Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Movie Review


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    DAKIL Hour ago

    portman just looks shinier

  • gt_GreyWizard__
    gt_GreyWizard__ 17 hours ago

    16:22 technically speaking, they were on the far south part of naboo so with that logic obi wan did in fact have the high ground

  • Alex Dubuc
    Alex Dubuc 17 hours ago

    Darth maul is coming back

  • The gaming Piplup
    The gaming Piplup Day ago +1

    During filming, Ian McDiarmid was constantly screwing up the fight scene with Windu. The camera was stopped constantly!

  • The gaming Piplup
    The gaming Piplup Day ago +1

    The love scenes between Anakin and Padme were thankfully "watchable"

  • Richard Aiden
    Richard Aiden 4 days ago

    Lucas' dialogue breaksmyheartnooooo but, the whole Jedi being arrogant in these films was brilliant!

  • e h
    e h 5 days ago

    You make this review sounds as this was a great movie. I think I’ll rewatch it just to make sure!! And it’s all your fault!! 😓

  • DanPatty Boucher
    DanPatty Boucher 7 days ago

    I like to think Palpatine was not just scarred by his own lightning. That was his real face, an alien's face, because it was deformed so symmetrically. I think he was a member of an alien race who used force/technology to appear human, and it was undone by his own force lightning.

  • Disfixional
    Disfixional 8 days ago

    While training as a padawan, Anakin was obsessed with Obi Wan's fight with Maul, and thought he could beat him at his own game. Obi Wan telling Anakin "don't try it" meant he knew what he was planning to do...and the rest is history:P

  • Samstar Roberts
    Samstar Roberts 8 days ago

    I’ve always thought Padmé looked different in that “you are so beautiful” scene, too!!!! From the moment I saw it in theaters. Something always looked off.

  • Slush G
    Slush G 9 days ago

    I’ve been thinking about Anakin’s turn scene and in that moment Anakin just gave up he knew there was no turning back that is why his turn was so abrupt. Atleast in my eyes.

  • Princess Madeline
    Princess Madeline 10 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard at the beginning 😂

  • Brick Flicks
    Brick Flicks 11 days ago

    Should have been in the movie the beginning

  • star prime
    star prime 11 days ago

    Did you just said the last fight doesn't have any intensity , are you nuts .

  • ReviewTube
    ReviewTube 12 days ago

    This is the best star wars film in my opinion.

  • Ben Costa
    Ben Costa 12 days ago

    This guy dissed the obi wan skywalker fight..... what a moron

  • Joseph Muir
    Joseph Muir 13 days ago

    I’m sad to see how many people say that this is their favorite SW movie. Sure, it’s the best prequel, but episodes 1 and 2 were so abysmally bad that it doesn’t take much.
    This movie still has wooden acting, still had a horrible script, and then has the hilariously horrible scene where Darth Vader screams “Nooooooooo!” I’ve only ever seen this once, in the cinema when it first came out, and I legit laughed sooooo daaaaammmmn hard at that moment.
    And, that’s not good, emphatically humored though I was.
    To be fair, I did quite like the scene w Anakin and Palpatine at the space opera/ballet bubble show. That dialogue, w the inventiveness of the opera/ballet, I always liked that.
    If only the rest of these three movies were as smartly made as that scene.

    AKAGURO B1ACK 14 days ago

    Why you hating on Hayden he did a great job

  • Ross Mitchell
    Ross Mitchell 14 days ago

    Why do these people hate these so much I loved these I even think these cum dump on lord of the rings and if you were a proper fan you d think the same the weakest one is attack of the clones but its still good peter Jackson is no George Lucas

  • Shrill
    Shrill 15 days ago

    You did not see the Falcon in theaters. Sorry, there's just no way.

  • Michael Redding
    Michael Redding 16 days ago

    The prequels are pure enjoyment to look back on. Same goes for Toby spiderman.

  • cutie evee 2
    cutie evee 2 16 days ago

    Anakin vs obi was fricking awesome

  • Mark Douglas
    Mark Douglas 16 days ago

    Your intro is better than episodes VII and VIII put together.

