TRADITIONAL Mongolian Food Guide in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

  • Published on Aug 17, 2017
  • I was in Mongolia and got to try out some delicious Mongolian cuisine. Here's what I had...
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +431

    are me and Stewie the ONLY people who hate broccoli?

    • Brandon Vistan
      Brandon Vistan 17 days ago

      I worship broccoli when paired with pasta.

    • TheAlexil69
      TheAlexil69 24 days ago

      @Strictly Dumpling Broccoli is delicious, all my kids love it, it's their fav! You only have to know how to prepare :)

    • Joseph Lee
      Joseph Lee Month ago

      Yes you are

    • sergiomorfo
      sergiomorfo Month ago

      I don't know if hate is the word, but i really dislike Broccoli

    • BeardOil 424
      BeardOil 424 Month ago

      *am i

  • Lauren Davies
    Lauren Davies Day ago

    Sounded like you said A fatty beef crack lol at 7.36

  • Togoldor Ankhbayar

    this is my home 🏡

  • Togoldor Ankhbayar

    hi im mongolia 🇲🇳

  • albay ertek
    albay ertek 3 days ago

    daha bitmediniz mi la .mongolya mi kaldi aq mun dunyasinda.hayattamisiniz.cengiz oldu mongol bitti aq.

  • KlaroV Gaming
    KlaroV Gaming 4 days ago

    tsuivan shaa hujaa lalraa

  • That Person
    That Person 4 days ago


    SUMIT 5 days ago

    That soup looks something bizzare

  • Green Plant
    Green Plant 5 days ago

    He sure eats alot

  • Paul H Fleming
    Paul H Fleming 5 days ago

    Hey Mikey: Your fans know how much you enjoy eating new foods. But, please slow down on fatty meats and heavy sauces.And eat some veggies. We want you to live past age 50. lol

  • Ms. Don't Give A Fuck

    Bring your own hot oil!!

  • Gerard Ferrer
    Gerard Ferrer 6 days ago

    me watching ARTGER and Strictly Dumpling :)

  • Gerard Ferrer
    Gerard Ferrer 6 days ago

    music magnolian haha cool

  • nick christian
    nick christian 6 days ago

    I wonder how they digest

  • nick christian
    nick christian 7 days ago

    I.wonder where yr vitamin m come from

    BBTGTG 7 days ago

    I am hungry at 6 AM now..

  • Hanzo the youtuber
    Hanzo the youtuber 9 days ago

    You switched the name of buuz and bansh smaller one is bansh and we bigger one is buuz 🙂

  • Tuvshin U.
    Tuvshin U. 10 days ago

    I'm curious how Gordon Ramsay would react to this

  • mogul mogul
    mogul mogul 11 days ago

    in mongolia

  • Hernan Robles
    Hernan Robles 11 days ago

    Hi Jackie Chan

  • Lily B
    Lily B 14 days ago

    I’m Mongolian actually

  • Tohtau Bai
    Tohtau Bai 14 days ago

    *Thank* *you* *Jackie* *Chan* . *Nice* *video* *hha*

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 15 days ago

    Well me i'm a vegan this is a nightmare for me ha ha ha ha ha

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 15 days ago

    Well Mongolians aren't really vegetable eaters their entire diet is meat, for someone being vegan it's a nightmare

  • nitefort legend
    nitefort legend 15 days ago

    I hate carrots and i love brocolli how dare you

  • van Nguyen
    van Nguyen 16 days ago

    The Mongolians live in a cold environment so they need to eat a lot of meat to keep them warm. Tasting good or bad doesn't really matter to them as long as they have some energy so they can ride their horses.

  • Solomon Tirwomwe
    Solomon Tirwomwe 17 days ago

    Hahaha. What did Broccoli ever do to you...?😂😂

  • Ariuka Tumuruu
    Ariuka Tumuruu 17 days ago

    Thank you for your decision. ^•^

  • Yesui Amgaa
    Yesui Amgaa 17 days ago

    I am Mongolian but now I live in Australia with my family (I want to visit Mongolia): the food looks amazing I’m hungry now

  • amirlins channel
    amirlins channel 17 days ago

    Mnai mongol

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 19 days ago


  • