The Ultimate Paper Airplane | WIRED


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  • Stone2D3D
    Stone2D3D 3 hours ago

    Brilliant designer!

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis 8 hours ago

    really really cool

  • Oldaccount1111
    Oldaccount1111 14 hours ago


  • Amelia Gonzales
    Amelia Gonzales 17 hours ago

    just don't get any water on it 0.0

  • Michael Vo
    Michael Vo 17 hours ago

    it looks like lego

  • D the Hacker
    D the Hacker 21 hour ago +1

    iam just seeing a man who has gone bald within completing a model and is still working on it.WTF!!!!

  • Zoobie Doobie
    Zoobie Doobie 23 hours ago

    Extraordinary! You are an inspiration, an exemplificaiton & practical example of perseverence.. I really loved it & it gives Me a fresh motivation to do best in my craft ;)

  • Leaguegamer1
    Leaguegamer1 Day ago

    Wait???? Can it fly ?!!!?!!?

  • Nick Ward
    Nick Ward Day ago

    Will it fly

  • Cubing Classic
    Cubing Classic Day ago

    Omg if it got wet! 😂

  • The flight chaanal extrem Shaikh

    Hay no one can bulid that!?

  • Patel Janki
    Patel Janki Day ago +1

    Udtahai kya men it's fly

  • Nick Prince
    Nick Prince Day ago

    you split The Wendy's avocado in two?!

  • Jiffy Animations

    You should take it out for a fly ;)

  • john cuting
    john cuting Day ago

    This dude should be streaming him making the airplane

  • Vincent Lake
    Vincent Lake Day ago

    But does it fly?

  • Neurofied Yamato

    I know a friend that make paper tanks :P
    if that counts...

  • Peter DAVIS
    Peter DAVIS Day ago


  • xMozartx
    xMozartx Day ago

    The question is ... is it able to fly 🙂🙂

  • James Ashcroft
    James Ashcroft Day ago

    His voice makes me want to throw myself out of a plane.

  • Osotot A
    Osotot A Day ago +2

    He should make a diarama of a plane crash with his "plane crash" box

  • Robin Ampiparampil

    This designer is amazing. I hope, Boeing or any airline will keep this model in their museum. Even better I wish this model is kept in the Smithsonian museum.

  • MordeCOGNeko ShinnyKaiser

    I don't think that's Weird. If I had a chance to break down a blue print of my favorite Car, Gundam or Plane and had the patience to painstakingly put each part to gather, with full detail I would. Though id use plastic after finding out paper is a good start.

  • Xzdan15 _
    Xzdan15 _ Day ago


  • IllisMoreo IllisMoreo

    Him with paper: Japanese level Craft Magic
    Me with paper: One pull of knife & the paper separates another way. My hands aren't made for such delicate art.

  • b888
    b888 Day ago

    Which glue do u use?

  • Mazie Mazie
    Mazie Mazie Day ago

    Throw it

  • Dr C1nda Quil
    Dr C1nda Quil Day ago

    That means it can fly?

  • TK1732
    TK1732 2 days ago

    can it fly tho?

  • rishab kacham
    rishab kacham 2 days ago

    really unbelievable. it really takes tons of patience to do that master piece.

  • MrMeoow91
    MrMeoow91 2 days ago

    Sweety hands the worst enemy

  • xineTV
    xineTV 2 days ago


  • Lekker Random
    Lekker Random 2 days ago

    What if he started using weed? May he uses it already, may he made a joke when he was high that he ‘could make a pretty cool airplane’

  • Hisham mahmud
    Hisham mahmud 2 days ago +1

    And this is the truth of why you didn’t give up your homework

  • eShank
    eShank 2 days ago +1

    What is this, a plane for ants?

  • Meat Stick
    Meat Stick 2 days ago +1

    Imagine if his house went on fire.

    l-PARAMEDIC-l 2 days ago

    Yooo itss great thats 🔥🔥

  • gavin hicks
    gavin hicks 2 days ago

    his voice is kinda boring... im not judging or anything mean. just a heads up

  • Elijah Rodbaugh
    Elijah Rodbaugh 2 days ago

    That’s a *c r i s p* hairline BRO

  • Kien Nguyen
    Kien Nguyen 2 days ago

    Soooo... can it fly? 😆

  • Xavier Garza
    Xavier Garza 2 days ago

    His biceps are bigger then my head.

  • carl shneebly
    carl shneebly 2 days ago

    Now throw it.

  • macsmith2013
    macsmith2013 2 days ago

    Sick (in a good way)!

  • Shelley Matthews
    Shelley Matthews 2 days ago

    Sooo cool

  • A Kam
    A Kam 2 days ago

    How u make dem wheels boi?!

  • Mystic Mac
    Mystic Mac 2 days ago

    Nobody light ah match

  • Moe Shindeiru
    Moe Shindeiru 2 days ago

    I wanna see it fly

  • Vxern
    Vxern 2 days ago

    But does it djent?

