NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2 FINALE

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Will we get the silver play button? Will anyone find some insane deals on video cards? The NCIX Bankruptcy Auction saga continues...
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Comments • 7 535

  • Valkyrie417
    Valkyrie417 2 hours ago

    You Canadians are too fucking nice lol

  • astronaut dolphin detective

    lol i bought windows 10 pro on ebay for 5 dollars hahahaha

    RACETODEATH TM 11 hours ago

    Canadian rupees 😐 smh

  • Paul Stubbs
    Paul Stubbs 11 hours ago

    But did the Nvidia shield work?

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty 15 hours ago

    Resell the Nvidia shield at the auction and make a profit

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty 15 hours ago

    Maybe it's all going to North Korea

  • Lorand123123
    Lorand123123 Day ago

    Fuck , i need to go get all our tech stuff from our store and go sell it on auction.

  • C Cla
    C Cla Day ago

    wait so the guy has a million subs, why didn't he get one?

  • Stephen Gregory
    Stephen Gregory Day ago this is too funnny

  • ElimRem
    ElimRem Day ago

    8:00 Proof that Linus wears shoes and not sandles.

  • andresisawesome
    andresisawesome Day ago

    What laptop was he using

  • Joseph DESTAUBIN
    Joseph DESTAUBIN 2 days ago

    Respect for Linus for walking away from the plack. Good job at being human Linus, really. : )

  • rawdmon
    rawdmon 2 days ago

  • Philip Bull
    Philip Bull 2 days ago

    The saga of the NCIX auctions has a much darker underbelly:
    Looks like they had unencrpyted hard drives sitting around containing a ton of customer data which is now in the process of being auctioned off to some pretty shady people.

  • Gamin Ezgon
    Gamin Ezgon 3 days ago

    pays 95$ and the regets it and dose ad for massdrop whitch cost 99.99$ nice probebly gona get his moeny back

    CJFLCC CJFLCC 3 days ago

    Fake transactions for chinese here on visas that require biz

  • Dappis
    Dappis 3 days ago

    This is one of my fave LTT videos

  • Wise Tiger
    Wise Tiger 3 days ago

    what the heck is wrong with people 1500$ for gtx 1060.

  • muh1h1
    muh1h1 4 days ago

    Linus later secretly followed the guy to his house and brutally murdered him and his family to get "his" playbutton back.

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 4 days ago

    I mean if they had managed to sell this stuff for those prices they would've never gone bust in the first place 😂 so the business lesson is to randomly group your wares into bins and auction it off 🤔

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter 4 days ago

    Haha I love Ed XD

  • Tony Carcamo
    Tony Carcamo 4 days ago

    that was crazy

  • Jeremy Cadieux
    Jeremy Cadieux 5 days ago

    i tried to wipe that thing on the camera like 3 times was rip 175HrZ

  • claude hayden
    claude hayden 6 days ago

    when two you tubers meet, "do you know who i am"? nope lol.

  • Clear sky Over the lake

    Chops was only guy to get value outathat

  • Clear sky Over the lake

    this is why I no longer buy on eBay. this is why we can't have nice things. like a find of the political of land this song but it's just sheer stupidity

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 7 days ago

    Who wants to go to that guys TVclip and trash the comments

  • cameron wright
    cameron wright 7 days ago

    that was a real move linus. thats why i watch your videos your so down to earth.

  • Corey Tompkins
    Corey Tompkins 7 days ago

    Actually got is 100k subs on the cat channel hahah

  • Ralph Evangelista
    Ralph Evangelista 7 days ago

    Newest vid from minchop. Top ten reasons why Linus shouldn't have given up his play button

  • Mazer Fazer
    Mazer Fazer 8 days ago

    Linus.exe has stopped working [Error:404 insane mooney in wallet not found]

  • zaftra
    zaftra 9 days ago

    Everybody is thinking, shut up, especially sheik, stuck his fingers in his ears.

  • oldcracker
    oldcracker 9 days ago

    linus what the fuck you gave up the play button ; - - - - - - ;

  • BrazenBullXXX
    BrazenBullXXX 9 days ago

    I think Linus gave up the plaque because he knew what the internet was going to do to his channel. He was so upset on the inside by the kids blatant lack of understanding and sympathy that by the end he wanted to see him suffer. My evidence to support this is that LTT left in the shots and audio of his channel name. This was no coincidence. LTT are a bunch of smart dudes and memelords. They knew if they left it in MindChop was good as dead. Can't blame Linus. Justice was served.

