Peek Into Window and Meet Strawberry Lady in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • In Strawberry town, there is a window you can peek inside and see a lady in front of a mirror in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. By using a trick, you can actually meet this woman and stop her from shooting a weapon. There are secret windows that you can look inside in many towns, and Strawberry has the best. Later, you can also enter the Doctor store and the shack next to the general store. Learn how to use a trick to enter any building and examine the interiors in Red Dead Redemption 2. The trigger for the female NPC is to visit her house at night (after using the Welcome Center lodge). PlayStation 4 Pro version of Red Dead Redemption 2 graphics used in video.
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  • edepot
    edepot  10 months ago +45

    Peek into window in Strawberry and then enter her room to meet her!
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    Another window peek:

    • Zachary Curtis
      Zachary Curtis 7 months ago

      I swear the hotel guy said "nothing says welcome like a good fap!"

    • Charlotte Katakuri
      Charlotte Katakuri 10 months ago

      Why did you said (this is rockstar idea of beautiful women) ? What is wrong with her ? Do you prefer gta v granny's? Thought so.

    • Onic Ma
      Onic Ma 10 months ago +1

      Hey edepot! I love your content. I liked, and subscribed. I support you!

  • Chris Rod
    Chris Rod 6 days ago

    How are you gettin in? You Cheatin' Boy? xD

  • Dah Horra
    Dah Horra 15 days ago

    You've got enough bait to open a shop on the lake. Too bad that its rotten.

  • venom snake
    venom snake 19 days ago

    It should have been more in the main story but it was only 1 in the main story

  • venom snake
    venom snake 19 days ago

    For the people that say red dead redemption 2 doesn't have sex scenes it does some you can see and some you can hear but you have too look for it

  • Uncle Fester
    Uncle Fester 19 days ago

    What a floozy.....:)

  • j k
    j k 24 days ago +2

    its like watching one of those mirror girls from jasmin live

  • sebastian
    sebastian Month ago


  • Lostinplayland
    Lostinplayland Month ago +2

    They added that corset for the females in Red Dead Online so hopefully they also add that undershirt.

  • ray kennedy
    ray kennedy Month ago

    Your spanking it huh lol

  • Brock Hedge
    Brock Hedge Month ago +1

    I was hoping the lady and Arthur would be able to talk to one another...

  • Valhalla Rising
    Valhalla Rising Month ago +1

    If only American women were like this beautiful lady ...oh God

  • Kaimiloa B.
    Kaimiloa B. Month ago +1

    So in the end, what does it take to "calm" the woman down... you choke her out 😎

  • Mike Plus
    Mike Plus Month ago

    Have you tried to kidnap gavins friend and getting him to the cave devil guy(gavin)?

  • Pana Cotta
    Pana Cotta 2 months ago +2

    "freeze all motor functions"

  • Uno Reverse card
    Uno Reverse card 2 months ago

    Oh Orther

  • Jan Lukas Wrede
    Jan Lukas Wrede 2 months ago

    Well, here we go again 🌋

    ADM GLORY 2 months ago +13

    no one:
    my dad: 8:18

  • pig riderinthesky.
    pig riderinthesky. 2 months ago

    these insane details need committed.

  • Nocturn
    Nocturn 2 months ago +1

    So many steps...yet not one covers profit

  • Flavio
    Flavio 2 months ago +4

    "have an eyeful of...THIS" XD

  • NightJay0044
    NightJay0044 2 months ago

    now that RDR2 is out on PC it wont be long until we have MODs for THIS kind of thing :p

  • I59300H RTX2060 32GB
    I59300H RTX2060 32GB 2 months ago

    Human Creativities.

  • Eddie Pascucci
    Eddie Pascucci 2 months ago +10

    You’ve found Dolores Abernathy

  • prashams
    prashams 2 months ago +2

    ohhh she has the powers of hotness

  • marie elena
    marie elena 2 months ago +19

    I love the corsets and undergarments the women wear in RDR2, wish corsets today were more affordable to wear.

  • ElijahProto
    ElijahProto 3 months ago +67

    Girl shoots arthur,

    Wanted: arthur morgan

    • Destined Swede
      Destined Swede 27 days ago


    • jokar jokar
      jokar jokar Month ago

      @erika york if someone is stalking you, you call the cops. You don't shoot them

    • ElijahProto
      ElijahProto Month ago +2

      @erika york if a dude was creeping on you would you whip out the .45 and blast his head off?