  • Itokiana Noa
    Itokiana Noa 2 days ago

    Love it bro

  • Du hast Recht, bester Kommentar.

    Trees are crying

  • Gabriel Batagliotti
    Gabriel Batagliotti 2 days ago

    Genial !!

  • shabnam alisha
    shabnam alisha 2 days ago


  • Molly Gordon
    Molly Gordon 2 days ago

    Wouldn't want to fly it

  • Superman04p
    Superman04p 2 days ago

    Wouldn't the original blueprints, for the 777 itself, be incredibly helpful !!

  • Todd Bloomer
    Todd Bloomer 2 days ago

    You know, it looks like the plane could literally fly right off the table if it were completely finished lol

  • Coon Lyncher
    Coon Lyncher 3 days ago

    Imagine when it rains and the whole plane soaks

  • wang li
    wang li 3 days ago


  • Pixelgundabber
    Pixelgundabber 3 days ago

    Now try to make it fly.

  • Seven Nation Army
    Seven Nation Army 3 days ago +1

    Nice airplane would be a shame if something happens to it.............

  • Kevin TCP
    Kevin TCP 3 days ago

    i think you meant a paper aeroplane

  • 8888stealth
    8888stealth 3 days ago

    Don't quit your day job.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 3 days ago

    The Question is....

    Can it fly?

  • NEAL 98
    NEAL 98 3 days ago +1


  • Smüth Opheliac
    Smüth Opheliac 4 days ago

    Dammit it's just a model I thought it would have been something else.

  • Tails Gaming
    Tails Gaming 4 days ago


  • Ariff Wm
    Ariff Wm 4 days ago

    You sir are mad. Please stay that way. He could easily sell each model to collectors

  • SuperCraftPE
    SuperCraftPE 4 days ago

    I can make one that flies better in 30 seconds.

  • trollzzz24 _
    trollzzz24 _ 4 days ago

    but the question is,is it going to fly?

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar 4 days ago

    Throw it see if it actually flies

  • FunYun Frog
    FunYun Frog 4 days ago +1

    Paper shredder.😈

  • JDen Tabancura
    JDen Tabancura 4 days ago

    The question is

    Will it fly

  • Pyramid Reading
    Pyramid Reading 4 days ago

    He needs a life

  • Quaes
    Quaes 4 days ago

    Its so cool but for some reason, I want to dump water on it.

  • Waffandrord
    Waffandrord 4 days ago

    Remember when DW broke Arthur's model airplane?
    Wonder if this one flies.

  • Jennathecool Gaming
    Jennathecool Gaming 4 days ago

    It’s gonna be so detailed it will fly just like one!

  • James_ 23
    James_ 23 4 days ago

    Does it fly though

  • Jesse Sorensen
    Jesse Sorensen 4 days ago

    I want to set it on fire.

  • Diego Mendoza
    Diego Mendoza 4 days ago


  • Justin Illhardt
    Justin Illhardt 4 days ago

    Well mine can fly

    XXXTENTACIO N 4 days ago

    *now throw into 2 to tall buildings that are side by side but one is slightly smaller*

  • Android Playz
    Android Playz 4 days ago

    No the real question is can it fly? Lol

  • Catgamerface
    Catgamerface 4 days ago

    *house starts on fire*

  • Nikoloz muskhelishvili

    Dude he better guard it with his life that is a masterpeac

  • Da_Rhino_Gamer
    Da_Rhino_Gamer 4 days ago

    Imagine his girlfriend getting mad at him rip his plane

  • The Fail Ninja
    The Fail Ninja 4 days ago

    But can it fly?

  • Skyline
    Skyline 5 days ago

    But the real question is
    Is the paper *t h I c c* ?

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 5 days ago +1

    does it fly?

  • Hassan Ahmad
    Hassan Ahmad 5 days ago

    Just 3 m views it would get 100 m views

  • Art Powers
    Art Powers 5 days ago

    Someone get this dude some food

  • Chris Harper
    Chris Harper 5 days ago

    Serious OCD! 😄 Thankfully, we get to enjoy the artwork.

  • Galaxy GamingNL
    Galaxy GamingNL 5 days ago

    Where are the wings?

  • epic gamer 53
    epic gamer 53 5 days ago

    This makes my death wing paper airplane but at least mine fly's good...

  • Andrew 07
    Andrew 07 5 days ago

    *knocks over wooden protector which shreds it*

  • pete may
    pete may 5 days ago


  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond 5 days ago

    One problem.. no unscrewable pommel to end your foes rightly

  • Santhosh Tube
    Santhosh Tube 5 days ago

    Very nice keep it up

  • Kawaii_ Frog
    Kawaii_ Frog 5 days ago +1

    We need tiny people too!

  • CodyProxyify
    CodyProxyify 5 days ago

    Throw it!

    THE LAST STANDING 5 days ago


  • Daniel Matthews
    Daniel Matthews 5 days ago

    where will you be when adderal takes over?