NBA 2K19 - Take the Crown

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • To be the best, you have to take down the king. Watch the first official footage of NBA 2K19, featuring music from hip-hop artist Jay Rock. Pre Order now:
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  • L-Mighty Effect
    L-Mighty Effect Hour ago

    Skipping this 2k19 for 2k20

  • GamePlay
    GamePlay 2 hours ago

    The Thumbnail face XD

  • Samurai Brown
    Samurai Brown 2 hours ago

    Fix on game fix on game yah fix fix fix fix

  • G Y
    G Y 3 hours ago

    I don’t even want it that bad to pre order the lebum edition to play 4 days early

  • tyrell Johnson
    tyrell Johnson 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or was the graphics just a little bit off?

  • Solomaniac
    Solomaniac 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait to play the same game we’ve always been playing but more expensive

  • Edwin Hidalgo
    Edwin Hidalgo 6 hours ago +1

    Uf this nba is The game of The year cashMONEY🤑baby🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥

  • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83
    TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 7 hours ago


  • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83
    TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 7 hours ago


  • IEV Makorov
    IEV Makorov 7 hours ago

    Bro what is clickbait picture, that shit look hella retarded.

  • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83
    TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 7 hours ago


  • The Dublinator
    The Dublinator 8 hours ago

    Dear 2k
    Leave wwe games alone

  • Sunlight
    Sunlight 8 hours ago +1

    Is this really 2K19? I thought this is 2K18... I can’t believe this!!!!!

  • 1's
    1's 9 hours ago

    Last chance to save 2k series

  • YMcNasty
    YMcNasty 10 hours ago


  • Avanti Norman
    Avanti Norman 10 hours ago

    Best trailer yet, only thing that sucks is that we already know who the champs are😤

  • Darius Hunt
    Darius Hunt 10 hours ago

    D’angelo did a snatchback so guess what is coming back to 2k

  • Noob God
    Noob God 10 hours ago

    Dude it looks so realistic who agrees

  • spiderman 7
    spiderman 7 11 hours ago

    im getting spiderman red dead 2 over 2k19

  • Z z Nell ひ
    Z z Nell ひ 12 hours ago

    Bring back mascots yall cappin

  • Kingrox1016
    Kingrox1016 12 hours ago

    Trae Young gone be interested to play wit in online quick play 🤔

  • Parker Romanek
    Parker Romanek 13 hours ago

    To any madden players out there dosent this song sound awfully familiar?

  • Z A Q U A V O 2
    Z A Q U A V O 2 13 hours ago

    Just waiting for the battle royale trailer

  • Dyshawn AndrewsVEVO
    Dyshawn AndrewsVEVO 13 hours ago

    Honestly the only things that change in 2k are the jerseys,not the graphics

  • steve stewart
    steve stewart 13 hours ago

    Nba 2k18 and 1/2

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 14 hours ago

    Why does NBA 2k always have the worst music?

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 14 hours ago

    I ain't wasting 60 dollars so it better be a BETTER GAME YO

  • Michael Uwanawich
    Michael Uwanawich 15 hours ago

    Same Shit all over again after 2k14 game became a money grab trash

  • iTooHardToGuard
    iTooHardToGuard 15 hours ago

    song is on madden too lmao

  • Gnarly Grampaw420
    Gnarly Grampaw420 15 hours ago

    Win win win win

  • Ty McCall
    Ty McCall 15 hours ago

    My boi Dennis Smith

  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis 15 hours ago

    The only good thing about this game is the song

  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis 15 hours ago

    LeBron the Legend? You mean the has been. I guess it fits for 2K19 ,you know because it's going to be the last one they make

  • T R U E K E Z Z
    T R U E K E Z Z 15 hours ago +1

    Why the worst song?

  • Clout God
    Clout God 15 hours ago

    If this is trash imma be mad

    KEVIN DURANT 15 hours ago


  • Cadethegoat Pierce
    Cadethegoat Pierce 16 hours ago

    Fortnite better

  • Ryan Burchette
    Ryan Burchette 16 hours ago

    The only good thing about this trailer is the song 😂

    • BrooklYN
      BrooklYN 15 hours ago

      Ryan Burchette the only dumbest thing about this trailer is the song

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 17 hours ago

    I only clicked this cuz the guy in the thumbnail looked like he was taking a shit

  • GDB Productions
    GDB Productions 17 hours ago +1

    Would love a streetball game, strictly street, no transition to the NBA.

  • Giorgio Majors
    Giorgio Majors 17 hours ago

    NBA LIVE HAS TAKING THE THRONE BACK!!!!!........this trailer confirms this statement...smh.....R.I.P. 2K......its been real.....real boring.

  • Conflict 愛
    Conflict 愛 17 hours ago

    wow 2k sold out to microsoft theres gonna be earlier dlc and items on xbox

  • Daniel Loomis
    Daniel Loomis 18 hours ago

    Gameplay is same as any other 2k lol

  • NGT ShowGun
    NGT ShowGun 18 hours ago

    Every year the trailers are more lit but the games more ass

  • SoFlow Main
    SoFlow Main 18 hours ago

    This is the SAME as 2k18

  • Tyreke Sharpe
    Tyreke Sharpe 18 hours ago

    This was so underwhelming

  • Crystal Jones
    Crystal Jones 19 hours ago

    Just hopping that you dont need the internet to get the best carrer mode like in 18. But more like 17 18 wad bs just my opinion

  • Russellplayz Games
    Russellplayz Games 20 hours ago

    NBA 2k18.5

  • Lqkers UHC
    Lqkers UHC 20 hours ago

    y it come out on 9/11?

