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  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis 4 days ago

    I just found you today and joined today!! Yayyyyy!!

  • Jelika P
    Jelika P 8 days ago

    it looks gorgeous on you! 😍

  • phoenix lopez
    phoenix lopez 9 days ago

    I did see some discoloration peak through but that happens to me too! I understand its not the concealer so i would love to see you color correct under your eyes before applying the concealer in another video maybe?

  • Valjermayne
    Valjermayne 10 days ago


  • Valou Fabre
    Valou Fabre 12 days ago

    I love you 😘😘😘

  • Isabella Catrib
    Isabella Catrib 13 days ago

    Honestly I’m not into makeup at all and English speakers are not my first channel choice BUT you give me such a good vibe and your voice is so soothing I must say you are just a pleasure to watch :)

  • Manaia Bélshaw
    Manaia Bélshaw 14 days ago

    I admire the CLOSE UP!!! Looks amazing hi-5 RIRI!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 😍 😍 😍

  • Manaia Bélshaw
    Manaia Bélshaw 14 days ago

    Rihanna is the Queen of music and the Queen of make up fashion movies and everything else I love her

  • Le Beat
    Le Beat 14 days ago

    I don't think it looks full coverage with the amount that you put on. Maybe with a little bit more, it could become full coverage. I would love to hear what you think after using it for a while!!! I enjoyed this first impression and I cant wait to try it!

  • leelee dennis
    leelee dennis 16 days ago

    I’m happy your back love watching you on Instagram, your reason why I want to try doing cosplay if you would like follow me it’s deliah_xcxc, I love you ❤️

  • Only1TrinaB
    Only1TrinaB 16 days ago +8

    So I see you will just say anything to sell this product because it didn’t cover nothing.. you barely put some on and then the sponge took majority of it away and you saying how good it looked.. nah not at all! I’m glad that I saw it first hand how much coverage it really is and how good it looks.. but the way you did it seemed like you was just saying anything to sell it smh that’s why a lot of times these subscribers lose trust in you guys

  • No Limits
    No Limits 16 days ago +10

    Not honestly opinion. Everyone want to be friends with Rihanna

  • Spaghetti Monster
    Spaghetti Monster 16 days ago

    I need you to tell me what lashes those are !!

  • dez shereá
    dez shereá 16 days ago

    I’m not trying to be rude, your lips are beautiful are they natural ? 💕

  • Ebele Omoefe
    Ebele Omoefe 16 days ago +11

    You look like Roxanne from a goofy movie with that hair, like splitting image 💕💕💕

    • jingobean
      jingobean 14 days ago +1

      Omg,I can totally see it! xD Haha,what an unexpected blast from the past.

  • Alexis Beal
    Alexis Beal 16 days ago

    Yessss fenty

  • Faarah Anisah
    Faarah Anisah 16 days ago

    I HOPE YOU SEE THIS but like where did u get that cute ass nose ring??? 😍

  • Grace
    Grace 16 days ago

    “Wowwwwwww. Wowwwwwwwwwww!” My fav part 🙏😂😍❤️

  • Felicia Korvo
    Felicia Korvo 16 days ago

    I have really deep-set undereyes combined with black holes as dark circles (I'm not even kidding, I'm super pale and my dark circles literally eat up my eyes) and I have never found a concealer that would do more than lighten them a shade or two until I invested some money into a full cover concealer and tbh I don't even use it that often. whenever I use it I actually end up missing my dark circles and end up blending my shadows a little too far down lmao

  • Sweet Beautiful Orbs
    Sweet Beautiful Orbs 16 days ago

    Have you got your nose job yet? Please make a whole video about it.

