Dick Gregory FULL Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (03/28/2016)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2016
  • Dick Gregory chats about race relations, conspiracys, Bill Cosby, running for president and much more with The Breakfast Club
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Comments • 5 749

  • J T
    J T Hour ago

    32 to 1 was so heavy

  • J Witit
    J Witit 3 hours ago

    Gregory said "My Doctor been dead for 20yrs" 💯💯

  • Just Love
    Just Love 3 hours ago

    One of the most brilliant minds ever!!!

  • Patrick erangey
    Patrick erangey 4 hours ago


  • Mike S
    Mike S 4 hours ago

    Michael Rockefeller eaten by Cannibals.... Just googled dat ish. Jewels

  • Benny Rivera
    Benny Rivera 5 hours ago

    Gregory's a dam fool with 10 kids that's all he is. If you think this is wisdom boy you looking in at the wrong direction For knowledge. Hes just smooth talker

  • Cesar Ozuna
    Cesar Ozuna 10 hours ago

    RIP Dick

  • Barbara Wells
    Barbara Wells 11 hours ago

    I've watched this video several times and I learn something new every time

  • Monjeed Otuemhobe
    Monjeed Otuemhobe 14 hours ago

    I love this elder Gregory fountain of wisdom. I laugh watching people interview him though, but they did a good job. Hmmm

  • Khalil Montgomery
    Khalil Montgomery 15 hours ago

    I Love This MAN
    The Grandfather I never had
    Rip 😞

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 17 hours ago

    He sounds exactly like an old Snoop Dogg

  • Mayibongwe Jack
    Mayibongwe Jack Day ago


  • applebug
    applebug Day ago

    Uh no...Adam and Eve had a daughter! They took that out

  • ArecakRose
    ArecakRose Day ago

    Mr.Dick Gregory i appreciate your knowledge and i hope you are in a better place than here because it's tough. ONE LOVE

  • Adam Tui
    Adam Tui Day ago

    Charlemagne pissing me off. JUST LET THE MAN SPEAK!

  • Char Gee
    Char Gee Day ago +1

    I'm here in 2019.

  • Joe Montana
    Joe Montana Day ago

    I used to like Mr Gregory.
    But the more I hear him the more he's off ...he extra racist...he's way off on alot....he can't answer shit so he makes jokes......he's very convincing for nothing ..... The queen runs the world
    ....she owns the central banking system....she gets 148 million every 24 hours......the root of evil is thru her...... In the end it comes down to two sides

  • ava g
    ava g Day ago

    Best every need to listen to all one word at a time please

  • Luis luga
    Luis luga Day ago

    Dick Gregory....... A true god..... he will b back ...... trust me ...... we live forever

  • Luis luga
    Luis luga Day ago

    Wow.... its 2019... I just saw this ..... love sir Gregory.... madd respect and admiration..... but u ppl need to hear wat he said.....
    " I feel like theirs two of them".... yes ... its true..... there are two trumps..... one is the president of the USA.... the other..... look up the Virgin Islands for the second trump.... now a secret..... we have a job to do... n it must b done.... dont stress live ppl..... trump is the big brother.... but he has little brothers ready to protect the objective.... fall in line..... cuz gods will rise....

  • anthony handley
    anthony handley Day ago

    CGod not so more smart um.

  • DonthateMarkie
    DonthateMarkie Day ago

    Wet with a pocket full of your money pfffffffff fr fr?...

  • Essence of Life
    Essence of Life Day ago

    I wish I could’ve pulled up a stool omg don’t of him and absorbed every ounce of knowledge her had. A walking, breathing library.

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 2 days ago

    I could watch him talk for hours and never get tired

  • Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas 2 days ago

    He lost me when he told Angela to get naked in front of the mirror and thank God , why naked? smh

  • Kelvin Nero
    Kelvin Nero 2 days ago

    I respect and have always liked Mr. Dick Gregory ,A real OG, but I was shocked at how many comments described him as genius and brilliant. Provocative yes, controversial yes, First no disrespect to Mr. Gregory RIP I'm speaking to the countless comments had me have to go back to the interview to make sure I wasn't tripping. Just because someone is older it doesn't make everything they speak is true. I don't remember seeing a albino since jr high, or a baby pigeon and that's intriguing not brilliant. We must remember Mr. Gregory is a comedian by nature ,and a conspiracy theorist, so one must be able to decipher when is he genius and when is it a fler for showmanship ,or a bombshell moment.1.5 million blacks missing allegedly to supply the black market with body parts 🤔. Bill Crosby ran into all his troubles because he was about to buy NBC. NBC is worth 32 BILLION dollars, Disney, Time Warner, and Viacom have been trying to buy NBC out to add to their mega media monopolies for years. Now I might have fell for Cosby attempting to purchase the rights to the Cosby show, but the whole NBC Universal that's a bit much even for Bill Cosby's financial class. M.Jackson succumbing to a fatal laser-blast , maybe a laser wound resembles a intravenous needle mark🤔. Again please don't misconstrue my point Mr. Gregory was a civil rights leader and champion of social change which is cause for celebration alone. Just because a older, or respected person, New YorkTimes or Google says so ,doesn't mean it's the absolute and final truth. Have confidence in your own capacity to think, if not seek education.

