5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Lifeissogood Lifeissupergood

    nice gagics..

  • Natty
    Natty Day ago

    Why would you take a shower in the wild like why are u gonna get naked in the wilderness?!

  • Natty
    Natty Day ago

    Kitchen sink a.k.a Barbie pool xD

  • Darkness Fallz
    Darkness Fallz 2 days ago

    Salesman of the year

  • DCTV Productions
    DCTV Productions 2 days ago

    Can u do more mres please

  • Tarts Land
    Tarts Land 2 days ago

    The first one. Here in Philippines we called it kulambo

  • Sumeera khan
    Sumeera khan 2 days ago

    Sink and both of the showrrers

  • Maria Delaney
    Maria Delaney 3 days ago

    Ok I know it's his accent but I love when he says bubble gives me chills

  • Mary Reilly
    Mary Reilly 3 days ago

    What you taking a shower in the woods

  • Anupam Gangwar
    Anupam Gangwar 4 days ago


  • Nisa Batrisyia
    Nisa Batrisyia 4 days ago

    My forest 😂😂

  • adin ceman
    adin ceman 4 days ago

    My favorote youtuber

  • Živkov Praunuk
    Živkov Praunuk 5 days ago

    Живела Србија

  • Stacie Tagomori
    Stacie Tagomori 5 days ago

    H said sexuality plenty

  • Adam Hoch
    Adam Hoch 5 days ago

    have you ever accidently poked one of your eyes putting on your glasses

  • Chris Happy
    Chris Happy 6 days ago

    Who else came here to see the pocket shower

  • Michael Duvic
    Michael Duvic 6 days ago


  • Sorsa Ayana
    Sorsa Ayana 6 days ago

    He is safe from the Masqitas

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 7 days ago

    SHOPPING BAG. Bang all these in one.

  • yrshell marlue
    yrshell marlue 7 days ago

    I like that black shower thing

  • Alex Lampley
    Alex Lampley 8 days ago

    Very well liked all of the survival gadgets..

  • xavier lovett
    xavier lovett 8 days ago

    Whoooooooo yeah that feels so good ~famous words of crazy Russian hacker

  • Chris Duvall
    Chris Duvall 8 days ago

    Showers could be used as fire extinguishers to if hung above but at a distance.

  • MarcZomboss
    MarcZomboss 10 days ago

    Showers with a bottle : OH YEAH

    UNICORN 10 days ago

    I think the last one si OK

  • Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez 11 days ago

    I liked that bottle shower, good pressure

  • Daddick Rogers
    Daddick Rogers 12 days ago

    “You know what? Thumbs up for me, feels good!”

  • Mysticals World
    Mysticals World 12 days ago +1

    Love your CrazyRussianHacker your awesome I’m also a Survivalists 👍

  • ao el
    ao el 13 days ago

    The sink and the shower 👍👍 Very nice!

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 13 days ago

    Did he say wegstables

  • The coming event!
    The coming event! 14 days ago

    Vut I haf here iz a full sized S.U.V. vacuum packed. You jus open it and start it up and Zen you can drive anyvere!! I liked dat a lot!!

  • Kailuryn Cervania
    Kailuryn Cervania 14 days ago

    Lol he always says boom after he does something

  • Bert Offerings
    Bert Offerings 14 days ago

    In Soviet Russia bucket fills you.

  • Vex
    Vex 15 days ago

    We have the same Backpack!

  • Trish TheDish
    Trish TheDish 15 days ago

    pocket shower & kitchen sink thumbs up nice work

  • John Golbani
    John Golbani 15 days ago

    Numba wan prerrourertey

  • danny turner
    danny turner 15 days ago

    Wash westables

  • Frederico Videos
    Frederico Videos 15 days ago

    I liked them all. You are doing a gr8t job.... !

  • thierry strobbe
    thierry strobbe 16 days ago

    Mais franchement, tu ne fais plus que du placement de produits? C'est triste! Tu n'es qu'un fils de pub! :(

  • sloppy toppy
    sloppy toppy 16 days ago

    " Whoo yeaaaa that feels so good"

  • Tim Lenard
    Tim Lenard 16 days ago

    I like both showers and the kitchen sink...

  • Emily Lazoff
    Emily Lazoff 16 days ago

    they're all pretty cool

  • Zoë Lkjsdhf
    Zoë Lkjsdhf 16 days ago

    The kitchen sink would be great if you are camping with your dog(s). You do to have to fill it up once a day for like three dogs in the heat.
    Love your gear reviews. Cool to see other gear heads who love outdoor stuff! Thank you!

  • superboyy95
    superboyy95 17 days ago

    *G A D J I C K*

  • Cheese !
    Cheese ! 17 days ago


  • Jack Netter
    Jack Netter 17 days ago

    Did he really have to demonstrate the pocket shower😂😂😂

  • shinchan the best
    shinchan the best 18 days ago +1


  • guru brahmam
    guru brahmam 18 days ago


  • The Vlogging Channel
    The Vlogging Channel 18 days ago

    Why do u shower in pond water

  • The Vlogging Channel
    The Vlogging Channel 18 days ago

    Welcome back to my universe where safety is #1 priority

    KK KITTEN 19 days ago

    Why did he take a shower in front of us

  • saurAbh jha
    saurAbh jha 19 days ago

    Ye to macchardaani h bd

  • Christopher Waits
    Christopher Waits 20 days ago

    Btw.. Sexually plenty LOL

  • Christopher Waits
    Christopher Waits 20 days ago

    Agree. The shower and kitchen sink are brilliant.

