How to Replace Struts in your Car or Truck

  • Published on May 13, 2016
  • Front Strut Replacement. Learn how to replace front or rear struts in your car. In this case I am working on a Mazda 3 but replacing struts is the same or very similar for most vehicles so after watching this video you will be able to replace the struts in your vehicle.
    Monroe Quick-Struts I use:
    Penetrating Fluid I used:
    Breaker Bar:
    Thread Locker:
    Torque Wrench:
    How to Replace Front Shocks:
    How to Replace Rear Shocks:
    What Abuse Does Your Suspension Take Every Day?:
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  • jett teej
    jett teej 4 days ago +2

    Hey Chris, thanks for this video. I enjoy watching your contents. May I ask how do you know what Torque Settings for every bolts that you are tightening?

  • antman
    antman 5 days ago

    Penetrating fluid Nyahahaha... (Peter Griffin's voice)

  • Sadia Zaker
    Sadia Zaker 9 days ago +1

    Can I only change the mount and the shocks rather than the spring? Struts in the front are pretty expensive- how do I know if the mounts are bad, not the spring or the entire strut? Please advice! Thanks

  • Sadia Zaker
    Sadia Zaker 9 days ago

    Could you please show us how to determine the struts or rare shocks are bad?

  • Myles crumel
    Myles crumel 9 days ago

    8:49 thats what she said

  • Extra Steez
    Extra Steez 10 days ago

    Would this be any harder on a 2006 Hummer h3?

  • tariq altabrawi
    tariq altabrawi 10 days ago

    Good job bro

  • XanderTheGreat !
    XanderTheGreat ! 12 days ago

    Makes me wonder if I have even a strut issue now, i have a 1997 ford Taurus and whenever I go over bumps or off any drive ways I hear clunking in the back of my car. Thought it was my exhaust holders but I fixed those and I still hear it. Few days ago I was driving home at night with a friend who told me to drive in the middle of a small track and I hit a pothole and instead of my steering wheel sitting at a 12 it was at a 1. Next day was even worse, turned at the light and felt my car sliding in the back.

    • Michael Gates
      Michael Gates 11 days ago

      My car also has a clunking sound in the back. I drive a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. I noticed the strut looked pretty rusted when I bought it and so when I asked the dealer, he did say that it did need a strut so i'm now pretty sure it's that.

  • j s
    j s 12 days ago

    That's a nice quality ratchet you got there.

  • vin cega
    vin cega 12 days ago

    hi chris! my respect here! from Manila😁 so much helpful. iw ish you can visit manila soon and check my old car😂😂😎

  • Rick J
    Rick J 12 days ago

    I would put in a quick strut assembly only if I'm replacing all four corners so all springs are new. I replaced my struts and used the original springs otherwise the new springs raise the front of the car up to an inch. Chris is very detailed and very good at what he does. I love his work. Are you ASE certified? You have to be with your level of knowledge.

  • joshua miller
    joshua miller 13 days ago

    Who doesn't put on new sway bar links with new struts?

  • Michaelosophy BRO!
    Michaelosophy BRO! 15 days ago

    How do i know to torque at the correct foot pounds?

  • M. Jancar
    M. Jancar 17 days ago

    You should probably clarify for your viewers that the spring is responsible for your ride height instead of telling them their ride might sit lower if your shocks are leaking or damaged.

  • Range Master
    Range Master 17 days ago


  • M.E.
    M.E. 20 days ago

    Hi Chris, I love your videos, they have been entertaining, educational and very helpfull!
    I have a question though. My front left suspension does not bounce, it is very hard. The car only has 20k km’s / 12,5k miles on the clock. Can you maybe help me out :(.
    Keep up the good work!

    • ScubaCat3
      ScubaCat3 4 days ago

      Blown strut. Take it back to the dealer and get it replaced under warranty.

  • TheOverthetop15
    TheOverthetop15 21 day ago +5

    Your videos are top notch my friend. You make everything you do look so simple and you explain it all so well. Kudos and keep up the great work.

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez 21 day ago

    You're the man Chris!!

  • Mike Cain
    Mike Cain 21 day ago

    Can I use these same torque specs for my 09 impala

    • Mike Cain
      Mike Cain 20 days ago

      Medo_m_15 all it says for torque specs is 100 foot pounds for the wheels that’s it I’ve looked all over the manual

    • Mike Cain
      Mike Cain 21 day ago

      Medo_m_15 I cannot find anywhere in the manual the torque specs

    • Medo_m_15
      Medo_m_15 21 day ago

      Check the owner's manual

  • drbanes
    drbanes 23 days ago

    I am nearing the end of my lease on my Audi, and I'm heading in a very different career path starting with a one year internship. I can't afford a new car now and we've had an old 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser that has just been sitting in our driveway, left neglected. ChrisFix's videos have saved me literally thousands of dollars from needing to buy a new car because I've been able to fix up nearly everything that needed to be done on my LC! Thanks so much Chris!

