UFC on ESPN+ 10: Rafael dos Anjos full open workout interview

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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Comments • 83

  • home sanitarium
    home sanitarium Month ago

    glad rda won. guy has been busting his ass for years in UFC.pay him millions

  • Moh Alhabsi
    Moh Alhabsi Month ago +1

    But I feel RDA
    has batter cardio them kiven Lee
    What u think guys???

  • Alfred Wunder
    Alfred Wunder Month ago

    Love RDA hope he does not give up another huge size advantage

  • Oua H8ter
    Oua H8ter Month ago

    I like R.D.A. wish him the best..

  • Kuldeep Singh Chhikara

    kevin lee will get tired again imo

  • IloveBaklava
    IloveBaklava Month ago +1

    These MMA reporters are dumbasses. Replace them.with high school kids and you'll get better questions.

  • Kirsty Buckland-Doran

    I hope he fucks Kevin lee up shut him up c level fighter never be world champ Kevin pussy Lee

  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor Month ago +1

    Rafael Dos Annnn-jos

  • Joey Mejia
    Joey Mejia Month ago


  • Joey Mejia
    Joey Mejia Month ago

    Jose Guadalupe Mejia good morring dude.

  • Avi Avi
    Avi Avi Month ago

    RDA .

  • Keahey Killmonger
    Keahey Killmonger Month ago +2

    Rda cant win with his facial hair like this.

  • Anton Wereta
    Anton Wereta Month ago +1

    Dayum lol hitting him hard straight out the gate lol

  • Rob Bisson
    Rob Bisson Month ago

    Remember when that pussy rds broke his foot on purpose so he diden't have to fight mctapper? What a bitch!!

  • Shlug life
    Shlug life Month ago +2

    imaginer rda knocks lee out

  • killa khalid
    killa khalid Month ago +15

    Win or lose he still one of my favorite fighters of all time

  • Prince Akeem
    Prince Akeem Month ago +14

    Lemme guess - they give RDA another wrestler in Ben Askren after this.

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear Month ago +1

    RDA via decision

  • really real
    really real Month ago +2

    Porno tash

    SUNA GOES TURBO Month ago +3

    RDA is a beast but the brain damage is noticeable

  • skidexa
    skidexa Month ago +3

    If I saw this guy on the streets, I would seriously cross to the other side.

  • kcx 94
    kcx 94 Month ago +1

    Hopefully bob don’t drop a weight on his leg

  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 Month ago +1

    A fighter's fighter

  • ReeTeeD
    ReeTeeD Month ago +1

    I hate him, i wish he would die!!!

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke Month ago +11

    Looking to see RDA sending Lee straight back to 155. Should be a great fight though. Can’t wait....

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Month ago +2

      U will be waiting forever

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores Month ago +30

    Whoever wins the main event will makes you wonder just how good is Tony Ferguson

    • Your Desire Your Deliverer
      Your Desire Your Deliverer Month ago

      @Don’t Believe Me Boy Lima didn't "get his ass handed to him' by Rory. He lost a very... very close decison to Rory. Do you not consider Rory to be a top (former UFC) welterweight?

    • Vaellan Murugayah
      Vaellan Murugayah Month ago

      @Prince Akeem Awww but how was rda's busted face from the beating he took from Tony? 😂😂 BTW Stipe got knock the fuck out into a different dimensional. He was probably dreaming about getting the rematch in his head. 😂😂

    • Vaellan Murugayah
      Vaellan Murugayah Month ago +1

      @Tiuz Kanggz the ufc is doubting him. Hence, the reason why they overlook him and not give him a title shot. They wanted him to fight either holloway or porrier when he had already won the interim belt. He shouldve already had a fight scheduled with khabib instead of booking him in another interim fight that's basically what I meant when I said that. He is underrated because the ufc doesn't promote him as much and doesn't give him the shot against khabib when he rightfully deserves to and have you heard Dana compliment Tony before? but he compliments the hell out of conor and khabib.

    • Tiuz Kanggz
      Tiuz Kanggz Month ago +1

      @Vaellan Murugayah hello? Everyone gives Tony credit. There is a reason why he is the people's champ. When you would look through the comments on all mma channels you won't see people doubting Ferguson

    • Prince Akeem
      Prince Akeem Month ago

      Eduardo Flores Tony’s eye poke game against RDA was just as good as DC’s against Stipe.

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 Month ago +2

    I like RDA, but this is a bad matchup. Lee is going to wear him out with pressure. He just doesn't do well against pressure fighters

  • mickey jericho
    mickey jericho Month ago +2

    He need tu doooo jab jab.

  • michael konstantinovich bordwell

    RDA gave a pretty good account of himself in both his last two losses..he did manage to take Colby down and beat his face pretty puffy..made Usman work harder than Tyron did..

    • RX 4REAL
      RX 4REAL Month ago +3

      Good point about the contrast in his fight against Usman in comparison to Woodley, he did put up more of a scrap.

    • Donald Rockett
      Donald Rockett Month ago +1

      DakonBlackblade2 Yeah RDA got dominated but he def at least tried. RDA also tried to create scrambles on the ground and tried to get back to his feet, at least making Usman work a bit harder. Usman didn't get many takedowns against Woodley bc he didn't have to keep taking Woodley down. He was able to keep Woodley down.

    • DakonBlackblade2
      DakonBlackblade2 Month ago +11

      @Donald Rockett RDA actually fought Usman, he lost very clearly but Woodley did absolutly nothing, versus RDA it was an actual fight.

    • Donald Rockett
      Donald Rockett Month ago

      michael konstantinovich bordwell Usman smashed RDA pretty badly. Other then a vicious upkick that RDA landed, it was just as much a ass whipping as was the Woodley fight. RDA did come pretty close to beating Colby but Usman is just much better then Colby in every aspect

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky Month ago +1

    RDA via submission

  • Kev
    Kev Month ago +8

    Ralphie Dos Nachos

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Month ago +1

    Dos Nachos!!!

  • Living Shadows
    Living Shadows Month ago +1

    fuck RDA's gotta stop fighting wrestlers man, that's his kryptonite

  • friendswiththecoolkids __

    Get that win RDA!

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Month ago +1

    I don't ask God to all the job lol - rda

    • Combat Bananas
      Combat Bananas Month ago

      @theeOnslaught A different God I guess.

    • theeOnslaught
      theeOnslaught Month ago +1

      Combat Bananas lmao what the hell are you talking about

    • Donald Rockett
      Donald Rockett Month ago

      Combat Bananas True

    • Combat Bananas
      Combat Bananas Month ago +1

      @Donald Rockett Yea but he's talking out his ass about some one he doesn't know or couldn't walk a single minute in their boots.

    • Donald Rockett
      Donald Rockett Month ago

      Slim Shady that is literally the nicest way ive heard someone basically say "I'm not a lazy prick"

  • Blair
    Blair Month ago +34

    Rooting for rda, gonna be a hard fight for him.

  • Abera Grant
    Abera Grant Month ago +6

    Rooting for you RDA you’re a bueno erimono