Best of: Trevor Noah | Netflix Is A Joke

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • Ever wondered what Trevor Noah thinks about American slang, being called a pussy, and fearless New Yorkers? Pull up a chair.
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    Best of: Trevor Noah | Netflix Is A Joke
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Comments • 951

  • Becca
    Becca 4 hours ago

    2:50 has me WEEEEAKKKKK 🤣🤣🤣 uuugh i love this man so much

  • Aubyrynn Al
    Aubyrynn Al Day ago

    My stomach is in so much pain from laughing

  • fluffything
    fluffything 2 days ago

    This african dude sucks

  • Stenly Rex
    Stenly Rex 3 days ago

    Pussy: Shortened word pusillanimous, meaning lack of courage, cowardly behaviour.

  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 4 days ago +2

    I think he had/ has a great relationship with his mom

  • ali esinyen
    ali esinyen 4 days ago +2

    Can't believe i have been repeating this clip for several times now

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 4 days ago

    This shit is not funny. Joke stealer

  • mama byrd
    mama byrd 5 days ago


  • Izabela Lancea
    Izabela Lancea 6 days ago +1

    I am here cuz my mom sent this to me 😂

  • april /s
    april /s 6 days ago

    True true true fact👍👌👏

  • Cedric Dylan
    Cedric Dylan 6 days ago

    Fun fact: *the "pussy" actually isn't referring to the vagina put it is a shortened term for "pusillanimous" which means coward.* there u gooo

  • Miss Chululups
    Miss Chululups 7 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yaaaaas!!!! vaginas can start revolutions and end wars! preach!

  • ShawarmaHead Studios
    ShawarmaHead Studios 10 days ago

    The lesson I learned today: Be a Pussy.

  • Goat -
    Goat - 10 days ago

    This shit was boring..

  • Ailin Ell
    Ailin Ell 10 days ago

    Omg I always thought “don’t be a pussy” was about not being a small kitten 🙈

  • Edosa Osagie
    Edosa Osagie 10 days ago

    Pusillanimous tho

  • Z EBN
    Z EBN 10 days ago

    Please ignore any negative comments from this account, its been hacked.

  • Z EBN
    Z EBN 10 days ago

    Rantman doshteyuvsky. Time and tarnish.

    AYO RETRO 11 days ago

    Amazing. He’s definitely my idol😭

  • Darlene Sanders
    Darlene Sanders 11 days ago

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa alive and well

  • karen coetzee
    karen coetzee 12 days ago

    Sounded like Bernie Mac on that last nigga please 😂😂😂

  • Rampsonton boy aka Randalananton boy I’m gay and

    He is a joke thief. Google it

  • Hrisikesh Bhattacharya
    Hrisikesh Bhattacharya 13 days ago +1

    Any feminist joke, women will just laugh, even if it’s funny or not

  • MariaV0071
    MariaV0071 14 days ago

    I used to like Trevor Noah, but he keeps on bashing Indians at a point it’s not funny anymore. Living in the US changed his entire demeanor towards Indians.

  • Twiza nanda
    Twiza nanda 15 days ago

    The penis part had me dead..🤣🤣🤣

  • loneWolf 15214
    loneWolf 15214 16 days ago

    He said he wanted to be black I believe he is overqualified

  • Clara Schneuwly
    Clara Schneuwly 18 days ago

    Trevor, something came to my mind about your Obama story, if I may may be he could say to you Trevor your are my n word go get them or the opposite yo barrack, my barrack my N. You rock, yes you Can! Cheers): thx for reading

  • fanqz13
    fanqz13 19 days ago +2

    He’s funnier than Jon Stewart

  • Ruzindana Jean -Marie
    Ruzindana Jean -Marie 20 days ago

    “ Trevor Noah is amazing, Inspirational art on Giving comedies platform is one from day activities, That Will Change Your Life@J

  • Clara Schneuwly
    Clara Schneuwly 20 days ago

    Trump’s walll is an old concept , Chinese built one long ago, they still have no Mexicans, how effective Is this?

  • JehutyX01
    JehutyX01 21 day ago

    How exactly one needs to sit on a penis in order to break it?

