Kitchen Nightmares Top 3 Worst Mexican Latin Restaurants

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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  • Malachi Hunter
    Malachi Hunter Hour ago

    " The only thing thats missing here is a drive through" what a insult lol

  • Josip Bilušić
    Josip Bilušić 8 hours ago


  • Stevey TeeVee
    Stevey TeeVee 14 hours ago


  • kimberly ingraham
    kimberly ingraham 17 hours ago


  • Omar Sawaged
    Omar Sawaged 17 hours ago

    The sad part is that the kitchen staff is better than the chef. That even say he has no clue what he's doing.

  • Mr. McLovin
    Mr. McLovin 18 hours ago

    Y Y E E S S T T E E R R D D A A Y Y

  • Ziad Sidawi
    Ziad Sidawi 20 hours ago


  • fish mann
    fish mann 21 hour ago

    You don’t need Ramsey just listen to your customers.

  • fish mann
    fish mann 21 hour ago

    Mexicans can’t cook Mexican food?

  • fish mann
    fish mann 21 hour ago

    Push the fish it starting to turn.

  • Phillip Klees
    Phillip Klees Day ago

    Does this not show why we have standards in The USA and why illegals are illegal, meaning against the law. Fuck is this even real, get em out

  • Phillip Klees
    Phillip Klees Day ago

    The second woman was so suprised when she employed illegals. You no speak American you no make mi foo

  • Ryan LeBear Kearney

    just imagine.... que pasa que pasa que pasa nasapa me jappa you talking mad cracker go away!

  • Megan G
    Megan G Day ago


  • Charlie’s Intergalactictoybox

    you had one job and it was to label the videos right, the first restaurant its a Cuban cuisine, you can see that clearly at the 4:07 mark on the video, but i guess we all look Mexican to you, Mam...

  • Michael Victor
    Michael Victor Day ago

    Handwork and effort can save a talent-less person, but all the talent in the world wont be able to save an arrogant person. If you want to succeed in life you will have to be willing to take a hit and do what needs to be done.

  • Navila2
    Navila2 Day ago

    The last restaurants owner was getting in my nerves. She looked like an idiot just smiling and smirking.

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp 2 days ago

    This is why it's pizza or nah. And you wonder why you need the restroom after eating at certain establishments. And newsflash, their still open!!!

  • Ken S.
    Ken S. 2 days ago

    Dang Catalina! Haaaawwwwtttt

  • daahir1981 yariisow2881

    this is. so crazy customers can hear him from the restaurant
    what time did u cook from yesterday that why people can get sick

  • nahnahnah nahnahnah
    nahnahnah nahnahnah 2 days ago

    If he ever goes to birrieria cuerno de chivo in Tijuana he will vmbe licking he's fucking finger s

  • forrest gump
    forrest gump 2 days ago

    Inhope catalina gets raped

  • SMK
    SMK 2 days ago +1

    Build a wall around these resturants

  • Maria
    Maria 2 days ago

    Back then food was better when microwave didnt excist

  • Eva Smith
    Eva Smith 2 days ago

    In the Mojito restaurant they don't even speak English...I don't think they understand each other in the kitcen.


    I personally DARE Gordon Ramsey to do an authentic #Chineserestaurant . Being raised Chinese I know that a lot of the cooking is done with wine and liquor . They're also very loud , nothing to do with anything going wrong but it would be funny as F 🎭

  • Terry McGahan
    Terry McGahan 3 days ago

    . Latin America has the finest cuisine in the world! This programme shows how unqualified examples of latino low life try to con the world.

  • Rebecca Williams
    Rebecca Williams 3 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if these scenarios are staged. Kinda hard to believe that people could screw up so much when Chef Ramsy is in the house !

  • Walking Disaster
    Walking Disaster 3 days ago

    OMG mr ramsay noticed me! 28.10

  • Taran Darkalisia Pagans

    The way he said bitch, editor is clever

  • Lockie
    Lockie 4 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • jeff ellis
    jeff ellis 4 days ago

    the only way is keep her voice quiet and all holes open

  • jeff ellis
    jeff ellis 4 days ago

    if i had to live with that voice i would slice my throat with a dull blade. i despise that cuban/ new york shit. fuck diversity

  • ga bi
    ga bi 4 days ago

    I tastey befor its relly god in flevor

  • ga bi
    ga bi 4 days ago


  • Nome Jodan
    Nome Jodan 4 days ago

    Lmao Marcello was like; "Let me feed the Chief" lmao i'm dead... I love my peeps

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer 5 days ago

    This is why Trumps building a wall! 😅

  • Drasiella of Darnassus

    Chimi chog it in the bin

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 5 days ago

    I duhn wanna let peoples know we have bad I put on National TV>...

