D&D Story: How My Campaign Ended

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The Turtle Friends group finished out their campaign. As they find the covenant and try to return it to the plane of law. This story is the epic conclusion of the Turtle Friends series! The video follows them hiring out a new adventuring team and travelling through the needles of Lim.
    End Music "The Black Cat" from the TVclip Audio Library
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  • Goah Way
    Goah Way Day ago

    The animation for shiro made me kinda sad not gonna lie

  • Adla Matteson
    Adla Matteson 2 days ago

    Poor Arnold. I hope he's okay.

  • Smartmouthgamer23rd
    Smartmouthgamer23rd 2 days ago

    I can see it now, as Michelle is traveling down the road, ending credits start running and the song "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake starts playing.

  • Liam Hunt
    Liam Hunt 2 days ago

    Wait wait wait! Wasn't the monk already immortal what boon did they take

  • Edward Bruggeman
    Edward Bruggeman 2 days ago

    I would love to have puffin as dm

  • Lycanskull
    Lycanskull 3 days ago

    ... It just occured to me.
    This campaign is basically Darksiders with a sense of humour...

  • G11354
    G11354 4 days ago

    The most accurate description of california Ive heard.

  • G Dawg
    G Dawg 4 days ago

    And the angel potted plant went to the bottom of Mt.Ebbot and kicked off Undertale. That’s my official canon now

  • wierd gaming
    wierd gaming 4 days ago

    So good iys like the end of a anime and you want them to make more

  • Gigabyte Guru
    Gigabyte Guru 4 days ago

    That does explain where that plant on my windowsill came from

  • corinthians daniels
    corinthians daniels 6 days ago

    5:31 it's getting more evil by the day

  • Stacy Newhart
    Stacy Newhart 6 days ago

    Mystical spirit :CALIFORNIA!
    Baby harp seal : NOOOOO

  • Tommy Shelton
    Tommy Shelton 6 days ago

    i live in california

  • darktrent182
    darktrent182 7 days ago

    Omg this is priceless

  • Franky/ QuilavaFireblast

    This was so meda and I loved it

  • Eddie Treshinsky Treshinsky

    As a Californian I cannot agree more

  • Night Dracodon
    Night Dracodon 8 days ago

    I live in California .-.

  • Oscar Wind
    Oscar Wind 8 days ago

    No California is on the Evil plane of Chaos

  • Lee Britton
    Lee Britton 9 days ago

    i'm ashamed of how long it's taken me to realise why the baby seal was with the allip. Of course his players brought one along.

  • Fafi Timo
    Fafi Timo 9 days ago

    wow this is sad, and cool, and heroic, and sad, and cool...

  • N cM
    N cM 10 days ago

    Life doesn't care about your level
    I felt that

  • Babbleplay
    Babbleplay 11 days ago

    Heaven fighting hell? What world was this? Most D&D worlds, Hell vs Hell is the ongoing thing. I'm sure angels/Aasimar get involved , though.

  • LittleWolfieGirl
    LittleWolfieGirl 11 days ago

    1:32 Malikar: I'm going to roll Athletics! **rolls nat 1**
    Ben: **facepalm**

  • McGreyjoy
    McGreyjoy 11 days ago

    What kind of drugs do you guys take

  • Vanessa Schwarz
    Vanessa Schwarz 13 days ago +1

    5:18 - It is a land perpetually on fire
    Me, joking: California
    Me a few seconds later: *pikachu surprised face*

  • Sidney Sparks
    Sidney Sparks 13 days ago

    I dont regret looking up baby Harp seal photos to see what they look like...... at 1:15AM

  • Spellweaver
    Spellweaver 13 days ago

    Sorry, that voice was painful to hear.

  • alec christiaen
    alec christiaen 13 days ago

    i like the potted plant, but i feel it'd been cooler if the bb had fallen to darkness and was cast down to hell (becoming the very thing he wanted to destroy).

