The Ultimate Paper Airplane | WIRED

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  • Ramin Hüssler
    Ramin Hüssler 10 minutes ago

    Amazing!No comment...

  • 10000 subscribes, No content :P

    In a word, this is...


  • jhessen owns
    jhessen owns 44 minutes ago

    a genius

  • Bowser 71
    Bowser 71 46 minutes ago

    mind blowing awesome he is one talented man.

  • Muhd Raqib
    Muhd Raqib Hour ago

    Lol Singapore Airlines at the background #majulahsingapura

  • xaraxen
    xaraxen 2 hours ago

    It exists 'only' on paper then.

  • jinotepe pinolero
    jinotepe pinolero 3 hours ago

    I wanna tickle this guys balls ..

  • albert speer
    albert speer 3 hours ago

    He got to tapped on bliss. something few . never experienced

  • albert speer
    albert speer 3 hours ago

    thst would look beautiful behind glass case

  • shane gover
    shane gover 3 hours ago

    This needs to go in the Guinness Book of World Records 😮

  • Emmanuel Winston
    Emmanuel Winston 4 hours ago +1

    5:32 - 5:43 bro like seriously!? you just built in the greatest, satisfying thing in the entire world to the very minutest detail.
    Who cares about reclining seats, like somebody's gonna get inside and try to bend that thing!

  • Mike C
    Mike C 6 hours ago +1


  • Fusion snowboarder A
    Fusion snowboarder A 6 hours ago

    Wow thats so cool

  • Angel & Yesi
    Angel & Yesi 6 hours ago


  • Maria Given
    Maria Given 6 hours ago

    BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?_/ - __

  • Lego Stylez
    Lego Stylez 6 hours ago

    And I thought Legos were complex...

  • Mercy Walschek
    Mercy Walschek 7 hours ago

    WOW! Mind blowing!

  • NO3-
    NO3- 7 hours ago

    Add 5 million servos and you have a working scale rc 777

  • Video7Rose
    Video7Rose 8 hours ago

    Magnificent! What an artist!

  • Alejandro Es
    Alejandro Es 8 hours ago

    What an artist!! Peace and love!!

  • Roblox DoesRoblox
    Roblox DoesRoblox 8 hours ago

    The thumbs nail looks like legos

  • Josh French
    Josh French 9 hours ago


  • Extra Slayar
    Extra Slayar 10 hours ago

    Imagine spending 4-8 years of your life getting a engineering degree then spends years making one paper airplane.

  • Frank Zheng
    Frank Zheng 10 hours ago

    Give this to slo mo guys after completion

  • Joey WD
    Joey WD 10 hours ago

    Absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! because it's file folder paper and it has moving parts!!

  • Chris
    Chris 10 hours ago

    Wow. Just... Wow.

  • ByeTech
    ByeTech 10 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Mason Chappell
    Mason Chappell 11 hours ago

    It amazes me how he says he’s up set that the seats don’t recline, I would have glued 2 pieces of paper together and called it a chair

  • Cole Kankula
    Cole Kankula 11 hours ago +1

    OMG 😱 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 12 hours ago

    Love it

  • RCE
    RCE 13 hours ago

    Throw it... No Balls

  • alfa kooks
    alfa kooks 14 hours ago


  • Jayson Medina
    Jayson Medina 15 hours ago


  • Zef Ninja
    Zef Ninja 15 hours ago

    So its not paper. Its a very thin wood. So its not a paper airplane. Its a wood plane

  • PumpkinPie
    PumpkinPie 15 hours ago

    Its not an airplane if it don't fly tho

  • Hi There
    Hi There 15 hours ago

    Wow! I am happy for this guy.

  • Amaranatha Reddy
    Amaranatha Reddy 16 hours ago

    I now how to make a paper 747 arplane

  • BNG Studio
    BNG Studio 17 hours ago

    Now throw it and see if it flies...

  • Странник. UA
    Странник. UA 17 hours ago


  • Странник. UA
    Странник. UA 17 hours ago

    Пропиарь меня ализ

  • sebalang
    sebalang 19 hours ago

    Does it fly though.

  • Pincho Paxton
    Pincho Paxton 19 hours ago

    When is he going to throw it?

  • Aman Kataria
    Aman Kataria 19 hours ago

    It’s not crazy.. it’s amazing man!

  • Mrs. Jackson
    Mrs. Jackson 20 hours ago

    Modern day DaVinci

  • LightDemon 1601
    LightDemon 1601 21 hour ago

    I wonder how many paper cuts he got

  • Alkemyst426
    Alkemyst426 21 hour ago

    Okay, so the working thrust reverse, the working landing gear, and the working slats and flaps got my attention. Dude, you are all the greatest ways..hope we get to see an update one day of the completed aircraft...good luck and great skill...

  • NickGamer
    NickGamer 21 hour ago

    Just imagine if this plane got set on fire

  • Visal Patel
    Visal Patel 21 hour ago

    What kind of paper he is using.....?

  • Newbielim
    Newbielim 21 hour ago

    Good job in making Singapore airline!

  • DaPanda
    DaPanda 22 hours ago

    777 dislikes. Really?

