Is Mitch Trubisky Good Again?

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • Ryan Travis
    Ryan Travis Day ago

    I never doubted Trubisky, I’ve been roasted for my support with Chicago especially my extreme support for Trubisky.

  • Rodger Harris
    Rodger Harris 16 days ago

    TruBiscuit is a wasted draft choice. Keep hoping but they need to cut their losses and move on. The Vikings played their 3rd string and almost won. Ryan Pace should be fired.

  • Takiboy233
    Takiboy233 20 days ago

    Dude, you have to be a dumbass to believe the in Trubisky for looking good against the Lions and Cowboys. Two of the worst defenses in football. Get a brain.

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller Month ago

    Trubisky is the new Andy Dalton. Needs a good running game to be a good QB, won’t be able to carry over the hump.

  • Ferd1921
    Ferd1921 Month ago +1


  • ChuckandLydia Goering


  • tossed but not sunk ss

    Who would have thought that after that game they would destroy the rams

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez Month ago

    The bears looked good because they played the cowboys

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez Month ago

    Gotta love good ol Jesper blowing the trick play of the year

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God Month ago

    this video did not age well.

  • Johnny savage Juicy J

    Bears will definitely beat the packers Sunday there offense sucks and there defense definitely sucks they have no stars on the packers only Rogers an he is slowing down I bet 5 sacks from Mack because Hicks is back!!!

    • Austin Ford
      Austin Ford Month ago

      This didn't age well. Mack was shut down all game.


    I've said this whole year that trubisky is good. Matt nagy was running plays that didn't allow trubisky to get out of the pocket and take away half of the field, which trubisky is so good at. So this season was Matt nagys fault not Mitchell trubisky.

  • Anthony Monroe
    Anthony Monroe Month ago

    All of Chicago was not against Money Mitch the GOAT QB

  • Justin Hamlin
    Justin Hamlin Month ago

    Mitch always been good just have to use him right

  • Chi Nolan
    Chi Nolan Month ago

    Again? Again: returning to a previous position or condition. If something never was, how can it be again? Do not talk QBR it is a terrible stat.

  • Jay D.
    Jay D. Month ago +1

    The Bears 2019 season comes down to three games/instances.

    1) The defence allows the raiders to march down the field in the last minutes of a winnable game.
    2) A MISSED FIELD GOAL for a win against the chargers.
    3) Probably the worst first half QB performance of the year against the eagles.

    To say that the team was TRASH is a complete TRASH statement.

  • Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton Month ago

    How many lines of coke did you do before you did this video?

  • Kevin Rooney
    Kevin Rooney Month ago

    The future doesn't matter. That o line will be exposed in a bad way during the playoffs. Next year

  • Kevin Rooney
    Kevin Rooney Month ago +1

    Blame the o line.

  • Miles O'Keeffe
    Miles O'Keeffe Month ago

    DUH Mich is amazing

  • Servant to Be
    Servant to Be Month ago +1

    Packers have a good record but havent had the 'clicking'...that moment a team that sets their identity...The Bears seem to have it...

    • Servant to Be
      Servant to Be Month ago

      @Austin Ford
      after sundays game my comment seens to be backwards i a packers fan...i still dont thin they had a momentum changing moment that defines them even though they won...but what i did see was aaron rodgers run that ball and i though...lamar jacksons doing it and winning...trubisky got back on track running it...maybe AR should just ride his legs to the SB...

    • Austin Ford
      Austin Ford Month ago


  • 1lkydad 75
    1lkydad 75 Month ago

    Can they beat GB sun?

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago +1

    Every bad QB in the league has had their best game against the Cowboys defense. C'mon now.

  • Lettuce Bruh
    Lettuce Bruh Month ago

    Nagy is not the problem

  • Chiguy44
    Chiguy44 Month ago

    Really?? So now young Quarterbacks aren't allowed to go through sophomore slumps... even if they occur early in the 3rd year?? Stfu how did you even get a show?

  • Isaac DeFord
    Isaac DeFord Month ago

    Quick answer, no

  • C Givens
    C Givens Month ago

    Of course not , when was he labeled good he has talent but that's where it stands till he does it consistently.

  • Kevo Starks
    Kevo Starks Month ago

    Chi Town forgot that Mitch was hurt, he's showing up and showing out now.
    Shut the fuck up, Mitch is in his second season of Nagy's game plan.....remember his first year was under Foxx's 1940's ass Offense.
    We have to let Mitch grow and that's the shit people forgot, it's his 3rd season, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!
    Mitch had one year under Fox's bum ass and is working year 2 of Nagy's game book.
    Next year will tell it all, 2020 will be Mitche's make or brake year.....shut the fuck up!!!!!!!

