D&D Story: How My Campaign Ended

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The Turtle Friends group finished out their campaign. As they find the covenant and try to return it to the plane of law. This story is the epic conclusion of the Turtle Friends series! The video follows them hiring out a new adventuring team and travelling through the needles of Lim.
    End Music "The Black Cat" from the TVclip Audio Library
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  • Fenrir Banner
    Fenrir Banner Hour ago +1

    As a Californian....yeah.

  • Fangsabre
    Fangsabre 3 hours ago

    ...... I feel called out
    From- Sacramento CA

  • Yael Bethers
    Yael Bethers 3 hours ago

    6:25 liberals

  • Definately 505 Games
    Definately 505 Games 5 hours ago

    As someone who lives in california, i can confirm that your description is accurate

  • ewok king
    ewok king 12 hours ago

    I think New Jersey if a higher hell than California or is New Jersey even worse

  • Michael Vardy
    Michael Vardy 16 hours ago

    Is it just me but I’m really intrigued in Arnold the baby hippo

  • Abe Coltrin
    Abe Coltrin 23 hours ago

    I looked up baby harp seals... They belong higher up the mountain!

  • Just Elegant
    Just Elegant Day ago

    One silver piece? One? Not gonna lie, that’s some rich mans coins

  • Slavik Chukhlebov

    I live in California. This clip was 100% accurate.

  • RetiefPH
    RetiefPH Day ago

    I freaking died over California

  • jacksepticeye jr

    I will just reference hotel California now

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 2 days ago

    Omfg, as someone who lives in California, this is fucking hilarious

  • A. B.
    A. B. 2 days ago

    Sounds like SoCal problems. XD No such issues up here in NorCal!

  • Arpan Mukhoti
    Arpan Mukhoti 2 days ago

    Do you do online DMing??

  • Hleghe
    Hleghe 2 days ago

    oof that ending is inconclusive (also i totally missed part of this series)

  • Dex hillinger
    Dex hillinger 2 days ago

    I live in California and I can say that description is accurate.

  • Xxx_!D0N7KN0W13375P33K 8U7!'M83773R7H4NU_xxX

    You should totally check out sword and scoundrel at grandheresy.com

  • Xan dan
    Xan dan 2 days ago

    So life moved on like it always does.

  • D Lennon
    D Lennon 2 days ago

    So, if I'm recalling correctly, that sword that destroys the souls of those it kills is still just out there? Being used for who knows what?

  • jack the pikacu
    jack the pikacu 2 days ago

    was that wallece

  • aspektx
    aspektx 3 days ago

    They've clearly never heard of Florida.

  • Xanathars Goldfish
    Xanathars Goldfish 3 days ago

    1:57 is that Wallis

  • Hunter Hannigan
    Hunter Hannigan 4 days ago

    1:55 uggggggggg WALLCE noooooooooooo

  • Ethan McRae
    Ethan McRae 4 days ago

    Just for clarity, at the end when the gods left and new technology was developed, were the gods preventing technological development or were those two things not linked

  • Zaid Tell
    Zaid Tell 5 days ago

    Congrats on over 500,000 subs ben!!!

  • Daniel Florence
    Daniel Florence 5 days ago

    I really love your content. Keep it up!

  • mike estevez
    mike estevez 5 days ago

    You think California is terrifying? Then you’ve never seen the hellscape known only as...Miami

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj 5 days ago

    Baby harp seals are awesome and all, but, take it from a Newfoundlander... they're kind weak against wooden clubs.

  • John Campos
    John Campos 5 days ago

    Could you make a second TVclip video of the California sketch starting from about 5:00 to 6:30? It’s really funny, and I’d like to send it to some LA friends.

  • Celeste Reynolds
    Celeste Reynolds 5 days ago +1

    Me: sees Wallace
    Me: *hysterical laughter*

  • Like That
    Like That 5 days ago

    You copied diggo doddles

  • Alorix
    Alorix 6 days ago

    Wait at 9:17 the fighter goes to live with his wife till the end of their days....but....wasn't he immortal?

  • Jasper Bouchet
    Jasper Bouchet 6 days ago +1

    1:11 ok, something’s off here...

  • Ryker Hciebufysvf
    Ryker Hciebufysvf 6 days ago

    8:19 he’s a real boy now!!!