  • Sky
    Sky 17 days ago

    Application 5:24

  • D T
    D T 17 days ago

    I like the close up so we can see what it really look like

  • Caitlyn Ari
    Caitlyn Ari 17 days ago

    I love how Rihanna has sponsored small youTubers that don’t have millions of subscribers it shows how she really cares and supports x

  • toxxicbeautyx
    toxxicbeautyx 17 days ago +4

    i don't really see a difference in the before and after except for the after makes your undereyes look puffy which i'm assuming is the concealer settling in creases

  • Nik S
    Nik S 17 days ago

    Get on with it. Jeez

  • Nik S
    Nik S 17 days ago

    Why do you over line your lips it looks horrendous

  • XpetraXpazlX
    XpetraXpazlX 17 days ago

    that color is too light for you

  • Josie Vargas
    Josie Vargas 17 days ago

    Application starts at 5:22

  • Mariah W
    Mariah W 17 days ago

    What concealer do u recommend

  • MollyMachete
    MollyMachete 17 days ago +1

    Full coverage? Lmao that looks like shit

  • HerecomesBlue
    HerecomesBlue 17 days ago

    video is so unorganized:/

  • Alondra Bedoy
    Alondra Bedoy 17 days ago

    So true! makeup company’s are more focused on just releasing products and PR packages it’s not exciting anymore

  • Looks By Naheemah
    Looks By Naheemah 17 days ago

    the concealer with the brush looks so good! great review

  • ramona lynch
    ramona lynch 17 days ago

    Omg what lashes are those? 😍😍😍

  • Debbie Miranda
    Debbie Miranda 17 days ago +27

    I thought u didn’t like it because of the title 😅

    • Skincarejunkie
      Skincarejunkie 15 days ago

      Debbie Miranda that’s how she draws you in, lol! A lot of YTers do this Bc people who hate Fenty or j* get ripped apart lol

  • Jaytheraven
    Jaytheraven 17 days ago

    🖤🖤🖤 I already wanted to buy it and now you are making sure I buy it!

  • Jahzmine Nicole
    Jahzmine Nicole 17 days ago

    This video was superrrrrr good for your first review

  • Jungle Naps
    Jungle Naps 17 days ago

    That brush with the concealer just blended out perfectly!

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 17 days ago

    What powder foundation do you use? I’ve been searching for a good one but I just haven’t had any luck! Love the video today! Can’t wait for the launch 💛

  • Babex Sim
    Babex Sim 17 days ago

    what contacts are you wearing so pretty!

  • Otto Roberts
    Otto Roberts 17 days ago

    Please just be happy to be bald. We all saw your hair get fried off - and we live in the age of the internet where, even if you try to make us forget, we won’t, because there’s the internet showing us the truth... lots of women and men suffer pattern baldness, or lose their hair due to illness or disease. I’m sure you’d have way more views, likes, followers whatever, if we just saw you live your truth and be a beautiful bald women. At least until it grew out. Some people don’t get to have their hair grow out.
    Anyway you’re beautiful on the outside. That’s obvious. But this wig is bad. And you look way better bald. Like Halle Berry. Every time she grows her hair past her shoulders it’s like - “what you doing honey? Don’t feel pressured to have longer hair because somebody might say it’s “more feminine”. You have cheekbones for the gods and your short hair has and always will be fucking iconic. Relax”

    • Snitchery
      Snitchery  17 days ago +3

      Otto Roberts this is.... the most out of touch comment I’ve ever read sksksksks omfg, wigs are fun. You’ll be okay.

  • Elenitsa Antos
    Elenitsa Antos 17 days ago +75

    I don't find it looks full coverage at all .

    • stayfleeky
      stayfleeky 13 days ago

      Also she went too light. She should of used a darker concealer

    • Willowy13
      Willowy13 14 days ago +1

      The concealer looks sheer cover to me.

