Air Crash Investigation - All Season 13 Animations


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  • Chepi Bumblebee
    Chepi Bumblebee Hour ago

    Good animations..

    Luvy GAMINGZZZ Day ago

    Flight 888T was air new zealand

  • DryDinker Gamer
    DryDinker Gamer Day ago

    R.I.P everyone who died on those deadly flights
    That was very sad music to go along with it :(

  • Baba pabloz k
    Baba pabloz k Day ago

    1:59 crossair flight 498 crasing in switzerland nassen will i lief in nassenwill 😭😭😭

  • DiggyDwarf 2002
    DiggyDwarf 2002 7 days ago

    Planes mechanical problems

  • glitchinator 666
    glitchinator 666 8 days ago

    0:51 reality:everyone dies
    0:51 cartoons: the plane would stall onto the cables and bounce back to cruise alt

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 8 days ago +1

    *1 like to pray accident*
    Dislike = Animals

  • Abang Kece
    Abang Kece 12 days ago

    Lion air JT610, please :(

  • United Diamond
    United Diamond 17 days ago

    sad :(

  • Ayniya Herndon
    Ayniya Herndon 17 days ago

    Omg they died!😥😥

  • Ricky The Humanoid
    Ricky The Humanoid 17 days ago +2

    how could an airfrance a320 be in singapore or sydney

  • Gaming Jack
    Gaming Jack 17 days ago


  • Gaming Jack
    Gaming Jack 17 days ago

    is this real?😔

    • CubasGD
      CubasGD 8 hours ago

      Real, Based On Accounts And Eye Witnesses

    • Baba pabloz k
      Baba pabloz k Day ago

      Gaming jack jes bro 😔😭

    • Earl Driskill
      Earl Driskill 15 days ago

      Yes, all of these crashes actually happened.

  • Paul John Subaan
    Paul John Subaan 18 days ago

    Captain:lets just use the rudder violently so the wake turbule-

  • Deniz Ayhan
    Deniz Ayhan 18 days ago

    we will always rember the people who died in the crash

  • Cardboard Box
    Cardboard Box 18 days ago +1

    9:05 May I ask what an Air France and PSA aircraft is doing at Singapore Airport?

  • The king Coder
    The king Coder 18 days ago

    BEA 548 was actually called a cockpit designed to crash

  • Duc Hung Nguyen
    Duc Hung Nguyen 18 days ago

    Me during those accident:

  • Azizah Kasim
    Azizah Kasim 20 days ago

    Lol I got to be honest but the cgi in this is better than the one in season 18

  • augustus caesar
    augustus caesar 21 day ago

    that first crash always freaked me out. the way it just went splat and combusted is what nightmares are made of

      xXKILLERMINATORXx xX XD PROXx 18 days ago

      The fuel in the plane is flammable, just like your car's one,ship,but each has a different temperature before it combusts, the plane's fuel has the highest temperature before it combusts,but the impact,the electrical wiring and the electric from the wiring and the impact that makes the temperature very high

  • Paweł Rafał Grotowski

    Anybody noticed that In 7:22 the engine fell off in 7:24 it didnt

      UNKNOWN 7 days ago +1

      xXKILLERMINATORXx xX XD PROXx No it’s not a different angle

    • Erik DelRosario
      Erik DelRosario 7 days ago +2

      Paweł Rafał Grotowski Dont worry the killermantor is dum boi ur right, and killermantor its not at a different angle idiot

    • Clickbait GD
      Clickbait GD 17 days ago +1

      yea no need to be mean

    • Paweł Rafał Grotowski
      Paweł Rafał Grotowski 17 days ago +1

      +Clickbait GD and that's a sensible answer

    • Clickbait GD
      Clickbait GD 17 days ago +3

      well it was a few different scenarios thats why

  • Patrick Caplan
    Patrick Caplan 24 days ago

    Plz all seson 16

  • Andy Zuniga
    Andy Zuniga 26 days ago

    Do more

  • Wendy Gaming Indonesia

    AirAsia flight 8501 on what season?

  • Alice Tiernan
    Alice Tiernan Month ago


  • Widjaja Daniel
    Widjaja Daniel Month ago

    Every time I see a crash animation there is always PSA

  • Cthight
    Cthight Month ago

    XL Airways. Shows Air New Zealand. What?

    • Nick Kelly
      Nick Kelly Month ago +1

      Because Air New Zealand leased to them and they were giving the plane back to ANZ. So during test flight it crashed.

  • Yuki Tobo
    Yuki Tobo Month ago

    In aa587 the 747 isint JAL?!

  • geoxpert
    geoxpert Month ago

    i feel like aci likes to put random planes in their animations, how in tf is there a PSA plane in Europe?!

  • Random Google Name
    Random Google Name Month ago +3

    holy shit 2:40

  • NO . 6
    NO . 6 Month ago +43


  • MLG GamePlays!
    MLG GamePlays! Month ago +9

    *DEJA VÙ*

  • Dominic Tan
    Dominic Tan Month ago +14

    Why is PSA EVERYWHERE???!!! It appeared in flight 32, 888T and 587! All of which occured later than 1988!

    • Giordan Diodato
      Giordan Diodato 17 days ago

      587 was American Airlines, though.

