THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017) Ending Explained + Analysis

  • Published on Dec 13, 2017
  • Ending Explained for the latest from master Guillermo Del Toro, the moving romantic monster movie THE SHAPE OF WATER starring Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones. Plus, analyzing the film's bigger meaning and themes.
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Comments • 3 518

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur Day ago

    So all I took the movie is someone human probably fucked a fishman had her rinse and repeat...MOVIE

  • mcleary22x
    mcleary22x 5 days ago

    ABE SAPIEN hit some hard times eh?

  • HexagonBright
    HexagonBright 6 days ago

    Propaganda Alert !
    Jup this movie Sucks.

  • Rubeson DatArtist
    Rubeson DatArtist 8 days ago

    The shape of you

  • Human
    Human 8 days ago

    If someone has taken LSD and gone under water then the real meaning will unfold

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan 8 days ago

    You like eating fish sticks?

  • sexxyperv
    sexxyperv 10 days ago

    The only movie that has ever made me and my mother look at each other and simultaneously ask, "What the fuck did we just watch?"

  • Jimmy Hebdricks
    Jimmy Hebdricks 12 days ago

    When Zelda can say the n word
    Link: oh sh*t
    Ganodorf: I'm just leave

  • William James :D
    William James :D 12 days ago

    Ocean man

  • The Swan
    The Swan 12 days ago

    The least person in this would be a Handicapped Black Lesbian Woman. This really makes you think how horribly separated everyone was then.

  • Sadistic Nature
    Sadistic Nature 13 days ago

    Fish dick

  • Muteteli Harvey
    Muteteli Harvey 18 days ago

    Your whole comment section tells u that u missed the mark.

  • クリスタルきみこ

    I really enjoy this movie, but i didnt care for all the sex stuff.

  • Kaleb Ortiz
    Kaleb Ortiz 21 day ago

    9:28 but you still did anyway

  • Teddy California
    Teddy California 21 day ago

    This is a gay movie.

  • mingiasi
    mingiasi 22 days ago

    oh general zod.. you silly zod..

  • Sam Pal
    Sam Pal 22 days ago

    I just couldn't stop thinking of Abe from Hell Boy... are these two related? Was this intentional? I would love it if it was.

  • Andrew Brannen 5
    Andrew Brannen 5 23 days ago

    Looks like Zod knows how to time travel

  • Panzer VII Löwe
    Panzer VII Löwe 24 days ago

    Fish Sex
    Fish Sex

  • Dylan Hawkins
    Dylan Hawkins 25 days ago

    5:13 I'm not the only one that thought the creature and Abe from Hellboy looked similar right???

  • gjh
    gjh 27 days ago

    sorry, that cat situation was really a bummer. Its all I think of

  • AnthonyAnalog
    AnthonyAnalog 28 days ago

    Spot on assessment!

  • Joel Rodrigues
    Joel Rodrigues Month ago


  • Shawty K
    Shawty K Month ago

    I did not see this movie but 🤔 I feel Hollywood has been trying to get cross species intercourse in movies for a long time

  • BuddhaBebop
    BuddhaBebop Month ago

    for those of you who believe eliza was a mermaid all along consider this: there is a quote from del toro where he says the movie is about going beyond tolerance and loving "the other." the other is a term used to denote groups who lie outside the power structure: foreign races, sexual minorities, religious minorities, in short those who do are not propertied affluent powerful white men. the core of this love for the other is clearly the amphibian man where he falls in love and is embraced in return by a human. unlike strickland she does not recoil from him, does not consider him "an affront." if we were to conclude eliza wasnt human, was in fact herself a child of the sea!, then the story of loving "the other" drowns

    yes yes giless hair returns but it is not difficult to consider that baldness is not a wound. the amphibian man didnt heal giless scalp he radically altered giless scalp

    by itself thats enough for me to take issue with the notion eliza was a mermaid. but consider the kiss at the end. surely this is a reference to kissing the frog or the beast-- that is to say intimacy as a force for transformation. this is the killing blow dealt by del toro to the typical monster movie. in the shape of water it is not a human woman who transforms the other, it is the other surrendering to their love and kissing a human woman that transforms her. further consider the importance of her scars. those scars are a daily reminder of a grand act of obscene violence made upon her, a violence that took from her one of our most vital traits: speech. in the end of the movie the amphibian man unmakes that violence, utterly recontextualizes a previously traumatic physical trait. where the violence done upon her by her parents took the breath from her the amphibian man returns it

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    The scariest thing about this movie is the guy who got his throat slit is how some people really act.