  • killingerk
    killingerk 9 days ago
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  • killingerk
    killingerk 9 days ago

    acting like he deserved a 100k plaque because he had a million subs but he runs a clickbait TVclip sometimes they give plaques away if they are clickbait channels may people click and Sub on them I kind of pissed that kid got one in his daddy had to buy it for him but I wish Linus was paying attention it would have been funny when he comes to line is can I buy that from you I need it I would have said f*** now instead I have a million Subs I haven't got my 100k sub and I would have told him show me your channel let me see what you have and I would have seen it clickbait I would have started f****** laughing until that's the reason he didn't get your play button clickbait channels and top tens and stupid channels like that all reaction channels should get a play button you're stealing other people's hard work can you put clickbait people to sub to you. this was written on my phone by text to speak

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star 10 days ago

    Linus wanted it, I'd be like sure, 10k+ if linus said nope, i'd say GTFO then
    Or I'd ask for a brand new full custom made PC best parts everything maybe even 10 or so!

  • ColdieHU
    ColdieHU 10 days ago

    Welcome to bidding madnes, that shit is been going on on ebay for years now. Idiots sometimes paying twice the price for used parts than what a brand new would cost in any store.

  • Blake
    Blake 10 days ago

    Dang. That mindchop kid could of had the plaque signed

  • trappapito
    trappapito 11 days ago

    I'm really considering buying the plaque from that clickbait guy and gift it to Linus

  • vapSHOCK XD
    vapSHOCK XD 11 days ago

    Does Shield work?

  • latengocomoburro
    latengocomoburro 12 days ago

    People are veeeeeeeeeeery stupid.

  • spakkajack
    spakkajack 13 days ago

    that youtube fraud looks like a southern inbred retard. he should share his channel with coppercab. never know he might get on south park.

  • TransModeV
    TransModeV 14 days ago

    Just subscribed to LinusCatTips because I have been digging on your videos for years and I fucking love cats.

  • Alexander
    Alexander 14 days ago

    Linus!!! That was so noble of you! I’m crying!

  • Tiny Leap
    Tiny Leap 14 days ago

    Moral of the story : Canadians are so fu%^ing nice!

  • Nik I
    Nik I 14 days ago

    Going to side with rest of people here.
    That play button are not art that anyone can buy and have on their wall, its more like a diploma to show personal achievement. So if you buy it it just makes you into a fraud.

  • MrDragonfyr
    MrDragonfyr 15 days ago

    Hats off to you, Linus. I know it would have been tough, but you did what you thought was the right thing. I'm exactly like that lol, so I get you. gg. Side note, I just got my "congrats" email for 100 sub's. Not that it holds any relevance... but you guys get it more than my girlfriend does! lol

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 15 days ago

    7:40 no black shoes Linus!!! :O

  • AaronShenghao
    AaronShenghao 16 days ago

    March 2018 that channel have 1,205,007, today (September 6) 1,203,191... This video have more views that that lol

  • O_O
    O_O 16 days ago


  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi 16 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure the MindChop scrub didn't even put the NCIX plaque on his wall and just put it in some book case then forgot about it after he got home.

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 17 days ago

    People bidding that has no clue about computers

  • luc steffens
    luc steffens 17 days ago

    So.. Did the shield work or the RMA never got send?

  • bullant1974
    bullant1974 17 days ago

    way to go Linus, you did the right thing in the end :) play button is cool but the story is cooler

  • BigMonMulgrew
    BigMonMulgrew 18 days ago

    Lol, the cat channel has doubled in size since teh video

  • Rouge Le Roux
    Rouge Le Roux 18 days ago

    Omfg.. nividia shield for 95$? What a nice deal if it works..nice call giving up the plaque tho

  • Chelsea DaBest
    Chelsea DaBest 18 days ago

    is that Eminem behind the mic?

  • isettech
    isettech 19 days ago

    I do auctions on occasion. At the preview I make a list of my maximums and stick to it at the auction. Some auctions I buy nothing. At other auctions I do well. Depends on the auction and who is there. Recently I bought 24 PC's for $160. 5 of them were gaming rigs set up for 4 HD monitors with 4 and 6 core processors on Republic of Gamers motherboards. At other auctions a similar rig went for over $500 for just one. If you follow some you can figure out when it is a buyers market vs sellers market. Now that it is a sellers market, I'm planning on returning some of the lot for resale. I picked out the best for myself and sold some on CL.
    Don't get into a bidding war. There are no buyers remorse return policies.

  • DarkNightDreamer
    DarkNightDreamer 20 days ago

    Linus!! You just that plaque you earned to some dude who pads his subs on a top 10 channel... He has over a million subs but only a few thousand views per channel... thats such bullshit!! If he had a legit channel he could have had his own button that he didnt have to re-badge!!

