Edit: wow, I thought they were gonna pull the Fat, Guns and Pig card 030 these people almost made me cry with how nice they were.

  • dollfacedBerserker
    dollfacedBerserker Month ago

    I love Japan and would absolutely love to visit someday.

  • Saithen xix
    Saithen xix Month ago

    Most Americans aren't really that cheerful. I'd say we're polite in public if anything.

  • dragoninwinter
    dragoninwinter Month ago

    Fat Americans from big food portions... And this is coming from the country who can't get enough sumo wrestling.

  • Patate Fille
    Patate Fille Month ago

    We don't use the fucking f-word a lot! The fuck is he fucking taking about.

  • All Kosmic
    All Kosmic Month ago

    As they said big people eating hamburgers I ate one.... I'm also 6'5. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Potato_Tomato69
    Potato_Tomato69 2 months ago +67

    Did she just said FREEDOM? (America intensifies)

  • Mr. Cerianes
    Mr. Cerianes 2 months ago

    They give us Americans way too much credit.

  • boss host
    boss host 2 months ago

    No japanese never tell you truth about usa

  • James Cash
    James Cash 2 months ago

    I think the advantage of large food portions is you don't have to eat it all in one sitting, you can save some for later.


    I have a better American joke. What do you call bees that make milk?


  • makaab
    makaab 2 months ago

    this video said nothing about americans voices. did I misunderstand the title?

  • mickavellian
    mickavellian 2 months ago

    American are fat "Says the guy from the country that worships Sumo Wrestlers" Nah .. They see, VERY fair! a LOT more than assholes in Europe and Latin America.

  • Anubis Smite
    Anubis Smite 2 months ago

    I have thought of going to Japan many times. It would be cool to hangout and see what's what.

  • ominoreg
    ominoreg 2 months ago +1

    Hamburger. I agree 100%

  • Courtney Meers
    Courtney Meers 2 months ago

    In America there is also lots of drama and fighting in high school and I’m shy, nervous, very kind and some people think that I am friendly but I do have short tempered sometimes but I don’t swear cause swearing is not my style and now days there is a lot of crimes in America too

  • cj222100
    cj222100 2 months ago

    I like how even for the negative things, they all manages to be so tactful about it. I would love to visit Japan, my husband has been there & loves it

  • tristan bryant
    tristan bryant 3 months ago

    Hey I don't eat hamburgers

  • Ghost of a Panda 2
    Ghost of a Panda 2 3 months ago

    Btw these stereotypes are talking about Americans minus the southerners

  • Fungis Rock
    Fungis Rock 3 months ago +1

    I think they like to say Obama😂

  • FBI
    FBI 3 months ago +2

    We have pranksters in usa you forgot about that and gangsters.

  • Samcreates
    Samcreates 3 months ago

    Almost every stereotype is true, but we are not nice lol. Also that a lot of Americans are insecure, not confident

  • Samcreates
    Samcreates 3 months ago +1

    i love that they mention Florida because I live here and im just like "OMG"

  • Gary Surber
    Gary Surber 3 months ago

    I work for the Japanese for over 15 years and I found them very nice people I love there culture as well. Domo arigatogozaimashita to the people of this video for there kind words about America!😽

  • Armani Diaz
    Armani Diaz 3 months ago

    Man can someone get me a flight to Japan I'd love to meet Japanese people and tell them America from a Hispanic view and how nice it is

    XoPOOKIEoX 3 months ago

    Washington...no the one on the right not the one in the upper left. Most American way a foreigner could describe our country lmao

  • The Hound
    The Hound 3 months ago


  • Roman
    Roman 3 months ago

    The ironic thing is that I live in the u.s. and have never had dunkin’ donuts in my life

  • allspaughv
    allspaughv 3 months ago

    I hope they still like us after Logan Paul made us look stupid and disrespectful

  • Jay Some61
    Jay Some61 3 months ago

    I have a lot of Japanese families that are in my neighborhood and they are the most nicest people I’ve met

  • Robert Hansel
    Robert Hansel 3 months ago

    we love you too Japan

  • Clevername
    Clevername 3 months ago

    I'd be VEEERRRY curious to see this video with these same exact questions asked in Japan nowadays.