  • Dobby
    Dobby 6 days ago

    I wish there would be offical "Puffin Forest" campaigns ^^ or at that the campaings would be written down

  • Quote
    Quote 6 days ago

    I live in California (against my will) and I can attest your description of it is true

  • UltimaOmega777
    UltimaOmega777 6 days ago

    Wait so the turtle friends managed to reunite after being split up in different planes? Also the Gundam Warforged changed form again?

  • Dison Plush gaming
    Dison Plush gaming 6 days ago

    Dingo doodles had to fight a f**king tryask

  • Ex0Sk3l
    Ex0Sk3l 7 days ago

    1:14 Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the seal's eyes blew up? 😂

  • Nikola Zivkovic
    Nikola Zivkovic 7 days ago

    The covenant a thing that protect s the mortal plane from devil's.
    Much like the Amulet of Kings and the plane of Mundus from Oblivion and the deadra seem similar much Ben?

  • Lord Vader clone #5987

    I call shenanigans if your art is to be believed than thouse are the same characters from The Wizard video and all but one of them died fighting him so how the heck did they come back and until you make a video explaining that I call Shenanigans but over all good story

  • commandervulkan
    commandervulkan 7 days ago

    Oh god the blacksmith apprentice is one of the party members on team B

  • Anthony the Werewolf [Gay]

    Oh god Wallace returns

  • Joey Veloso
    Joey Veloso 8 days ago

    I feel bad for michelle. Felt like after saving the world, he/she was never seen or heard of ever again kind of story for him/her :'(

  • Bohemian Monk
    Bohemian Monk 8 days ago

    Four young and clueless adventures, huh? Titan storm!

  • Autistico
    Autistico 8 days ago

    5:28 we got some gloryhammer vibes here

  • Cole Epley
    Cole Epley 8 days ago

    Oooooweeeeee if that wasn’t the end of the campaign, those npc adventurers would come back and lay at least one party member dead. Think about how much leveling up that level 0 character did from going there twice and the xp bonuses? From level 0 to level 14 just like that

  • Mocha Maniac
    Mocha Maniac 8 days ago

    The dislikes are 666

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 8 days ago

    You can't ignore a plot hook!
    My IRL group: **Playing our campaign for 3-4 months and we STILL haven't come across the main plotline**

  • Muffin Pup
    Muffin Pup 9 days ago


  • Carani von Bianthia
    Carani von Bianthia 9 days ago

    It's even funnier when you know that Mount Ebott is in California.

  • Striker
    Striker 10 days ago

    20 bucks says the lonely guy who left will appear in something else , maybe not a video but one of his games

  • Joey Dp
    Joey Dp 10 days ago

    so you allow meta gaming?

  • The Game Master
    The Game Master 10 days ago

    New heroes rise in... California.

  • Blu Bat
    Blu Bat 11 days ago

    Was that a hitchhiker’s guide reference?

  • grim Reaper
    grim Reaper 11 days ago

    Im from California and L.A

  • Smirked Freikugel
    Smirked Freikugel 12 days ago

    California IS shit howd u know :0

  • ninjabo 01
    ninjabo 01 12 days ago

    Isnt calafornia like the beginner's autralia you should have sent them there instead

  • DatalysJR
    DatalysJR 13 days ago +4

    I’m from California and you right 😂🤣😂

  • Charles Sohn Sohn
    Charles Sohn Sohn 13 days ago

    I’ve been to California and can confirm

  • Tridentking1
    Tridentking1 13 days ago

    god that ending, totally not getting emotional rn

  • Carter Gravatt
    Carter Gravatt 13 days ago

    so basically the main villain is zariel before they became a devil?

  • Lena Magee
    Lena Magee 13 days ago

    Being someone who lives in California, I agree with Ben. California is... 5:12. Truly, this video is the most accurate description known to mankind.

  • J0K3
    J0K3 13 days ago

    I hate ending campaigns!! Once my players beat the main story I make another new giant plot until the players get bored!!

  • Xexomaru
    Xexomaru 13 days ago

    will you ever animate the turtle history? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Ryan Hendricks
    Ryan Hendricks 14 days ago

    ...and the fighter is still paralyzed.