  • Super Specter
    Super Specter 17 days ago

    5:50...I noticed too

  • Unorthodox Individual
    Unorthodox Individual 17 days ago

    I know a lot of people really like this movie, but I’m sorry it’s not that good. It’s LEAGUES above the other 2 prequels, but it’s still a mess, the overuse of CGI is still far too prevalent, the dialogue is pretty bad mostly, the action is mostly alright but the ending is mind numbingly overblown, the editing is pretty bad, the romance between Anakin and Padme is still not good, the lizard chase scene with Obi Wan is soooo dumb, etc... But it’s definitely not absolute trash like the other prequels, it’s got infinite memes, I always liked Grievous, Ewen Mcgregor is pretty good as Obi Wan, and some individual scenes were alright. Definitely the best out of the prequels, but still probably the 4th worst Star Wars Movie.

  • Review13
    Review13 17 days ago

    A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Revenge of the Sith will always be my favorite Star Wars movies.

  • The InfinityComplex
    The InfinityComplex 19 days ago

    I feel like it would have been more than acceptable for Palpatine to have had floating lightsabers like Traya displayed having in the second KOTOR... that way we could have had that epic fight scene be a bit more Emperor-ish in how he would stand rather still while simultaneously holding complete control of the battle. If he had multiple lightsabers floating around and acting as separate duelists, we could have also had the other Jedi who were with Windu stay alive a little longer (which would have made sense). Just my opinion, though! Nice review.

  • Emperor Miguel
    Emperor Miguel 20 days ago

    Obi-wan succeeding the high ground thing could’ve been based off his near-defeat with Darth Maul. How he learned to counter it where Darth Maul failed.

  • William schoenfeld
    William schoenfeld 20 days ago

    omg I died during the intro

  • SuperSaiyanSin
    SuperSaiyanSin 20 days ago

    "At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was..."

  • kraig flahardy
    kraig flahardy 22 days ago

    I think youd be a awesome director lol hahaha! What are you doing man lol! Good stuff dude.

  • Kyle Tetzlaff
    Kyle Tetzlaff 24 days ago

    The prequels are great. Shut your mouth.

  • yasman2008
    yasman2008 24 days ago

    Chris... Just love your reviews so much :)

  • Coast X
    Coast X 24 days ago


  • Challenge Demons 78
    Challenge Demons 78 26 days ago +1

    Padme does die for some reason, it's called the she wasn't in the original trilogy disease

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 26 days ago +1

    This movie sucks ass it's pure dog shit

  • Electric Barbering
    Electric Barbering 28 days ago

    There’s also the issue with the fact that Leia tells Luke in return of the Jedi that she remembers her mother and her sadness... kinda hard to make those memories when the mom dies giving birth... but anyways this was great review i really enjoyed it👍

  • Cosplayer Queen98
    Cosplayer Queen98 Month ago

    I love the theory that palpatine drained padme's life force to give Anakin life. I would for real love if that was true.

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker Month ago

    The beginning had me dead

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    I've always liked the "Nooooo" scene in Episode 3.

  • Dr. Mindfulness of Water

    Star Wars III is the alpha episode.
    Best lightsaber battles, and action of all star wars

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king Month ago +1

    Yeah a battle with a wookie swinging on a vine doing a tarzan yell. yeah that happened

  • Gabe Minor
    Gabe Minor Month ago

    The reason why the emperor looked bad with the lightsaber was because the emperor is not skilled with a lightsaber.

  • Jerry Malery
    Jerry Malery Month ago

    Revenge of the memes

  • william dechant
    william dechant Month ago +1

    Anakin was too young to Smoke!

  • Patsy Patarchy
    Patsy Patarchy Month ago

    His quoting the movie is so damn cringy

  • ashdoginc
    ashdoginc Month ago

    The main problems for me is 1. when Vader revels he is Luke's father in Empire - well we already know that now. 2. when it is reveled that leia is Luke's twin sister - we already know that too.

  • James Goss
    James Goss Month ago

    You wanted Yoda's theme in the prequels? You missed it when Anakin was slicing up grasshoppers on the conveyor belt in AOTC....ugh. Because Lucas doesn't understand music editing and leitmotif.

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV Month ago

    10:25 lol, so true. So fucking true.

