• Published on Jun 16, 2019
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Comments • 503

  • Zander13
    Zander13  4 months ago +58


    • Bob O
      Bob O 4 hours ago

      Awesome car red or

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      Why would I subscribe 10 seconds into the video when I have no clue if your content is even any good, yet? I've never understood why everybody says that crap so soon into the vid. Any explanation?

    • Ernesto Powers
      Ernesto Powers 2 months ago

      Lol it's still a mustang

    • Zander13
      Zander13  2 months ago

      Mano A Mano I do

    • Sal DeMarco
      Sal DeMarco 2 months ago +1

      @Andrew Johnson *you're

  • Bob O
    Bob O 5 hours ago +2

    yep looks red

  • Ray Gill
    Ray Gill 20 hours ago

    Two guys who obviously don’t know shit about mustangs “gear heads” my ass

    • Zander13
      Zander13  18 hours ago

      Ray Gill thanks for watching bud. Have a great day

    • Ray Gill
      Ray Gill 19 hours ago

      Yea modded mustang bud painted valve covers and a gt350 push button start splitters on the blinkers yea real gear heads dude

    • Zander13
      Zander13  19 hours ago

      I know plenty

  • nazi 51150
    nazi 51150 2 days ago +1

    Slow ass fucking car

  • nazi 51150
    nazi 51150 2 days ago +1

    These fagets got beat up in high school.

  • nazi 51150
    nazi 51150 2 days ago +1

    Fix ur tattoos fucking dush bag. Stupid mf.

    • Zander13
      Zander13  2 days ago

      You thumbed up your own comment 🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️

  • Rick Massey
    Rick Massey 2 days ago

    @zander13 .....Why turn off hill start assist?

  • Joe Kennedy
    Joe Kennedy 3 days ago

    Way to many adds can’t enjoy video

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Nice bro! That exhaust sounds fucken great !

  • Richard Rice
    Richard Rice 6 days ago +2

    Have had many Mustangs over the years and they were all WORTHLESS as daily driver . Got rid of all of them and bought a sedan that I can actually use.

  • fordfiveohh
    fordfiveohh 11 days ago

    He's so jealous and belly ache...

  • kupah
    kupah 23 days ago

    Police car in back lol 😬

  • RED_10R
    RED_10R 29 days ago +1

    I wondered the same things about my car 16 GT when i bought it lol. It has mbrp long tubes with no cat and airraid intake. I was thinking of getting a lund tuner kit but i assumed the car already has a tune because of the longtubes?

  • Robert Collins
    Robert Collins 29 days ago

    Lol tennessee problems

  • Huncho Kahan
    Huncho Kahan Month ago

    Fuck mustang camaro gang bitch 😂😂😂🐍💯💪🏽

  • shroom903
    shroom903 Month ago

    If he took it to the dealership it doesn't have a tune now if it did have one

  • Langolier
    Langolier Month ago

    I clicked on this video, because I felt the urge to do it due the way the title was set, I had to know about the upgrades I must have gotten that mystery resolved and get rid of the suspense. My finger twitched for a whole two seconds.
    These titles are becoming ridiculous.;
    "He lifted her fiancé's skirt and he found a miracle"
    "She pulled down her fiancé's jeans and this jumped out of his pants"
    "After thirty years sleeping he found this in his bed on his 45th birthday"
    Everyone is becoming an expert on this subliminal mind manipulation thing now.

    • Zander13
      Zander13  Month ago

      Thanks and your welcome

    • Langolier
      Langolier Month ago

      Thank you for your positive response. And, the car and the video are pretty good.

    • Zander13
      Zander13  Month ago

      Oh I understand. Please don’t think I am upset by any means. I thank you for your comment and thank you for watching 🙏

    • Langolier
      Langolier Month ago

      Zander13 _ I understand that and it was not an accusation or even a criticism It was just an observation. And you are right, everyone does it. After, realizing the inflation of similar titles I just put down my observation under "your" video, not because something is wrong it.