  • Gearsbeast23collector

    SMH bandwagoners!

  • Black Manhattan
    Black Manhattan Month ago

    Saying it again some of the BEAR fans need another hobby. Trubisky is a developing threat in the NFL.

  • dj Curiosity
    dj Curiosity Month ago

    Ain't gonna happen....
    Not this year! Good luck!,

  • FestivusMiracle
    FestivusMiracle Month ago +1

    This didn't age well after that Eagles win

  • Owen O'Connor
    Owen O'Connor Month ago +1

    Y’all about the Buccaneers they have a chande

  • Sean Tomas
    Sean Tomas Month ago

    dah bears

  • Warren Mazengwe
    Warren Mazengwe Month ago

    I am in no way a Cowboys fan, but to use the adjective eviscerate with a one possession (7 point) win is a super over exaggeration.

    • KingSmoov YT
      KingSmoov YT Month ago

      Warren Mazengwe garbage points, the game was already out of reach bro. So all of that was just stat padding

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    As long as the raiders get a late pick, I'm happy.

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman Month ago

    Always been here for trubisky

  • Tane Care
    Tane Care Month ago

    8:39 😂😂😂😂

  • Jawaun Buckley
    Jawaun Buckley Month ago +1

    Ehhh I wanna see how he plays against hitters like the Chiefs and Packers until then he’s mediocre

    • Austin Ford
      Austin Ford Month ago

      @Paolo Milan get doubted.

    • Jawaun Buckley
      Jawaun Buckley Month ago

      Paolo Milan also they a team that only wins games against sub .500 teams go home with your argument

    • Paolo Milan
      Paolo Milan Month ago

      Jawaun Buckley isn’t that what y’all said after the lions and the giants? We dominated against the #1 offense. Keep doubting them though.

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez Month ago

    Wow I was like fire Mitch Nd Nagy now am like hells ya your hired 😂😂😂

  • Damon Gibson
    Damon Gibson Month ago

    These bears are the 2017-18 jags all these expectations and they can’t live up to them. Pathetic. Honestly people need to stop this bull💩 talking

  • Jeffrey Ledbetter
    Jeffrey Ledbetter Month ago

    Trupunksy is TRASH.

  • Nathan Delman
    Nathan Delman Month ago +1

    Simple answer: No.

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel Month ago

    Yes! Tribusky isn’t that bad

  • Hotwheel66
    Hotwheel66 Month ago

    You clowns never said he was good now hoping on the wagon?

  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon Month ago

    The Cowboys, should fire coach and trade Dak.
    Oh yeah, Stephane Jones should put his dad on a home and lose the directions.

  • Jason Ledesma
    Jason Ledesma Month ago +3

    “Damn we had this the whole time!” LMFAOO

  • Corey Monday
    Corey Monday Month ago

    The offense has regressed? Its the number 1 offense they were like 17th last year its the head coach the cowboys suck at the basics an im a life long cowboys fan but Garrett has been holding this team back for atleast 5 years he doesn't have a winners mentality hes way too conservative

  • flaming storm98
    flaming storm98 Month ago

    No still struggling shit

  • Eric Kelske
    Eric Kelske Month ago

    Rod Marinelli designed Defense has made Almost every QB look like a Cross between Montana/Steve Young.. We have to have the Dumbest Dinasour Outdated Coaching and Schemes.. Marinelli still thinks he's Coaching Sapp and the Bucs. And Griggs and Urlacher..Joke.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Month ago

    Elite Dual Threat QB..Risky Trubisky🐻

  • Roberto Garbagio
    Roberto Garbagio Month ago

    The biggest reason we have so many losses is the offensive line. If you look at tape from our losing streak it is incredibly obvious. That is the reason Mitch looked so bad. He was getting beat down. We should be 10-3 right now.

  • Joe Draper
    Joe Draper Month ago

    Pat your show is a great watch man. You're a legend. Thank you. Bear down

  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson Month ago

    Its simple. Injuries

  • kenz 546
    kenz 546 Month ago

    Mitch has been injured this year

  • Don Blu
    Don Blu Month ago

    Not all of Chicago turned on mitch he had more support than he knew

  • Brett Odin
    Brett Odin Month ago


  • Egg Nogger
    Egg Nogger Month ago +1

    As a bears fan, I know that that was one good game. He isn't good again. Just one game

  • Ibrahim Smith
    Ibrahim Smith Month ago

    No he’s still not that good, Dallas is just that sorry lol 😂

  • Magoo Investing
    Magoo Investing Month ago +1

    Never thought I'd see this as a video title lol