How to Replace Struts in your Car or Truck

  • Published on May 13, 2016
  • Front Strut Replacement. Learn how to replace front or rear struts in your car. In this case I am working on a Mazda 3 but replacing struts is the same or very similar for most vehicles so after watching this video you will be able to replace the struts in your vehicle.
    Monroe Quick-Struts I use:
    Penetrating Fluid I used:
    Breaker Bar:
    Thread Locker:
    Torque Wrench:
    How to Replace Front Shocks:
    How to Replace Rear Shocks:
    What Abuse Does Your Suspension Take Every Day?:
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    Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix. This video was supported by Monroe Shocks & Struts and features the Monroe Quick-Strut® complete replacement strut assembly. This is a perfect fit because I use Monroe shocks and struts in all my vehicles (as you have seen in the past). This video was also supported by 3-in-One as they sent me the penetrating fluid to use in the video.
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  • Mitch Pol
    Mitch Pol 2 days ago +1

    thank you for doing these vids!
    youre helping alot of people out there including myself. spent 500 on wheel hub and ball joint replacement. i could very well save some money from doing it myself. im learning through you how to fix my car with confidence.
    keep making these videos! i love them.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 days ago +1

      Awesome! I'm glad my videos are helpful!

  • Norm Cook
    Norm Cook 3 days ago

    I've already done this job on a Mazda 3, but it's still entertaining to watch these repair videos. Well done.

    GHOST 4 days ago

    8:48 "lightly tap that in"

    *grabs a fucking mallet*

  • Bakir Bakir
    Bakir Bakir 5 days ago

    would did work for like bilstien shocks and springs

  • Antonio Silveira
    Antonio Silveira 6 days ago

    Sure u put enough torque on those lug nuts ?

  • Tyler Tremblay
    Tyler Tremblay 7 days ago

    can you use wd-40 instead of penetrating fluid?

  • Dhiraj Patel
    Dhiraj Patel 7 days ago +1

    If struts springs are slightly rotating by hands means struts are worn out? or if we brake then it making sound is this sign of bad struts?

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  7 days ago +1

      If they are covered in grime and feel floaty when you drive then they could be worn out, and when braking if it is making noise it could just be the brakes and not the struts

  • Rene Quintero
    Rene Quintero 8 days ago

    What kind of engine you think will fit in a Mazda ?

  • Luke Holmes
    Luke Holmes 9 days ago

    I did this job today on my 2006 Suzuki swift and the steps in this are very similar to what I had to do! Good video to watch! It gave me the confidence to work on my car and I saved around 250 off of garage labour!

  • riccoh hudson
    riccoh hudson 9 days ago

    Chris you are the man!! man!! I just put it on my car, tested it out. No mo bouncing!!!!! Thanks man you need a go fund me or something you saved me tooooo much money!!!! Thanks man

  • Diogo Cabrita
    Diogo Cabrita 9 days ago

    can be replace just strut shock, using special tool to compression the coil… cam be more cheaper...

  • Bence Bozsik
    Bence Bozsik 11 days ago +1

    Drink every time he sais strut.

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 11 days ago

    You know it's really easy to work on all these cleaner cars Chrisfix. This rust is nothing to what I'm used to. I'm in New England, what if your car is a rusted, like a 2001 Subaru Forester and the top mount is all rusted. Rear struts, will the spring fly out the second I try and pull the strut out because of the rusted strut mount on top?
    The body isn't rusted just the mount on top of the strut. I don't dare to take it off because I'm just a shade tree mechanic.

  • Angry Girl
    Angry Girl 11 days ago +1

    Chris I need mine replaced, a single woman here can you do side jobs? I near City of Industry

  • big bob
    big bob 11 days ago

    I need help please Deciding

  • big bob
    big bob 11 days ago

    Monroe or kyb?

    • Jonathan A.
      Jonathan A. 11 days ago

      @big bob did you not see the box in the video? It's clearly Monroe. I know, cause I just did struts on my Fusion, with Monroe's and they came in the same "Quick Strut" box, as his in the video. That's the box Monroe uses.

    • big bob
      big bob 11 days ago

      @Jonathan A. I don't think that's monroe it's a off brand ..

    • Jonathan A.
      Jonathan A. 11 days ago

      Those were Monroe's he used.

  • Supermazorquero C
    Supermazorquero C 13 days ago

    Excelente 👍👍🥬

  • LandoPlays DRUMS
    LandoPlays DRUMS 15 days ago

    Great vid

  • LTUKebabas
    LTUKebabas 15 days ago

    the useful video

  • the machinist
    the machinist 17 days ago

    The struts on the wifes CRV were still good when I sold it at 240,000 miles.

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson 19 days ago

    Hey I need help on identifying if my 2001 alero needs new struts. There is a boing sound and sounds like something is breaking or snapping back into place when I turn the steering wheel. HELP PLS

  • ClassicGames
    ClassicGames 20 days ago

    I for the life of me cannot get the lower bolts off lol, the car is only 3 years old so definitely not rusted as its still shiny. Even broke out an extension bar and not even a little bit of movement

  • jair herrera
    jair herrera 21 day ago

    say you sit down into the car and it makes noise is the strut the problem ?

  • vempriex
    vempriex 23 days ago +1

    I will be embarking on this struts journey soon just need to purchase a couple more things. Great vid!

