Blac Chyna And Baby Dream At Rob Kardashian's Birthday Party

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  • Rachel Simpson
    Rachel Simpson Month ago

    I hope blac chyna wins all of what she is owed...if it weren't for her rob would've never got help for him self and someone that gave a fuck bout him besides khole..they were the only ones that took care of him and tryed to help him...the rest of the fam are selfish ass hell...go chyna and your two beautiful kids...

  • Nicholas Nunez
    Nicholas Nunez 3 months ago

    This bitch is dumb

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa Rodriguez 6 months ago

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  • Destiny Long
    Destiny Long 7 months ago

    yes the duck she did and the little bitch is nasty she's basically a step-mom/aunt at the age of 18 all of the Kardashian's are nasty sluts press for attention

  • Be YourSelf
    Be YourSelf 7 months ago

    fuck that ugly gold digging bitch

    • Skye George
      Skye George 7 months ago +1

      u can't hate on someone when ur watching there videos lmao

  • Renee Garcia Otero
    Renee Garcia Otero 8 months ago


    • sade aleem
      sade aleem Month ago

      Renee Garcia Otero they both sluts rights

  • Tye Blk
    Tye Blk 8 months ago


  • Uche Deborah
    Uche Deborah 10 months ago

    Rob make the higher mistake of his life with a prostiu

  • Dolores Lopez
    Dolores Lopez 10 months ago

    nice shes so dressed up

  • MsGreer01
    MsGreer01 10 months ago +4

    I'd never separate from my child like that

  • panterarosa !!
    panterarosa !! 10 months ago

    why are they covering the baby.?? We know how she looks

  • mike jones
    mike jones 10 months ago

    this stupid bitch would not be at nothing I have Rob is the weakest man I ever seen chyna's a hoe you should have listen to tyga an never had a child with this thot plain an simple

  • MissE YouBeen
    MissE YouBeen 10 months ago +2

    awww child protection services finally rescuing A child in need ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

  • MayorOfMoetown
    MayorOfMoetown 10 months ago +1

    what an empty ,meaningless life.

  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard 10 months ago

    they all are so unhappy the lot of them.guess its true money cant but it.

  • Idalis Sandoval
    Idalis Sandoval 10 months ago

    The freaking paparazzi need to get a life omg go the hell away

  • star light
    star light 10 months ago +1

    why is the baby in the Honda ๐Ÿ˜…

  • M J
    M J 10 months ago +2

    So much hate on Black chyna but the Hoedashians then been through every other man in the industry let's call it out now, if yal wanna hate on someone then air everyone's laundry including yals and I'm quit sure yal have the dirtiest skeletons in ya closets. So get off blac chyna because if Rob Kardashian gave yal heffas that's online hating the time of day yal would be planning on how to trap him or ease yal way into being an opportunist to get air time or perhaps trap him into yal getting pregnant by him so yal life could be good.

  • T Anderson
    T Anderson 10 months ago

    What the hell they named the baby " Dream", Dream Kardashian? Is this the full name of the baby?

  • jess mills
    jess mills 10 months ago +2

    The shorter guard knows his job and does it well. He knows right where to be to fuck up a picture being taken. He also steps up when the one guard leaves baby, Dream, to start the car. He's a good one to keep around.

  • Itsmeimbak LikeinevaLefT
    Itsmeimbak LikeinevaLefT 10 months ago +1

    a bitch dont even carry her baby Enuff said i bet the stank has very little mothering IN her Its all about the $! Sad cuz Dream is a human poor Thing a sorry stank Mama & Dad Yuck

  • Maria AnChanel
    Maria AnChanel 10 months ago

    l love Chyna and Rob but what is the most disturbing is that ppl judge her from her past...ok it's a past not present or future so what she put her child in a Honda it's a car frfr yall gonna get on her about a car..also is that ppl calling her whores, bihh, 304, she don't deserve Rob vice versa...I'm pretty sure Rob is smart and knows how she works...but also can't she get a time without cameras and it's also disturbing that you can't walk into one place without the click clack..I hope some of yall can grow up and see that she could be a good person yall just making her seem bad

  • Victoria Faithful
    Victoria Faithful 10 months ago +17

    y'all need to stop being distracted by this worldly couple and get a relationship with Jesus accepting Him as your Lord and savior now!! if u do u will be raptured , saved from what's to come!! it's gonna be hell on earth for 7 years please do it now before u r caught in the eye of the storm!! it's a horrible time coming such as the world has never seen and never will see again. God's Wrath will be on the Earth the seven pools of God's Wrath and it will be a horror show but even if you don't listen now, u still have a chance to come to God But most of u will die for their faith in Jesus!! terrible be on every side it's just going to be a reality nightmare!! Please wake up in Jesus precious name amen!!

    • Terence Manonga
      Terence Manonga 10 months ago

      Latorya Gray agree

    • Latorya Gray
      Latorya Gray 10 months ago

      Amen, are we in the 7year period now? because it looks as though all hell started to break loose in 2014 if we are in it now the following years are about to get crucial for those that believe in Christ i want to be prepared.

    • Terence Manonga
      Terence Manonga 10 months ago +3

      Victoria Faithful amen

  • Donna Garza
    Donna Garza 10 months ago


  • Donna Garza
    Donna Garza 10 months ago

    Did she call Rob Fat??

