OLD VS NEW YOUTUBERS ft. Christine Sydelko with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • On today’s episode, we get old school with Christine Sydelko and teach her about some of the founding creators of TVclip before we get schooled by her about the new generation of creators. That’s a lot of creating. Woof. #ThisMightGet...SHOOKETH. SUBSCRIBE for more: goo.gl/Prp1vx
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    "This Might Get..." is a show hosted by best friends and New York Times Best Selling authors, Grace Helbig (host of It's Grace) and Mamrie Hart (host of You Deserve a Drink). You can come hang with them five days a week, Monday through Friday. It might get silly, crazy, and even downright weird. In the good way. Hopefully.
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  • This Might Get
    This Might Get  Year ago +202

    Big thanks to Christine Sydelko for stopping by the studio today! We did us some learning and we still don't get it. Are you more familiar with the new or old TVcliprs?

    • Matt Yodpungtiem
      Matt Yodpungtiem 10 months ago

      Somebody please correct Grace. She keeps say "somebody and I" as the object pronoun and it's wrong; it only works as the subject pronoun. Maybe a This Might Get Grammared segment is in order. ;)

    • Elizabeth Lauren
      Elizabeth Lauren Year ago

      I had no clue who any one of those new ones were and I knew a few of the OGs. So does that make me like middle aged?

    • Stefani Gwen
      Stefani Gwen Year ago

      I mostly watch old TVcliprs; the only exception are BeauTubers like James Charles and Manny Mia S-L-A-Y huntys!!! I love Grace's shirt, where can I get one?

    • Let's Get Reelz
      Let's Get Reelz Year ago

      Actually, Grace and Mamrie are the oldest TVcliprs I know and watch! I just got into TVclip 4 years ago because I'm old and had no idea TVclip vloggers existed until I was 26 and done with grad school. The first TVclipr I got into was actually Grace from seeing posts about her on Tumblr.

    • Donna Marriott
      Donna Marriott Year ago

      I still follow Hank on SciShow, it’s one of my favourite channels! And who didn’t know that John wrote The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns?? Does that make me old too?

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago


  • Lance Isthename
    Lance Isthename Month ago

    Christine is a big mood

  • Kicks' Korner
    Kicks' Korner Month ago

    I know none of the TVcliprs they mentioned..

  • anodandawave
    anodandawave 4 months ago

    i’ve been here too long... i knew every single old youtuber. can’t believe how different lisa looks!

  • Mackynzie_Watts
    Mackynzie_Watts 6 months ago

    I just realized G and M are wearing visors like Christine!

  • Kenna Brienn
    Kenna Brienn 8 months ago

    I only recognized Nick Crompton from their video like a week ago where they interviewed him😂

  • Princess Faith
    Princess Faith 8 months ago

    Mamrie and Grace not knowing Nick Crompton and then interviewing him later

  • MaeB
    MaeB 8 months ago

    Does anyone remember William Sledd?

  • MaeB
    MaeB 8 months ago

    Woah, Lisa Nova!! Totally forgot about her

  • danni
    danni 8 months ago

    “It’s like bloods and crips” LMFAO HOW DID ANYONE NOT DIE WHEN GRACE SAID THAT 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Leiann
    Alyssa Leiann 8 months ago

    My heart hurts when people don't know who Kassem or Lisa areeeeeeeee

  • cordeli a
    cordeli a 8 months ago

    i feel like i'm somewhere in the middle of the two sections.. like i didn't know aNyone you were talking about i think there's like 3 gens of youtubeidk

  • Kain Chase
    Kain Chase 8 months ago

    Man now I'm feeling nostalgic about coming home from school every day and watching TVclip instead of doing homework. I watched Grace, Mamrie, Hannah, OG Smosh, Nigahiga, Kassem G, et al. I remember when Number 1 most subscribed was like 800,000 subscribers and that was a huge deal at the time.

  • Les Mortimers
    Les Mortimers 8 months ago

    I knew all of them. I should probably spend less time on the internet. Really fun to relive these memories!

  • Matt Yodpungtiem
    Matt Yodpungtiem 8 months ago

    A photo of Katie and me, not and I. It is a prepositional pronoun; you would never say I have a photo of I. This is an example of hypercorrection.

  • Timmy Tbh
    Timmy Tbh 9 months ago

    I died on my birthday

  • nicholio
    nicholio 9 months ago

    Awwe. Christine is so cute! ❤️

  • Allie May
    Allie May 9 months ago

    Domo and crissy 😭

  • Liz W
    Liz W 9 months ago

    Shakespeare died on his birthday...