    • Badgalpandamanda
      Badgalpandamanda 14 days ago

      David NorD yeah. I thought it was going to be seen by the person who wrote the comment cause they said it didn’t look full coverage. But overall it looks nice but I have a lot of concealers. I might still give it s shot in stores

    • David NorD
      David NorD 14 days ago

      +Badgalpandamanda of course which is understandable just saying riri didn't put out it will be full coverage

    • Badgalpandamanda
      Badgalpandamanda 14 days ago

      David NorD it’s best to build up. Not everyone wants full coverage

  • Nadin B
    Nadin B 17 days ago

    Uuhh where you get your nose ring 😍

  • Melanin Gawdess
    Melanin Gawdess 18 days ago

    I honestly thought u had on all the products before you actually put them on omggggg ur so flawless. And ur so freakin adorable! SUBSCRIBED!

  • Tameless Style
    Tameless Style 18 days ago

    soo smooth 💕 I was waiting for you say something bad bout it! based on the title lol.

  • Andy S
    Andy S 18 days ago

    Which contacts are you wearing? Stunning

  • Leontine Kougam
    Leontine Kougam 18 days ago

    That video radiates Jojo dies energy. Love you tho

  • Beauty Guru
    Beauty Guru 18 days ago +3

    Why in the title you make it seem like it was bad and you liked it????not only that.umm I think you just wanna stay on that PR list.

  • Dana May
    Dana May 18 days ago

    Ummmmm I have under eyes like yours, and that had no coverage at all. Trying to stay on PR? It blended into nothing (not full coverage) and immediately settled into fine lines and looked dry.

  • Ashley Doom
    Ashley Doom 18 days ago

    What lashes are you wearing thooo 😍😍

  • Nini Baby
    Nini Baby 18 days ago

    Hold up....cuz you’re fuckin gorgeous what the heck😍

  • Breanna Fowler
    Breanna Fowler 18 days ago +2

    Fenty is the only brand that the releases excite me and get me buying. I think Rihanna and her team are just full of amazing ideas that all of us have but they actually have the means to make it happen and make all our glittery beautiful dreams come true.

  • ClarissuhNicole
    ClarissuhNicole 18 days ago


  • Carolina Valencia
    Carolina Valencia 18 days ago

    Skip to 5:30 for concealer application

  • Agos Rivarola
    Agos Rivarola 18 days ago

    I have the same problem with my undereyes omg and it sucks because i’m pale as shit so they’re way more noticeable 😓 have you ever thought about getting under eye fillers? I feel like they’d make such a difference so I’m dying to get them

  • Peyton Rodgers
    Peyton Rodgers 18 days ago

    Literally doesn’t even need concealer but complains for two mins about how bad her under eyes are 😭 girrrrrrrl some of us actually have terrible eye bags

  • Amira F
    Amira F 18 days ago +7

    omg finally someone with an undereye area similar to mine...im pale though so im like pretty much translucid there and look ghoulish while u dont lol but yeah we stan deep set undereyes

    ELIANA 18 days ago

    Hi what’s your lighting and camera? Looks amazing! Love the warm dreamy vibes 😍

  • Aoife Sheridan
    Aoife Sheridan 18 days ago

    LIVING for this wig on you 💖

  • Haf Susa
    Haf Susa 18 days ago

    What lashes are you wearing? 😆😍😍how much are they btw

  • Angelicsailor
    Angelicsailor 18 days ago

    Good job girl!!😘

    4AMWINE 18 days ago

    loving this wig!!!!!!

  • Andrea G
    Andrea G 18 days ago

    Starts at 4:00

  • Deshina Rajeswari Nanthakumar

    Dude you look so pretty before the concealers! I don't think the sponge with the lighter shade looked good. But the brush worked pretty alright. I would say 6/10 overall on the performance of the concealer..

  • rozu chan
    rozu chan 18 days ago

    Only thing missing here is a wear test!! 😊💞

  • Anna Kozak
    Anna Kozak 18 days ago


  • joelmalacara80
    joelmalacara80 18 days ago

    That nose contour 😶

  • Hadiya Howard
    Hadiya Howard 18 days ago

    What’s her ethnicity?

