TRADITIONAL Mongolian Food Guide in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

  • Published on Aug 17, 2017
  • I was in Mongolia and got to try out some delicious Mongolian cuisine. Here's what I had...
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +487

    are me and Stewie the ONLY people who hate broccoli?

  • ariunbold maral
    ariunbold maral 18 hours ago

    I am from Mongolia

  • Hulan Hulaka
    Hulan Hulaka 4 days ago

    Yun aimar tansag iddiin

  • HammerOChariot2020
    HammerOChariot2020 6 days ago

    I'm sorry, the thumbnail was a bucket full of barbecue I couldn't resist.

  • hondacivic8
    hondacivic8 6 days ago

    Poor Americans don't have good food. That's why I left the states!

  • Leo Steiner
    Leo Steiner 7 days ago

    Jesus. I would probably have a heart attack if I ate all this grease.

  • Tuul Magvan
    Tuul Magvan 7 days ago


  • Patrik Lehto
    Patrik Lehto 8 days ago

    Nooh! Katsotaan tämäkin vielä liittyen mongoliaan...

  • Camaron con cola Adweedgers

    woooooow bon apetit ....

  • Chintushig Lhagvademberel

    Mongol hun bnu

  • Ann F
    Ann F 8 days ago

    Enemy of hate it too!🤢

  • strawberryseason
    strawberryseason 9 days ago

    The soup looks yummy!

  • Claribel Nana
    Claribel Nana 10 days ago

    Enemy of humanity 😂😂😂😂

  • Каин
    Каин 10 days ago

    Отличный обзор

  • Trevis Roberts
    Trevis Roberts 11 days ago

    How do you afford this

  • well done
    well done 11 days ago

    Not many vegans in Mongolia I d say...

  • Shanti Cardoza
    Shanti Cardoza 11 days ago

    Dumpling makes me a co host. I love to travel & try different cuisines

  • nge road
    nge road 11 days ago


  • nge road
    nge road 11 days ago


  • nge road
    nge road 11 days ago


  • nge road
    nge road 11 days ago


  • nge road
    nge road 11 days ago


  • Hinata Hinata
    Hinata Hinata 12 days ago

    They are Foods inherited from the cold weather warriors

  • Bayarchimeg Bayarmagnai

    really really 100% same dear you.

  • Bayarchimeg Bayarmagnai

    it is not noodle it is only flour dear. Thank you so much for you like my Mongolian's foods so much.

  • Bayarchimeg Bayarmagnai

    second after tshuivan I like huushuur so so much.😄

  • Bayarchimeg Bayarmagnai

    I like my Mongolia's foods so much. And I like bake you ate in this video really really much the most and it is easy to do😋😃😁

  • Bayarchimeg Bayarmagnai

    dear I like tsuivan really really much the most like you. it is so so delicious and easy to do.😋😃

  • Ephemeral
    Ephemeral 12 days ago

    I’d looooove to eat some authentic Mongolian food some day. It looks amazing.

    WHOO MEE 12 days ago

    I just ate. Now I'm hungry again.

    b VINCENT 12 days ago

    Broccoli is disgusting

  • Denzel Sugayan
    Denzel Sugayan 14 days ago

    Rip cholesterol

  • T J
    T J 14 days ago

    I’m lactose intolerant so if I ate that I’d think I would die

  • Gonzalo Diaz
    Gonzalo Diaz 14 days ago

    tremenda empanada de carne... venite a la argentina nochi... vas a ver las empanadas salteñas q te vas a morfar

  • Mani Menon
    Mani Menon 14 days ago

    So fascinating!

  • Hello Bello
    Hello Bello 14 days ago

    Guy makes the dumbest faces

  • Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    "You see that enemy of humanity right there, the broccoli? Yeah, we don't want that."

  • Abisme
    Abisme 15 days ago

    this looks like a fusion between Chinese and Polish cuisine tbh

  • M T-K
    M T-K 15 days ago

    What happened to Double Chen channel? You guys were funny together.

  • Peter Kinzio
    Peter Kinzio 15 days ago

    Mongolian soul food

  • Anon archist
    Anon archist 17 days ago

    my kingdom for hot oil...

    THELEGEND 27 18 days ago

    Fuq u man im hungry now

  • jack Wittenbrink
    jack Wittenbrink 18 days ago

    Thank you for being honest and admitting you hate broccoli. Now I know that what you and I will prefer in terms of food are completely different and I needn't follow your advice about what to try.

