Must Start and Avoid - Running Back - 2019 Fantasy Football (Week 2)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • In today's video I go over the top RB plays of the week, and give my thoughts on some of the difficult choices you might need to make at the RB position. I talked about every fantasy relevant RB in this if I didn't talk about your player, then it probably means you should bench them.
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Comments • 699

  • Colby
    Colby Month ago

    marlon mack or kerryon???????

  • Josh Ries
    Josh Ries Month ago

    .5 PPR
    Have to bench 1
    Miles Sanders
    Chris Thompson
    Latavius Murray
    Malcolm Brown

  • Sebastian Moscoso
    Sebastian Moscoso Month ago

    I got Mack, Breida, and Gurley.. and I got Mecole Hardman at flex... should I start all 3 of my rb’s or????

  • Terrance Jacobson
    Terrance Jacobson Month ago

    Montgomery or Sanders. Cant decided who to start

  • DOOM all caps
    DOOM all caps Month ago

    HELP! Should i start miles sanders over devonta freeman? I play in a standard league.

  • Arky2012
    Arky2012 Month ago

    Oh sorry I found it but like someone else said you guys should time stamp so stuff like that doesn't happen

  • Arky2012
    Arky2012 Month ago

    Did you guys skip the Kansas City Oakland game

  • Daniel Natali III
    Daniel Natali III Month ago

    Kerryon Johnson , Singletary, and Aaron jones....pick 2....full point ppr

  • Robby Drae
    Robby Drae Month ago

    Singletary or Sanders?

  • Mark DeAngelis
    Mark DeAngelis Month ago

    Wow...Nick and Co., Congratulations 77,000 views??!! Just WOW 🔥

  • Arij Khan
    Arij Khan Month ago

    Should I start Aaron Jones or Miles Sanders?

  • keith smith
    keith smith Month ago

    This guys irrational hatred for Ingram makes him lose all credibility for me. Clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Adam Cash
    Adam Cash Month ago

    One correction: The Raiders CB1 Gareon Conley will be playing and Rookie Safety Jonathan Abram is not the Raiders top safety, he did not start last week and wasn’t going to start this week if healthy either. With that, Chiefs still putting up 40. So will the Raiders though. This game will be a shootout

  • Travis Schmitter
    Travis Schmitter Month ago +1

    I have to start 3 of the 4......Who do I start?
    David Johnson

    • Travis Schmitter
      Travis Schmitter Month ago

      @Marlon H Barillas I appreciate the input man, enjoy your football Sunday.

    • Marlon H Barillas
      Marlon H Barillas Month ago +1

      Travis Schmitter ouch, highly unlikely, Fournette averaged 54yrds last season and today’s matchup doesn’t favor him vs my Texans D. Good luck Sir

    • Travis Schmitter
      Travis Schmitter Month ago

      @Marlon H Barillas I benched Fournette..... hopefully he doesn't turn into my Ekeler of last week with 35 points on my bench lol.

    • Marlon H Barillas
      Marlon H Barillas Month ago +1

      Travis Schmitter if it’s a numbers thing then I’d sit Fournette, I’m guessing he gets 15 touches and about 60 yards no TD

    • Travis Schmitter
      Travis Schmitter Month ago +1

      @Marlon H Barillas that's where I was leaning, it's just hard to sit 25 touches.

  • Gray Wesley
    Gray Wesley Month ago

    Would you rather start RB Devin Singletary for the bills or RB Kerrion Johnson for the lions

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith Month ago

    Are you caboose

  • JermHD
    JermHD Month ago

    Shady or adrien Peterson at flex week 2? I have AP In but leaning towards Shady....

  • Colby
    Colby Month ago

    should i start mack or kerryon??

  • Jackson Kelley
    Jackson Kelley Month ago

    mixon, damien williams or singletary

  • Big Trips Keepin it real

    Who should I start Conner , Burkhead or Duke Johnson ?

  • J Bags
    J Bags Month ago

    Pick 2 to start...ppr .... kerryon Johnson , Austin Ekeler, miles sanders, brieda

  • Fareed Soluade
    Fareed Soluade Month ago

    Should I trade Kirk, Penny, Chris Thompson for Duke Johnson ? RBs are Kamara and Cook and receivers AB and Brandin Cooks

  • JoPa FN
    JoPa FN Month ago +1

    montgomery thompson or saunders full ppr 12 team league pls help

    • JoPa FN
      JoPa FN Month ago

      Jackson Kelley thanks

    • Jackson Kelley
      Jackson Kelley Month ago

      id go sanders but thompson is a solid play as well

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel Month ago

    For my flex who should i start
    -duke johnson
    -jarvis landry
    -dion lewis
    -mike williams(if ready)

  • Jimmy Oconner
    Jimmy Oconner Month ago

    Please Help. Damian Williams or Cris Thompson ?

