HUUUGE Indian Street Food ADVENTURE in Jaipur, India | BEST VEGETARIAN Street Food in India -SPICY!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • India is FULL of SPICY and Delicious Street Food! We went for a HUGE Street Food Adventure in Jaipur, India! If you love spicy and delicious Indian food, get ready, cause we're going for a FULL-ON Indian street food ADVENTURE!!!
    I, Trevor James, The Food Ranger, am joining up with my good friend Anubhav Sapra for a HUGE Indian street food tour from DelhiFoodWalks.
    ► Visit for a FULL-ON Vegetarian Indian Street Food tour and join us in this Indian street food vlog a ton of delicious food in Jaipur, India!!
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    If you're traveling to eat spicy street food in India, you must visit Jaipur! AND, if you love PURE Vegetarian Indian food, you're going to love the video, cause this video is ALL VEGETARIAN!!! I get a lot of requests to do a vegetarian food tour, so I went through with it and did it!!! I do love my meat and my non-veg Indian street food, but for once I wanted to try a vegetarian indian food tour!!
    Here are the addresses for these AMAZING Indian Street Foods in Jaipur, India:
    1) Delicious and refreshing buttermilk, found from an old man walking around the old town of Jaipur, India
    2)The BEST MASSIVE Omelette Sandwich in Jaipur made with Superhuman skill - Sanjay Restaurant - Egg Dee at B 18 & 19, Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, India
    3) AMAZING Indian Chai stall in the Pink City of Old Jaipur - Sahu Ki Chai - 365, Opposite Sai Baba Temple, Chaura Rasta, Pink City, Jaipur, India
    4) Amazing Grilled BBQ Paneer - Radhey Shyam Bhatia Paneer Waley - 70, Near Hanuman Dhaba, Raja Park, Jaipur, India
    5) Amazing Pickle Stall in Jaipur old Pink City -
    6) Spicy and delicious Bheja Roti with Aloo Sabzi -
    7) Deliciouw Rajasthani Thali set - Found at Chokhi Dhani Village in Jaipur, India
    Thanks so much for watching my show, The Food Ranger! You can watch more of my street food around the world playlists here:
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    Thanks so much for watching all my street food videos around the world! I hope you enjoy them and how TASTY they are!!!
    ► My Food Blog:

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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  7 months ago +413

    WOW! Anubhav is bringing us for TONS of delicious food today in Jaipur! Make sure to watch until the end where we enjoy a HUGE Rajasthani Thali! And check out Anubhav's page here: and I hope you enjoy this full on, VEGETARIAN street food tour! This is the first time I've done this!!! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video after watching it, and follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes thanks so much for watching and being a part of the community!!!

    • hassaan ali shykh
      hassaan ali shykh 8 days ago

      when will u coming to Pakistan trevor.

    • r r
      r r 3 months ago

      The Food Ranger good morning. Next time you go to india please visit Punjab also.

  • Ravindra Pratap Singh

    Rajasthan . Where the lions roar 24*7. King of Hearts. Love 💖 Jaipur. 😊

  • unique tina
    unique tina 2 days ago

    Dear Trevor
    You have tasted more Indian foods than we native Indians could do

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    hello outlook 3 days ago

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  • Hyma Hyma
    Hyma Hyma 3 days ago

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    Lazeez Rasoi 4 days ago

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  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 4 days ago

    sorry to say vegans don't eat eggs

  • Anthony Sornapudi
    Anthony Sornapudi 7 days ago

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  • Steven C
    Steven C 7 days ago

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  • Steven C
    Steven C 7 days ago

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    Ranjith Veluru 8 days ago

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    Arnox 01 8 days ago

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  • ADITYA Kumar
    ADITYA Kumar 9 days ago

    You didn't try ghevar which is one of the many authentic Rajasthan Sweet

  • Bay Work
    Bay Work 9 days ago

    That Paneer Tikka got 9.5 on 10. Hurray. Vegetarian food can rock too. Yippee.

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    shubham bhardwaj 9 days ago

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    Amol Sonawane 12 days ago +1

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    mariya Teresa 16 days ago +2

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    Manan Sharma 19 days ago

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    Faith Factory 23 days ago

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    Kartik Laddha 25 days ago

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    Umme Aiman 26 days ago +1

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    Happy Lemon 29 days ago

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    Happy Lemon 29 days ago

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    trytorememberallthis 29 days ago

    Can you do a vegan street food video? Eggs and dairy are so cruel in India (actually all over the world) I couldn't bear to watch :(

    RUPESH KUMAR Month ago

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    Miraj 96 Month ago

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    Vipul Jeph Month ago

    If you wish to see some more amazing foods and food places in Jaipur, you must follow @insidemycuff_jephvipul on Instagram. Thank you for posting the amazing work.

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    Jot Grewal Month ago

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    Sagar Joshi Month ago

    Hey, you forgot "kalkatti chat bhandar" at c-scheme in your list. Its famous for best " dahi bada and moth cheela " in Jaipur. You missed it bro .

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