  • Sly
    Sly 2 days ago

    Dick Gregory is a dick and I mean where the hell does he get all this crazy ass stuff he talks about? Now I will agree that SOME of the stuff he says sounds interesting but then he will say crazy shit like he did when he said there were two Donald Trumps one which is the good one wears the red tie and the other wears a blue tie and he is the bad one. I just can't do anything with that you know?

  • Matt P
    Matt P 2 days ago

    Insanely racist. SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️.

    • Matt P
      Matt P 2 days ago

      And pure non sense

  • Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC

    dumb uncle tom

  • SSRegardless
    SSRegardless 2 days ago +1

    Great interview, its sad these topics are still relevant in 2019.

  • Flourish Adebayo Omotola

    Mmm mmm. Wise man.

    WDBMRT 2 days ago

    He low key be dissing the hell out of them.. lol

  • FitBetty
    FitBetty 3 days ago

    This will be a classic.

  • Psycho Lomax
    Psycho Lomax 3 days ago

    2019 feb I’m here .. I’m woke

  • Raquel B
    Raquel B 3 days ago

    Pay attention black people the father is speaking 👑🌍


    The author of the matrix finally got her copyrite money...i did not know she was black that's an eye opener

  • Marlo Eugene
    Marlo Eugene 3 days ago +1

    Hush when grown folks talking unless they ask you a question.

  • LeBrey Lowery
    LeBrey Lowery 3 days ago

    Charlemagne knowledge compared to his is not it big dawg...smh someone had to put you in your place finally!!!!

  • Da'Vay Meeks
    Da'Vay Meeks 4 days ago


  • John Real
    John Real 4 days ago

    Old black guys tell great mythical stories, all b.s but very entertaining you ignorant people think you’ll woke watching this hahaha 😂

  • Todd Tollfree
    Todd Tollfree 4 days ago

    Agent provactur Dick G..Reporting for Duty...

  • Anthony Wiley
    Anthony Wiley 4 days ago +2

    I was jus getting some booty .. rest easy mr Gregory

  • Saint Nemesis
    Saint Nemesis 4 days ago

    You see here's how it works

  • BADNEWZ Da Assassin
    BADNEWZ Da Assassin 4 days ago

    So ashamed I never watched this,...

  • keith barthe
    keith barthe 4 days ago

    3 days huh...He must be an expert. This is so ignorant to listen to...White people dont struggle my azz! I went to prison, i couldn't find a job, i had to shovel sht for food! I have to wait till "next check" to get medicine for my child! This is exactly the problem. Black folks think all white people have it easy and it is so far from the truth its laughable! Some white folks have it easy and some black folks do! Period. As for Al Sharpton, he is a bigot. Thats why he didnt get invited.



  • robert mann
    robert mann 4 days ago

    Idk why I freaking love Angela I would def wife her ars real quick

  • Feleical Zulu
    Feleical Zulu 4 days ago +2


  • Neri Omeara
    Neri Omeara 5 days ago

    That man said so many things that was just crazy af he done took some fire acid

  • Ge Ge Tv
    Ge Ge Tv 5 days ago

    Ain T no solution it's too late..lolololol

  • 3rdshift Champ
    3rdshift Champ 5 days ago

    The Clinton Photo was not photo shopped there are several other photos with her in the same outfit next to him different angles just look it up...

  • lamorris walker
    lamorris walker 5 days ago

    How come more people don’t see this 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • JaiBee PG
    JaiBee PG 5 days ago

    My first time watching. Such an amazing man

  • candice preau
    candice preau 5 days ago

    The elders... they know!

  • Mark Roundtree
    Mark Roundtree 5 days ago +1

    @mtreethegreat I’m a Indigo child look up my art and music TVclip SoundCloud

  • David Randle
    David Randle 5 days ago

    Spook who behind door? @25:32? Why cut sound? Dat gib ubs, bus FREE!!! FAT ALBERT!!! MUSH MOUF!!! NIGGA!!! PAY ATTENTION YOUNGINS!!! 😂😂😂

  • Don Ventura
    Don Ventura 5 days ago

    A lot of truth and wisdom here, but also a lot of bs. Just because he was an elder doesn't every word he speaks and idea presented is truth. Just look at the decline of the US, this was done by our now elders. They can be wrong and clueless like anyone else.

  • S. Green
    S. Green 6 days ago +1

    In the Army for 3 days 😂😂😂😂 RESPECT I was in for 4 months 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Amari Selah
    Amari Selah 6 days ago

    Something I realized that I hope they caught on to…some guests you have to pull information out of and CTG interview skills are important and they come in handy because those interviews can feel like interrogations…but sometimes you just got to let some people loose!!
    Not everyone is afforded the luxury!! It’s a list…and The Late Great Dick Gregory is 1 of them!