  • #1beckyfan WWE
    #1beckyfan WWE 18 days ago

    "I love dish, I love dish, absolutely love dish." 😂😂😂😂

  • YoCat SoSwag
    YoCat SoSwag 18 days ago +4

    Mongolian foods in 3 words
    And also 2019? Anyone?

    • YoCat SoSwag
      YoCat SoSwag 13 days ago

      +Touka chan I love foods that have these i am kinda joking and also not judging anybody.

    • YoCat SoSwag
      YoCat SoSwag 13 days ago

      +Touka chan I know, I am from mongolia!!!!

    • Touka chan
      Touka chan 13 days ago +1

      YoCat SoSwag we hard work everyday in this harsh place cold kinda dry all we need are calories and hot milk

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 19 days ago

    Looked ver lean meat ! 🇸🇬👍👏👌

  • Supreme Gamer MGL
    Supreme Gamer MGL 20 days ago

    Im mongolia Сайн уу Монгол

  • Andriod Khan
    Andriod Khan 22 days ago

    Gonna be treated like a royal.

  • Beegii Beegii
    Beegii Beegii 23 days ago

    хаха барж байгаамуу

  • 5Power QKA
    5Power QKA 23 days ago

    Ulaanbaatar is very speciel! I like it

  • baluga agulab
    baluga agulab 23 days ago

    mouth watering ahhhhhhhhh

  • Kawaii kitty
    Kawaii kitty 23 days ago

    Хөөх манай монголч сайхандаа

  • вовка местный

    Джеки привет

  • Low Quality Jpeg
    Low Quality Jpeg 25 days ago

    how you eat so much

  • kato aomi
    kato aomi 26 days ago

    you should check out if u r mother ever had any relation with jackie chang..

  • Muhammad Rahadiansyah
    Muhammad Rahadiansyah 26 days ago

    Jackie Chan: a Day In Mongolia

  • Hishigdorj hishgee
    Hishigdorj hishgee 26 days ago

    hi I'm from Mongolia and Utan batot

  • Hishigdorj hishgee
    Hishigdorj hishgee 26 days ago

    hi I'm from Mongolia and Utan batot

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 27 days ago

    "Mary must be sobbing " I'm rolling. You should publish a book of Chenism's.

  • Ruby Jade
    Ruby Jade 29 days ago

    Stir fried Mongolian rainbow-noodle!!! 😋

  • Ariumaa D
    Ariumaa D 29 days ago +1

    Mongol хүн байна уу

  • Anand Singh Laishram

    Go to Mongolia and order noodles? Come on

  • Dake E
    Dake E Month ago

    As a Mongolian
    Mongolia is heaven for meat lovers

  • bilegtOchir bilegtOchir

    mongolia is very nice 👍

  • jadedmastermind
    jadedmastermind Month ago

    I can picture Chingis Khan eating that food almost 1000 years ago.

  • Jean Doe
    Jean Doe Month ago

    The way you eat makes want to eat a kg of food 😂😂😂 though I will faint if I eat too much.

  • ralfiki94
    ralfiki94 Month ago

    I am surprised that you don't weigh 300 hundred pounds

  • Jasmine Nick
    Jasmine Nick Month ago

    Mongolian foods are number one in the world😍😍I love Mongolia

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy Month ago

    Wow thanks Jacky Chan!

  • dd dd
    dd dd Month ago

    Mongolian food look delicious!
    I dream of LAMB :)

  • Oranggeee e
    Oranggeee e Month ago +1

    I'll give you some hot oil ;)

  • Meder kurd
    Meder kurd Month ago

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm i like mongolia

  • Aru Nyann
    Aru Nyann Month ago

    Omg everything that I’m craving right now,

  • No Tusk
    No Tusk Month ago


  • Tri Do
    Tri Do Month ago

    Would cool if you and Jackie Chan try out some Hong Kong foods

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner Month ago

    Hey they actually give you cutlery

  • Nicole T. Wilson
    Nicole T. Wilson Month ago


  • TenebriStar
    TenebriStar Month ago

    OMG! THAT DISH IS SO AMAZING! I am from Hungary and I'd like to get to know the Mongol people more closely. I'd like to know what the flavor of the kumis and the boodog. *And the most important:* I would like to learn the Mongolian *throat singing.*

  • Jose Santa Anna
    Jose Santa Anna Month ago

    There people who hate Mongolia -- vegans! 🍄🍆

  • sloopy8bitretro gammer

    Omg lamb dumpling is exactly like Turkish mini dumpling called manti and they eat meat especially lamb a lot and they serve lambs head omg it likes a ancient east Asian turkey


    crappy millennial music? check! irrational thought process that new take on tradional food = authentic? Dipshit millennial confirmed!

