Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 4: Warrior Women

  • Published on Sep 18, 2017
  • "“Everybody’s wanted to see these two together for a long time.”
    Actors Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie discuss prepping for their sparring match at Winterfell in a
    clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
    Full episodes of The Game Revealed are available on HBO:
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Comments • 528

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio 4 months ago

    That knife flip!!!!!

  • jobowisheshewasnomo
    jobowisheshewasnomo 4 months ago

    i love that knife flip.

  • Hani Hassan
    Hani Hassan 4 months ago +1

    Badass baes!!!

  • Escapistier
    Escapistier 6 months ago

    Dammit show that dagger flip in slow mo! 😂

  • Emmanuel Rey Tan
    Emmanuel Rey Tan 8 months ago

    0:57 damned podrick

  • iera
    iera 10 months ago

    0:54 she's amazing

  • Edward Cabaniss
    Edward Cabaniss 11 months ago

    My all-time favorite fight scene in the whole series!

  • jack larkson
    jack larkson 11 months ago +2

    0:38 love the flipping knife scene.

  • Lioness Mummy
    Lioness Mummy Year ago

    Watching this makes me want to see Emilia Clarke fight next season, for some reason.

  • Satyam Srivastava

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  • Daniel Williamson

    Maisie can really kick ass.

  • kWoN oUjO
    kWoN oUjO Year ago

    Maisie was so cool here...

  • Lioness Mummy
    Lioness Mummy Year ago

    David and Goliath.

  • Abbe Satty
    Abbe Satty Year ago

    I don't care if your cat could do it, that Maisie' knife swap was cool.

  • Ako
    Ako Year ago

    Arya vs superman.

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  • Erik Killmonger
    Erik Killmonger Year ago

    0:29 I have to say, they are kind of awesome to watch.

  • Hyou Vizer
    Hyou Vizer 2 years ago

    "who taught you how to do that?"
    " _no one_ "

  • Esme Noir
    Esme Noir 2 years ago

    They should've had the Brienne stunt double play Rhaegar.

  • El Bearsidente
    El Bearsidente 2 years ago +1

    Warrior women? I see a highly choreographed scene, but nothing that screams warrior.
    The scene makes the classic mistakes. All that spinning, all that horrible weapon control, especially by Williams., which is even more ridiculous when considering she's using basically a tooth pick and not a sword.
    The fight scenes are all fully choreographed. All it takes is rehearsing them. Not really hard. And then they're filmed from various angles, often broken up in shorter segments which are then edited together into one scene.
    It takes literally no fencing skills for this. Not even proper stage fighting skills. I mean real stage fighting. On a theater stage, where you don't have camera angles and editors and different takes.
    It's just rubbish.
    But okay, it was still better than the shit they did with the Jaime & Bronn vs Sand Snakes fight, because those girls couldn't fight at all. That was the most embarrassing fight scene on TV ever. Worse than Kirk vs Plastic Dinosaur.

    • Ben Jefferson
      Ben Jefferson 8 months ago +1

      Edohiguma what an absolutely joyless wanker you are.

  • chococat60
    chococat60 2 years ago

    0:30 adidas vs nike

  • the madafaka
    the madafaka 2 years ago +1

    wow!! that knife FLIP while switchin' hands Maisie actually does...that's pretty impressive. i mean, i saw it on the show, but they edited that... here, seeing it UNCUT...just awesome...kudos to her.

  • zammmerjammer
    zammmerjammer 2 years ago

    I totally missed that rad knife flip the way they shot it in the show, which is a shame.

  • Rings&Bows
    Rings&Bows 2 years ago

    0:38 Badass!

  • Molly Fuller
    Molly Fuller 2 years ago


  • Tudu Sorenson
    Tudu Sorenson 2 years ago +1

    A man is missing GOT, A man need the books to be released.

  • Poufkimashoula
    Poufkimashoula 2 years ago

    1:04 I would have love to see that pirouette on the show!