    • Jimmy Oconner
      Jimmy Oconner Month ago

      Thanks. Was leaning Williams way but wanted another opinion. McCoy concerns me but then again so does A.P. I'm in a P.P.R league so receptions are important.

    • Conrad Morris
      Conrad Morris Month ago

      Jimmy Oconner no doubt damien williams

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez Month ago

    1 week people already trading wtf....

  • Ethan Lemons
    Ethan Lemons Month ago

    Devin singletary or Todd gurley? To start

  • Switchy Redd
    Switchy Redd Month ago +1

    Who should I start at rb2 k Johnson or N chubb

    • Switchy Redd
      Switchy Redd Month ago

      Really but Johnson vs chargers and chargers run D is ass. And Chubb vs jets jets have legit run d

    • DJ Warner
      DJ Warner Month ago

      Switchy Redd easy, Nick Chubb

  • APandaOnFire
    APandaOnFire Month ago

    I traded dalvin cook for eckler, brandin cooks and godwin 👍 I thought the RB value was very good already and I needed receivers

  • Davis Williamson
    Davis Williamson Month ago

    My RB situation is fucked, I have Conner in RB 1 which is great BUT I have Devonte Freeman, Duke Johnson, Tarik Cohen and Chris Thompson to choose form for my RB 2. No clue who I am going to start I might just draw a name out of a hat, I need some good advice from anyone please. Oh yeah full point PPR

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller Month ago

    Now I gotta decide between Cook, Chubb, and Michel. Sadly, I've already started McCaffrey as my RB1.

  • James Jeffers
    James Jeffers Month ago

    Would y’all trade James White for Miles Sanders in 0.5 PPR?

  • Brandon Edwards
    Brandon Edwards Month ago +1

    Got Zeke my RB1. Who y’all recommend for my RB2? Chris Carson, Mack, or Fournette? Gonna take a shot at Mecole Hardman breaking out in my Flex spot.

    • 2 This Day!!
      2 This Day!! Month ago

      I was thinking the same thing bcuz Mike Williams is hurt vs Detroit. Hardman gotta better matchup

  • Aidan Dubs
    Aidan Dubs Month ago

    Tyrell Williams, Derrick Henry, Antonio Brown. I gotta start two. Someone hell

    • Aidan Dubs
      Aidan Dubs 29 days ago

      Gábor Csák ended up being my thoughts exactly. AB and Tyrell got essentially the same number of points so it’s all good. Thanks for the help tho

    • Gábor Csák
      Gábor Csák Month ago

      At this point, I'd go with Williams and Henry. AB has some upside in that Partriots offense, but his exact role and target share is yet to be seen. I just wouldn't risk him on his first appearance, unless I desperately need that possible huge upside against the league's worst team.

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    singletary or sony michel? im leaning sony

  • Cody Jackson
    Cody Jackson Month ago

    Miles Sanders or Aaron Jones this week? Half PPR

    • Arij Khan
      Arij Khan Month ago

      Cody Jackson I have both of them too and don’t know who to start!!!!!!

  • Kirk Pearson
    Kirk Pearson Month ago

    Mark Ingram Kerryon Johnson or Josh Gordon flex?

  • rahliE05
    rahliE05 Month ago +1

    Lions are as difficult of a matchup as the Ravens? Idk about that one

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    Who should I start as my flex devin Singletary or Jarvis Landry or Dk Metcalf also have dede Westbrook who's playing houston cut their starting slot cb

    • Adam Camacho
      Adam Camacho Month ago

      Singletary might be good flex. Or brown's have a bounce back game and Landry goes for 4 rec 76 yes no td tho

  • SweatyBoner69Hoobastank

    PPR Chris Thompson or lesean McCoy ?

    • Davis Williamson
      Davis Williamson Month ago

      Thompson, Mccoy is TD dependent. My RB situation is fucked, I have Conner in RB 1 which is great BUT I have, Devonte Freeman, Duke Johnson, Tarik Cohen and Chris Thompson to choose form for my RB 2. No clue who I am going to start I might just draw a name out of a hat, I need some good advice from anyone please. Oh yeah full point PPR. I cant wait for Melvin Gordon to come back so I dont have to pick between these smucks.