  • Michele M
    Michele M 3 months ago

    Great ambassadors for Japan and America. Wonderful to hear from such respectful, positive, kind, and genuine people. Love that they correlated freedom with America ❤(even more so than our largeness!). Hope each of them can come for a visit (again), and that they will have wonderful experiences.

  • Biff Danielson
    Biff Danielson 3 months ago

    Japanese: most beautiful women, best food,best engineers, worst cartoons.

  • Nickolas Franklin
    Nickolas Franklin 3 months ago

    Every video that I watched about foreigners talk about America they all assume we eat hamburgers. Well guess what not all Americans eat hamburgers

  • Alien Vlog
    Alien Vlog 3 months ago

    I’ve been living in America and what i hate about is the negative things coming out of American teens. When i was in Middle school i’m used of being bullied by those popular kids just because I was born and raised from a different country and because Im half Filipino half Español. But i still love America.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 3 months ago

    They all seem like really nice people.

  • Lisa'sLife815
    Lisa'sLife815 3 months ago

    I love this video, and Japan. I'm in the US and I will be making a video responding to this video and telling what I think of Japan and Japanese people. It should be up 12/31/2018.

  • Allyson Lou
    Allyson Lou 3 months ago +6

    "And hamburger."
    I agree.

  • nemesis stars
    nemesis stars 3 months ago

    I hate la vegetarians hippies and flag burners dumbest Americans live their

  • nemesis stars
    nemesis stars 3 months ago

    Damn are we that easy to predict

  • giving up
    giving up 3 months ago

    It is suprising to me that the Japanese have such a positive view of the U.S. I wonder if their views have changed since Trump became president. Also interesting that they view themselves as shy, and us as positive and friendly.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 3 months ago +1


  • I've GoneAway
    I've GoneAway 4 months ago

    I rarely eat hamburgers... Then again my brother eats them weekly

    WORLD BEST VIDEOS 4 months ago +1

    please read it full and give me reply hello i am Pakistani and i watched this video few days ago i had watched the video which american plane have fall atom bomb on japan city Hiroshima i very hurt about that and in my heart i hate american government the american some people is good but more people i hate because they cooperate with government and american government is very very bad from other countries they want to defeat others countries and more Muslim countries they want to defeat and their people want to died but thanks of my God Allah that pakistan has atomic power and no one can see Pakistan on bad eyes and you Japanese people please do not like those people who hurt and torture your elders

  • XsaidZ
    XsaidZ 4 months ago

    Dude all the "bad" stereotypes were true tho lol
    And damn Japanese folks are really polite and nice

  • Julia Powell
    Julia Powell 4 months ago

    So the summary of what they’re saying is… That America/Americans are diverse, Food, entertainment, outgoing. Edit: oh and freedom 😆

  • aaron short
    aaron short 4 months ago

    So far pretty right on about how we are also nice about us i love Japanese people anyway theyre smart and oh my the ladies WOW so hot. Id love to hang around these young people in Japan for awhile

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 4 months ago

    I love Japan

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 3 months ago

      Thank you and you as well, and also to all the beautiful and wonderful people of Japan, u guys rock merry Christmas and much love!!!!!!!!

    • i i
      i i 3 months ago

      +William Wallace
      Good morning🌅
      May you have a warm,happy Christmas this year💐😊💐

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 3 months ago

      Merry Christmas Nebraska 5:17am

    • i i
      i i 3 months ago

      +William Wallace Hello😺
      Merry christmas 🎄🎅🎁✨
      Japan is now 21 o'clock

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 3 months ago

      Do I know you? ii

  • Original_Rumpleforskinn

    I find Japanese people really friendly. I would like to visit Japan one day 🤗.

  • sunny bhalla
    sunny bhalla 4 months ago

    As an Indian every time i go to states i meet wonderful people most of the time but sometimes bad ass proudy ppl too. But at the end I just love USA.. bad apples are everywhere