  • Sorrell Collins
    Sorrell Collins 6 days ago

    35 secs in already jewels

  • sd v
    sd v 6 days ago

    Hmm just pointing out that days in the bible days started at sundown. Ended the next sundown so it's 3 days but Saturday is the important bible day!
    Interesting... glad I can watch this

  • Orphfin The Wizard
    Orphfin The Wizard 6 days ago

    Black people are invisible Master's 😎🤞🤫

  • MsAppassionata
    MsAppassionata 7 days ago

    What did he mean by “Thurgood Marshall was a government agent”? I never heard that one before.

  • Dez Simmons
    Dez Simmons 7 days ago

    Dick Gregory spoke the truth about queen Elizabeth💯💯. I hate her, like he said if Cedric woulda said that to queen Elizabeth he woulda been dead. And I feel like she killed Bernie Mac Too tbh

  • Dante Miles
    Dante Miles 7 days ago

    Everything he saying is true I’ve been found this stuff out

  • Dante Miles
    Dante Miles 7 days ago

    Carver invented the car and first train

  • Dante Miles
    Dante Miles 7 days ago

    He can’t have idea or they come for him

  • Kwasi RJ
    Kwasi RJ 7 days ago +1

    I'm surprised they wasn't closed down after this interview. lol Dick don't play.

  • MsAppassionata
    MsAppassionata 7 days ago

    The ads on this video are extremely annoying.

    FRANCIS MOORE 7 days ago +1

    "Do I need to leave here or something "🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • Hypster Native
    Hypster Native 7 days ago +1

    The best interview was with Vlad. TVclip think they slick for taking that down.

    ORLANDO KING 7 days ago +1

    who still watching this in 2019??

  • Ateba Green
    Ateba Green 7 days ago

    He said so much i can't remember it all....too much intelligence for me WOW respect!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moormores
    Moormores 7 days ago

    This show should have been the most watched on The Breakfast Club - PERIOD!

  • Mark Bernard
    Mark Bernard 7 days ago +1

    I’ve watched this a few times now

  • black12212
    black12212 8 days ago

    I Love this guy ! Life or Death his Wisdom is Eternal

  • Gerry Irra
    Gerry Irra 8 days ago

    Props to Hugh for seeing the greatness in this man

  • Naji Hoskins
    Naji Hoskins 8 days ago

    2019 I'm getting some game

  • NbKxProductions123
    NbKxProductions123 8 days ago

    writing this for 1 click captchas hehe

  • James Vest
    James Vest 8 days ago


  • Haben Debessai
    Haben Debessai 8 days ago +1

    May he rest in eternal peace!! he is funny, wise, full of knowledge AMAZING!! REMINDS ME OF MY GRANDPA. I will always wonder if he really was the person I saw in downtown Silver Spring Maryland wholefoods market??? I glanced and thought it was him but was not completely sure!!

  • Lin C
    Lin C 8 days ago

    Mr Gregory love him. Sometimes he loses me, but nonetheless facts are made!! RIP

  • Tahuti Per'aa
    Tahuti Per'aa 8 days ago


  • Nae So Lovely
    Nae So Lovely 8 days ago

    I need this uncensored!!!

  • DeadEyeBillyDeeBarz
    DeadEyeBillyDeeBarz 8 days ago +1

    Jabo’s 92 & sells trees must be the oldest 🔌 ina game! Dope Insightful Amazing & Inspiring in many ways! RIP Dick Gregory! U Will Always Be Our Third 👁

  • Donna Scott
    Donna Scott 8 days ago


  • MUT Master J
    MUT Master J 8 days ago

    He said they through it to a white boy on the 1 yard line? Lmao this dude can’t be trusted just making a bunch of shit up

  • September 19
    September 19 9 days ago

    He looks great for his age

  • Ben Ola
    Ben Ola 9 days ago


  • Black China Music Company

    Michael Jackson got killed at 2 in the morning with a laser in his head??????? lol

  • Black China Music Company

    half the time i dunno if he is joking or being serious lol... the problem with old folks is they think they know everything even when they don't lol.... Al Sharpton is the most powerful Black person in America? not really lol...

  • Aang Wutang
    Aang Wutang 9 days ago

    Onto the next life he is. Outgrew this small vessel

  • Corey Mason
    Corey Mason 9 days ago

    Hmm? 🤔 (Dick Gregory voice)

  • Gregory Conway Jr
    Gregory Conway Jr 9 days ago

    You lucky you made it 😂💀😂

  • The Truth
    The Truth 9 days ago

    Lil Wayne never played the victim role. All hail Lil Weezy.

  • Popop SoNo
    Popop SoNo 10 days ago

    Blacks are the Real Jews!

    BIGDAWG 10 days ago +5

    Smart man! Hiding the medicine in the candy, says something profound and hard to swallow then throws out something random and "crazy" to throw off the white ppl

  • Eric Blake
    Eric Blake 10 days ago

    3:21 I learned a lot from you thanks for the good information

  • coach karter
    coach karter 10 days ago

    Had to watch it twice 02/2019