  • Jeremiah Walker
    Jeremiah Walker Month ago

    I think why Palpatine wasn’t surprised at his face being all deformed was because that’s his natural look at a sith, and he’s only been masking it to fit in with the council or whatever. So like he usually looks like that only hides it

  • Redportal
    Redportal Month ago

    when palpatines face changes thats his normal face. lukes body or face didnt change in rotj

  • Fiona Kizewski
    Fiona Kizewski Month ago

    i watched the orig. fight scene a couple times before watching the bets prequel meme ever.
    don't know which one was worse.
    yoda swiped left on his guard choosing site.

  • Roger Doger
    Roger Doger Month ago

    "Oh I don't think so. HUEH"

  • Jeebus Christos
    Jeebus Christos Month ago

    That scene between the Emperor and Anakin... kinda made it sound as if Darth Plagueis decided to get his revenge on Palpatine by creating Anakin out of the Midichlorians in order to "Bring balance to the Force"...

  • Purple dragon 19
    Purple dragon 19 Month ago

    Some people,speculate that anakin wasn’t screaming no, he was actually screaming, but the electronic voice in the helmet couldn’t comprehend the sound, so it chose the closest thing. Which was Nooooo!

  • beril şevval bekret

    I think the reason the rule for jedi can not love is that Lucas can not do the emotions. At all.

  • Star Warrior Productions

    Insert generic "better than The Last Jedi" comment here

  • Camdon Rey
    Camdon Rey Month ago

    I want to be stuckmanized

  • Carl Farmer
    Carl Farmer Month ago +2

    I've always thought the same thing about that Natalie Portman scene 😂

  • Noah Giovingo
    Noah Giovingo Month ago

    I though the ending was great and sad. Still respect!

  • Noah Giovingo
    Noah Giovingo Month ago

    I think you are wrong about some of your opinions of this film. But I respect you.

  • me
    me Month ago

    As much as I don't like remakes, there is a great story within this trilogy, and it would be great to see two well made films tell the story the way it should have been.

  • Hatmann Medic main
    Hatmann Medic main Month ago

    That intro was G O L D E N

  • Graphiar
    Graphiar Month ago

    Revenge of the Sith was so damn good. We NEEEEEEEEED an Obi Wan movie with Ewan Mcgregor.

  • Metabreaker
    Metabreaker Month ago

    That is palpatines real face. He had something called ”Force mask” or something.

  • NaTron
    NaTron Month ago

    Your truly butchering the lines your imitating he actually put emotion yours are quite lifeless

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M Month ago

    Too bad the 2003 Clone Wars cartoon is no longer canon

  • Bradley
    Bradley Month ago +1

    Ever since the sequel trilogy movies started coming out, everybody is suddenly acting as if they never hated the prequels. Quit kidding yourselves

  • Asghar Abbas
    Asghar Abbas Month ago

    You are right, in the balcony scene Natalie Portman didn't look like Natalie Portman. That struck me too even back in 2005

  • Jordan Dwiggins
    Jordan Dwiggins Month ago

    Anakin for Smash Ultimate confirmed???????

  • Zerofightervi
    Zerofightervi Month ago +1

    No mention of the giant iguana that Obi wan rides?
    It makes THE most retarded noise in the entire Star Wars universe.
    I actually cheered when it fell.

    • Zerofightervi
      Zerofightervi 19 days ago

      +Mree Fason It's the way of modern film making, go with what works & just add more & more of it.
      A bit off topic but I loved the 2014 Godzilla, they didn't overexpose the creature so when you did finally see him it was all the more special.
      Just giving the audience more of what they want usually doesn't work.

    • Mree Fason
      Mree Fason 20 days ago

      Zerofightervi Lucas is a great visionary and businessman but my god is he terrible at filmmaking! He managed to make lightsabers sound annoying just by having them in every other fucking scene...

    • Zerofightervi
      Zerofightervi 20 days ago

      +Mree Fason It was ridiculously overdone, too many of the noises in the prequels were in my opinion.

    • Mree Fason
      Mree Fason 20 days ago +1

      It’s also just so fucking loud and obnoxious.

  • Alfredo Alcántara
    Alfredo Alcántara Month ago

    12:33 hahahahahaahh

  • Raging Raving
    Raging Raving Month ago

    I always looked at it as that being his actual face, with the Palpatine face being a disguise that he lost due to the electricity I guess?

