• Published on Sep 15, 2017
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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  Year ago +432


  • LegoMasterKyle 101
    LegoMasterKyle 101 8 months ago +1

    What was that sound that I heard when the video started. 0:00

  • Yvonne Hardy
    Yvonne Hardy 9 months ago

    Watch us vlogs everyday...old n new...Love them...send big massive love n hugs from Liverpool. England...oh by way adin is pure fit...hmmmm

  • Elery Esparza
    Elery Esparza 9 months ago

    Great video 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Elery Esparza
    Elery Esparza 9 months ago

    I want more videos 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Elery Esparza
    Elery Esparza 9 months ago

    Keep making more videos 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl 11 months ago

    omg these two make me sick

  • Peeker 1979
    Peeker 1979 Year ago

    Your channel really fucking sucks Lance. You, your girl and all your douchebag friends serve no damn purpose except to look like asses on your shitty vlogs. Hopefully one day you will actually have to go out there in the world and work an honest job for a living. Fucking loser.

  • jason voorhees
    jason voorhees Year ago +1

    make a gaming channel

  • Niya Andrade
    Niya Andrade Year ago +1

    Please keep the vlogs long

  • Zoe Villarreal
    Zoe Villarreal Year ago

    Me too my jaw starts to hurt

  • Lainey Bayhurst
    Lainey Bayhurst Year ago

    When is Chris gonna release his dis track??

  • Linnzie Lopez
    Linnzie Lopez Year ago


  • JJ Challenge
    JJ Challenge Year ago

    I think it's called a pager not a vibrator

  • Dean L. Strawberry

    all successful youtubers seems like they sleep all day stay up all night lol

  • SuperDave66 !
    SuperDave66 ! Year ago

    I keep coming back about once every 2 weeks to watch a video to see if his shit gets any better, but unfortunately it doesn't . Same old Shit! Go to the gym and go to eat is half of every fucking video. The dude doesn't have any original ideas. He'll Peter out eventually and go into obscurity.

  • harris sadiq
    harris sadiq Year ago

    What is the song that they had on at the gym

  • Ghostty_Boi
    Ghostty_Boi Year ago

    Yo if Chris wants a game he wants to grind out I suggest Destiny 2. Just came out and it’s pretty fun to me

  • Magnus Vikebø
    Magnus Vikebø Year ago

    Whats up with Lance not dribling rassberry lemonade all the time but not anymore ?

  • XSalty
    XSalty Year ago


  • WTFMannyxFTW
    WTFMannyxFTW Year ago

    stop with that
    " *Merch in the Bio* "
    B.S. ... its stupid. Eventually these kids will realize not to put so much hope into a person. when you Idolize someone, it always ends badly. Ask all those kids that liked the Jonas Brothers, One direction etc. and Bought posters to hang up in their room. it was a waste of money. Just enjoy the experiences in the videos

  • Mariah Boston
    Mariah Boston Year ago

    And of course this video has ads

  • Lil Mamas
    Lil Mamas Year ago

    Lance, are you gonna sell a 210 necklace? I want one

  • Desiree Parsons-Perez

    Just put the phone under ur pillow

  • Ellie Parry
    Ellie Parry Year ago

    I bought a pop socket from your shop about a mounth ago it hasn't come

  • Frank Howey
    Frank Howey Year ago

    Theirs trophies in black ops 3

  • Celine Senden
    Celine Senden Year ago


  • DatDudeSans
    DatDudeSans Year ago

    It’s called a beeper

  • Esther Nahon
    Esther Nahon Year ago

    What part is the interview?

  • Eleven Teen
    Eleven Teen Year ago

    Was lizzy born in June

  • Alex Cortes
    Alex Cortes Year ago

    He forgot to say hi to the faceless you know

  • Alex Cortes
    Alex Cortes Year ago

    He forgot to say hi to the faceless merrier

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Year ago

    Lance, to wake up earlier, get a louder alarm.