    • Zander13
      Zander13  Month ago

      All youtubers do it because everyone does. Even Fox or CNN has a similar format. It sucks to do it but it is what it is. Same thing as a movie preview. DRACULA 2000 - The Scariest Horror Movie Of The Year...

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage Month ago +1

    That coyote engine tho 😍

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    The volume sucks.

  • Chris Rife
    Chris Rife Month ago

    If its out of warranty, mods are fine. If its still under warranty mods are bad when buying used. I normally steer way clear of modified mustangs, short throw, new tires, exhaust, gears for me are tell tell sign its more than likely been driven hard or abused. It also depends on how many miles the car has as well before I make my final choice.

  • 1flynlow
    1flynlow Month ago +1

    wow it's a "302" AND a "5.0"!!

    • TW Portre
      TW Portre Month ago

      YEA BECAUSE 5.0L IS 302 CUBIC INCHES WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮😮😮 😕

  • Steve O
    Steve O Month ago

    In car cam did not disclose them touching each other below the waist...😬Just kidding... or am I??? LOL

  • Jesse Budelman
    Jesse Budelman Month ago

    I think you like the orange.....haha looks good, very tastefully done so far.

  • Twin Turbo
    Twin Turbo Month ago

    These new Mustangs are hot looking cars but they are still behind Camaro's and Challengers in the game.

  • Desmond Lawhorn
    Desmond Lawhorn Month ago

    Anything that had 2 do with PERFORMANCE is stock pile of riced dog shxt

  • 6 string zing
    6 string zing Month ago +2

    By far the best designed muscle car ever made...I'm not a fan of the late 70's through all of the 80's, but other than that, it cannot be touched! Carol Shelby was a master and this design was his my humble opinion.

  • Tactical Domn8tor
    Tactical Domn8tor Month ago

    I think if you want it faster you need to put an LS motor in

  • Carlton Harris
    Carlton Harris Month ago +1

    I liked It but I find It funny they went from pony car's to coyote's lol I'm just glad they fixed the posi rear end cause the 89 90's models use to spin one tire like a dog dragging It's butt but this Is coming from a camaro guy so...

  • Troy May
    Troy May Month ago

    How many times do you get pulled over... each day?

  • wagsbro 44
    wagsbro 44 Month ago +1

    Has a boost gauge, doesn't know that it has mods

  • Anthony Schmidt
    Anthony Schmidt 2 months ago +3

    am i the only one who noticed the police car 5:04

  • brandyn rhode
    brandyn rhode 2 months ago

    just put it on a dyno, and retune it.. and let it become like any woman... money pit

  • Victor N. Uribe
    Victor N. Uribe 2 months ago

    Did anybody spot the po pos park across the street.

  • Devo Dar
    Devo Dar 2 months ago

    Aren't Mustangs girl cars?

  • Jeff Carr
    Jeff Carr 2 months ago

    The big three are going the wrong direction they are huge and slow compared to any imports that's why they almost always loose in any type of racing sad considering the amount of money you pay to be a gas station magnet

  • Savage Mickey
    Savage Mickey 2 months ago

    6:48 how did he rev it while reversing out of the driveway

    • Josh Martinak
      Josh Martinak 2 months ago


    • Savage Mickey
      Savage Mickey 2 months ago

      Zander13 I know that but nvm I don’t know how to explain it I could show you a video if you want it will make more sense rather than me trying to explain it

    • Zander13
      Zander13  2 months ago

      Savage Mickey you can be in gear with a manual but if you press the clutch in. It’s like putting it into neutral

    • Zander13
      Zander13  2 months ago

      Savage Mickey he had it in gear but pushed the clutch in and gave it some gas.

    • Savage Mickey
      Savage Mickey 2 months ago

      Zander13 I know it’s a manual but how did you do that while reversing bc my dad has a 1987 corvette and he was parking it in the garage and he was reving it while reversing but he was slowly reversing while while reving it I’m 15 i love manuals I’ve driven a manual it’s fun asf but I’ve been trying to figure out how you and him did that

  • ANACRIME .357
    ANACRIME .357 2 months ago +3

    Next mustang the 5.3

  • Jakeinator Ya boi
    Jakeinator Ya boi 2 months ago +1


  • 05FIVEO
    05FIVEO 2 months ago

    Nice car but too loud. No mufflers? With the drone sound you could hardly hear them talking. Would drive me nuts!

