r/Entitledparents "YOU'RE MY KID, YOU'RE MY SLAVE!" Funny Reddit Posts

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents are so entitled that they think that they literally own their children. They think, "I made you, so I own you!" Sounds a little like slavery, doesn't it? Well... that's because it is. This insane entitled mother literally believes that her adult child is her slave, and she can do whatever she wants to her kid because she literally owns her. How messed up in the head can you be?
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    0:07, Spartan_with_a_Gun, bit.ly/2vKSrDL
    4:03, ACCER1, bit.ly/2vPBCax
    14:58, dragonsfire242, bit.ly/30221zP
    "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Comments • 7 546

  • Neonboi3000
    Neonboi3000 4 hours ago

    That entitled voice is so good but it basically is the equivalent of someone scratching nails on a chalk board,

  • Rajing 65
    Rajing 65 9 hours ago

    I agery

  • Rae Bracken
    Rae Bracken 17 hours ago

    I love your lawyer voice lmao

  • Bonnita Claus
    Bonnita Claus Day ago

    Happened on my first days at a new outdoors range. Are usually shut off a brick of 22 ammo every week. This day I went home early. It was quite a while before I went back to the range.
    Next to me there was an old old gentleman of indeterminate age. He had what I think was a 30 O6. When cease-fire was called, he laid the rifle down with the barrel facing me. My mouth opened and amazement, I stepped back one step, and it went off right over where I was standing. I am certain that there would’ve been some damage done if I was hit. I’m pretty sure that it went over the highway. The angle was pointed semi upward because the bear was on a towel or something. I really do not remember what I was to shock. I had enough for that day and I left.

  • jdogzero silverblade

    that joke threat at the end is probably the most terrifying thing to exist O_O

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown Day ago

    My 2 cents about the gun range story. In my state (Washington) it is assault to point a firearm at someone regardless of whether or not it is loaded (RCW 9.41.230) . I would have definitely pressed charges against said woman if it got to the point that the police had to get involved. However if I were at my local gun range and saw this happening I would simply pack up my gear inform the range officer and leave. If that person was going to AD someone I would make sure it wasn't me.
    P.S. I love the rslash channel, keep up the good work and give your puppy a few pats for me.

  • Alosmolimin Robert

    *is it only me who thought the person in the thumbnail looked like liza koshy*

  • The Weird cat lady next door 4ever

    Karen alert. There is a swarm of Karen’s entering the chat.

  • VMan_ 2002
    VMan_ 2002 Day ago

    Thanks for crediting, good thing to do, but the 1st post's link is to the author, not the post. Pls fix

  • Li Nye the Science Guy
    Li Nye the Science Guy 2 days ago +1

    his woman voice sounds like a cross dressing anime character eng dub voice actor

  • William Winder
    William Winder 3 days ago

    These " entitled parents" aren't parents. They should be beaten with tire chains.

  • Raging_Moose
    Raging_Moose 3 days ago

    :D I'm not much for reading so I like these types of videos. I also subscribe to Karma Comment Chameleon

  • christmasina
    christmasina 4 days ago

    Had an ex mother in law like the aunt. So relieved she is an ex. I have an angel mother in law now:)

  • Reecey_bitz
    Reecey_bitz 4 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    he’s ready for the next EP that strikes again..

  • Alexis Canty
    Alexis Canty 4 days ago

    My mom thinks everything I own is hers. She used to tell me possessions was nine tenths of the law.

  • The Creeper way
    The Creeper way 4 days ago

    I’m glad the person in the first story finally got the nerv to point there gun at the em

  • kisse1987
    kisse1987 4 days ago

    3:05 very american

  • Raymond Toh
    Raymond Toh 4 days ago

    Hhhmmmmmmm...... That aunt is..... STUPID LIKE SHIT!🤪🤪👮🏼‍♂️

  • Solange
    Solange 4 days ago

    I feel like it's a cultural tradition in the US to threaten suing people hahaha like seriously never heard that threat here and it wouldn't even cross my mind

  • Flogle DragonSpirit
    Flogle DragonSpirit 4 days ago

    Police officer: "Point that down before you tase someone!"
    EM: *scoffs* "It's not loaded you moron! You can't ask me to do that, don't you know there's a law against that!"

  • The flaming tanks
    The flaming tanks 5 days ago

    Ah the classic AR-15. One of THE most deadliest weapon in the world and too schools

  • Dát Böi
    Dát Böi 5 days ago

    OMG its ea becouse they also take money

  • A T
    A T 5 days ago

    ek:mommy can I have that gun that fully loaded and could kill someone
    em:yea its his so yes just make sure its pointed at him 2
    op:plz dont shoot me
    ep:dont say a word and also stand stilkl
    ek:"fiddles with trigger"
    op:backs away
    ep:DONT MOVE AGAIN now stay still
    ek:fires almot hitting op
    ep:you little b how dare u not let him shoot u
    op:"runs away"
    ep:trys to fire at op
    op:calls cops
    ep:says he didnt let me shoot him arest him
    op:in mind"wth go away"

  • Brick Dog
    Brick Dog 5 days ago

    you're doing the same dangerous thing i did but you have an excuse unlike me? THAT'S ILLEGAL

  • Ole Holm
    Ole Holm 5 days ago

    That Karen have the right to remain silent, but she don`t have the ability.

  • Rowan Trout
    Rowan Trout 5 days ago

    EA sounds like my grandmother

  • Werner Ernst
    Werner Ernst 5 days ago

    I love how the thumbnail is a black women who

  • Tori Irishmen
    Tori Irishmen 5 days ago

    Period poooooo

  • Hipster Atlantis!
    Hipster Atlantis! 6 days ago


  • nils920
    nils920 6 days ago

    I can only imagine the only hymn playing on EA of story 2's funeral: Bing Bong The Witch Is Dead!