  • Ron Tompkins
    Ron Tompkins 25 days ago

    Sorry chris i can't watch video for the fucking adds why so many ads

  • Zaneta Clarke
    Zaneta Clarke 25 days ago

    Hey man! Awesome video this is going to save me so much money!!! How long does it usually take to replace the rear struts vs the front struts?

  • Birdman PB
    Birdman PB 25 days ago

    I knew it was time when I hit a bump and heard a clunk and then got home and saw the rusty spring was completely broken. Foolproof

  • Miron swyst
    Miron swyst 26 days ago

    I had Monroe put in at mavis 9 k miles they are shot ...I drive in smooth hiways

    • ScubaCat3
      ScubaCat3 4 days ago

      Those aftermarket shocks and struts are junk. I went thru 2 sets and finally just coughed up the money for OEM. 3 years later still a great ride.

  • itsahellofaname
    itsahellofaname 27 days ago

    I got an estimate that said $400 minimum to do one strut on a Dodge Neon (with me providing the strut). Another estimate was $500-something for the same job. Now, thanks to Chris, I'll do it myself.

  • Xyz ABC
    Xyz ABC 27 days ago +1

    Chris, as always, a great, confidence-inspiring video! One suggestion, it would be helpful if you would mention approximately how long the task takes (or a range of time: for example. Average time to complete both strut replacements is 2-4 hours) just would be helpful to know for us “Shade-tree mechanics”
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Tony Alvarez-Rivera
    Tony Alvarez-Rivera 28 days ago

    Is the the shock or strut when your front tires squeal?

  • leonardc22
    leonardc22 28 days ago

    Them 3 new bolts for the top of the strut look like they came from the hardware store lol

  • Bartimus Trashwalker
    Bartimus Trashwalker 29 days ago +1

    These videos give me so much confidence in myself to do my own repairs.

  • Siegfried3203
    Siegfried3203 Month ago

    I can’t believe I paid so much to have only 1 replaced

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 28 days ago

      They are supposed to be replaced in pairs. Was it almost new?

  • Dean Jax
    Dean Jax Month ago +1

    i like the bouncing so when i have sex in my car it bounces more...

  • txmarleygirl
    txmarleygirl Month ago

    Hey Chris, would this be the same for replacing the strut assembly on a 2006 Volvo S40? I love your videos and watch them for all my car care needs. Saves me tons of money, plus the look on my bf’s face is priceless. He and his Oilfield buddies are amazed and I look like I know what I’m doing lol! Keep up the great work!

  • taha taha
    taha taha Month ago


  • Havoc
    Havoc Month ago

    Won’t taking those bolts out that r on the top really dangerous

  • Solplayer98
    Solplayer98 Month ago +1

    Hey Chris, I have this EXACT Car. My first car actually. It's got a few issues of it's own, which I want to fix myself and your videos really help with that. Currently It makes a Creaking Noise that sounds like it's coming from the front right tire area when Turning the steering wheel either direction. It also may be making a quick squeak noise when hitting small bumps in the road. Could it be the Struts? or Could it be something else? maybe both. (car had 250k Miles on it when purchased). Thanks for your well detailed and simply explained videos. Keep up the great work!

  • Juan Rios
    Juan Rios Month ago


  • NecroNomicoN671
    NecroNomicoN671 Month ago

    Not sure if this applies to me, but my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe is making some rattling noise whenever I am on a bumpy road. It isn't bouncy but the noise is really noticable.

  • J.P.M. 52
    J.P.M. 52 Month ago

    Where do you find the proper torque settings for the various bolts? Did they come in the instructions with the new struts?

  • Jo Humbles
    Jo Humbles Month ago

    Your videos have saved me thousands of dollars!!!! God bless you!

  • hungrychowhound11612
    hungrychowhound11612 Month ago +1

    Thanks Chris.

  • Salvador Gutierrezr
    Salvador Gutierrezr Month ago +3

    thank you Christ fix 👍👍👍👍👍

  • kayden dipz
    kayden dipz Month ago +1

    What about clanging noises

    • kayden dipz
      kayden dipz Month ago

      Like its just whrn you hit bumps i havent looked to see if its leaking

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      Could be a lot of things but struts can make a clanging noise.