  • Joyce Myer
    Joyce Myer Year ago

    Lance why is your face so fat. WOW looks like you ate something that you were allergic to. Man your face is fat and of course still ugly. What's up with the b****Lizzy she had to dye your hair again huh? Doesn't matter what she does doesn't matter how much he spends she will always always be ugly. I don't think even a facelift would help her. The only thing I can say is she's a two-bagger one bag over her face one bag over somebody else's face in case her bag should fall off. You both are helpless. Lance take some Benadryl for your fat face.

  • Asim Soomro
    Asim Soomro Year ago

    He deserves dislikes

  • Peyton Cason
    Peyton Cason Year ago

    Blond lizzie is classic

  • Nathanial Johnson

    You need an actual alarm clock I had to get one recently because I was waking up late for school😂😂

  • Pablo Escobart
    Pablo Escobart Year ago

    Whatever happened to the rap that chris was gonna drop while all that "possessed" shit was happening??

    BEASTMODE MF Year ago

    He complaining BC he's making 312-5k a DAY LIKE WHAT

  • Donkey BitchAss
    Donkey BitchAss Year ago

    I like blond hair better

  • Rebecca Steele
    Rebecca Steele Year ago +1

    Would everyone shut up about Lizzy and her hair. Your all just jealous, she can diy it whenever and whatever way she wants. Her hair looks absolutely fine till me. She gets to much hate and she doesn't deserve it.👌

    • Pretty Nguyen
      Pretty Nguyen Year ago

      Rebecca Steele I absolutely love ur comment about her hair butttt....*dye not diy and *to me not till me 😁

  • Fog Boat
    Fog Boat Year ago

    Did anyone else here Fade To Black by Metallica at first in the gym

  • Fusion Gaming YT
    Fusion Gaming YT Year ago

    Dude stop being so mean to lance

  • FrancisJoa
    FrancisJoa Year ago

    Lance you start looking goofy since you started working out. Your face is getting fat (doesn´t look good).

  • Philippa McGuire
    Philippa McGuire Year ago

    Do you ever get anywhere on time. Your time is not more precious than anyone else's. How can you be late to wherever you go it's awful

  • Mike 441
    Mike 441 Year ago

    Lance i have TMJ and my jaw locks when i eat all the time

  • Juni Valer
    Juni Valer Year ago

    Follow me on instagram @ (chuckys_killer)

  • Nicholas Broadwater

    Lizzy looks like Nick Crompton

  • guinta fights
    guinta fights Year ago

    I love getting trophies 2 on games

  • Dalton Travis
    Dalton Travis Year ago

    make lizzy " Hell yeah" merch please

  • Lydi Bug
    Lydi Bug Year ago

    Lance is sooooooooooooo sore

  • Sebastian Vergara

    Does anyone remember when Chris was making a song but then he never posted it

  • RyanGold 2nd Channel

    No ads... no surprise. THX A LOT TVclip

  • Zoey Pyles
    Zoey Pyles Year ago

    It happens exspeshily when you eat gum

  • steph becerra
    steph becerra Year ago

    Adin should honestly be a DJ !

  • Pepe Frogutz
    Pepe Frogutz Year ago +1

    Its time to stop Lance

  • Aight
    Aight Year ago

    The autofocus is crap get a new cam dude

  • Trey Pullins
    Trey Pullins Year ago

    You stupid freaking clickbaiter

  • sabine velic
    sabine velic Year ago

    People liked your vlogs back in New Jersey , you were family oriented and people loved that . You need to make a healthy decision which would be to go back to New Jersey .

