NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2 FINALE

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Will we get the silver play button? Will anyone find some insane deals on video cards? The NCIX Bankruptcy Auction saga continues...
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Comments • 6 884

  • Mr Patek
    Mr Patek 4 hours ago +1

    check out my review of the e63s on my channel

  • Eric T
    Eric T 4 hours ago

    The one thing you want, and you fuck up buying it. KYS

  • Jawlan M
    Jawlan M 8 hours ago

    Some of you fans are bombing the MindChop dude, really think you might should have tell them not to.

  • alkafrazin
    alkafrazin 8 hours ago

    Does the shield work?!
    Also what shield is it and is it even worth $100?

  • Wyatt Webb
    Wyatt Webb 9 hours ago

    I'm so sorry man. You should have bought it.

  • Lyle Jozeph
    Lyle Jozeph 10 hours ago

    Mr. Good Deeds

    WOOGIE 15 hours ago

    even if these are Canadian prices still way way way way over priced

  • YARN-dere
    YARN-dere 21 hour ago

    Fucking chinks... DUMB AS BRICKS!! Boot the chinks out of China and give to the Japs!!

  • YARN-dere
    YARN-dere 21 hour ago

    Linus says "Canadian Rupees" and there's an Indian behind him LMAO!!!

  • YARN-dere
    YARN-dere 21 hour ago

    Where the hell is this?? Look at all the foreigners.. Filthy darkies leeching off us!!

  • SethsPhone
    SethsPhone Day ago

    He's got as many subscribers as this video has views lol

  • loserface
    loserface Day ago


  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark Day ago

    They shouldn't have used Windows. lol

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon Day ago

    LINUS. Mindchop is fake. Fake subscribers man. He gets like 20k videos per video

  • MrRico509
    MrRico509 Day ago

    I see it like this, if you buy a award you didn't deserve it, so don't put it on you wall. I would not buy a Olympic gold metal and say it was mine. Mindchop must be getting heat on his channel now.

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack Day ago

    The reason that MindChop kid didn't get the plaque was because he bought the channel after it had 100k subs. Look at the first few videos, its not him(unless he's deleted them by the time you're reading this). You can even find an old MindChop channel that he tried making before buying the one with subs already. He then bought some more subs(check SB statistics). His videos only get 11k views and his tweets only get 1 or 2 retweets yet he has 1.2mil subs? Yeah, I'm calling bullshit. Also, look at the Google search trends for his channel, basically zero and then suddenly it shoots up more than 100x after this video.
    He just destroyed and award that Linus earned because he's not actually talented, so he just bought his way to "fame".

  • Drāno
    Drāno Day ago


  • Rev Nuke
    Rev Nuke Day ago

    Mind cunt

  • Lotus
    Lotus Day ago

    He's carrying around the Razer Blade like it's a toy

  • Science Rocks
    Science Rocks 2 days ago

    Lol the cat channel actually has the subs

  • dshiznit148
    dshiznit148 2 days ago

    that dudes channel is trash hes got no real content

  • JJ ceo
    JJ ceo 2 days ago

    LINUS you need to wear goggles when playing squash, the ball is the exact size of your eye socket!

  • malarky345
    malarky345 2 days ago

    Linus when are you going to do a livestream commentary on the playbutton thing like when NeoGAF said you were sexist for the amazon store video?
    (it was something along those lines right? I missed the stream)

  • Crimson King X
    Crimson King X 2 days ago

    Still think he should’ve gotten his play button. Fuck that

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 2 days ago

    well i thought 95 was a good deal until you mentioned the rma... yikes

  • Tyler Kom
    Tyler Kom 2 days ago

    but i don't get it why would you want someone else's plaque

  • Jay P
    Jay P 2 days ago

    Lmao dude has over a million subs Linus.... do you know who I am? Do you know how small a mill is?

  • shankster
    shankster 2 days ago

    Proof positive that people are fucking stupid!

  • iNyan
    iNyan 3 days ago

    Linus has a Indian guy next to him , goes "member kids , its Canadian Rupies! hahaha

  • dulyu4u
    dulyu4u 3 days ago

    so what does the sticker on the shield mean?

  • Akash Rajput
    Akash Rajput 3 days ago

    Honestly, you made me melt Linus

  • InfiniteWonderz
    InfiniteWonderz 3 days ago

    Theres some dodgy shit happening online. People are pumping dirty money through a liquidation auction

  • Anakin Hill
    Anakin Hill 3 days ago

    Holy shit he is the mindchop guy

  • Masift
    Masift 3 days ago

    Holy shit that kid was from mindchop? I used to watch that channel lmao

  • cassinovashalo
    cassinovashalo 3 days ago

    Why are you cursing so much?! Makes you look like an uncivilized child...

