D&D Story: How My Campaign Ended

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The Turtle Friends group finished out their campaign. As they find the covenant and try to return it to the plane of law. This story is the epic conclusion of the Turtle Friends series! The video follows them hiring out a new adventuring team and travelling through the needles of Lim.
    End Music "The Black Cat" from the TVclip Audio Library
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  • Mini pleb
    Mini pleb 5 hours ago

    Is Arnold ok

  • Bradon Young
    Bradon Young 10 hours ago

    What is this campaign

  • Bradon Young
    Bradon Young 10 hours ago

    What is this campaign

  • Ren the Seer
    Ren the Seer 18 hours ago

    Yup, he nailed the description of California pretty well. I myself am a twisted dark soul that can only be forced to withstand the debauchery, the madness, and the corruptible ongoing flame wars that erupt every time the moon is full where lunacy is at it's peak! One must truly be damned to tolerate this existence!!!

  • hardwire
    hardwire 2 days ago

    gabriel is not the leader of the armies of heaven he is the town cryer basicly he will sound the trumpets on judgment day Archangel Michael is who you wanted he is the supreme General of the army of Heaven. -source named after him it means Gift from God.

  • hardwire
    hardwire 2 days ago

    door monster did this concept wonderfully.

  • meme lord
    meme lord 3 days ago

    Wait fol on did Ben say "the fighter returned to the beast lands to spend the rest of his days with his drow wife (dark elf)" then that means drow can became friendly?!

  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet 3 days ago

    How do the harp seals eat? I mean.. what do harp seals eat? If one harp seal eats another, do their purities combine? If so, is it addition or multiplication?

  • Pengu Kiaba
    Pengu Kiaba 3 days ago

    I see Wallace

  • Andy 99 sanchez
    Andy 99 sanchez 3 days ago

    Yeah that’s California. Sadly I’m stuck here

  • Jack Schweizer
    Jack Schweizer 5 days ago

    The only weakness baby seals have is clubs

  • Ariana Gonzalez
    Ariana Gonzalez 8 days ago

    this was your ACTUAL campeign?? Every game ive ever seen has mostly been incredibly serious, but having a genuine comedy campaign sounds pretty awesome.

  • Truman Widing's Main Account

    person i forgot the name of: im an npc
    person i forgot the name of after wallace's 1st journey: youre a npc

  • DWPF Horsemen
    DWPF Horsemen 11 days ago

    Wallace: This sounds dangerous
    yOu DoN’t SaY nO tO pLoT hOoKs

  • Gamer awsome
    Gamer awsome 11 days ago


  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson 12 days ago

    The best part of this video is the dream Team drinking with crazy straws.

  • Pat Has A Corner
    Pat Has A Corner 13 days ago +1

    I'm not even gonna lie, that narration at the end was sick though. Why is nobody talking about how great it was?

  • Marik Zilberman
    Marik Zilberman 15 days ago

    7:28 Kokabiel? Is that you?

  • Bilal Elwan
    Bilal Elwan 15 days ago

    I’m so confused when he said instead of going to left he went to the right, that’s wrong. He was going right and then went left. Did he mean malikars right or the perspective of the viewer cous to me he went left

  • TBalpha22
    TBalpha22 15 days ago +1

    yeah fuck california

  • Evie Lister
    Evie Lister 16 days ago

    Welcome to the hotel California

  • Donovan
    Donovan 16 days ago

    Why is this a better more emotional story then anyone the new star wars movies XD

  • Gabo’s World
    Gabo’s World 17 days ago +1

    1:13 uuhhhhhhh he said it’s to the left,H E W E N T T O. T H E L E F T

  • Creed x Ender
    Creed x Ender 18 days ago

    The Dream Team should totally get some class levels and come back to shake the party out for a real reward

  • Archangel0707
    Archangel0707 18 days ago

    Im a californian and yes, all this checks out.

  • Anaris10
    Anaris10 19 days ago

    We'll trade you Gavin Newsome for Gavriel...wait, Gav-in and Gav-riel....WAIT!