  • Caitlin Miller
    Caitlin Miller 9 months ago

    Does Christine know that Shakespeare died on his birthday?

  • Kerri Evans
    Kerri Evans 10 months ago

    I'm a grandma age 53! I watch a lot of your videos. You're welcome. I'm cool like that!

  • MollyTheMagicalPanda
    MollyTheMagicalPanda 10 months ago

    My mom died the day before her birthday. Does that count?

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 10 months ago

    Just gonna comment that my great grandfather died on his birthday...

  • maud swier
    maud swier 10 months ago

    shakespear died on his birthday

  • XxZoraZ
    XxZoraZ 10 months ago

    Yo I only knew The Greens

  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox 11 months ago

    "No, you are so done" LMAO. i clearly am old because I don't know any of the new ones. Cheers to the golden girls/guys youtubers. They're like 30, get over yourself tween.

  • LaurenAnyone
    LaurenAnyone 11 months ago

    Oh no. I didn't know ANY of the new youtubers. I have been watching the same old youtubers since 2008 haha.

  • Carrie H
    Carrie H 11 months ago

    My uncle died on my 21st birthday. Didn't need to look at a headstone to know that, though.

  • hello
    hello 11 months ago +1

    Shakespeare died on his birthday

  • Parkerjvevo
    Parkerjvevo 11 months ago

    I'm the same age as Christine, and I knew all the old ones and none of the new ones

  • Meg Fall
    Meg Fall Year ago

    Pretty sure Shakespeare died on his birthday

  • Dermatillomaniac
    Dermatillomaniac Year ago

    No New-tuber jokes? C'mon!

  • Peter Wogoman
    Peter Wogoman Year ago

    um... xxx died on my birthday

  • Yanie
    Yanie Year ago

    i knew two oldies and two newbies, I'm too young to know the old youtubers yet too old to know the new youtubers. fun.

  • Caspian Ray
    Caspian Ray Year ago

    William Shakespeare died on his birthday thank you that is all

  • Chris M
    Chris M Year ago

    Christine NEEDS to watch all of Kassem's videos and the AsKassems she would love them.

  • Austin Sexton
    Austin Sexton Year ago

    Omg I'm so old. I new all of the "old" youtubers and literally none of the "young" ones.

  • kim watham
    kim watham Year ago

    Who are these people

  • HayGurl Hay
    HayGurl Hay Year ago

    Love Christine!! The sound on this vid was funky.. hollow sounding and more on the left side of my headphones. Just thought you should know!

  • hikari kakashi
    hikari kakashi Year ago +1

    im 17 and i knew like 1 person on christine’s list wow lmao

    • Kos
      Kos Year ago

      that's probably for the good

  • MJM
    MJM Year ago

    Sydelko is already part of old TVclip, tho.

  • gianella
    gianella Year ago

    damn i feel old

  • FriendlySpiderFriend

    I consider classic youtubers anyone that reached 1M from 2010-2015

  • Katie Craig
    Katie Craig Year ago +1

    William Shakespear died on his birthday. Fun fact

  • Andrew Shearin
    Andrew Shearin Year ago

    Tbh Christine isn’t even that relevant though sooooooooooooooooo

  • Penny Fulgham
    Penny Fulgham Year ago

    My grandma died on her birthday! So at least 1 person has

  • Caitlin Clough
    Caitlin Clough Year ago

    Christine : Extremely morbid but if you look for infant gravestones, many infants have died the same day they were born (AKA their birthday - literally). Went to Kentucky lately and took a stroll through a cemetery with a disturbing number of infant graves. I thought one was a dog grave because of the way it was decorated (and was kind of touched someone cared so much they put their dog in a cemetery) but when I cleared off the gravestone, it was a baby grave - wasn't excited.

  • esto pesto
    esto pesto Year ago

    The titles from Christine were so good 😂

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World Year ago

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  • Shalz
    Shalz Year ago

    I was born on my birthday.

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  • orangepine
    orangepine Year ago

    Christine is hilarious I love her

  • Ashley Giago
    Ashley Giago Year ago +1

    "He's in the *logang* ?"
    "He's in Team 10"
    "Isn't that the *logang* ?"
    "It's like bloods and crips"
    I'm fucking crying 😂

  • Sad Bear
    Sad Bear Year ago

    I got Hank and Jhon Green, that's it.

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World Year ago

    Great video! Always keep creating high-quality content and you can expect to build up quick! Subscribe to our channel then we could subscribe back!