  • litdemolisher 2003
    litdemolisher 2003 23 days ago +1

    Wait a singlet is called a vest? Interesting.

  • Sylvia Obilor
    Sylvia Obilor 26 days ago


  • Layla johnson
    Layla johnson 26 days ago

    7:09 that it is me. hAHAHAHHAH

  • Thezbear
    Thezbear 26 days ago

    Why are his pants so tight??

  • Mbuso Nkabinde
    Mbuso Nkabinde 28 days ago

    My boy.

  • Jose Carvajal
    Jose Carvajal 29 days ago +3

    "N*gga please?? I´ve never heard that phrase before in my life!" I died

  • shahana malik
    shahana malik 29 days ago

    Lol Trevor doesn't know what the hell he is talking about when he is talking about women!
    We are bitches! Women are mostly terrible people.. gossip about each other.. hate each other.. condescending.. stab each other in their backs... are very jealous.. homewreckers.. happy to steal other women's husbands... full of grudge... manipulators... etc etc... thanks God the world isn't run by women or it would have been destroyed by now!
    I am a woman and i can tell you i utterly most hate women!

    • Yutszu
      Yutszu 27 days ago

      That's some men in a nutshell too lmao

  • El Sanchez
    El Sanchez 29 days ago

    Yeah Trevor, Bro!!! Power of the pussy!! [Borat Voice]: Verrry niiiiice!

  • Tricia Leftwich
    Tricia Leftwich Month ago +1

    I love him so much!

  • Delux Mulenga
    Delux Mulenga Month ago +1

    You nailed it Trevor. No pussy is weak.... Let's respect pussiess😁😁😁❤

  • Juliana Cheatem
    Juliana Cheatem Month ago +1

    I love you. I'm back in college at the age of 54, and your jokes took a lot of stress from me. My daughter is also in college, so I sent her your page. We just sit and laugh at your jokes. Thank you!

  • Tinotenda Navhaya
    Tinotenda Navhaya Month ago

    "Niqqa please"😅😅😅😅🤝🏿🤝🏿🤝🏿🤝🏿

  • lizzy anim
    lizzy anim Month ago

    Hahahhahah Non of the slaves who left for Canada on the bot Came on a bot Trevor they all died long before that 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Kleinschmidt

    How do like his body movements for 'just sit on a penis the wrong way"

  • Og Loc 42091169
    Og Loc 42091169 Month ago


  • Juan Carlos Santana

    Nigga PLEASE Lol

  • Vikkor Heel
    Vikkor Heel Month ago +1

    We weren't brought here on boats, we were here already!

    • seljon ranki
      seljon ranki 19 days ago

      100% true most people are not aware of this fact

  • J. D.
    J. D. Month ago


  • El Peterson
    El Peterson Month ago +2

    A human being comes out of a vagina and it continues to work as intended 😂😂

  • Samwisegamgee The Brave

    Noah is a fucking tit of a man. About as funny as cancer.

  • Nguyen Le
    Nguyen Le Month ago +64

    To anyone who's struggling with English's water and American's water
    Aussie: Welcome to Australia.

  • Not Noah
    Not Noah Month ago

    *n i g g a p l e a s e*

  • OhMyGodImPanicking
    OhMyGodImPanicking Month ago

    It’s not American, it’s called Americanese

  • Tantiwa Hopak
    Tantiwa Hopak Month ago +4

    6:47 "it's okay we've got the light" 😂

  • Mr. Nisha Thomas
    Mr. Nisha Thomas Month ago

    Hahahahaha 😂😂😂🤣

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia Month ago

    Can we all stop commenting negativity under peoples appreciation of Trevor's Jokes? Like it wasn't funny. Or it's been used or just something to put that person down just because they liked it? It made them laugh and happy. So let it go. Don't shit on someone's innocent fun.

  • Pedro Sequeira
    Pedro Sequeira Month ago

    Quick note, most of the black people sold to slave traders were sold by other black people...

  • Mang Kanor
    Mang Kanor Month ago

    Pussy is the shortened word for pussillanimous meaning to be weak or timid. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Pip Pot
    Pip Pot Month ago +4

    "Man,I ain't gotta do shit!"