  • Anahí García
    Anahí García 2 years ago


  • Kelai Just
    Kelai Just 2 years ago

    spiderman is in game of thrones LOL

  • LulitaInPita
    LulitaInPita 2 years ago

    That dagger flip was the best part!

  • Thomas Lohuis
    Thomas Lohuis 2 years ago

    1:14 is my favorite shot in the entire show. Seriously. That smile from Maisie ....

    KİM BİLİR 2 years ago

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  • Evie Bed
    Evie Bed 2 years ago

    i have a hbo go subscription and i cannot find the full episodes of the game revealed? the link on the description doesn't open anything ... what am i doing wrong?

  • Writing Geek
    Writing Geek 2 years ago

    Okay, so....what about the logic in this scene that an assassin can fight a knight in an hand-to-hand combat???????? You know, fighters???

  • Tsitex
    Tsitex 2 years ago

    that knife flipping make me hard every time...

  • Marley Bee
    Marley Bee 2 years ago

    One of the best scenes of the season...imo.

  • Haeze
    Haeze 2 years ago

    My lord Gwendoline Christie is gorgeous

  • Buffoonus Troglodytus
    Buffoonus Troglodytus 2 years ago

    Stunt doubles are the true heroes of cinema

  • IMKevin117 - Animations/Gameplays

    LOVE the video although I'll forever be pissed how many seasons it took for them to use the "Who taught you that? NO ONE" joke xD lmao

  • Tiago Campos
    Tiago Campos 2 years ago

    1:02 - 1:05 WHERE THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

  • light luna
    light luna 2 years ago


  • uyen bao
    uyen bao 2 years ago

  • Eddy Que
    Eddy Que 2 years ago

    this scene was cool cause it's the first time we get to see arya fight with a sword for the most part

  • Ben Jefferson
    Ben Jefferson 2 years ago

    Wow, I came to the comments to say that it was one of my favourite bits of series 7. Found piles and piles of obnoxious nerds moaning about one thing or another. What a bunch of twats. If you can't enjoy something find something else to do you wankers.

    • Ben Jefferson
      Ben Jefferson 8 months ago

      Eddy Que fuck off you feeble little basement dwelling twat.

  • Moonstone Games
    Moonstone Games 2 years ago

    Oh God I hope I live to watch the end of my favorite serie... 2 years. I have breast cancer :(

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K 2 years ago

    this scene was fucking stupid
    fuck arya

  • Christian Rivera
    Christian Rivera 2 years ago

    Can they stop! I'm still hungover and can't take 2 years of this.

  • Doctor Blam
    Doctor Blam 2 years ago

    Maisie williams vs Chloe moretz

  • izem JKG
    izem JKG 2 years ago

    Badass bitcheeeeesss 😏😏

  • ying05
    ying05 2 years ago

    Adidas vs Nike

  • Quỳnh Lâm Ngô
    Quỳnh Lâm Ngô 2 years ago

    That dagger shifting move was so cool

  • Rogue Seraph
    Rogue Seraph 2 years ago

    0:37 WOW! That was sweet, that knife flip from one hand to the other reminded me of the Donnie Yen vs Wu Jing fight on Kill Zone, when Wu Jing flips his knife.
    Well done Maisie 👏

  • Eetu Ilves
    Eetu Ilves 2 years ago +1

    Most annoying scene ever

  • Jayar ancheta
    Jayar ancheta 2 years ago

    Game of throne season 7 episode 7 leaked by anonymous hacker

  • Travis Barron
    Travis Barron 2 years ago

    1:01 LOL Brienne's stunt double is a guy :D

  • Tony W
    Tony W 2 years ago

    Why didn't the flip at 1:03 make the cut? :(

  • mightydigebuge
    mightydigebuge 2 years ago

    -Who trained you to do that ?
    -No one.

  • Frank Ozaki
    Frank Ozaki 2 years ago

    that knife flip is so badass.

  • That Indian Engineer
    That Indian Engineer 2 years ago

    Wait so it was done by doubles :'(

  • Haider Abu saleh
    Haider Abu saleh 2 years ago

    0:06 why did they use the green thing?