  • Megan S
    Megan S Year ago

    She is so cooooool! Lol

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    Incredible World Year ago

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  • Jacob Schmehl
    Jacob Schmehl Year ago

    My birthday is 9-11....

  • snowie
    snowie Year ago

    Okay I've never seen any of these new TVcliprs

  • Rach E
    Rach E Year ago

    Shakespeare died on his birthday

  • dwadl
    dwadl Year ago

    christine (cool, young youtuber)

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    I only knew one of the old school TVcliprs and one of the new ones...but then again I think it's because Grace and Mamrie are the only straight TVcliprs I watch 😂😂

  • Rosalind Pearl
    Rosalind Pearl Year ago

    William Shakespeare died on his birthday. In a hedge. Just sayin.

  • Joseph Stevens
    Joseph Stevens Year ago

    This episode could of gone on so much longer and I would of been ok with that

  • Pilar Arroyo
    Pilar Arroyo Year ago

    Why she didnt know kassem? He is a legend! They have basicly the same comedy material

  • natcansnap
    natcansnap Year ago

    So does anyone else know more about the TVcliprs Grace & Mamrie mentioned than the ones Christine mentioned, but also happens to be Christine's age??

  • Olivia Soileau
    Olivia Soileau Year ago

    William Shakespeare died on his birthday fun fact

  • Beth Ann-Marie
    Beth Ann-Marie Year ago

    I'm 30 and I knew all of the oldschool TVcliprs but none of the new ones. I miss old TVclip!

  • Maizah Sweeney
    Maizah Sweeney Year ago

    Shakespeare died on his birthday!!

  • Smileylalove
    Smileylalove Year ago

    Christine and I are the same age, but she makes me feel like a grandma lol

  • callie fusco
    callie fusco Year ago

    Shakespeare died on his birthday

  • K.D.Taina
    K.D.Taina Year ago

    My Gran died on her Birthday

  • shawn mendes’ thighs

    I remember another dude making videos in a car with his grandma. His name is Kevin or whatever.

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  • Ace Huang
    Ace Huang Year ago

    didnt william shakespeare die on his bday

  • AdamKat
    AdamKat Year ago

    the only youtuber(s) i recognized, old or new, was volgbrothers. Im awkwardly in the middle I guess

  • Angel Carrera
    Angel Carrera Year ago


  • Poppy Pictures
    Poppy Pictures Year ago

    The fact that Cristine didnt know any of those people blew my mind, lost respect lol

  • danesook
    danesook Year ago

    haha I do the graveyard thing too! I actually found one once.

  • Isaac Sorell
    Isaac Sorell Year ago

    Great episode!!

  • Samantha
    Samantha Year ago

    Didn't recognize any of the new youtubers but recognized all of the old ones. I'm the same age as Christine lol

  • Felix Johnsson
    Felix Johnsson Year ago

    honestly where were Emma Chamberlain? ;)

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    Incredible World Year ago

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  • Heartless Wench
    Heartless Wench Year ago

    How could you NOT include brookers in those "old" youtuber pics eh?? [:

  • Henny Lindberg
    Henny Lindberg Year ago

    I’m born in 2000 and I didn’t recognize a single one of the “new youtubers” lol

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World Year ago

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  • Amanda Brohman
    Amanda Brohman Year ago

    And now we know that rainbow be a taped on patch 😉

  • Catastrophic Cachexic

    Shakespeare died on his birthday

  • Saar
    Saar Year ago

    I feel really old and I'm only 18 WHO ARE ALL THOSE NEW PEOPLE?!

  • TheMadWooly
    TheMadWooly Year ago

    Shit the only ones that I recognized out of the new and the old was the green brothers and domo and Crissy

  • Dylan Maes
    Dylan Maes Year ago

    I'm in the weird generation where I didn't know old or new youtubers

  • chel c
    chel c Year ago

    STF MOM! - Dax Flame.

  • Sarah Griswold
    Sarah Griswold Year ago

    Where is mamrie 's shirt from?

  • MandiRawksVlogs
    MandiRawksVlogs Year ago

    Lisa nova and kassemg. Those were the days. Old school TVclip was so different than it is now. I miss it!

  • c k
    c k Year ago +1

    Get in a K hole 😂😂😂

  • Tyler Mello
    Tyler Mello Year ago

    Does anybody remember The Station????

  • Nerdvanaa K
    Nerdvanaa K Year ago

    Also Christine youre losing weight!! Super inspirational. I love youu.