  • Papa Dinero
    Papa Dinero 18 days ago +3

    God damn, can't you do a video without so many jump cuts?! Is that how normal people talk?!?! Also, that wig is just awful. Burn it. Came here for a review, not this PR bullshit.

    • Sarah McMurtry
      Sarah McMurtry 12 days ago

      Papa Dinero you’re a little angry. Maybe take a nap and come back with a better attitude. Or don’t come back at all 😊

  • Nicky Arex
    Nicky Arex 18 days ago

    where did you get your hoodie? so cute

  • Omara Ortiz
    Omara Ortiz 18 days ago

    Me during 7:54 : why is the cup in the corner taking

  • Ciara McIntosh
    Ciara McIntosh 18 days ago

    Can you do another review using all Fenty products?

  • Ultravioletx1
    Ultravioletx1 18 days ago

    Your hair in the way in the close up is kinda annoying. Just clip it like idk why people don't do that

  • Ashley Bostelle
    Ashley Bostelle 18 days ago

    Fuckkk now I need to go spend this money lol

  • kara tritle
    kara tritle 18 days ago

    maybe it’s just me but it looked like it did hardly anything for the dark circles until the powder and even then it wasn’t 100%

  • Everyday Allie
    Everyday Allie 18 days ago

    so helpful! thank you for inspiring so many new youtubers!

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 18 days ago +33

    this is a first impressions, not a review... it's more useful to know how makeup wears throughout the day, because sometimes a product looks great for a few minutes or a few hours and then turns to shit real quick

    • Skincarejunkie
      Skincarejunkie 15 days ago

      She had to edit the video. I would hope she wore it throughout the day and would have posted if it crashed terribly

    • Skincarejunkie
      Skincarejunkie 15 days ago

      Maya Papaya wear tests are good, but people’s definitions of first impressions and review can be different. Maybe she could do a wear test as an update! A video after testing a week would give a clearer idea how it plays with other foundations, and if it creases eventually, and how it wears (my big concerns too). I would definitely watch other reviews before buying, but there are only a couple MU YTers I would buy from one video:
      Samantha Ravndahl (has morals and cares about subscribers)
      Emily Noel (best pressed powder ever-LA colors mineral powder for $4!!!)
      Maybe Jenlovesreviews or Porcelain

  • Maryah Nicole
    Maryah Nicole 18 days ago

    What contacts are you wearing, if I may ask?

  • MsImperfectDiva
    MsImperfectDiva 18 days ago +1

    I cant wait to get this DAMN concealer :-)

  • Nikko Pan
    Nikko Pan 18 days ago

    Lmao at “and please excuse my dusty face”...girl stop, you’re gorgeous 😭😭😭

    FEMININJA 18 days ago

    I’m sooo looking forward to this release

  • Leeche Eater
    Leeche Eater 18 days ago


  • Nikki Leon
    Nikki Leon 18 days ago

    Wheres your hoodie from

  • Nikki Leon
    Nikki Leon 18 days ago

    Wheres ypur sweater from

  • arina d
    arina d 18 days ago

    Your nose ring is absolutely gorgeous !! Do you happen to remember where you got it?

  • tashigolean22
    tashigolean22 18 days ago

    You did a great job. I like how you zoomed in on your eyes. Its crazy how they undereye disappeared.

  • melissa x
    melissa x 18 days ago

    No concealer but still flawless

  • Juno Small
    Juno Small 18 days ago

    Ok I need to know what lash you have on here!

  • rocte _
    rocte _ 18 days ago

    that pr package thooo 😍

  • Delizzah Jaime
    Delizzah Jaime 18 days ago

    You’re so humble and down to earth ♥️

  • Skylar Rychner
    Skylar Rychner 18 days ago +24

    thank you for actually mentioning you have under eye lines. no matter what, if you have lines, you will crease. i wish it wasn’t like this but i wish more people mentioned this so so many of us following influencers didn’t always think “why don’t my under eyes look like that???”