  • Lol Bleahnoobdust
    Lol Bleahnoobdust 22 hours ago

    Imagine someone sits on it

  • [Qwerty]
    [Qwerty] 22 hours ago

    Paint it!!

  • Arthur Red
    Arthur Red 22 hours ago

    Its called engineering folks. He BOUGHT A KIT, WITH INSTRUCTIONS...

  • Tolle Mann
    Tolle Mann 22 hours ago

    Amazing!! With all the moving parts.

  • Ivan Candelaria
    Ivan Candelaria 23 hours ago

    He is so amazing😉

  • Leo Luong
    Leo Luong Day ago

    This is amazing! Don’t listen to the hate!

  • Mason Makes Noise

    WOOOOOOOOOOT? Stunning...

  • The King Of Savages

    He is actually crazy because he hasn't even laughed and made a joke in the video

  • BingtheLizard
    BingtheLizard Day ago

    He could make/publish a book on how to make his scale model. "1500+ steps to creating a paper aeroplane". Crafty people and hobbyists would love it!

  • James Cofi
    James Cofi Day ago

    So when is the paper plane 8 and 10 gonna be lunched..iPhone has already lunched it's 8 and 10 tho

  • almondbrowne
    almondbrowne Day ago

    Hmm, how p**sed off he would be if he had a partner who destroyed the plane following an argument.

  • Tommy Thomas
    Tommy Thomas Day ago


  • Littleplanet21
    Littleplanet21 Day ago

    Thats really cool and all BUT CAN YOU DO THIS!?

  • N. Joh
    N. Joh Day ago


  • Nick Collins
    Nick Collins Day ago

    Hopefully there will be no fires in his house😁😁

  • 2Asspie
    2Asspie Day ago

    human 3d printer i guess

    AHAD JUNAID Day ago


  • Arpan D'Rozario
    Arpan D'Rozario Day ago

    Amaaaazing. Can't say anything

  • shivnz
    shivnz Day ago

    Don't mean to be a downer, but a lot of the core construction stuff looks to basically be a thin cardboard.. or is it an American thing to call cardboard "paper". It's still impressive, but paper plane is a tad misleading.

  • Harrie Watchz
    Harrie Watchz Day ago

    Great job, now build a life size one...

  • Jedisaki Luv's Ramen

    And then his house burnt down.

  • maha tayyeb
    maha tayyeb Day ago +1

    Love how he made those itty bitty seats and other things

  • B. Bailey
    B. Bailey Day ago

    U need to find a girlfriend.

  • xyz productions
    xyz productions Day ago

    "Seats do not recline" - sounds like the tragedy of the century!!!

  • Drake Wolford
    Drake Wolford Day ago

    This man psychotic in the best of ways!

  • Popcorn Butter
    Popcorn Butter Day ago

    What happens to it during a strong hurricane

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya Day ago

    You would make a great Surgeon.

  • PraShanna Chante
    PraShanna Chante Day ago +1

    Can I cut it with siccors

  • Rifqi Khilfi
    Rifqi Khilfi Day ago


  • Pix-BitGaming
    Pix-BitGaming Day ago

    now for the paper boat

  • MrBlakke
    MrBlakke Day ago


  • I quit YouTube
    I quit YouTube Day ago

    That’s talent

  • Alec Ver Bunker
    Alec Ver Bunker Day ago +5

    I hope he doesn't get to obsessed and just keep changing it. I'd look cool with a coat of paint

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 Day ago


    • omepeet2006
      omepeet2006 Day ago

      A certain level of autism certainly is a boon when doing something as intricate as this.

  • MrRocking4ever
    MrRocking4ever Day ago

    this guy is amazing ! never saw something like this before !

  • samxyx
    samxyx Day ago

    3D printing is gonna take your job bro....

  • Fresh Nutz
    Fresh Nutz Day ago +1

    Imagine is someone sat on that

  • Gareth Cushman-Reynolds

    The real challenge is making it fly

  • Matthew Hernandez

    What a great video, kudos to this guy

  • Ming Ming
    Ming Ming Day ago


  • eugene Morrill
    eugene Morrill Day ago

    Wow man. You have taken scratch building into the far beyond. I too scratch build. But using the more conventional balsa. I do not go into the detail , but I understand what you said about getting into what I call [ THE ZONE ] It's almost like meditating ehh.

  • Flirinel Td
    Flirinel Td Day ago

    If you look closely you could see that his right forearm is much bigger than the other one

  • Julian Caddy
    Julian Caddy Day ago

    Sooooo amazing!!!!!
    That is talent!!!

  • Unprepared Hero
    Unprepared Hero Day ago +1

    Let it fly

  • Martin Bedrosyan


  • jason antigua
    jason antigua Day ago

    There’s me still struggling to make folded paper planes !

  • Lemon Survival
    Lemon Survival Day ago

    Most people: amazing wow
    Pudipie: yeah but can you do this

  • Philip Whan
    Philip Whan Day ago

    Give this man a Master Class! Dang...

  • johnathan van voornveld

    how can i get my hand on his templates to build it