  • Josiah Magnusson
    Josiah Magnusson 3 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys are bidding to raise fuck with the last bidder so they have to re-up. Great way to fuck with people I guess

  • Dusty
    Dusty 3 days ago +1

    All these high prices seems like money laundering.. Definitely fishy

  • Jaden bourne
    Jaden bourne 3 days ago +1

    Guy in the auction wearing Northface Supreme FW17 and Louis vuitton side bag spending £300 on a corsair keyboard (6:07) 🤦

  • S gill
    S gill 3 days ago +1

    Why would you say Canadian ruppeees hahahahah

  • Braedon Gentry
    Braedon Gentry 3 days ago

    Why would you let him have the play button??

  • Insane GamersTM Beefy

    I feel so bad for Linus on missing out on that button, even if you felt a little bad for that dude, that was your plaque, you worked hard to get the channel up and running to inform the world about the tech world, that's yours. not some dude who creates clickbait and manipulates the system to make money.....
    Fair enough to Linus though, it takes some damn guts to give something so sentimental away.

  • glitch
    glitch 3 days ago

    DADDY buys you TVclip subscribers and sht

  • PixelatedCobra
    PixelatedCobra 3 days ago

    Linus: You know who I am?
    Guy: No...
    Linus: I'm Ronnie fucking Pickering

  • DaveyDoo
    DaveyDoo 3 days ago

    8:50 flobadobobobob

  • TheNamelessFace
    TheNamelessFace 3 days ago

    Linus should've done the bidding online, that auctioneer was so confusing and they didn't do a good job at making sure everyone knew what they were bidding on and what lot they were up to.

  • Duke Theseus
    Duke Theseus 3 days ago

    when linus asked the guy buying the keyboards at 6:15 i thought he was going to say: "excuse me sir, are you retarded?" xd haha

  • KDingo81
    KDingo81 4 days ago

    Hi linus, this comes from the bottom of my heart when i say that i wish you never ever have to file for bankruptcy for your business in the future.

  • D Gatch
    D Gatch 4 days ago

    I get better deals at yard sales and goodwill.

  • Eyno Rey
    Eyno Rey 4 days ago

    So Linus Cat Tips has more than 175k subscriptions now :D

  • Tom Pidduck
    Tom Pidduck 4 days ago

    Was i the only one that was like "No way, don't lie. you 100% dont have over a million subs"
    then paused the video to search him and was like oh sh*t xD
    didnt expect that one!

  • wat ching
    wat ching 4 days ago

    what happened to the gold play button was not on sale ?

  • Edward. C .Munsk
    Edward. C .Munsk 4 days ago

    Well, that was sad.

  • GTRMclaren722
    GTRMclaren722 5 days ago +1


  • MrBeard17
    MrBeard17 5 days ago

    Stupid buyers over bid like this all the time. Then they get fucked for another +30% for auction fee and taxes. At the pre-view, the decent stuff had opening bids of 80-90% of the items value (not including taxes yet) so its already over valued. The crowd is full of shillers, stupid bidders or money launderers. Its a shady business where you used to find deals.

  • MsJavaWolf
    MsJavaWolf 5 days ago +1

    So many people dissing him on his channel, lol.

  • Sawyer Seth
    Sawyer Seth 5 days ago

    Guys but the cat channel has 175k channels now

  • Linus Vacuum Tips
    Linus Vacuum Tips 5 days ago

    Wtf "stupid cat channel". That is your best channel!!! Surely not a stupid one

  • Sam
    Sam 5 days ago +21

    If you don't use *$700 antistatic work mats* you're doing it wrong

    • TheNamelessFace
      TheNamelessFace 3 days ago +1

      So should I refund my $12 one and buy $700 ones that are old and have been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years? :P

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel 5 days ago

    The first video was kind of sad, I imagine that was super bittersweet. This one however was hilarious, seeing how much people were bidding. LOL. 300 freaking dollars for a keyboard. And the guy was indifferent about it. lol. Someone is going to be disappointed at those GPU shrouds. LOL. Probably just looked at the picture without thinking.

  • MantridJones
    MantridJones 5 days ago

    So what happened to the golden play-button?

  • murraysdreams
    murraysdreams 5 days ago

    NCIX just made all it's money back, time to go to the Bahamas.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 6 days ago

    This is Fantastic!!! Lunacy at it's finest! HAhahahah

  • Aditya Gaming
    Aditya Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Do you know who am i ??
    If you dont know me, like this comment.

  • Jaime Ruiz
    Jaime Ruiz 6 days ago

    I once burned 500 on ancient macs, but it was fun and I love ancient macs.

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos 6 days ago

    this was such a great serious. Somehow really emotional - so glad he decided to record it.

  • Zachary Goterch
    Zachary Goterch 6 days ago

    Gotta appreciate the gesture Linus made to the MindChop guys. If any good could’ve come from that auction, it was that. Just for that, I’ll sub to the cat channel, along with the MindChop channel.

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe 6 days ago

    Linus is quite petty

  • George Papageorgopoulos

    You should have bought it from that guy. Of course TVclip wouldn't send a play button to a channel that has paid subscribers...