  • Six
    Six 6 days ago

    Your EM voice genuinley angers me

  • Six
    Six 6 days ago

    0:21 ahem its called muzzle flash not FIRE BALL

  • Bonnie Kitty
    Bonnie Kitty 6 days ago +1

    EP from the first story: "Now EK let me show you how to murder someone." *In a sweetly sick tone*
    LP: "?"
    OP: "WTH?!"

  • little gg dee
    little gg dee 6 days ago +2

    I love guns to I'm also a really good shot even though I'm only 11 and I always know to treat a gun like it's loaded and I don't see why a parent wouldn't know that

  • PanicSAnimations
    PanicSAnimations 6 days ago

    the second aunt is completely batshit nuts and would gladly lock her in a small room for a day

  • Beanie Eyelash
    Beanie Eyelash 7 days ago

    I would’ve pulled out the AR-15

  • Michaela Davis
    Michaela Davis 7 days ago

    I'm with you all the way with liking guns, I remember doing a project on guns and semi automatics in the 5th grade and my teachers were shocked when I got home I told my brother (aka helped me with project) and we laughed our a**es off

  • Typical Soul
    Typical Soul 7 days ago

    Mother takes daughters car that she bought and shes a adult. WHAT! WTF!!!!!!!!!

  • Celia Joy
    Celia Joy 7 days ago

    If you don’t know basic gun safety.... DONT EVER TOUCH A GUN!!!! That first story freaked me out. How have people like that parent made it this far in life?!

  • chase folis
    chase folis 7 days ago

    People die when they are killed stupid mothers

  • Rannon
    Rannon 7 days ago

    The entitled aunt story reminds me that there are people who think they own their children! And worse yet, there are probably countries in where they're right! :o

    LEMON MAZTER 8 days ago

    The entitled aunt story is beyond fake

  • Azure Kuzma
    Azure Kuzma 8 days ago

    I hate parents who get mad at fellow adults for giving their children advice. *Especially* when it's on someone who I more knowledgeable on said subject.
    Luckily, I have a parent who knows what he's doing. He's taught me everything I know, and I know how to be respectable with a deadly weapon.
    Never point your gun at anyone; loaded, or not; Safety on, or not.

  • Jake Sucks at drawz
    Jake Sucks at drawz 8 days ago

    I HATE THESE SHIT PEOPLE... They litterally have 1/5th of a braincell and, maybe, made out of ROCKS.

  • Kat Crew
    Kat Crew 8 days ago

    I want to see the entitled mom who stole a car, go on Judge Judy....mannn.....that would be one good episode...

  • Daryll Pal
    Daryll Pal 8 days ago

    4:15 I'm very lucky I don't have/know any of my aunts.

  • johannagrace nabua
    johannagrace nabua 8 days ago

    Poor Emily... Hope she still grow up well and taking care of her children better than her Mom..

  • Mary Kennerley
    Mary Kennerley 8 days ago

    Every knows that you do not point a gun at anybody even if it isn't loaded. That EM should be banned from ranges she is a clueless idiot.

  • Jumbled MegaDerp
    Jumbled MegaDerp 8 days ago

    So you’re saying adults can’t shoot a gun, but a six year old me can?

    • Azure Kuzma
      Azure Kuzma 8 days ago

      The child wasn't the problem, the mother was. Going to a range, you as a minor must have an adult present. So, yeah, you could. Also depends on if your parents think you are ready.
      I'm only in my teen years, and I have a father who teaches me how to do it properly. We don't go to gun ranges though, there's a place called promontory that is basically a waste land. We do our shooting without rules, but still safely.

  • Sidney Doerksen
    Sidney Doerksen 8 days ago +1

    The first story is giving me anxiety just listening to it.

  • E Urban
    E Urban 9 days ago

    Good on the police and the judge for recognizing EA's mistake (daughter was 22, owned vehicle outright), but if it were me in that situation...
    EA wouldn't have survived long enough to call an attorney. I'd have fucked that bitch up irreparably.

  • Debbie Henderson-Martin

    rep that ant lol

  • Floor:funny Games
    Floor:funny Games 9 days ago

    Hey anybody notice in the post about the entitled aunt enslaving her child her abbreviation is EA where have I heard this being popular for. Making good one time purchase games nah. Using others to get money YEAH

  • Marshall McNamee
    Marshall McNamee 9 days ago

    No offense but you sound just like BehindTheMeme

  • Sadomila
    Sadomila 9 days ago

    No one:
    Judge: PERIODT👿💅🏾‼️

  • Jade Annabel
    Jade Annabel 9 days ago

    I was looking for this story for ages, so glad to find it again!

  • stanley lai
    stanley lai 9 days ago

    my cousin's son is also a gun person and a woman was arrested for pointing the gun at him. basically the same story but at the end he asked the kid if he wanted to contine shooting and the kid was having good time while being supervised by himself and 3 police

  • Tsunami Gaming
    Tsunami Gaming 10 days ago +1

    I think these entitled mothers got the “women rule the world” a bit too in their head

  • Wipez
    Wipez 10 days ago

    Yeah I get the entitled parent being a complete moron, but trying to cheer up a young kid after pulling a gun on their mother telling them to get on their knees and hands behind their head...uhhh... am I missing something where? What the fuck, a little uncalled for no!?

  • shades exploer
    shades exploer 10 days ago

    people who dont use guns safely should not be able to have one