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Take Your Parents to Work Day with Jimmy Fallon

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
  • In honor of Take Your Child to Work Day, Jimmy talks to kids about what their parents do all day at work.
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    Take Your Parents to Work Day with Jimmy Fallon
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 536

  • ILuvAyeAye
    ILuvAyeAye 17 hours ago

    It’s okay Jimmy, 11:30 is probably after their bedtimes.

  • earth matters chimonq

    Oh is it a pilky?

  • Cecilie M
    Cecilie M 2 days ago

    AI LOVED THIS VIDEO!! I wish that you would do more of them and put your girls on here to interview!! You are wonderful Fallon!! 👍💖👍

  • Banana Wizard
    Banana Wizard 3 days ago +2

    I’m that one introvert kid that likes reading and eating

    ORPHA HARTMAN 3 days ago

    I LOVE the little girl who says,"A vet, a mermaid, a rockstar..." She is SO cute!!!!

  • shady jadey
    shady jadey 3 days ago

    Geez that girl who did the cartwheel was SERIOUSLY GOOD 😂

  • Aldranza M
    Aldranza M 4 days ago

    Leave the wholesome to Conan, you are just plain boring, over-shined by the kids

  • Nutella Latte
    Nutella Latte 4 days ago +1

    "Oh is it Pilkey, classic" lmaooo

  • Rachitha Kumar
    Rachitha Kumar 6 days ago +1

    "I'm just mostly eating and reading"
    my life story.

  • Ayana & Ruby
    Ayana & Ruby 7 days ago

    Jimmy is funny

  • Verity Quant
    Verity Quant 7 days ago

    That’s girls can do a better cart weal then me she’s like 7 I’m 12

  • ChickenAtor
    ChickenAtor 7 days ago

    i read dog man and pikley lol

  • Henry Edwards
    Henry Edwards 7 days ago

    Wheres the picture?

  • LionMen Music
    LionMen Music 7 days ago

    its kind of comedy.... jimmy needs to try and be actually funny, kids aint feeling him rn

  • Tweeti Byrd
    Tweeti Byrd 8 days ago

    I swore that guy in d thumbnail was Justin Timberlake.

  • Lisa Baskin
    Lisa Baskin 8 days ago

    I love these! Please do more :)

  • Phenomenal One
    Phenomenal One 8 days ago

    Kids always tell a truth honestly...

  • tady2002
    tady2002 10 days ago

    Jimmy is so much better at talking to kids than to adults.

  • Callme Daddy
    Callme Daddy 10 days ago +1

    That boy ruined his moms career

  • raindropknowledge
    raindropknowledge 10 days ago

    The song in the background is the "Morning" song from the My Sims DS game and it's distracting me

  • Hafsa Muse
    Hafsa Muse 10 days ago

    fallon is the lidl version of kimmel

  • Dev'nique Rogers
    Dev'nique Rogers 11 days ago +1

    I Like how her little sister said "Do It" & She Went For It, cool!

  • LEGENDARIest Legendary commentor

    How to get ur parents fired. ☝️

  • Hlengiwe Zungu
    Hlengiwe Zungu 13 days ago

    and after she gets grumpy after

  • Hey It's Qaswa
    Hey It's Qaswa 13 days ago +3

    At 1:55 That Cartweel Was Just On Point Mannn👌

  • Sheila Hussein
    Sheila Hussein 14 days ago

    Jimmy is so dramatic

  • Jessica Stohr
    Jessica Stohr 15 days ago

    That kid at 0:23 knew his mom so well! :)

  • Teen Rockers
    Teen Rockers 15 days ago

    i love the roots

  • AbiC27
    AbiC27 15 days ago

    Omg, this music is the mysims Nintendo music 😂😂

  • hannah ferolie ragin
    hannah ferolie ragin 16 days ago

    How sweet

  • עידן לוינהוף

    Lol those kids already know it all

  • SmilingVibrato
    SmilingVibrato 17 days ago +1

    These kids are so savage.

  • Sarah Kennemer
    Sarah Kennemer 17 days ago

    I'm mostly just eating and reading too

  • prynkya
    prynkya 17 days ago

    LOL. I want to be a rockstar, ninja, mommy, doctor, and a super hero.

  • AussieBoi 03
    AussieBoi 03 17 days ago

    The background music is my sims the nostalgia boi

  • Laura Peck
    Laura Peck 18 days ago


  • Dr.INnovation94
    Dr.INnovation94 19 days ago

    1:08 why did I think the parent was Justin timberlake?



  • Jim Cricket
    Jim Cricket 19 days ago

    "Kind of comedy"

  • Jon Treasure
    Jon Treasure 19 days ago

    Ah, th3 fake laughing...

  • Angie Karter
    Angie Karter 21 day ago +1

    K but they're using my sims music

  • Erin Steele
    Erin Steele 22 days ago

    I say a lot about Jimmy Fallon but he's a man that understands how to talk to children without making it weird and awkward.

  • Rem.
    Rem. 22 days ago

    Child at 0.26 is Sufjan Stevens.

  • Jonah
    Jonah 23 days ago

    That's my Sims music ... oh no

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer 24 days ago

    It’s kind of comedy ...a little tiny bit

  • Joji _
    Joji _ 24 days ago

    Is it just me or Jimmy Fallon has this face that looks really awkward. Like he trusted a fart too much and shat a little bit and is trynna play it off.

  • Marsya Low
    Marsya Low 25 days ago +1

    one of the boy reminds me of a young David dobrik

  • Donna OMeara
    Donna OMeara 26 days ago


  • Kylin Johnson
    Kylin Johnson 26 days ago

    I cam here for Justin Timberlake.