    • erika york
      erika york Month ago +3

      Jochanan Van Holst nah. Arthur was being a creep. And you know it.

    • erika york
      erika york Month ago

      ElijahProto Arthur was stalking

  • Brendan Gallagher
    Brendan Gallagher 3 months ago

    hopefully when rdr3 comes out it wont have so many stupid glitches

  • do dedlo
    do dedlo 3 months ago

    I didn't get a boner

  • texaslonghorns2222
    texaslonghorns2222 3 months ago +50

    She's got mad, but she's the one leaving the curtains open

  • Divine Cursader Gaming
    Divine Cursader Gaming 3 months ago +2

    I only found this encounter yesterday

    • Divine Cursader Gaming
      Divine Cursader Gaming 3 months ago +1

      Chapter 3 but completed the game a few times doing a low honour play through but helping John escape

    • edepot
      edepot  3 months ago +1

      What chapter are you?

  • mankabus
    mankabus 3 months ago +2

    These violent delights have violent ends...Dolores is that you?

  • Bless Lifestyle
    Bless Lifestyle 4 months ago

    I just had a pretty unique encounter I haven’t seen anything online about it yet please inbox me for the video... a woman alone in a lake and disappeared when I approached.

    • King Flippy Nips
      King Flippy Nips 2 months ago

      @Bless Lifestyle probably a king arthur easter egg, excalibur is given to him by the lady of the lake

    • Bless Lifestyle
      Bless Lifestyle 3 months ago

      simbawimba100 Hanis bethel. It isn’t the ufo it’s completely unique haven’t seen anything about it online anywhere

    • simbawimba100
      simbawimba100 3 months ago


  • An strange Day
    An strange Day 4 months ago


    CRAMTM 5 months ago


  • MegaJf16
    MegaJf16 5 months ago +103

    if rockstar designed these detailed interiors to houses why not just let us walk in lol.

    • ]I[-Gaben-]I[ demonitisation
      ]I[-Gaben-]I[ demonitisation 2 months ago +3

      because if youve played games with all interior youll know it is incredibly taxing on the system and would lag like hell. the cells rockstar uses for windows use near to no textures or cell shading.

    • unlimited971
      unlimited971 2 months ago

      @No Faith hm. smell like hot coffee

    • No Faith
      No Faith 3 months ago +9

      Dammit. They'll mod it in the PC version.

    • David Baptiste
      David Baptiste 4 months ago +2


  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker 5 months ago +1

    I wish there was nudity in this game like gta

    • No Faith
      No Faith 3 months ago +1

      @Daniel Flanard Fúcking self righteous piece of shít.

    • Daniel Flanard
      Daniel Flanard 4 months ago +1

      @Charlotte Katakuri
      Yes, I know, brothels were an essential aspect of every frontier town and the most wealthy women with the highest status in those towns were the madams who owned and operated them. Prostitution is oldest profession in the world, but sex is still sex, you can't put it in a game without getting an A rating. Now I don't believe a game like RDR 2 should be dragged down to an A rating because of some horny gamers who want to see virtual vag and peen. If it can fly with an R rating, all aspects of it considered, why should it be reduced to what is essentially a tag for porn games. You don't need nudity and fornication in a game that isn't centered on it. If you want to see some sex, if your horny, go watch some porn and then get back to the game.
      Also, I'm sure titty bars were all over the place in the west, but the brothel culture of that day and the strip club culture of today is very different. You don't go to a strip club to have sex, you go to watch half naked women dance around because prostitution isn't exactly legal anymore. The closest thing to old fashioned prostitution is swing culture, or modern illegal prostitution.

    • Charlotte Katakuri
      Charlotte Katakuri 4 months ago

      @Daniel Flanard you do know that stripping and prostitution was way more common at those times right ?