  • Andrei Dones
    Andrei Dones 20 hours ago

    Nice cover art, same gameplay and most likely same money lust for micro transactions. I’ll pass and just buy another previous year’s game for a few bucks.

  • ツJxcob
    ツJxcob 21 hour ago

    when you bust a big one (thumbnail)

  • Saleem Smith
    Saleem Smith 21 hour ago

    I honestly want to play better football games these days. How about Madden hand over everything to 2k I think they would out do the graphics and moves for football games that would be awesome! man

  • The Critic
    The Critic 22 hours ago

    Jay Rock’s “WIN” 👍🔥🎶

  • Oof Miester
    Oof Miester 22 hours ago

    Giana is ma hoe

  • bobdanger99
    bobdanger99 23 hours ago

    Armpit hair still looks fucked

  • Antwan Johnson
    Antwan Johnson 23 hours ago


  • Retro_ ronn
    Retro_ ronn Day ago

    curry looks wierd

  • Roborexgaming
    Roborexgaming Day ago +1

    Live be "like get out the way" but live still ain't on the same level as 2k both games are trash so ima just replay old 2k's

  • Damarcus Mitchell

    Fuck em

  • archipelago93
    archipelago93 Day ago

    Yeah #BuckShow! :) Seriously though Ginnis is insane. So happy not only that he plays for Milwaukee but that he likes playing in Milwaukee (and will hopefully be around for a long time and bring a title there!). The local fans appreciate it more than can be put into words!

  • fuk face
    fuk face Day ago

    NBA 2K18.5

  • modasucka
    modasucka Day ago

    uh 2k back?

  • menderson andre
    menderson andre Day ago +1

    NBA 2k19 is on fire

  • Pizza Baratheon
    Pizza Baratheon Day ago

    Can I pay 75,000 VC to brick wide open layups like in 2k18?

  • DXDwineJeremy
    DXDwineJeremy Day ago

    I just hope this year they would include situation mode that would be fun

  • Nick Carr
    Nick Carr Day ago

    Wanna learn how to make a good game? Listen to the players.

  • michael carter
    michael carter Day ago

    Still not buying this shit..y'all lost me forever because of 2k18.....officially back to nba live .. you guys tried to fix something that wasn't broken, and broke it. Fuck NBA 2k

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown Day ago


  • Hi there
    Hi there Day ago


  • Frags Hoops
    Frags Hoops Day ago

    He looks constipated in the thumbnail

  • Abraham Abdulla
    Abraham Abdulla Day ago

    I kinda got disgusted when I seen lebron wearing a lakers jersey

  • Abraham Abdulla
    Abraham Abdulla Day ago

    Thumbs up if your hyped for 2k cheese

  • Anon
    Anon Day ago

    I wonder if you’re gonna need a fucking badge just to catch the ball.

  • Mike Glizzy
    Mike Glizzy Day ago +1

    Y the players do all that in the trailer but not when u playing the game😂

  • Ian Carb
    Ian Carb Day ago

    Hope it don’t sell us

  • Dennis Schröder

    i already have this game...

  • Tyomi
    Tyomi Day ago +1

    Shits gonna be ass

  • Elite891
    Elite891 Day ago

    I hope It doesn't take so long to get my overall up where basically you have to pay to keep going. I also hope they don't add some random side character like B fresh, or That dude in 17 or Vic in 16.

  • Elite891
    Elite891 Day ago

    The trailers always look so much cooler than the actual game. 👀😖

  • Mememakerofficial

    This legit the same trailer as last two years but with different music

  • Smith
    Smith Day ago

    i don't care about no cinematic man just show me the shot meters and that like dang

  • Clutch Master
    Clutch Master Day ago


  • Hector Capellan
    Hector Capellan Day ago

    From 2k15 all the way till 2k18 they where all ass making people pay 60 bucks for updated rosters and making this game pay to win on top of that tho

  • Mario Ivezaj
    Mario Ivezaj Day ago

    So fake

  • Nitelynx
    Nitelynx Day ago

    Literally nothing new just reused assets from 2k18

  • Christian
    Christian Day ago


  • Xx_saber3d_up
    Xx_saber3d_up Day ago

    Bruh every 2k is tje same shit the fuck ill just keep 18

    GOCRAZYJAMES Day ago +1


  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter Day ago

    Looks exactly the same as last years

  • TDNR G29
    TDNR G29 Day ago

    Same bs year after year

  • Shadow
    Shadow Day ago

    Thumbnail looking like it came from ps2

  • Rutvij DaBro
    Rutvij DaBro Day ago

    0:43 why Steph looking like that

  • Martin Payne
    Martin Payne Day ago

    I'm not sure why people buy this crap. Same thing every year, while being filled with anti-consumer shit. People, I'm not saying basketball games are bad at all, I'm saying these developers are bad and are milking the hell out of their fan base!!

  • YaBoiHippo69
    YaBoiHippo69 Day ago

    -I’m finna cop NBA Live this year instead of 2K, who with me-

  • Christian Agoncillo

    2k dislikes on this video lmfa

  • Super Namek
    Super Namek Day ago

    Like if they should just bring 2K16 servers back instead

  • Andre Goings
    Andre Goings Day ago

    Looks the same as other 2k games. What's so spectacular about this one?

  • King Bandzo
    King Bandzo Day ago

    Hope we can Say BBQ Chicken