  • Keilani H
    Keilani H Month ago

    I know that this is all about the theory, but can we take a moment to be angry that he's saying Elisa wrong? If he's gonna do theory on a movie, he should at least see the movie

  • Lucifer_the_Saint
    Lucifer_the_Saint Month ago

    Thanks for the explained....just saved me from watching this SJW garbage.

    yes...we get it....White man = Bad ,,,,,,, >.>

  • MGTOW Properties
    MGTOW Properties Month ago

    I fucking hate romance But I liked this movie every movie this man makes his good 👍

  • X
    X Month ago

    So, this basically an SJW movie?

  • ITwas
    ITwas Month ago

    zelda? lol

  • Gardevoir Trainer
    Gardevoir Trainer Month ago

    The seems like a really great movie.

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 Month ago

    I love this movie. It holds a special place in my heart. And I love Del Toro. My favorite director. ❤️

  • Ingrid Aguero
    Ingrid Aguero 2 months ago

    Questions could they have children. According to science 2 different species can't have a baby. A cat can't have a baby with a dog. So can a human and a humanoid have one. I mean their kinda the same thing, just a different subspecies. Which can procreate. That's a logic question I'm asking.

  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 2 months ago

    I'm glad she died!!! Ugly BITCH!!!

  • vaporeon game's
    vaporeon game's 2 months ago +1

    Ocean man take me by the hand take me to the land don't you under stand

  • Think Of A Mexican Name

    So this is a liberal movie?

  • Ethan Ost
    Ethan Ost 2 months ago

    She had sex with a fucking mermaid man thing

  • Tommy BRO
    Tommy BRO 2 months ago

    Therefore, I conclude this film is not a product of beastiality.

  • Skee
    Skee 2 months ago +1

    *Aqua Mans origins*

  • James Bagwell
    James Bagwell 2 months ago

    What a wonderfully strange tale

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders 2 months ago

    This movie is inspirational

  • s.i
    s.i 2 months ago

    Voldemort, is that you?

  • Slap shot Studio2006
    Slap shot Studio2006 2 months ago +2

    Ocean man take me by the hand

  • T Virus
    T Virus 2 months ago

    Ya equality for all, even zombies!

  • Anti Aleks
    Anti Aleks 2 months ago

    Looks like the fishguy from hellboy

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 3 months ago

    I believe the main character is a river nymph because of her ability’s and people are enchanted by her

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 3 months ago

    So cute

  • Caroll Danvers
    Caroll Danvers 3 months ago

    If shé is a fish person why dosent she have any other trades of it

  • TGgodhead
    TGgodhead 3 months ago

    It’s container

  • Ariel Sender
    Ariel Sender 3 months ago

    I loved this movie so much it is just that the monster is treated the way monsters shouldn't be treated.

  • IISea QueenII
    IISea QueenII 3 months ago

    Vid title:
    *Doesn't actually focus on the ending and what it means but insteads just flat out tells you what you already know and or just basically telling you the entire plot*
    also fuck Dark universe..

  • Imdeadinside
    Imdeadinside 3 months ago +1

    The biggest ship ever uwu

  • William lazarus
    William lazarus 3 months ago

    They should have used him as chum.

  • Ahmad sarr
    Ahmad sarr 3 months ago

    One word ewwwwwwwwww

  • Dream Evil
    Dream Evil 3 months ago

    So it's not a prequel to Hellboy 😔

  • Vynx Epicarica
    Vynx Epicarica 3 months ago +3

    "White privilege" Alright, well that's this video done.

  • Julius Caesar Animates
    Julius Caesar Animates 3 months ago

    but well, she's a same kind to the monster, too.

  • Julius Caesar Animates
    Julius Caesar Animates 3 months ago

    quirky women fucks fish. yikes.

  • Juli
    Juli 3 months ago

    Oh cool! Dec. 19th is my birthday!!!

  • Ree Wade
    Ree Wade 3 months ago

    Ocean man, take me by the hand , lead me to the man

  • PRGME7
    PRGME7 3 months ago

    The title of the movie sounds like a B list creepypasta

  • Brooke Babbles
    Brooke Babbles 3 months ago

    I was getting grumpy that you kept calling Charlie "it" (Charlie is the production name for fish boy) then at the end you called him "him" and I was like....was that on purpose???