  • Hero's Shade
    Hero's Shade 14 days ago

    If I was a party member, I'd just be like "Ok." when Gabrielle revealed his plan. Just let the angels and demons fight it out for a while. If they were so close, the angels would win if you just sat back and watched if you just survive long enough. Would really throw the DM for a loop if you just agreed with the villain and let them do what they wanted.

  • Mechs Mocs and More!
    Mechs Mocs and More! 14 days ago

    I live in California

  • Skullsgate
    Skullsgate 14 days ago

    The angel wanting a war with hell...isn't that the plot of seasons 3-5 of Supernatural?

  • The art of The unknown

    As a californian I can confirm

  • Enclinker
    Enclinker 15 days ago

    Gabriel is another flowey

  • Xyuck
    Xyuck 15 days ago

    I'm just imagining that Malakar sees the baby harp seals do something stupid and thinks "so what if i..."

  • Nick Rivas
    Nick Rivas 16 days ago

    Living in California I can confirm the traffic.
    Takes me 15 mintues with no traffic to get to campus
    Takes me an hour with traffic.

  • Raphael Zepeda
    Raphael Zepeda 18 days ago

    Y they hating on Cali and LA! -_-

  • SulfideGaming
    SulfideGaming 18 days ago

    Puffin Forest: 11:46
    Me who is new to the channel: Oh! the era of maniacs and school shootings!

  • Darrrell Dayton
    Darrrell Dayton 18 days ago

    Well that's an exact description of California.

  • Patrick Kresnik
    Patrick Kresnik 20 days ago

    The california spiel gets me every time.

  • Keenan Fehrenbacher
    Keenan Fehrenbacher 20 days ago

    Ok can you *Get this stamp to forge documents*

  • Téo Joca Therrien
    Téo Joca Therrien 20 days ago

    Man thats deep

  • Michelle Leonard
    Michelle Leonard 21 day ago

    Pick me for mil plz

  • Chali tillakaratne
    Chali tillakaratne 22 days ago

    Did he mean Gabriel as in GA-brie-el? Cos now I can't stop thinking they were fighting the chick from highschool musical lol...

  • Sentry Ward
    Sentry Ward 23 days ago +1

    the citadel called Ell' Aye

  • defenseive kobra
    defenseive kobra 25 days ago

    Oh are we back

  • AstroEclipse 10
    AstroEclipse 10 26 days ago +1

    Yo I live in California and I can agree with everything he said

  • Galex [Smash Bros]
    Galex [Smash Bros] 26 days ago

    That was actually kinda sad-

  • Raccoon Kiid
    Raccoon Kiid Month ago

    Forget how get a story teller you are. Just the ending alone I can tell playing dnd with you is an experience lol

  • Leo Skoble
    Leo Skoble Month ago +1

    ..................Is that Wallace? (at 1:56)

  • JR Garman
    JR Garman Month ago

    I’m just gunna guess that California is actually just the plane of fire

  • CorvinusWiz
    CorvinusWiz Month ago

    Damn this was sad

  • Beanniemeak Feet
    Beanniemeak Feet Month ago +1

    im from california i can confirm

  • Endless Void Studios

    your evil ways are over POTED PLAnT no one can hear you scream in CALIFORNIAAAA .....cuz like usually everyone's screaming ya know ...due to the DAM TRAFFICC

  • SmexyHinata13
    SmexyHinata13 Month ago

    Oh...my...god...... the cursed plane of California....I guess...I'm an extremely dangerous and deranged something

  • Dónal Cunningham
    Dónal Cunningham Month ago

    Flowey the Flower

  • Nasukra Tsuki
    Nasukra Tsuki Month ago

    poor Gabrial, he will burn in the fires of California until the end of time!

  • thunderdrae
    thunderdrae Month ago

    "This is life, and life doesn't care about your level, or your balanced encounters" -Gandhi

  • Madog Wolfie
    Madog Wolfie Month ago

    The evil plane of law
    Is that even possible

  • Shane H.
    Shane H. Month ago

    How did I never notice Little Wallace?

  • Alexeon
    Alexeon Month ago +1

    Californian here, can confirm. Please send help