  • Michael Phoenix
    Michael Phoenix 21 day ago

    subed to your cat tips one more so you get that gold button

  • Eric Wolfe
    Eric Wolfe 22 days ago

    "Do you know who I am?"... Yes, Linus... We who follow, know...

  • zdcYoutube
    zdcYoutube 22 days ago

    mindchop doesnt even post videos anymore, wow

  • CryhmeTime
    CryhmeTime 23 days ago

    Sounds like christian church or muslim

  • Jakus Jacobsen
    Jakus Jacobsen 23 days ago

    There are an amazing number of numbskulls that buy at auctions. So they are pointless.

  • Demonlord468
    Demonlord468 23 days ago

    Million Subs and NO ONE knows who the dude is? Yeah... i guess so... I would bet money its some clickbait bullshit "top 10" or "facts" channel..... IF thats even true.

  • Satnam Matharu
    Satnam Matharu 24 days ago


  • impsychopathic
    impsychopathic 24 days ago +1

    He runs a top 10 channel, linus... you can’t compete with that

  • mixampo
    mixampo 24 days ago

    For sure Linus said Canadian "Roepies" because that Indian shit next to him wanted his face to be blurred out.

  • Dom_Wick
    Dom_Wick 24 days ago +1

    that kid shouldnt have gotten the plaque man

  • M4KER
    M4KER 25 days ago

    damn linus that's super solid of ya, that's your OG plaque man! awwwwwwww well, props.

  • wifferste
    wifferste 26 days ago

    As your video showed, most people were probably reselling this stuff afterwards. Believe it or not, there's always some sucker who will pay the price that they ask.

  • ChrisMayI
    ChrisMayI 26 days ago +3

    Linus should of took the play button and gave him the cat tips when it came in

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 26 days ago +2

    Linus spent $95.00 on a RMA'd Nvidia

  • Stefaan Codde
    Stefaan Codde 27 days ago

    I did buy a HP proliant ML350p server for 117 euro, a HP storageworks MSL5000 for 50 euro, a Imrack 47u server cabinet for 43 euro at Moyersoens auctions.

  • Carter A
    Carter A 27 days ago

    mindchop hasn't posted in 9 months

  • yamisoawesome1
    yamisoawesome1 28 days ago

    "DO U KNOW WHO I AM" - linus 2k18

  • Eliot Mansfield
    Eliot Mansfield 28 days ago

    Try bankrupt formula 1 team auctions for overpriced junk

  • vishu sharma
    vishu sharma 29 days ago

    i laughed so hard .......i cried

  • StarCitizen Modding

    6:35 lmao Linus!

  • Hasu Aorinon
    Hasu Aorinon Month ago


  • naju332
    naju332 Month ago

    you never heard of a fetish thing that guys like to spend on nothing or just give money away to strangers to feel a sanctification? if not then search for it it exists and mens that give away 10000 of dollars for nothing feel good about it. even if they poor

  • Cokecanninja
    Cokecanninja Month ago

    The Mindchop channel is trash, you should have gotten the plaque.

  • Pedro Augusto Ferraz de Melo Vieira

    The plaque is just a simbol, what Linus has created can't be taken from him and doesn't need a object to show it.

  • DudeistBelieve
    DudeistBelieve Month ago

    Dude... the Mindchop channel hasn't even uploaded.

  • Anchor Bait
    Anchor Bait Month ago +4

    $700 antistatic mats.... How about just tape the money to the table and use that

  • Mario Guevara
    Mario Guevara Month ago +5

    This guy has 1.2 million bottled subscribers and gets under 30k on his videos

  • Tech News
    Tech News Month ago +1

    Two Punjabis behind linus

  • Chad Thundercock
    Chad Thundercock Month ago

    the guy didn't get a playbutton because his subs are botted

  • Rhyme
    Rhyme Month ago

    Loved it! Keep up the good work

  • My Leg
    My Leg Month ago +1

    3:22 he just turned into foot lettuce dood for a second

  • Shez2005
    Shez2005 Month ago

    I subscribbled
    (To linus cat tips)

  • Trizlet
    Trizlet Month ago

    >lost playbutton to a top 10 channel

  • jony ward
    jony ward Month ago

    i'm getting stressed out about how your holding that razer blade

  • RDKells
    RDKells Month ago

    Did you ever try and fix the shield?

  • paul drozd
    paul drozd Month ago

    I don't have a cat, but I'm now subscribed to #linuscattips lol

  • JollyGamer
    JollyGamer Month ago

    That's actually the first time I've seen mindchops face 😂

  • Lightning
    Lightning Month ago

    That was a botted channel.
    The fuck were you thinking giving him that play button...

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    does anyone know the laptop linus was using?

  • Skyline8180
    Skyline8180 Month ago

    Inb4 that dude gets DDos’d for being a showboat.