    • seven
      seven 18 days ago

      05FIVEO got the 2019 Camaro ZL1 and I had that same problem to the point I couldn’t even talk to my wife with her in the passenger seat bc of the drone. It’s pretty annoying

  • RR
    RR 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for your service Zander13! #OEF/OIF

  • Dee See Emm
    Dee See Emm 2 months ago

    If i ever get a car like this. Only coming out to the sun on Saturday and sundays only.

  • Eddy Gonzalez
    Eddy Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Apparently all your damn friends buy mustangs and apparently they all bring something special

  • joemrp05
    joemrp05 2 months ago +1

    jesus, 5 ads on a 12 minute video, no thx. cant finish it

  • LonestarF250
    LonestarF250 2 months ago

    Why does it rev out so fast

  • 1234zcrom
    1234zcrom 2 months ago

    Still confuses me why ford calls red 'competition orange' but nice car. I may be partially color blind though so maybe it is a bright orange

    • Baso
      Baso 2 months ago

      It's not comp orange either the uploader is colorblind or the video/light makes it look like it's red because I'm pretty sure that is race red
      Edit: it actually looks like orange out of the sun so it's the video/light. Weird color lol.

  • 2wrdr
    2wrdr 2 months ago +3

    Nice looking stang!!!!! Oh, and a sweet sound too!!!

  • unluckily
    unluckily 2 months ago

    First time watching. Nice intro. Very good change of pace. A lot of channels nowadays just have loud edm bass boosted trash

  • John TL
    John TL 2 months ago

    How does a mechanic at a dealership not know if a mustang is tuned or not 😭 they're full of shit lmao

  • MERICA #1
    MERICA #1 2 months ago

    fucking clickbait

  • ModernMuscleCar
    ModernMuscleCar 2 months ago +8

    Oh look.....another 15 to 19 Mustang gt.You never see those anywhere. Nice colour tho✌

    • Tom Maika
      Tom Maika 2 months ago

      I think these are dang-rous in the rain and wind too. I almost crashed my '88 5.0 in several rain storms. I like driving a sports/muscle car that I can feel somewhat SAFE in and can handle WEATHER. That's why I switched to BMW for daily driving. My 86 BMW 735i was SUPERB in wind and rain storms! Regarding Mustangs, I like the 67 Mustang and the 71 and 72 and would want no other model ever. Any Camaro is fine too....67 to 19

  • Adrian Newman
    Adrian Newman 2 months ago

    That guy was doing a line of cocaine off his steering wheel

  • hemiJL8
    hemiJL8 2 months ago

    Nice stang. Sounds like a good buy.

  • RimsaTec
    RimsaTec 2 months ago

    Its Tank.

  • Skeeter McSwagger
    Skeeter McSwagger 2 months ago

    What the fuck is with TVclip enabling an 'autoplay mode' without any input from me!?!

  • Ed Kummel
    Ed Kummel 2 months ago

    why does that hood have a hoodprop rod?

    • Zander13
      Zander13  2 months ago

      They all do from factory

  • David Moody
    David Moody 3 months ago

    Rolling dig? Lol hah lol

    • David Moody
      David Moody 3 months ago

      Seriously though please tell us he dosent have one of the plastic Mach1 wanna be cats from around 2014, please be a real Mach1!!

  • Tai Wilson
    Tai Wilson 3 months ago +1

    i thought you'd find supercharger under there

  • huckilt
    huckilt 3 months ago

    Funny dude doesn’t know shit about the car but he sure did want it. Then had to take it to someone who knows their mustangs to tell him if he bought a good one and if it’s got all the factory stuff on it or it’s someone’s “project”

    • Devon Frostrom
      Devon Frostrom 2 months ago

      I don’t see anything wrong with that gotta learn somewhere man

  • Jude Porter
    Jude Porter 3 months ago

    How fast does it go

  • nathan davis
    nathan davis 3 months ago

    Tf brah...