  • Joanne Lacy
    Joanne Lacy Month ago +1

    It was easy to follow the video really appreciate that it’s easy for everybody to understand he made it plain and simple appreciate that makes it easier for people to understand how to do it he showed us the parts and the tools we should name thank you very much

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      I’m glad the video was helpful

  • azntactical
    azntactical Month ago

    Easy for you. Currently trying to do this on my 2014 escape. No room to play for easy installation.

  • Zach Hart
    Zach Hart Month ago

    186k and on the same struts...bad? Lol

  • Monster Vodka
    Monster Vodka Month ago

    I'm not a car guy but I think I could actually do this. They want like 1k at the shop to do it.

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak Month ago

    and also: how to choose decent struts ? I've heard not to buy the cheapest one, but some are fuckin expensive and i'm not sure it's worth it for an old car...

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader Month ago +1

    Those Monro Quick struts are not good quality, I seen them go out with in a year of being mounted.

    • Monster Vodka
      Monster Vodka Month ago

      It does the job at the very least for a DIY video.

  • Effen Fish
    Effen Fish Month ago +1

    the tip to use the vice grips on the stabilizer link just saved my a$$. was able to get things put back together until i can get a new link.

  • burningfeet 57
    burningfeet 57 Month ago

    This job was easy on that car, BUT not so easy on some cars like a Prius where there's A LOT more parts that need to come off to get to top of strut tower bolts!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      It’s not hard on a Prius. You just need to take 3 or 4 interior bolts off. I show this in my “I bought the most hated car on the internet” video

  • Jonathan Wyble
    Jonathan Wyble Month ago

    You might want to mention that the bolts holding the strut to the knuckle are the camber adjustment on many cars, and that after doing this to front struts, you'll need to get an alignment immediately.

  • traps716
    traps716 Month ago

    One of the best damn mechanics is def Chrisfix!!!

  • Cooldude 22
    Cooldude 22 Month ago

    Did it need an alignment?

  • Steven Pienkoski
    Steven Pienkoski Month ago +2

    Do you ever mention to store your torque wrench at the lowest setting to keep it in calibration?

  • tristan severtson
    tristan severtson Month ago

    wht if your struts dont go up into the engine bay? how do you loosen them?

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 28 days ago

      Some cars have it under the panel where the windscreen wipers are connected. You'll need to remove the wiper and the panel to access the strut screw.

  • Rebecca Wilkinson
    Rebecca Wilkinson 2 months ago

    Hey, I watched your videos they always help me with my car
    But I'm having trouble with something 😭 I need more videos to find my issue..

  • - MrRIchBiker
    - MrRIchBiker 2 months ago

    Those are naturally bent like that Chris those struts so they slide into the knuckle a little bit easier

  • Sin'sir
    Sin'sir 2 months ago +1

    Your awesome . Do u wrk on old schools too

  • Ryan Quinlan
    Ryan Quinlan 2 months ago

    I said fucken nice one brother

  • Paul Cheang
    Paul Cheang 2 months ago

    I think it might be a good idea, like you said,...might as well replace the link sway bar. Yes, it cost $30 but better than replacing later and have to do that all over again.

  • alexander fraser
    alexander fraser 2 months ago

    Awesome video! Helped wonders

  • Stunt909
    Stunt909 2 months ago

    Hi Chris if you have time can you check a video out I have posted trying to figure out why my car is making that sound I would greatly appreciate it

  • Ivan Ds
    Ivan Ds 2 months ago

    That is a rusty car!!

  • Darren Porsch
    Darren Porsch 2 months ago

    You're really good but this is the easy way you got a quick strut with the spring already on it. you really should people how to do it with spring compressors if they just want to actually change the struck and not the Springs too. It's a lot more involved and harder without the quick strut. I've done it twice once with crappy spring compressors that go on the spring and once with the shop mounted wall compressor that will hold the whole strut with the spring on it. Because if you want to change the Springs ie to put lowering springs on the car you can't do it this way

  • Cathy Krynak
    Cathy Krynak 2 months ago

    hi Chris , Thanks very much for the best videos, they are crystal clear and concise . and you are very easy to listen to not to mention your saving me a ton of money!!!! if your ever in my neck of the woods , I'm buyin!!! thanks again, Jim

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 2 months ago

    Replacement "quick struts" of the type shown in this video certainly make this job more DIY-friendly. In part, because they come completely pre-assembled. But most quick strut assemblies sold today are shit....Monroe, Gabriel, KYB and a shitload of brands you've never heard of. I'd say 9 out of 10 quick struts are shit. The ride might feel ok (or even great) for a few weeks or a few months...then you being to notice that the ride quality declines to the point that it feels no better than prior to the repair (and sometimes worse). The springs, isolators/insulators and especially the upper bushings may not be OEM grade, and the struts used in the assemblies tend to be so-so quality.