  • Trevor Slaughter
    Trevor Slaughter Month ago

    Start two: Joe Mixon, Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay. Full PPR

  • Randy Hayward
    Randy Hayward Month ago

    Here are my three backs
    Mark Ingram
    Josh Jacobs
    Todd gurley, who do I start? We can only start 2 backs

    • Randy Hayward
      Randy Hayward Month ago

      @Brandon Edwards cool cuz that's what I was leaning too it's hard about gurlley cuz I had him last year and he was beast but this year I think the coach is limiting gurlley due to knee but thank you for the tip I appreciate it

    • Brandon Edwards
      Brandon Edwards Month ago

      Randy Hayward Jacobs for sure. I would lean Ingram over Gurley probably.

  • dr. green
    dr. green Month ago

    Jacobs a low end RB2 this week? Hmm. I am not sure if you watched the game last week. The Raiders game plan is classic Gruden. They want to control tempo with the run. They love Jacobs so much so that I heard they even ran some Wildcat packages with him in training camp. He is the focal of the offense. The run game takes pressure of Carr. Didnt you notice how much calmer with his throws he was last week? I think Jacobs ends up on the fringe of RB1 and high RB2. We will see soon enough. Thanks for the vid!

  • Henry44 c
    Henry44 c Month ago

    Anyone have any suggestions on what combination I should do with these running backs on my team in a 10 team ppr. Saquon, chubb, michel, Freeman and Singletary?

  • Neckontz
    Neckontz Month ago

    Brieda or singletary 10 team half PPR?

  • Cole Temple
    Cole Temple Month ago

    Which RB do I sit between Chubb, Ingram, Mack and Henry?

    • Jason Jones
      Jason Jones Month ago

      Cole Temple IDK because between you and me I would start all 3 of them

  • Zack F
    Zack F Month ago

    that odd moment when it says to start each one of your rbs.. (kamara, chubb, mack, breida, mccoy) lmao

  • bilbo saggins
    bilbo saggins Month ago +1

    What do u mean mark ingram will be annoying after weeks 1-2 they have one of the easiest schedules going forward and game script flow is so good for the top rushing team last year besides the seahawks. Unless mark ingram gets hurt which could happen, he's a great play every week no one in that backfield is taking over that spot only reason why edwards got a lot of volume is because the ravens were blowing them out. Mark will not be annoying going forward wtf lol

  • Crazy Dood
    Crazy Dood Month ago +1

    Got Damien Williams and Marlon Mack available for my flex. I assume I'd start Mack

  • Geoff Black
    Geoff Black Month ago

    Would you start Latavius or Burkhead in the flex? Or maybe even Justin Jax? I’m stuck here, lol.

    • Cam Riddle
      Cam Riddle Month ago +1

      @Geoff Black let's just go Latavius bro. Report back here on Monday.

    • Geoff Black
      Geoff Black Month ago

      Cam Riddle yeah Latavius is probably the safest. Right? Lol.

    • Cam Riddle
      Cam Riddle Month ago +1

      I'm in the same exact boat lol. Latavius or Jackson? I have Ekeler starting already so I'm learning Latavius.

    • Jason Jones
      Jason Jones Month ago +1

      Latavius Murray

  • pbrink224
    pbrink224 Month ago

    Breida or Landry at my flex ?

  • M S
    M S Month ago +2

    with as bad as the lions looked, think i should try and trade golladay for miles sanders? current RBs: kamara, ingram, kenyan, and im sitting on damien harris just in case. WRs: keenan, robert woods, golladay, watkins, moncreif, dj chark jr. Full ppr league, with 1 WR, 1 RB, 3 flex WR/RB/TE

  • GSG Richard
    GSG Richard Month ago

    should i start derrick henry or david johnson

  • jay rost
    jay rost Month ago

    Which 3 RBs would you start:
    D. Cook

  • Evan Farley
    Evan Farley Month ago

    Fast forward fast forward fast forward.......rewind 10 30 seconds.....FF FF FF FF........FF FF.....rewind 10 30 seconds

  • Kid Venture
    Kid Venture Month ago +1

    I need my backs to go off
    S. Barkley D. Williams & M. Mack

  • Nathan Crosby
    Nathan Crosby Month ago

    Is Coleman actually out for 4-6 weeks???

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago +1

    Should i start Mark Ingram or Tyler Boyd?? (flex)

  • Nick Ridley
    Nick Ridley Month ago

    phillip lindsay or kenyan drake ppr league

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Month ago

    Look at picture and you’ll know who they’re talking about