  • Duncan Trout
    Duncan Trout 14 days ago +1


  • Mason Goad
    Mason Goad 14 days ago

    I eould help the dream team and give them big reward

  • Michael Ciraulo
    Michael Ciraulo 14 days ago

    How did they never meet again if they all were immortal and stopped aging? They have to have had to want to catch up with each other at least once XD or perhaps they will still be there in the future.
    Another question is if Asriel is immortal and doesn't age being a demi-god and the Needles keep traveling from plane to plane and the gods left the world which gave rise to science, does that mean magic no longer works in the world?
    If so what did the others lose their immortality and can Asriel still plane shift into their world?

  • Orange Fox
    Orange Fox 14 days ago

    I am actually afended by that California joke. (I am from California)

  • Blue Foxy
    Blue Foxy 14 days ago

    5:10 huh, must have been to the SCP universe in a XK clase scenario.

  • Venomkiller169
    Venomkiller169 15 days ago

    Malikar went left in the animation

  • Jake Swenson
    Jake Swenson 15 days ago

    +Puffin Forest I just realized that why would there need to be a covenant between the angels and the devils to stop them from fighting? Devils are former angels that "evolved" to better fight the demons along with Asmodeus (dont know if i spelled that right)? I mean, if you believe that story. But still, the devils are too busy fighting the demons and wouldnt fight the angels anyway since they are another form of law (like Asmodeus and his devils). He may be evil, but he is still lawful.

  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 15 days ago +1

    The potted plant! Just like FLOWEY!!!

  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 15 days ago +2

    i started cracking up with california and lost it at LA!!!

  • Ze _ Dawn
    Ze _ Dawn 16 days ago +1

    .......... I live in California...

  • CableBoxCal
    CableBoxCal 16 days ago +2

    1. This was uploaded on my birthday woooow
    2. Why did that ending make me so emotional

  • Danny DixoMixoYo
    Danny DixoMixoYo 16 days ago

    when all the PC's are assholes.

  • BlazeBytes
    BlazeBytes 16 days ago

    you forgot to mention the stupid California drivers

  • Chad__Connor
    Chad__Connor 16 days ago

    Why does every voice sound like Eric Cartman

  • Beanz Castro
    Beanz Castro 16 days ago

    Haha California is hell. 😀

  • MrSmallANDLoud
    MrSmallANDLoud 17 days ago +3

    Hey Puffin Forrest, participated in my first DND group today :)

  • yeeto cheeto
    yeeto cheeto 17 days ago +3

    "There is a realm where even the devils dare not tread." "What is it?" *"CAAAAAAAALIIIIIFOOOORNIAAAA!!!"* *screaming in fear*

  • The age of K’angus
    The age of K’angus 17 days ago +2

    Is the gnome monk “Will”

  • andrew the animator
    andrew the animator 18 days ago

    Did the dream team level up

  • grogdizzy
    grogdizzy 18 days ago +1

    yeah, California really is the worst

  • Thelovely Redbones
    Thelovely Redbones 18 days ago +2

    Welcome to D&D. Ultimate life simulator with demons, Monsters and dragons- biches.

  • Balto
    Balto 18 days ago

    6:02 *cough* china *cough*

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link 18 days ago +1

    It was called..... Detroit!!!!! XO

  • D.A Ducari
    D.A Ducari 19 days ago

    Time for a reboot.

  • Piper Wurman
    Piper Wurman 19 days ago +2

    *why did we bring WALLACE into this?!?!?!*

  • FabulousAliya
    FabulousAliya 19 days ago

    I'm one of the dredglings clinging to life on California, can confirm.

  • Zz
    Zz 20 days ago

    "....Then one day, a potted plant appeared out of no where on the beach."

  • Warren Ward
    Warren Ward 20 days ago

    Man, i wish i had a campaign were i ascend into godhood. Just don't let my sorceress have it. Im not sure what she'd do with all that power

  • WatchYourMother
    WatchYourMother 20 days ago +1

    I think I missed a video between losing the final battle and the end of the campaign. Hmm... :-/

  • HackermanACK
    HackermanACK 20 days ago

    Nooooooooooooooo Not California

  • Dragon Garra
    Dragon Garra 20 days ago

    I think that everyone forgot that mishel was the character that ben’s brother used

  • _Cuddles_
    _Cuddles_ 20 days ago

    Baby seal is pure and innocent, but I raise you: baby *Kitten* seal

    BUCKETGEARED 20 days ago +1

    The dream team looks like the team from goblin slayer that gets completely destroyed and obliterated.

  • gospel under
    gospel under 20 days ago

    Hey there's this weird talking plant in my backyard should I be worried