  • BanditOfBandwidth
    BanditOfBandwidth 19 days ago

    I was laughing all the way about the seals and Malikar's escape, that it took me a while to come to the realization that Malikar ESCAPED.
    What will happen now that he's free?

  • Ben Armitage
    Ben Armitage 19 days ago

    2:11 Yes. Fuck you Wallace.

  • Reety Boi
    Reety Boi 20 days ago

    Demigorgon: I am scared of nothing
    Demigorgon: *screams like a little girl*

  • Ag silver Radio
    Ag silver Radio 20 days ago

    If I were the dream team, I would be like, okay, but could we get some healing first? Maybe a long rest?

  • Steven Burton
    Steven Burton 20 days ago

    Although I too have a special form of hatred for Los Angeles, I miss GenCon LA.

  • Orion Blevins
    Orion Blevins 20 days ago +2

    "California! Ahahahahahahaaaaa!"
    In the distance: "I waaaaarned youuuu!"

  • Oli Macalister
    Oli Macalister 22 days ago +1

    but seals drag people down into the depths of the oceans

  • Michael Richter
    Michael Richter 23 days ago

    There are many places worse than CA. Well, wait...no there arent.

  • Reety Boi
    Reety Boi 23 days ago

    What happened to the paralysed fighter?

  • TABC the amazing blue crocodile

    “He didn’t go to the left but went to the right!” *goes to the left*

  • Racon Vid
    Racon Vid 26 days ago

    Is the earth flat in D&D?

  • Cameron Haynie
    Cameron Haynie 26 days ago

    I am from California and i am personaly offended

  • Panda AU
    Panda AU 28 days ago

    Ouch really

  • Jacob Fitz
    Jacob Fitz 29 days ago

    As a Californian i couldnt stop laughing halfway through

  • Jeff Kinney
    Jeff Kinney 29 days ago


  • Dominic West
    Dominic West Month ago

    I just love this channel :)

  • Iwasneverhere
    Iwasneverhere Month ago

    Well when you think about it...some of the Hells are always on fire...
    California is always on fire...

  • AbysmalAce139
    AbysmalAce139 Month ago

    Man, Ben's story telling is great

  • ghostwolf
    ghostwolf Month ago

    I feel personally attacked because of that California bit

    • Morumotto
      Morumotto Month ago

      I don't, and I'm from there.

  • Kendrick Roche Lanzot

    Look, it's Wallace

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish Month ago

    Potted Plant: _Not again._

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish Month ago

    2:01 Oh thank goodness you managed to get *THE HERO OF PARNAST* on your side.

  • Emma Rickerby
    Emma Rickerby Month ago


  • Rezilia Grieves
    Rezilia Grieves Month ago


  • Jaden Price
    Jaden Price Month ago

    your party are jerks o3o

  • andrew grasham
    andrew grasham Month ago

    That's a long way to go for an LA joke....

  • Neo Tovey
    Neo Tovey Month ago

    California? What about...

  • Jack Bryan
    Jack Bryan Month ago

    start to 1:36 , 4:25 to 6:35 are funny moments for people who dont know a lot lot about dnd

  • Gage sequeira
    Gage sequeira Month ago

    Idk here in cal I'm used to this suffering here in California

  • Crew Tube
    Crew Tube Month ago

    I like how to wizzard was named asriel
    * H O P E S. A N D. D R E A M S. I N T E N S I F I E S.*

  • Colin Eriksen
    Colin Eriksen Month ago +1

    As someone who lives in Ell’Aye I have been laughing way too hard the entire video.
    Btw all of the descriptions are true

  • Lokey Windrunner
    Lokey Windrunner Month ago

    As someone who spent over 20 years in California, I can confirm much of this. But as someone who was also banished from California I know there is one place far worse.
    Its called Guam. Pray you never end up there because it fucking sucks.

  • d p
    d p Month ago

    That was emotional

  • bonesy McJay
    bonesy McJay Month ago

    Life doesn’t care about your level !
    So true