    WONDER SHAY 5 days ago

    Divorced couple running a restaurant = Disaster!

  • RaulFAlaniz
    RaulFAlaniz 5 days ago

    Has Ramsay ever been served soup and said, "It's fresh, savory, seasoned to perfection!"? lmao

  • Matt L
    Matt L 5 days ago +1

    I'm not even a chef but i can cook better than these guys 😂 How can you be so shit?? lol

  • James C
    James C 6 days ago

    Good chef although he's got his head in the sand with manners sometimes. I would never work with someone like him and i'm not even a chef.

  • Alexis Marie
    Alexis Marie 6 days ago

    all I heard in this video was "yesterday"

  • Nic B
    Nic B 6 days ago

    Any chef that cooks a chimichanga in the microwave needs to not be your chef anymore. A restaurant shouldn’t even have one in their kitchen.

  • Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark 6 days ago

    He's not the best Chef in The World lol after He fixes The Resteraunts They all close!

  • Joanna Johns
    Joanna Johns 6 days ago

    So, now i am desperate to know what happened to these restaurants and if any of the people who ate at those restaurants had food poisoning......anyone knows??

  • Joanna Johns
    Joanna Johns 6 days ago

    Did they NOT get food poisoning??

  • Joanna Johns
    Joanna Johns 6 days ago

    They should Definitely SUE the last restaurant!!!

  • Joanna Johns
    Joanna Johns 6 days ago

    just cannot believe how stupid that woman (second restaurant) was!!! Kept saying this is how we did it in catering!!! Was she never worried her customers would have food poisoning??? my goodness!!

  • Joanna Johns
    Joanna Johns 6 days ago

    i am surprised that the employees "speak so badly behind their boss....

  • Erika Mendez
    Erika Mendez 6 days ago


  • Roy Romero
    Roy Romero 7 days ago

    Jonny Rockets in coconut grove Miami FL has rats. Every time we were closing up and cleaning they would run around lol. Funny shit.. I used to work there. We all did blow and used to spit in peoples shakes n shit. If you were rude i mean....anyway...happy new year!

  • Roy Romero
    Roy Romero 7 days ago

    Lol... Latinos..

  • YFR tv
    YFR tv 7 days ago

    Gordon “Chimmy chimmy chimmy chimmy chuck it in the bin” Ramsey

  • emulouspoint
    emulouspoint 7 days ago

    Fat bitch thinks everything tastes good.

  • Somphoth Siratsamy
    Somphoth Siratsamy 7 days ago


  • emulouspoint
    emulouspoint 7 days ago

    FUCKIN first dude had like 20 tries to get at least one thing right. Straight suicide.

  • StellaAm.Y
    StellaAm.Y 7 days ago

    wich ep is the first one?

  • ninja 366
    ninja 366 7 days ago

    Big chimmi chungus 4 big chungus

  • In This Life I lead
    In This Life I lead 7 days ago

    That lady got it going on

  • Irrespons
    Irrespons 7 days ago

    its all a act based on the real problem. So its semifake?

  • dead account account dead

    it seems america doesnt have any kind of hygiene/quality control?!

  • Dragon Lee
    Dragon Lee 8 days ago

    And that's why I cook and eat at home...fresh and clean food. I threw up after eating tacos from Taco Bell, that was about four to five years ago. I said enough is enough, eating out that is. Simply put: you just don't know what you're eating.

  • Dragon Lee
    Dragon Lee 8 days ago

    For the furst video in the program the problem is the bitch. If I have a problem with my ex I would sell the place in a heartbeat and move on, what a bitch!!

  • Dragon DLuffy
    Dragon DLuffy 8 days ago

    y the hell did he w8 til the customers started eating this slop shit to investigate the quality of the food?