  • john oliver
    john oliver 24 days ago +1

    great man watching from kenya and i love it

  • Mr Fantastic
    Mr Fantastic 26 days ago

    Hey Chris I love your videos and have been watching them for years. I have a question, what will have pen when I replace the front springs in the front of my hilux, will it slightly lift the front of the vehicle?

  • jaime del salto
    jaime del salto 26 days ago

    Always found something new in your channel and I love it thks man great videos.. I hope every mechanic be like you ...

  • DaFranchiseKing
    DaFranchiseKing 29 days ago +1

    What is that torque tool he used to loosen that sway bar link nut at 3:09???

  • Sean Baker
    Sean Baker 29 days ago +1

    Why does this look so easy??? I feel like I can now fix anything on my car.

  • Alea Cook
    Alea Cook Month ago

    Some vehicles (2004 Optra for example) will need a pass-through socket to keep the strut from turning.

  • Brian Pham
    Brian Pham Month ago

    Hi Chris fix i am new on your chanel. what break bar do u use. Thanks

  • Marcelo Ramirez
    Marcelo Ramirez Month ago

    very nice Sir, thank you

  • Chanchai 'csirre' Arreewittayalerd

    The most useful channel on TVclip!

  • Footage
    Footage Month ago

    How does he know what foot pounds to use?

  • Footage
    Footage Month ago

    Should you replace all 4 or just in pairs? Also what brand do you get I heard a lot of quick struts are terrible

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross Month ago

    I had no idea this job was this easy, I'm actually excited to do this now.

  • Rogelio Sanchez
    Rogelio Sanchez Month ago

    What size torx bit are you using and are the different for different models of cars?

  • temuulen Batuumur
    temuulen Batuumur Month ago

    No medium strengh thread locker? 🤔

  • Jaylin Brown
    Jaylin Brown Month ago

    Is each car torch different ?

  • BudgetSurvival
    BudgetSurvival Month ago

    I did the Monroe quick struts on my Xterra and she rides like a dream. Thanks for the vid.

  • Muhammad VanTholl
    Muhammad VanTholl Month ago

    i replaced mine, all of them, but now my vehicle is uneven/unbalanced when it on the ground

  • Román Jaspe
    Román Jaspe Month ago

    thanks so much!. Regards

  • AussieBorn JapDriven

    I don't have a breaker bar 😢

  • Dwayne Armour
    Dwayne Armour Month ago

    Hi, I'm from the Caribbean, I can't remember you showing a video of when the car battery is giving problem for the car to start or it could be the alternator needs cleaning to charge the car battery, I usually watch your videos.

  • Darklight
    Darklight Month ago

    a simple tip is to remove axle nut you can prevent damaging the axle by removing the nut, btw great job Chris.

    RKGSD Month ago

    Beware of all in one strut assemblies. They often use cheaper components to keep the price down.

  • Richys Camera Captures

    I call myself a mechanic after I watch your videos.

  • Dewang mehta
    Dewang mehta Month ago

    awesome and best video thanx

  • ghost555
    ghost555 Month ago

    This is the cleanest video on the net... 5 STARS

  • Russ S
    Russ S Month ago

    I have a 2014 Ford F-150, and it has upper control ARMS and the strut spring combo, how is that repaired or replaced, ?
    It would be great if you could work on light duty truck components , front end , and certainly code diagnosis, otherwise great information you put on. U TUBE.
    THANKS, I REALIZE there basically the same, but my full size pickup has strut spring combo with upper control ARMS???????

  • nick fantoni
    nick fantoni Month ago

    Excellent video boss!!

  • Jay MGTOW
    Jay MGTOW Month ago

    You going to save me so much money thank you

  • Joe Walsh
    Joe Walsh Month ago

    What size torx bit is that? I only have torx keys and I have this exact car and I'm about to do this. I'm going to buy some torx bits, probably the HF ones but I want to make sure it has the right size before I get it

  • nam tran
    nam tran Month ago +1

    look like very easy but do is not easy

  • 8 Ball
    8 Ball Month ago

    Makes me think every Range Rover I see it’s slammed to the ground for no fucking reason

  • tlb2005
    tlb2005 Month ago

    Its so weird seeing his hand move wen you kno its voice over. is he just walkin around moving his hands in silence? It's incredibly obvious.

    • tlb2005
      tlb2005 Month ago

      @Irie I clearly knew added the so obvious comment as directed at you. You are trash and your mom likes the butts.

    • Irie
      Irie Month ago +1

      @tlb2005 You didn't even know what you wrote yourself. That's why you edited and changed your comment haha 😂

    • tlb2005
      tlb2005 Month ago

      @Irie you are trash! Garbage.

    • tlb2005
      tlb2005 Month ago

      @Irie yo mama

    • Irie
      Irie Month ago +1

      What the heck did I just read.

  • Mayer I
    Mayer I Month ago

    Btw Cris you never post what type of jack and jack stands you used!

  • Josh Michael
    Josh Michael Month ago +12

    As a dude who knows nothing about cars, you've helped so much doing things on my own. Thank you so much man

  • Golden Duck
    Golden Duck Month ago +1

    My father had to take his rear seats out to replace the rear strut😭

  • Raquel Leonberger
    Raquel Leonberger Month ago

    Very informative great video. Thanks for teaching us how to fix our cars. Love it!