    • Skylar Rychner
      Skylar Rychner 14 days ago

      Skincarejunkie i LOVE samantha! lol and thank you for those recommendations!! i will check both of them out 🥰🥰

    • Willowy13
      Willowy13 14 days ago +1

      That is why I don't use concealer. I have Gran Canyons under my eyes. I do a touch of foundation, fine layer, and that is that.

    • Skincarejunkie
      Skincarejunkie 15 days ago +1

      Skylar Rychner a lot of them get filler and Botox too, or use filters. Wayne Goss mentions the filter fact. I love Samantha Ravndahl Bc how real she is. This girl is completely honest! And I only found her through comments, as YT will never post her videos in my recommended.
      Other great ones are Emily Noel (for cheap prices & she’s older like me) and my new favorite-Morgan Turner, a great MUA for tutorials and eyeshadow reviews (young but talented). Just to share! :)

  • Haylee Graves
    Haylee Graves 18 days ago

    You look like lil kim

  • Maki Shoujo
    Maki Shoujo 18 days ago +116

    I think it was more of a sheer concealer 'cause gurll I saw your whole soul through that concealer.

    • Maki Shoujo
      Maki Shoujo 16 days ago +7

      +Alexis Beal But the girl in the video said that it is full coverage under her eyes. So she lied and I have nothing against sheer Concealer, but it's about her lying.

    • Alexis Beal
      Alexis Beal 16 days ago +6

      You seen how little she used lol if she added a little more after she blended it out it would’ve been perfect. Also it did a great job with no color corrector! Your loss lol

    • Grace
      Grace 16 days ago +2

      That’s mostly just because she needed to colour correct with a peach shade first.

    • jamani Farrell
      jamani Farrell 17 days ago +4

      so true and she didn't blend out the concealer on her tattoos so it seemed dishonest to say that it covered them completely

    • 83bunnyboo
      83bunnyboo 17 days ago +3

      Maki Shoujo i was thinking the same cuz there is a dark line under the right eye the most . Deff not getting this concealer.

  • sixmillion
    sixmillion 18 days ago


    • sixmillion
      sixmillion 18 days ago

      we dont have sephora in Germany :D but thank you for your review and quick answer +Snitchery

    • Snitchery
      Snitchery  18 days ago

      It really really worked for me! I can obviously only speak for my own skin concerns though - if you’re worried about it you could wait for a few more reviews or test the formulae yourself at Sephora when it drops 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • sixmillion
      sixmillion 18 days ago

      is it really that good?+Snitchery

    • Snitchery
      Snitchery  18 days ago

      girl I wish

  • Gina Karst Eie
    Gina Karst Eie 18 days ago +18

    girrlll i get that problem with "hollow" under eye areas, that makes them look soooo much darker for me

    • Skincarejunkie
      Skincarejunkie 15 days ago

      Gina Karst Eie me too!!!! Filler is how so many influencers prevent them. It’s the secret they never talk about.
      My suggestions, use it cosmetics bye bye undereyes. It’s thick af, but it has color corrector in it and one tube lasts me a literal year. U use a tiny dab.
      Other alternatives are Nars concealer in a tub (something Matte concealer).
      Or color corrector (peachy family prob for your skin tone, something to cancel out the color, so if it appears blue like a shadow, peach or yellow is the answer).
      I use a light concealer over color corrector and feel like it helps a lot. Using cheap MU revolution as my daily concealer even.

  • CG Beauty
    CG Beauty 18 days ago

    What are those lashes ? They are so pretty

  • seedlet m
    seedlet m 18 days ago

    oooOoooO i need that concealer brush

  • Ashley Ashley
    Ashley Ashley 19 days ago

    I love your playboy sweatshirt

  • Elo F.
    Elo F. 19 days ago

    I don't usually care for medium-expensive brands ('cause I'm broke, lol) but this concealer looks amazing, I might have to give it a try... Great review!

  • Taly Gomez
    Taly Gomez 19 days ago

    What lip color is this??