    If you want long (or at least much longer) lasting ride quality, it's a longer job that involves disassembling the strut assemblies, inspecting and replacing and worn isolators/insulators, bushings, boots and struts. But the end result will be far superior. The key is to invest in higher quality components. And those generally do not come pre-assembled.

    I'm guessing Chris chose quick struts because it's a more approachable project for DIYers and makes for an easy 10 minute overview.

  • Figgy
    Figgy 2 months ago

    Are struts universal? I have a Lexus GS 430 And I’m struggling to find the struts that fit my car ANY help would great please and thank you !

  • riccoh hudson
    riccoh hudson 2 months ago

    damn i have a mazda 3 guess i really have no excuse to not change it out

  • S. T.
    S. T. 2 months ago

    Great video !!!!! Your the best

  • Imad Karaki
    Imad Karaki 2 months ago

    Can i change the spring only? Because there is no struts available for my car..

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 28 days ago

      If the strut is not broken, then yes. Check for holes, dents, strange bends and any liquid leaks (unless gas strut).

    EPIC PUPPY TECH 2 months ago

    4:37 , "🎵hit or miss I guess they never miss , huh?🎵"

  • João Pereira
    João Pereira 2 months ago +1


  • Michael McKinney
    Michael McKinney 2 months ago

    I agree this is the best DIY video I have seen. Every step is shown very clearly and explained very well. Thanks

  • VenomStryker
    VenomStryker 2 months ago

    Been wanting to do some stuff to my 93 Toyota Camry 2.2L. Learning so much from watching your videos!

  • Alexander Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez 2 months ago

    Dang makes me want to do it myself...

  • Paul Wachman
    Paul Wachman 2 months ago

    you clickable video links at the end don't seem to work or maybe its just me

    DSM CHICKS 2 months ago

    Trying to replace mine on my 99 eclipse spyder, not happening. We are having to cut sway link, the lower control arm fall in front the lower strut bolt, amd its all so old n rust some boltz just spin and one is rounded off. OMG i wish mine was this easy.

    MIR EFFAF HASSAN 2 months ago

    Can the shock insulators cause a rattling noise when going over rough road if they are worn down.

  • Katrina Williams
    Katrina Williams 2 months ago

    Thank you Chris Fix👏

  • Nomi Moffitt
    Nomi Moffitt 2 months ago

    Hey Chris could you help me figure out what tools I’ll need to change the front strut assembly on my 2011 Kia Soul 2.0 liter? Thanks

  • Lucy McSwag
    Lucy McSwag 2 months ago

    A very informative video, going to try it myself when I get my new struts in :)

  • GreenMachine
    GreenMachine 2 months ago

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    Gg Mm 2 months ago

    Chrise you're brilliant

  • CS Runner
    CS Runner 3 months ago +6

    Watching in 2019 as I prep to change out my subaru's struts

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    Michael Orosco 3 months ago

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    Bendrlmrntgt cool vids 3 months ago

    Very helpful keep it up

  • Reboot153
    Reboot153 3 months ago

    I always come to your channel to check on a repair before I try it on my own. I know that my car needs new struts but I never thought I would luck out by watching you do it on almost the exact same make and model of my car (2008 Mazda 3). I cant tell you how relieved I am to have seen this video and I'm actually looking forward to replacing the struts on my car! Thank you Chris Fix!

  • Noe Sosa Alvizar
    Noe Sosa Alvizar 3 months ago

    Best channel ever!

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    DosedupKingEuro 3 months ago

    I need some help with a ford excursion xlt

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    Ricky Type R 3 months ago

    Thanks for this video! I am about to swap suspension on my moms Mazda 3!

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    luilocolombia 3 months ago

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  • Cordell Ervin
    Cordell Ervin 3 months ago

    Nice video. Did you have to set the car to riders height before torquing down all the bolts? Do it not matter in some cases.

  • GalaxyStranger01
    GalaxyStranger01 3 months ago

    Is there an advantage to spray vs bottle Penetrating Fluid? Or are they exactly the same product?

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    Rob Estey 3 months ago

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    Jonathan potter 3 months ago

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    GortDiminished 3 months ago

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    Do you have a Patreon? Because I owe you

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  • punchy001
    punchy001 3 months ago

    Chrisfix, I have read that you have to look out for aftermarket parts where they make the coils a smaller gauge than the factory spec. Have you found this to be the case?

  • shiggy boo
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    Thanks to 18 yr old daughter changed hers..i supervised and did the bolts..

  • Sabine Shatraw
    Sabine Shatraw 3 months ago

    Amazing thanks for this video and detailed clear explanations. I appreciate how you always take time to name each part being worked with no matter how many times the parts get mentioned in various videos. It makes it easier to learn!