5 BAD HABITS YOU HAVE IN BO4.. (STOP DYING) Black Ops 4 Gameplay

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019
  • THESE ARE THE TOP 5 COMMON MISTAKES WE ALL MAKE IN CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 MULTIPLAYER! From forgetting to reloading your gun, to using you specialist too soon. We can all agree that these things make for horrible/bad gameplay and just NOT FUN! Hopefully you guy's can relate!

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Comments • 279

  • RedRoseKing
    RedRoseKing 10 days ago

    Blue pineapple!
    channel checkout?

    Rudolf BADENHORST 20 days ago

    forgetting to reload

  • wiked Wafflez
    wiked Wafflez Month ago

    I always push the same people when they camp or I put the tac deploy in the literal worst spot
    One time I gave a guy using reaper a chain feed and my team was big mad

  • U Can’t Have My Name

    Biggest mistake? Biting the game.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez Month ago

    Push into gunfights I have no business being in

  • Jemoeder Ok
    Jemoeder Ok Month ago

    Pushing Enemies on a high kill streak

  • Spongebob and Patrick

    What is a good class for the maddox

  • Shaun Grobler
    Shaun Grobler Month ago

    When 2 guys run up to you,you shoot the one in the back and the one infront kills you

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore Month ago

    My top 5 mistakes
    1. Not knowing when to back out of a gunfight.
    2. Putting my special ability on only for someone to shoot me in the back.
    3. Constantly switching weapons if I’m having a bad game.
    4. Staying in one place to long sometimes.
    5. Playing with to high a sensitivity.

  • FunnyGuy Games
    FunnyGuy Games Month ago

    Challenging dumb gunfights I won’t win and not knowing when to reload

  • WYN_Bryan 26
    WYN_Bryan 26 Month ago

    Blue pineapple 🍍

  • Spartan_X117 !
    Spartan_X117 ! Month ago

    That moment when the seraph places her tac-deploy in your spawn.

  • connor Howell
    connor Howell Month ago

    Blue pineapple

  • AnimePotatoD
    AnimePotatoD Month ago +1

    Haven't watched the video yet but is reloading before healing in it?

  • UwU Shy DaDy
    UwU Shy DaDy Month ago

    Blue Pineapple

  • Gabriel Cota
    Gabriel Cota Month ago

    I do all of them but the cross hair corner on I’m always ready around a corner

  • Rezerv
    Rezerv Month ago

    The biggest mistake I make is playing sorry if anybody else said this not taking have not looked at comments

  • Dominic Morris
    Dominic Morris Month ago +1

    Blue pineapple

  • Dominic Morris
    Dominic Morris Month ago +1

    I made em all

  • Ross Sharman
    Ross Sharman Month ago

    Reloading or stop shooting before I kill them

  • Death Watch_YT
    Death Watch_YT Month ago

    My friends biggest mistake is him resetting my stats I was prestige master level 124
    I ended almost choking him

  • majin reaper
    majin reaper Month ago

    Reloading after every kill

  • CrisandBit
    CrisandBit Month ago

    I run straight into fire

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera Month ago

    Fuck that nikka nick

  • Pyrimad Plays
    Pyrimad Plays Month ago

    Reloading to often

  • Kuro Ryu
    Kuro Ryu Month ago

    COD timing is so true
    Not only when I'm watching doorways but in domination I'll look a certain direction hoping they come from there, i still look other ways but no matter what they come from behind me.
    Plus I have a habbit of reloading every kill also

    And of course I stop shooting early, I hate it so much 😂 agreed I should have won the gun fight, but I'm to dumb to shoot enough to kill them

  • Call Of Duty Vulture

    The most common mistake I make: so let’s say I’m shooting at one person right? And the second I kill him and run away, his teammate or another enemy would just come from the same place I just killed the last guy from and drop me from behind

  • vKyzh
    vKyzh Month ago

    Running in mid full balls

  • Mannos
    Mannos Month ago

    the biggest mistake i’ve made was existing

  • Blaine N
    Blaine N Month ago +1

    My biggest mistake is buying a game that I suck ass at

  • baptism time
    baptism time Month ago

    or going on a 29 in ffa and getting shit on by a dog

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago

    i push everything

  • Steezy AU
    Steezy AU Month ago

    I 'YY' to much

  • trashcan
    trashcan Month ago

    I have a bad habit of me stop shooting while in a gun fight. I think I put enough bullets into them, but no, they kill me right after.

  • FaKe Ethan
    FaKe Ethan Month ago +1

    Blue pineapple

  • WatchDog-J
    WatchDog-J Month ago

    Blue pineapple

  • Fabio Torralvo
    Fabio Torralvo Month ago

    My biggest mistake is trusting my teammates too much

  • Nitxro
    Nitxro Month ago +1

    I'm to aggressive which gets me killed so much

  • elite gamer 05
    elite gamer 05 Month ago

    Staying open to long

  • Logan Barnes
    Logan Barnes Month ago

    Push every fight

    CABBE Month ago

    I don’t like look at the map and struggle with my aim in gun fights

  • GNR Raider Try hard

    My biggest mistake is existing and being a bot

  • Jomel Sagsagat
    Jomel Sagsagat Month ago

    5 mistakes before video:
    1) Reload at wrong time.
    2) Being in an awkward cover so I can heal, and end up getting killed.
    3) Old mistakes: Wrong class set ups, and choice of gun according to map/game mode.
    4) Rushing too hard.(getting killed, and flipping spawn on my teammates)
    5) Being Greedy with kills (committing to a gun fight even tho the enemy shot me first)

  • stealth master101
    stealth master101 Month ago

    My biggest mistake is I stop shooting right before the enemy dies because I think I got him but I was a bullet away from killing them

  • Keith Hamill
    Keith Hamill Month ago

    Its nick YOLO SAVAGES

  • Stasi Longoria
    Stasi Longoria Month ago

    Hehe Blue Pineapple

  • Eric Howard
    Eric Howard Month ago +2

    Instantly reloading after a kill before assessing my surroundings. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • iEnVy Nightmare
    iEnVy Nightmare Month ago

    #5 and 4 are so true

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago +1

    I dodge bullets irl. I’m like
    🙎🏽‍♂️-------> 🙎🏽‍♂️

  • tashawn griffith
    tashawn griffith Month ago

    Blue Pineapple

    DELTA-KILLA XXX Month ago

    Rush by myself

  • Gabriel Bernal
    Gabriel Bernal 2 months ago

    I don't know why I don't even know your og name

  • Gabriel Bernal
    Gabriel Bernal 2 months ago

    I make all of them 😌😁

  • Sam Wheeler
    Sam Wheeler 2 months ago

    Losing my streak cuz I rush in like an idiot😂

    • Sam Wheeler
      Sam Wheeler 2 months ago

      Omg thank you so much for liking my comment!

  • CBT- Solar
    CBT- Solar 2 months ago

    My biggest mistakes are pulling out a specialist weapon when I’m about to die

  • Fax_Scales
    Fax_Scales 2 months ago

    One of the mistakes that I do a lot is I reload before I heal myself

  • Tariq Oppier
    Tariq Oppier 2 months ago

    That reload thing yes its true😂😂

  • Coolkid 1328
    Coolkid 1328 2 months ago

    I reload after every kill

  • Byron Keith
    Byron Keith 2 months ago +1

    I always get them to like 1 health and stop shooting cause I think there dead but I did

  • JBIRD54
    JBIRD54 2 months ago

    Blue pineapple lol