  • come ultimately
    come ultimately Month ago

    Food name khorhog
    shultei hool

  • come ultimately
    come ultimately Month ago

    Im mongol

  • sky pip
    sky pip Month ago

    Монголд тавтай морл

  • Devil puppies
    Devil puppies Month ago

    Duuude there's a lot of meaat .ohhhh yumm

  • supertroll
    supertroll Month ago

    I love Eastern Europe and eastern Asia some sanity still left

  • 사랑해꿀주허니

    Im hungry ㅠㅠ for meat lover mongol is heaven

  • soyon manlai
    soyon manlai Month ago +2

    Wish more tourists came here for holidays.

  • RobloxOdko Odko
    RobloxOdko Odko Month ago

    Meet my country.

  • METAL Metal
    METAL Metal Month ago

    Saltarello 2, the background music i think is Italian. And the lamb looked a tad overdone.

  • Taro Yamada
    Taro Yamada Month ago

    who is hungry ?

  • Russell Solomon
    Russell Solomon Month ago

    Wow. Mongolians use the Cyrillic alphabet. That is pretty crazy. They weren’t officially a part of the USSR but obviously were influenced by them. The food reminds me of Kazakh food.

    • Leila Adams
      Leila Adams 13 days ago

      They were one of the satellite countries. USSR brought modern civilization to this country.

  • sandvich
    sandvich Month ago

    Манайхан байна уу ?

  • Carla Lock
    Carla Lock 2 months ago

    Mongolian food is sooooo god !

  • Mik Games and talk
    Mik Games and talk 2 months ago

    Mongolian foods is kinda for meet lovers

  • Dylan739 ThePRO
    Dylan739 ThePRO 2 months ago

    Hey man if youre still in mongolian food n stuff you know earlier in the video there was a food called khuushuur well the one you ate is the home khuushuur what you should really eat is naadmiin khuushuur we eat it in our traditional celebration naadam and you said tsuivan is the best then you should try the potato tsuivan fatty oilly potatoey goodness and yeah a mongolian band molboyz made a song called tsuivan for their love for potato tsuivan

  • JamesTalker
    JamesTalker 2 months ago

    we eat those everyday especially some builders
    it(The mutton soup khuushuur buuz) costs less then 2 dollars in a cheap diner

  • Beautiful Villian
    Beautiful Villian 2 months ago +9

    Mongolia. Only 1 country I want to visit the most now. But seems like the dream is so hard to reach because I know nothing about their culture. So I need to learn more about them. 😘

    • Tulgaa Gankhuyag
      Tulgaa Gankhuyag 15 days ago

      +Mongol GamerZ bolichoochee uvul harin juulchin irjil bval zuer biz de.

    • Tulgaa Gankhuyag
      Tulgaa Gankhuyag 15 days ago

      Yeah outside Ulaanbaatar is so nice. Pure air and freezing. can also skiing. But inner Ulaanbaatar is perilous air pollution

    • YoCat SoSwag
      YoCat SoSwag 18 days ago

      +Urban Student Prepper It's kinda not too cold here and not hot either

    • Urban Student Prepper
      Urban Student Prepper 18 days ago

      +Mongol GamerZ oh believe me I will. I'm sick of Australian weather where you cook outside because its hot as hell.

    • hadniimangai
      hadniimangai 19 days ago

      +Beautiful Villian sorry to tell u this but during the winter time the air pollution is just awful in the capital city Ulaanbaatar. However if you just go out of the city its 100 percent better. I'm sure the most you want to experience is the vast steppe country side and its culture. Hence there is no pollution in the country side. Only in the capital city as it the coldest capital city on earth the people with low income are living in there yurt (ger) and burning raw coal to get warm up there home. Hope it helps.

  • Bux Bolor Erdene
    Bux Bolor Erdene 2 months ago +1

    This is lot of protien

    RED FLASH 2 months ago +2

    I love Mongolia so much