    • Harrison La time traveler
      Harrison La time traveler 18 days ago

      Oliver Hair or the guy who animates it has/had a relative or family member who worked for PSA and told him about it, and he was amazed and inspired and loved it so much.

    • Oliver Hair
      Oliver Hair 18 days ago

      Because the Air Crash Investigation graphic designers can’t be stuffed to make geographically correct models so they use existing ones, such as PSA

    • Random Google Name
      Random Google Name Month ago

      Dominic Tan there was psa parked next to that qantas a380 too lol

  • S̶c̶a̸r̸i̷n̵g̵C̶rab 879

    Did you copy my idea for this series?

  • Denny Huang
    Denny Huang Month ago

    Yooooo the thumbnails liiiiiit

  • ausernameright?
    ausernameright? Month ago +1


  • iiThesouthwest
    iiThesouthwest Month ago

    why so many psa on xl airways germany 888t?
    edit: it was in 2008 so how was psa there

  • Toobball Travelling

    ทั้งหมดนี้ คือเหตุการณ์ที่เกิดขึ้นจริงๆใช่ไหมครับ

  • SunnyFon
    SunnyFon Month ago +9

    3:59 the plane at left side of AA587 is PSA, the airlines should have retired before 2001 and why is it still exist on 2001?

    • SunnyFon
      SunnyFon 19 days ago +1

      Swiss Cheese, oh really?

    • Gemini Jets422
      Gemini Jets422 19 days ago +1


    • Gemini Jets422
      Gemini Jets422 19 days ago +1

      I think they tried to put another American Airlines plane but they failed to put a PSA bear

    • SunnyFon
      SunnyFon Month ago +1

      @Cute soft toy, okay

    • SunnyFon
      SunnyFon Month ago +1

      Swiss Cheese, what do you mean?

  • Angus Lee
    Angus Lee Month ago

    Hey aviation accident clips,season 19 is about to come out.Hoping next year you get more subscribers ! 👍☺️

  • Ayden Potus
    Ayden Potus Month ago +2

    Hey i seen that model on the thumbnail before

    • Cute soft toy
      Cute soft toy Month ago

      Oh ok

    • Ayden Potus
      Ayden Potus Month ago

      Cute soft toy on 3D warehouse the website full of models most of them are for google earth if the location says yes

    • Cute soft toy
      Cute soft toy Month ago

      Ayden Potus really?

  • SunnyFon
    SunnyFon Month ago +4

    In the thumbnail, the wings and engines caught fire?

    • Flora Lacusong
      Flora Lacusong 3 days ago +1

      +SunnyFon it was under editting meaning it was not ready so before the final animation is was built like that

    • SunnyFon
      SunnyFon Month ago +1

      @VEHICON productions, umm, okay

    • Azizah Kasim
      Azizah Kasim Month ago +2

      +VEHICON productions lol

    • VEHICON productions
      VEHICON productions Month ago +2

      +SunnyFon m8...... I just cant explain it any better

    • SunnyFon
      SunnyFon Month ago +1

      VEHICON productions, I mean the art is showing a Hughes Airwest Flight 706 has fire at the front, wings, and engines, but this animation show there’s no fire at the front, wings, and engines

  • Noba456 Andrew45908xyu

    Could you do united express and king air crash

  • Josh Train
    Josh Train Month ago

    How did the crew fly their damaged plane and make it stop?!?!

    • ElmerzGlew
      ElmerzGlew Month ago +1

      I'm going to assume you meant the 800 at the end, but it's because the craft is able to fly with three engines. It's a measure just in case one of the engines blow out, such as how the 2nd engine did with the 800. That can go with many other aircraft too, its not just limited to the shown aircraft. I hope that can explain a little bit on why, but I can elaborate if you wanted.

  • Josh Train
    Josh Train Month ago +5

    How could a bomb sneak past security at an airport?

  • Josh Train
    Josh Train Month ago

    How could a pilot mistake left. For right?

    • Aayush Ganesh
      Aayush Ganesh 20 days ago

      Josh Train spatial disorientation. One doesn’t realise its power till they actually experience it

  • aviation freak
    aviation freak Month ago +7

    Why on the Qantas one was there a air France a320???

    • Dominic Tan
      Dominic Tan Month ago

      PSA doesn’t even fly to Singapore. Proof:I’m Singaporean.

    • iiThesouthwest
      iiThesouthwest Month ago +2

      @Master Cristoles 9:06 there is a PSA 737-200 but this was in 2010 so idk how it got there and 2 other psa planes in background also coming with another 2 air france planes

    • Master Cristoles
      Master Cristoles Month ago

      +Linus H PSA was retired on 1988

    • Linus H
      Linus H Month ago

      And a PSA 737

  • VST
    VST Month ago

    Can you do season 16

  • Master Cristoles
    Master Cristoles Month ago

    Thx, now Season 9

  • Cute soft toy
    Cute soft toy Month ago


  • Cute soft toy
    Cute soft toy Month ago +3

    1st and I don’t really care

    • SMB 226B
      SMB 226B Month ago

      +ausernameright? yea.... True

    • Cute soft toy
      Cute soft toy Month ago

      Athala Mohan ya more like a kid aren’t u

    • NO . 6
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    • Cute soft toy
      Cute soft toy Month ago

      Mummy babygill

    • ausernameright?
      ausernameright? Month ago +2

      Master Cristoles you obviously care cause you responded. Stop being a bully.