    • Michael Whittaker
      Michael Whittaker 5 months ago +1

      Daniel Flanard yeh and if I want to see proper tits I will watch porn but I’m just saying back in those times it was brutal so you would think you could actually sleep with prostitutes and see what’s going on and things like that if you can do it in the modern world of gta you should be able to in the Wild West times

    • Daniel Flanard
      Daniel Flanard 5 months ago +1

      @Michael Whittaker
      What purpose was that? Strip clubs make sense in GTA as they're a series staple and a part of the word. Strip clubs are also a widely accepted norm in mature media with showing breasts not considered too risqué or taboo anymore.
      In RDR, all you could find was prostitutes, which John would turn down. In RDR 2, Arthur doesn't have anyone holding him back, but stripclubs weren't really a thing; brothels were the equivalent and they were all about sex. Now I don't think I have to explain why it would be hard to implement this feature without getting an A rating if you were looking to see stuff, there's a reason they removed hot coffee from San Andreas.
      It would be more like hookers in GTA IV or rather hookups in GTA IV where you take the girl home; it pans outside, time progresses, and you move on. It would be a pretty pointless feature. After Arthur dies, they would be locked, and even before it still wouldn't really serve a purpose except for a stamina boost or some other unimportant boost.
      If you want to seem some titties and a lot more, just look up some free porn, because we both know that's what this is about.

  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker 5 months ago +3

    Is that how you save the game by sleeping

  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker 5 months ago +7

    Not got this game but so much fun watching all the videos I’m defo gonna have to buy it

  • KebabKenraali
    KebabKenraali 5 months ago

    Cant Trigger this.

  • Doctor Duct tape
    Doctor Duct tape 6 months ago

    Deviants looking for something to fap to on video games. Sad

  • Huan hound of the vailinor

    U know Gavin I think E is the mysterious stranger

  • ruzanti rakiep
    ruzanti rakiep 6 months ago +2

    I thought you were playing as john

  • Avocedo 。
    Avocedo 。 6 months ago

    Plot intensifies

  • OMAR 99
    OMAR 99 6 months ago

    give arthur some sleep u desperate pervert 🤣!!

  • 3SJ Still
    3SJ Still 6 months ago +5

    i saw the two guys run away, and i just stood by the house for a while (nowhere near the window) and she shoots her window through and gets the law on me 🤔

  • corvex
    corvex 6 months ago +1

    "RockStar's ideal of beautifull woman" )))) She is really nice indeed )))

  • Kirk Hutchins
    Kirk Hutchins 7 months ago +6

    I've always that Susan Grimshaw would be a good time! Bet she's all nasty in the bedroom, she's got it going on! Also Helen the woman the brothers are fighting over is a hottie too!

    • Sam SP
      Sam SP 2 months ago

      ??? delete this ASAP

    • edepot
      edepot  6 months ago

      Helen Secrets Video is here:

  • Furziae Farts
    Furziae Farts 7 months ago +1

    red dead rededepotion

  • jjbronks 26
    jjbronks 26 7 months ago +11

    Step 1: go to strawberry...
    Start video in strawberry was too difficult🤦‍♀️

    • corvex
      corvex 6 months ago +3

      No No! It should be - "Step 1: Buy RDR2 on Steam"

    • Hobnob Head
      Hobnob Head 7 months ago +6

      Had to get the vid padded out over 10 minutes, annoys the he'll out of me

  • MickMaan
    MickMaan 7 months ago +43

    2:50 You're welcome

  • Lady Cotton
    Lady Cotton 7 months ago +11

    "You'll need to scoot away from me ..alrite?!"

  • Jason Aze
    Jason Aze 7 months ago +3

    I thgout it was Friday the q3th I was very curious

  • Your future boyfriends
    Your future boyfriends 7 months ago +1

    I don't know that i can peek i lose honnor yet get a wanted

  • Max Boom
    Max Boom 7 months ago +1

    Were far away from realistic games ...

  • Chase Palagi
    Chase Palagi 7 months ago +12

    Another 10 minute video with zero dialogue and next to no interaction... impressive!
    I'm the dipshit here though, fool me once....

  • Arthur Morgan 2019
    Arthur Morgan 2019 7 months ago

    Hey edepot what do you use to record your videos?

    • Tony White
      Tony White 7 months ago

      What system are you playing on if its the ps4 to the left of the tuch screen hit the small Oval button

  • EyeFly Visionz
    EyeFly Visionz 8 months ago +58

    But did u smash her tho?

  • MadGamerBoss
    MadGamerBoss 8 months ago

    “Oh shit" bruh you can feel the fear in the air 😂

  • Rhimes Hiff
    Rhimes Hiff 8 months ago +5

    Well did he smash?