  • Feluto
    Feluto 3 months ago

    The whole point of this movie kind of goes out the window by making the white guy an irredeemable monster in his own right.

  • Kenyon Eshenbaugh
    Kenyon Eshenbaugh 3 months ago

    Hellboy is amazing I'm sad that the 2nd one looks bad

  • pahz place
    pahz place 3 months ago

    He said, "we're all nothing!" after she asks him to help her save him/it/........and runs off to try be accepted by someone that not only rejected him in the past, but I believe he fired him or whatever. Only to run back to the very person he rejected in order to be/feel received. This movie was excellence in a nutshell! As it shows so many aspects of people and how they're inconsistent in themselves, just so they can feel way of importance (how they are received/seen) It's interesting that he asks the green thingy have you always been alone, being that to him someone being by themselves, somehow translates into them being alone/lonely. Meanwhile so many people are around and have folk in their lives and their lonely as well as unhappy inside and outside of themselves.

  • Zenith
    Zenith 3 months ago


    Its a amazing movie

  • pahz place
    pahz place 3 months ago

    I definitely jumped the gun and thought that Strickland was the creature (which he is) but there is a real creature involved. I think that when it comes to strangers meeting/crossing paths, your humility (which basically should be at the for front of your behavior, speaks volumes of your essence/your spirit, who you are. Communicating that quality of expression (being that the person has not done anything negative to you and or they just deserve that solely out of respect for yourself as your actions speak on behalf of you) ............behaving in a balanced fashion doesn't have the person reciprocate (as this isn't poor psychology) but will meet that side of the person (if it does exist) immediately. Anyone can be a monster when they get good and ready, as those that are inconsiderate (like Strickland) and focused on coming across as this and that, while catering to their ego and how it superficially makes them feel rarely treat people respectful (not to be confused with treating people like they want to be believing something like this doesn't even make sense) I believe that the monster that Strickland evolved to be (due to his selfish and self centered ways) met a monster of another kind. One that wasn't the way that it was due to serving self, and needing to disrespect others. As it's obvious that it is balanced in mind and communication as the "monster" was able to decipher between the deaf woman and the Strickland characters behavior and acted accordingly. Anyone can bring out "the monster" in another and often times some folk have practiced and perfected behaviors that's meant to defile others so that they can "rise" in life, meanwhile there are monsters of all kinds everywhere that may or may not cross paths with them. I think people say, meeting your match. So it seems like Strickland met his match here.

    • pahz place
      pahz place 3 months ago

      "well there you go buddy". I highly doubt that he felt that he was right all the time. I personally believe that these types want to be right all the time as being right caters to their ego and the picture that they paint for their image and life...........a big difference. As an open mind isn't needed and is of no interest to these types, as intelligence is what allows one to see and understand who, what, where, when and why, not an open mind. As opening your mind to every and anything can be damaging, but intelligence will never allow you to accept any and everything, just because.

    • pahz place
      pahz place 3 months ago

      It's interesting how the commentator used the word curiosity, when claiming that Strickland just saw the creature as a thing (as this was so because he felt he was superior to it) which is why he wanted to kill it and study it. Curiosity my ass, it's called hateful envy and the need to destroy that which is not like him! (not to be confused with what he fears or cannot understand)

  • pahz place
    pahz place 3 months ago

    In the same light that if that character is told that all successful men own a Cadillac, and he goes to buy a Cadillac. There are those that aim to be a hero based on what they've seen others do and say vs just be a real person that's operating from sound mind and judgment (when it involves others. I haven't seen this movie, but based on what I've heard thus far (and I'm 4 minutes into this video) it appears that the types that aim to be seen as, as well as own whatever that's suppose to deem them this and that they aim for are the very monsters that this writer/director speaks of.................and although their need to appear better than as well as be in a position to point their finger and deem others this and that, the writer believes that these types (regardless of their monstrous behavior) deserve love as well because ?!?!? The reality is, Love is humble, in addition to an array of a lot of other positive things. One cannot be a horrible person to those that have not done them wrong and or bring harm their way (if they do that's another story, as it's justified) but to consciously treat others/another in ways that are deplorable, just because everyone is doing it and in the same sentence want to be and believe that you deserve Love and should be love, isn't balanced thinking that's coming from a functional mind.

  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson 3 months ago

    I finally got to watch this movie and I thought Aquaman was from Hellboy since they look alike and how they like eggs. And then come to find out the mute chick is his distant cousin so it's ok that they are banging.