  • May Alam
    May Alam 26 days ago


  • Michelle Castor
    Michelle Castor 28 days ago

    “I mostly eat and read books.”
    Why is this me

  • 764marion
    764marion 29 days ago


  • NC
    NC Month ago

    they all have really good jobs hhahahh

  • Dawn Dietrich
    Dawn Dietrich Month ago

    I scrolled through to see who else thought it looked like Paul Walker...but all I see is Timberlake comments. I don't see it lol

  • Michelle Darmawan
    Michelle Darmawan Month ago

    I legit thought the guy at the thumbnail is justin timberlake, omfg 😂😂😂

  • Maryam Hesham
    Maryam Hesham Month ago

    I thought that was JT in the thumbnail 😂

  • PE. 663
    PE. 663 Month ago

    I remember one in the basement.

  • OhsnapitzJulie
    OhsnapitzJulie Month ago

    My Sims soundtrack lol

  • Papa Jeff
    Papa Jeff Month ago

    “Do you think i’m funny?”
    “A little tiny bit”

  • ava bach
    ava bach 2 months ago

    the my sims music

  • Faith Anne Richardson
    Faith Anne Richardson 2 months ago


  • Emzi
    Emzi 2 months ago

    2:01 when some girls vant look at the persons face and just plays with random stuff

  • Veronica Ngo
    Veronica Ngo 2 months ago +1

    Lmao I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Jimmy Kimmel

  • ZebraOats
    ZebraOats 2 months ago

    The boy “I’m just mostly eating or reading” MEEEEEE😍😍😅😂

  • Ruthie Mary
    Ruthie Mary 2 months ago +1

    2:25 I laughed so hard

  • Oksana Prusova
    Oksana Prusova 2 months ago

    I wanna be a mermaid too! :D

  • Ehtisham
    Ehtisham 2 months ago

    ninja mermaid rock star, kids are so imaginative

  • bangers & mash
    bangers & mash 2 months ago

    copying Kimmel

  • C
    C 3 months ago

    1:59 I laughed so hard go girl be whoever you want to be hahaha

  • Del Del
    Del Del 3 months ago

    Jimmy's so cute with kids❤

  • brenda lloyd
    brenda lloyd 3 months ago

    Only wannted to see this cuz the dude in the thumbnail look like JT... Coinsidence i think not!

  • Hasan Rasheed
    Hasan Rasheed 3 months ago

    loved it :D

  • smalls 152
    smalls 152 3 months ago

    "I eat and read" Same kid

  • Alyssa Mueller
    Alyssa Mueller 3 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmels kids taking them to work lol😂

  • kevin e-anaba
    kevin e-anaba 3 months ago

    when that little girl did the wheele I thought that was dope. she did it with ease

  • Óscar Argüello Velásquez

    Jimmy Kimmel is better

  • Vastasiya
    Vastasiya 3 months ago

    Did jimmy just try to pretend write?

  • Jumanah Zahra
    Jumanah Zahra 3 months ago

    "What does mommy do for work?"
    Well done my son. Someone pat him on his back

  • caribbeanqt16
    caribbeanqt16 4 months ago

    The kids are adorable 😍

  • Meryl Streep
    Meryl Streep 4 months ago

    I swear I thought it was Justin Timberlake in the thumbnail!

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 4 months ago

    Gotta love a man who gets on so well with children, and who really seems to enjoy their company. Barack Obama has the same virtue.

  • Sophia Harrison
    Sophia Harrison 5 months ago

    I didn't know what my dad did until I was like in high school. Even once I found out, it was still hard to explain because it's not like a typical job that can be summed up in a few words.

  • lewisalpha911
    lewisalpha911 5 months ago

    I think Jimmy Fallon could have definitely could have become a teacher if he wasn't on television. He would make a great teacher...possibly.

  • lewisalpha911
    lewisalpha911 5 months ago


  • Queen Unicorn Slays
    Queen Unicorn Slays 5 months ago

    That girl had a nice cartwheel...

  • Sugary Tae
    Sugary Tae 5 months ago

    I literally thought it was Justin so I clicked -,-

  • TGeezy
    TGeezy 5 months ago +1

    My Sims DS theme anybody?

  • Keira K
    Keira K 5 months ago

    I like how Jimm Fallon took this music from the game "My Sims".

  • krushkash
    krushkash 5 months ago

    That kid at 02:00 is basically going to be working at Disneyland.

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram 5 months ago

    I thought that was justin Timberlake 😁😂😂😂😂

  • Yan Chan
    Yan Chan 5 months ago

    @1:11 At a quick glance I thought the gentleman on the left was Justin Timberlake!

    • smart girl
      smart girl 15 days ago

      Yan Chan look like Jim Kimmel

  • Laura
    Laura 5 months ago

    when you have kids and go "oh I know that book, Ive read it!!" lol bad kitty is a series of books. My daughter owns most of them..

  • Nik Zutshi
    Nik Zutshi 6 months ago +1

    1:09 -> Justin Timberlake's long lost brother

  • Austin Imperial
    Austin Imperial 6 months ago

    Oh is it a Pilkey?

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 6 months ago

    What does mommy do for a job?
    -_Work?!_ 😁😁👍👍👍

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 6 months ago

    0:20, head of new products? da fuq does that entail

  • I Just Comment Stuff
    I Just Comment Stuff 6 months ago

    2:13 If that isn't me!

  • Kareem Ayas
    Kareem Ayas 6 months ago

    Jimmy I love you but leave this kid stuff to Kimmel, he owns it. Stick to photobombs and being way too competitive at celebrity games.

  • Anne-Marie DuPont
    Anne-Marie DuPont 6 months ago

    Copy Jimmy Kimmel much?

  • Lexi Keaton
    Lexi Keaton 6 months ago

    You should do that again.