  • le e
    le e 10 months ago

    where does she get her wigs

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie 10 months ago

      le e she has tag kendra boutique on instagram many times

  • Mszlipsz
    Mszlipsz 10 months ago +2

    smh these kids gonna be allllllll messed up #mommysmoneyhungry

  • DeeDee Love
    DeeDee Love 10 months ago +2

    If its his kid anyway...i dont think so.....

    • Lola Me
      Lola Me 10 months ago +5

      Princess Love yeah I almost would think that it is not Chynas daughter because she looks nothing like her but that is impossible because she was pregnant hahah๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Princess Love
      Princess Love 10 months ago +10

      DeeDee Love ikr ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ she looks like his twin

    • Lola Me
      Lola Me 10 months ago +3

      Princess Love even without the dna test you can clearly see that it is his daughter๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't care about the Kardashians at all but if someone think that she is not his daughter.. they are hating๐Ÿ˜…

    • Princess Love
      Princess Love 10 months ago +2

      DeeDee Love she has a DNA test done dumbass

  • SoLA489
    SoLA489 10 months ago +34

    Babies usually ride in separate cars. The nanny is the one that does all the caring. When Kanye was on tour. The baby always rode in a separate black SUV.

    • Love Mac
      Love Mac 10 months ago +21

      SoLA489 good point, for security reason

  • Kelly101Girl
    Kelly101Girl 10 months ago +53

    she needed someone to hold her balloons and the baby and on top of that the child rode in a different car...da fuck LOL

    • Dira501
      Dira501 8 months ago +5

      Kelly101Girl It's an adult party, it looks as if she may be taking the child home. Go back and you'll see she tried to grab the balloons from the guy. You'll try anything to make her look bad I see.

    • Toxic Aura
      Toxic Aura 9 months ago +1

      Kelly101Girl so dumbbbb noooo

    • Love Mac
      Love Mac 10 months ago +5

      Kelly101Girl nobody knows if that's Rob's / Chyna's baby, there must've bn a lot of ppl wz kids at the party lol. And if that's little Dream, then it's her nanny's car (staff car)

  • Gabriel Lajara
    Gabriel Lajara 10 months ago +3


  • Everyday lifestyle
    Everyday lifestyle 10 months ago


  • Kat P
    Kat P 10 months ago +1

    haha baby in a honda lol

  • Destiny Long
    Destiny Long 10 months ago +58

    all of you hating sound stupid saying she looking for attention. she's dating a Kardashian that comes with attention on top of that y'all forget the fact that Kylie stole her man and is the one who seeks attention everytime she posts stupid pictures of her and China's ex man whose old enough to be her uncle imjustsayin who really looks bad here

    • Mark Spark
      Mark Spark 7 months ago

      Destiny Long mark my words destiny ( or shaniqua.). The bachelor will be off the air in two years because the curse of the nigger

    • Destiny Long
      Destiny Long 7 months ago

      Mark Spark And white trash will always be white trash

    • Mark Spark
      Mark Spark 7 months ago

      A nigger will always be a nigger.

    • Destiny Long
      Destiny Long 7 months ago

      Gugu Hlophe yeah she is the only sane one is Kendall she actually is the only one who is natural who Kylie wish she looked like. even Kourtney, Kim is fine she's been trashy but Khloe and Kylie I especially do not like they are fame seeking whores the only one with real talent is Kendall.

    • Gugu Hlophe
      Gugu Hlophe 7 months ago

      Destiny Long Kylie didnt steal effen tyga

  • Cassandra Melendez
    Cassandra Melendez 10 months ago +87

    She loves the attention but I pray that Rob Kardashian never marries this girl she's bad news

    • Cassandra Melendez
      Cassandra Melendez 10 months ago +1

      Straight Up I never said the sisters are not about money because this video isn't about the sisters but yeah you're right they are

    • Get St
      Get St 10 months ago +1

      thomascampr u are a whore

    • M J
      M J 10 months ago +1

      You sound dumb

    • Straight Up
      Straight Up 10 months ago +1

      Cassandra Melendez she's all about getting that money? and his sister's isn't? get the hell outta here.

    • Cassandra Melendez
      Cassandra Melendez 10 months ago

      Sharon S .... What?

  • Malonebefree
    Malonebefree 10 months ago +16

    she let peoples taking care of her baby?? like really ? crazy girl, stupid

    • Mel Lynch
      Mel Lynch 10 months ago +5

      Malonebefree I don't think it's Chyna who has that woman as a nanny, I think it's the Kardashians employing that woman for Rob to help him with the baby, especially with all the secret service looking guys escorting her. After all they are separated and he would need help.

  • jordan Skelton
    jordan Skelton 10 months ago +30

    She can't hold her own balloons or baby. Ew

  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fox 10 months ago +23

    1:15 Why are those people kidnapping the baby and taking it to Florida ??

  • honeyrose xo
    honeyrose xo 10 months ago +56

    crazy how she's separated from her child and worse puts her child in a honda hahahahaha. the kardashians never did that, so sad

  • Watch out for Regina George
    Watch out for Regina George 10 months ago +15

    They probably called paparazzi, who cares about Rob?