  • vanessa G
    vanessa G 8 days ago

    She reminds me of Sofia vegara

  • MR.scorp2u
    MR.scorp2u 8 days ago

    If John McEnroe were to pair with the host for an episode....GOLD

  • sri Romeo
    sri Romeo 8 days ago

    Okay, the first chef's the worst, but kata's voice would drive anyone crazy to that point🤷‍♀️

  • Senpapi Rick
    Senpapi Rick 8 days ago

    2:55 *LET ME FEED THE CHEIF* Marcello, That Ain't It...

  • Jorge Campos
    Jorge Campos 8 days ago

    I wouldn’t trust you running a bath let alone restaurant 😝Best chef ever

  • Sarah Ortiz
    Sarah Ortiz 8 days ago

    Oh my gosh I don't want to eat outside of home anymore

  • Kaguya
    Kaguya 9 days ago

    It's fatter than you. Lmfao

  • Jacob Jordan
    Jacob Jordan 9 days ago

    330 dislikes cook me something good chef Ramsay

  • D Brown
    D Brown 9 days ago

    That moron chef reminds of the gay house boy in The Bird Cage, played by Hank Azaria.

  • Syrena Xhaferi
    Syrena Xhaferi 9 days ago

    he sucks at cooking

    USMC VETERAN 9 days ago

    Funny how they ask for help and then get upset when he hates their food😜🤣😝

  • Tony Donutz
    Tony Donutz 9 days ago

    Why are they microwaving food in a Mexican Restaurant? Gross. This episode makes me so scared to eat Mexican again. I think I'll stick to Taco Bell!

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 9 days ago

    How can a Mexican mess up beans and rice??? 😵

  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 days ago +1

    This is why you don't cook by thermometer. You end up with raw fish, pork and chicken. You might kill all the bacteria, but that doesn't mean it's COOKED.

  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 days ago

    LOL I love how the chef winces at his own food!!

  • Ishma Pinckney
    Ishma Pinckney 9 days ago

    Free Liquor!!!! 5 stars... everything taste good when I'm drunk

  • Ren Hopes
    Ren Hopes 10 days ago

    la raza was!!!!!😱 skerrrr

  • Bruce Farley
    Bruce Farley 10 days ago

    Part 2 pleeeease.

  • Hector Betancourt
    Hector Betancourt 10 days ago

    👎👎👎esos restaurantes no eran mexicanos chingas a tu madre gringo mamon ...

  • Juan. Santos
    Juan. Santos 10 days ago

    Never eat mexican restaurant

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson 10 days ago

    This is why the we need the wall

  • dan w
    dan w 10 days ago

    I don't know why I watch this show. It's so scripted. I think the 1st one... the "ex"-couple would be yelling in at each other in Spanish.

  • Donald Green
    Donald Green 10 days ago

    Hire legals

  • Ojberretta Berretta
    Ojberretta Berretta 10 days ago

    lol latinos are lazy af

  • MIZ- ZOU
    MIZ- ZOU 10 days ago

    Having previously worked in the restaurant business,you never send anything back to the kitchen to be “warmed”! Many terrible things happen to your food before being returned! Just eat or leave is my best advice. Remember most cooks are making minimum wage and really don’t give a fuck!

  • MekMek
    MekMek 10 days ago

    What’s that? What’s this? Look at that! That’s from Friday 😂😂😂

  • daniel valencia
    daniel valencia 10 days ago

    A Mexican woman that can't cook how embarrassing

  • Polijuana Cracker
    Polijuana Cracker 10 days ago

    Get 'em drunk enough and they'll eat anything.

  • texas guy
    texas guy 10 days ago

    anybody else want to have sex with katalina?

  • Taner
    Taner 10 days ago


  • Bipul Rawat
    Bipul Rawat 11 days ago

    Fake fake fake

  • amber lopez
    amber lopez 11 days ago +1

    'Note to self...don't eat out'

  • BrklnComrade301
    BrklnComrade301 11 days ago

    Butter and oil go together.....

  • Dia Nuevo
    Dia Nuevo 11 days ago

    First problem thst see with therestorant. None of them are actual its not a real mexican food.
    So 9t in itself is going to be your usual mexican imitation. Which means that it can be ok food, and ok is no good with ramsay. His standards are way too high.
    Now add all the usual problems these shit restaurants he purposely goes to for the show....