  • Gabe C
    Gabe C Year ago


  • Victoria Chavez
    Victoria Chavez Year ago +1

    Lance:Where we goin, girl

  • Kevin Raimi
    Kevin Raimi Year ago

    He fuckin ugly

  • Fatima 128
    Fatima 128 Year ago

    Today's blog was short

  • Fatima 128
    Fatima 128 Year ago

    Oh no I'm starting to get far away fro, lances videos

  • DaBest822
    DaBest822 Year ago +2

    1. Lance isn't losing any weight at all anymore, at least to me. 2. The vlogs are boring he needs to go somewhere new or back to New Jersey. 3. And stop complaining about u having no money bruh u bought 2 super expensive cars for like $300K total and an expensive backpack don't fuckin cry I'm sure that u have enough money. Like for lance to see and for him to improve his vlogs.

  • Arturo Campos
    Arturo Campos Year ago

    L.A 10 min video's in new Jersey 15-30 min video's by the least like if u agree

  • Mary Ortiz
    Mary Ortiz Year ago

    Got 3.5 mil and only gettin about ALMOST 500k veiws on each video. Lol just die already

  • Heaven Powell
    Heaven Powell Year ago

    When's Chris gonna release his single?!!

    FLINT HEAD Year ago

    Honestly just leave youtube..

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis Year ago

    can I get a shoutout for my birthday

  • Nereida Ayala
    Nereida Ayala Year ago

    Why did adin look Like chris with the camo merch

  • Ray's Vlogs
    Ray's Vlogs Year ago +2

    TVclip should stop paying him, to easy

  • Adan Lopez
    Adan Lopez Year ago


  • Adan Lopez
    Adan Lopez Year ago

    Make the merch

  • Thomson Destroyer

    Yep that happens to me too

  • Ryan Friedrich
    Ryan Friedrich Year ago +2

    Everyone knows that meeting was not about you complaining. It was about you begging for something.

  • ArturoGomez1021
    ArturoGomez1021 Year ago +1

    Dam I never seen someone so trash as u taking Logans and jakes vlogging ways smh just leave the game

  • ArturoGomez1021
    ArturoGomez1021 Year ago

    This merch is pretty retarded

  • Rangi_Talofa Games

    I fucken love it that their listening to fade to black by Metallica in the gym fucken awesome song and band

    CAPITAN CINE YT Year ago

    Whene you channel is dying lol

  • Logan Brakke
    Logan Brakke Year ago

    make a gaming channe

  • Recon Scarz
    Recon Scarz Year ago

    What is your name I ps4

  • Roman VS Fousey
    Roman VS Fousey Year ago

    lance please respond I love your vlogs

  • Amy Chambers
    Amy Chambers Year ago +1

    Your vlogs SUCK now. All u video is you guys going to the gym and eating NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT

    EPIC- WORKER Year ago

    That TVclip is in Playa Vista I live there and I went there

  • Maria Avanesian
    Maria Avanesian Year ago

    I'm really hoping he sells those jackets he's thinking about cuz I would totally get that

  • Trey Delano
    Trey Delano Year ago

    Lizzie is fucking beautiful I love her

  • James Dapon
    James Dapon Year ago

    Chris have beard again

  • Mabel The Duck
    Mabel The Duck Year ago +3

    this is so shit

  • Kali Tipton
    Kali Tipton Year ago

    Lizzy complains about the length of her hair, but dyes it once a week and straightens it everyday lol

  • Thunder
    Thunder Year ago +2

    Who would buy a shirt that says merch link in bio and the shirt looks dumb

  • Sparks
    Sparks Year ago

    He was mad that he made only $50.00 per vlog, Yet he doesn't realize his vlogs aren't entertaining at all.

  • Kye Crazzy
    Kye Crazzy Year ago

    notfications are on!

  • Nugs X
    Nugs X Year ago

    Keep The Blond Kid!!! Looks Good!!!

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Me to

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago


  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    do gaming vids

  • vanessa juarez
    vanessa juarez Year ago

    notification is on

  • Cabe Martindale
    Cabe Martindale Year ago


  • datawolftech
    datawolftech Year ago

    Try a bed shaker alarm like they use for deaf it might work better