  • Sviatoslav Ilitchev
    Sviatoslav Ilitchev 6 days ago

    Lol and the most ppl at auction is n Indian

  • Russell W
    Russell W 7 days ago

    Them Canucks know their stuff EH lol

  • Phiidyn
    Phiidyn 7 days ago

    Linus, you're too nice. I would never have given away that plaque. Something you earned like that belongs to you. It's a nice gesture, good guy Linus and all that. But I certainly wouldn't have given it to somebody who runs a top 10 channel who hasn't updated it in 3 months.

  • Michael Pelz
    Michael Pelz 7 days ago

    He wanted someone else's play button. Ha!

  • Morty McMort
    Morty McMort 7 days ago

    I would love that shield tho. Have the tablet but want that one to.

  • Mike Riggs
    Mike Riggs 7 days ago

    Why do people just want the plaque so they can have it in the background of their videos?

  • Arthipex
    Arthipex 7 days ago

    Holy crap, Linus Cat Tips just hit 170k subs.

  • SiskoBen
    SiskoBen 7 days ago

    Not just Linus thought stuff was sold for too much

  • buggsyspam
    buggsyspam 7 days ago

    Please create a follow up of the craigs list ads.

  • solofalcon
    solofalcon 7 days ago

    Reminds me of the goodwill auction site, fucking bullshit.

  • Peter Toth
    Peter Toth 7 days ago

    Dude, you were trolling the whole thing all the way to the end. :')
    ...just to advertise your cat channel.

  • tonton9598
    tonton9598 8 days ago

    all the recognition that linus didnt get when he needed it the most.. but got in scrapyard wars

  • Michael Elnajami
    Michael Elnajami 8 days ago

    takes a lot of balls to let that guy walk away with the play button

  • DarkCylon
    DarkCylon 8 days ago

    Letting that other guy keep the Play button was a classy move. Heck, I'm not a cat fan (at all), but I'll help with one more subscriber to LinusCatTips

  • Gerald L
    Gerald L 8 days ago

    Hey Linus, just in case you didn't know your "fan base" is now attacking that poor Mind Chop fellow, pretty shitty behaviour.

  • kakaido
    kakaido 8 days ago +1

    Dude we gotta know if the Shield worked!

  • Gerald L
    Gerald L 8 days ago

    Well, did the Nvidia Shield work?

  • oberstoftogen
    oberstoftogen 8 days ago

    Can someone tell me what a Your Choice auction is? I've never seen this before.

  • dsbm_lord
    dsbm_lord 8 days ago

    Man, fuck that fatty! That was Linus' button wtf!! I'm actually pissed!

  • tommy 2u
    tommy 2u 8 days ago

    why do these idiots make a video and want us to walk or ride to the video event with them. fyi, I didn't watch it cuz of that

  • seth alton
    seth alton 8 days ago

    5.4M subscribers man... wtf? ;)

  • Mattia_98
    Mattia_98 8 days ago


  • Your Pal Ned Flanders

    Linus was the one guy who afford it all and seems to be one of the only ones seeing all the problems with it.

  • Blake Burress
    Blake Burress 8 days ago +2

    Would have loved to have seen the look on the guy in the turban's face when Linus said "Canadian rupees"...

  • Vsevolod Medvedev
    Vsevolod Medvedev 8 days ago

    Linus, my god, snow in America

  • Jäger Main
    Jäger Main 8 days ago

    Lol he does not upload for 3 months already man

  • Arafat Khan
    Arafat Khan 8 days ago

    'Do you know who I am'
    Damn! On fire 🔥 🔥
    Sounds more threatening than informative 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Impromptu
    Impromptu 8 days ago

    I've been to quite a few auctions and I've only ever got one lot. The fatal thing is that people get consumed with the notion of "winning" the auction and it overrides any bidding planning they may have done. So they're actually losing.
    I could understand overpaying if there's a provenance reason - but "this heatsink was once in the NCIX warehouse" != "this spoon was Picasso's aunt's favourite".

  • Morpheas
    Morpheas 9 days ago

    The Mindchops channel is fucking garbage, just like all the rest pure clickbait "10 of these things that you dont know about" channels.
    But dont worry Linus, you dont need a shitty little plaque to show off your accomplishments. Your accomplishments live in your head and you know what you've achieved in your life.
    If TVclip starts giving plaques only at 5 million subs or higher, would that mean that a channel with 2 million subs hasnt achieved something?
    Who gives a shit about that plaque, be proud of where you are in life. You dont need it to feel good about yourself.

  • ian Gonzalez
    ian Gonzalez 9 days ago

    The things is that Linus didn't know that mindchop hasn't uploaded in months

  • Vincent van Buskirk
    Vincent van Buskirk 9 days ago

    Angel risk lawn gubxgos cross address flow blend cap identification praise us.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 9 days ago

    That mindchop channel... is just... Linus should have got that play button.