  • Mark Conger
    Mark Conger 21 day ago

    Two liter bottle shower head was my favorite. Kitchen sink second.

  • Ogo Bolarin
    Ogo Bolarin 21 day ago

    He was literally washing outside

  • Chulabebe Glamarie
    Chulabebe Glamarie 21 day ago

    And I like the shower

  • Chulabebe Glamarie
    Chulabebe Glamarie 21 day ago

    I like his accent 😄

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J 22 days ago

    This video is pure gold!

  • Ian Nelson
    Ian Nelson 22 days ago

    Simple shower 👍👍from me

  • abubakir shavkatov
    abubakir shavkatov 23 days ago

    you should make craft video's

  • Hyde Grijalva
    Hyde Grijalva 24 days ago

    I want that pocket shower. Definitely my favorite in this video.

  • Amirtha Veni Moorthy
    Amirtha Veni Moorthy 25 days ago

    Kitchen sink. I luv it

  • Christian Villa
    Christian Villa 25 days ago

    Velentin Nagy/ "What does the fox say?"

  • Kyle Bond
    Kyle Bond 29 days ago +1

    Can this comment get 55 likes?

    Read more

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 29 days ago

    Use it to take a shower for your dogs

  • Eric Richardson
    Eric Richardson Month ago

    So basically bags that hold water got it lol.

  • Tariq Ali Jan
    Tariq Ali Jan Month ago

    All gadgets we're good I liked all

  • Jumardintrifascout
    Jumardintrifascout Month ago


  • Sora Phaojinda
    Sora Phaojinda Month ago

    CRH:Hey guys today I’m building my tent
    Penny wise:Why you in my forest?

  • Linda Stonebraker
    Linda Stonebraker Month ago

    Sexually Plenty works great

  • sniahmed
    sniahmed Month ago

    What does the box say? Ring ding ring ding ring ding ding ding!

  • wild man
    wild man Month ago

    Like the vid....I like the shower.....and the sink.....and the bucket😀😀

  • Karim Khaled
    Karim Khaled Month ago

    Welcome back to my forest 😂
    What is next ?
    Welcome back to my hospital

  • vinamra Madan
    vinamra Madan Month ago

    Pocket shower is best

  • issa rat
    issa rat Month ago


  • sunita kamboj
    sunita kamboj Month ago

    Who loves his accent

  • Soumya S
    Soumya S Month ago

    tat bottle shower.. I wld rather make some hole in the 2ltr pepsi bottle n use

  • Roohi Thameen
    Roohi Thameen Month ago

    Your name please

  • وطن أوطان
    وطن أوطان Month ago

    Good man thanks alot my frind and nice show.

  • Rrrush5000
    Rrrush5000 Month ago

    Dude isnt that dirty water?

  • Lynn Masoner
    Lynn Masoner Month ago

    Like the water bucket and kitchen sink. Already have solar showers (5) one for each member of my family and I will always have a hot shower.

  • gurvinder toor
    gurvinder toor Month ago

    Im from punjab in india i like yur all gadgets plz contact with me +919832181000

  • Shanelle
    Shanelle Month ago

    Sexually plenty

  • sanjay Solanki
    sanjay Solanki Month ago

    All survival products are awesome 👌👌👌

  • Laimis Vaitkevicius

    Pocket life

  • Sue Wootton
    Sue Wootton Month ago

    Russia looks so nice at sunset 🌅

  • Cal The Ghost Boi
    Cal The Ghost Boi Month ago


  • Kianu Tunui
    Kianu Tunui Month ago


  • Keone Licciardi
    Keone Licciardi Month ago

    the last gadget

  • JJ Ryan
    JJ Ryan Month ago

    So many "dropped in the wild unprepared" survival shows on my cable TV, even one where they are naked. Makes no sense. Would rather see someone using all sorts of gadgets like this and see how they do.

    MERCY GAMING Month ago

    I can vwash wedjatabulls

  • shshshhshs hxhshah
    shshshhshs hxhshah Month ago

    the 1st gadget you use we call that in the philipines is kulambo....

  • Cristian Murillo
    Cristian Murillo Month ago

    In America you use camping gadgets in Russia camping gadgets use you

  • Braden Wolf
    Braden Wolf Month ago

    You guys who say that stuff are jerkes

  • Utkarsh Jambhulkar
    Utkarsh Jambhulkar Month ago +1

    Your Forest..?

    DIBAKAR DALAI Month ago


    THE EMPEROR 8BP Month ago

    Abbé bkchod saale 1 walaa bs ek machchhardaani tha mere ghr me 4,5 hai aake le jaa
    I'm from India.
    Mai to chala campaign pe apna machchhardaani leke bag me daal ke

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez Month ago +1

    /\/ / /\/ _/ /\

  • Haseeb Syed Abdul
    Haseeb Syed Abdul Month ago

    Like this place forest