  • in ggjvcf hghb
    in ggjvcf hghb Month ago

    Episode 3 is the best of the 6

  • Jordan TRusso
    Jordan TRusso Month ago


  • Arc 77
    Arc 77 Month ago

    Jedi are supposed to talk funny. It’s like a ninja warrior. He’s not going to be saying ain’t, or something. He’ll be talking proper and it not sound normal

  • Bioniking
    Bioniking Month ago

    Takeaway: the dialogue is better. Slightly.

  • Tim Fahl
    Tim Fahl Month ago +1

    I really like this movie, I just watched it today and it was really good it still holds up, but it's probably because i grow up with it :-)

  • Daniel Grimes
    Daniel Grimes Month ago

    That's a well crafted intro...

  • Thomas Babilon
    Thomas Babilon 2 months ago +1

    The strongest of prequels no doubt. My grade...B+

  • Jon Dufresne
    Jon Dufresne 2 months ago

    I saw this film at a drive in theater, and i was one that participated in lightsaber duels.

  • loco official
    loco official 2 months ago

    The anakin and obi wan fight is the best fight in cinema

  • Flicks ‘n bricks studios

    Mountain DO IT 4:16

  • Challenge Demons 78
    Challenge Demons 78 2 months ago

    O my god. Palpatine killed Anakin's father. You bastard

  • jamesgmcbain
    jamesgmcbain 2 months ago

    17:20 Anakin was already darth vader. he becomes darth vader later on when palpatine announces that he is darth vader

  • Anthony Moraites
    Anthony Moraites 2 months ago

    As someone who trains in martial arts, specifically kickboxing, i can tell you that coaches ive had have always told their students that their striking should resemble that of dancing, not fighting. Meaning you should have rythym, footwork, grace, speed. It shouldnt be clunky and televised. Also as you train more, you can literally anticipate strikes that are coming at you from recognizing patterns. So for lightsaber duelists like obi wan and anakin, it would make sense that with how much experience they have, they should be able to anticipate strikes and combinations, as they are in the duel. Just my two cents.

  • iunary
    iunary 2 months ago

    XD i already go "holy shit my face is fucked" every morning when i look into the mirrior... so why would i care that my face got melted...also i would have paid a million bucks to actually see how Vader kills those children xD holy shit that would have been surreal

    • iunary
      iunary 2 months ago

      Maybe disney can make a movie just about anakin being evil..... maybe give him a bit of time before he gets turned into a black guy made from plastic... just have him walk around with red eyes in a robe doing evil stuff.... that would be fun^^ in a twisted way... why cant we get that? "Vader, a Star Wars Holocaust" how about it^^?

  • South Georgia's Drummer and Grill Master

    15:01 "You will not take her from me" !! lmfao

  • Seth Stover
    Seth Stover 2 months ago

    I've wanted a Black Series Anakin so bad and you just threw this one away ... I'm sad now 😂😂

    • Deano
      Deano Month ago

      Well they're rereleasing the Black Series Anakin so that's good for you

  • nick strahan
    nick strahan 2 months ago +1

    jesus christ that clip at the beginning had me rolling. Great video!

  • That_ginger_kidd 01
    That_ginger_kidd 01 2 months ago

    Hello there

  • Roots Ruutu
    Roots Ruutu 2 months ago

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end it’s still a pig. Garbage movie.

  • Steveo Rondinelli
    Steveo Rondinelli 2 months ago

    I really like episode III I just hate how easily General Grevious was killed off.This story was tragic & great & I'm happy l saw it more than once in the theater.
    Great review as always

  • You Should Subscribe To This

    They should remake ROTS

  • You Should Subscribe To This

    Story 10*
    Acting 8*
    Directing 4*

  • Wrench Is meh
    Wrench Is meh 2 months ago

    All tho Aniken sounds weird when he fights obi one it shoe how he became a so sociopath

  • potitishogun2961997
    potitishogun2961997 2 months ago

    The Jedi's lack of emotion is explained by the fact the Jedi Order actually FORCES the Jedi to subdue their emotions.

  • Avery Hilbig
    Avery Hilbig 2 months ago

    I would give Revenge of the Sith an A+.

  • JCX Productions
    JCX Productions 2 months ago

    12:49 Not to sound like a know-it-all but Yoda's theme was already in Attack of the Clones. It was during the fight with Count Dooku when he uses the force to stop the pillar from falling on Obi-Wan and Anakin.

  • John Nada
    John Nada 2 months ago

    5:35 yeah she did look different. More DELICIOUS!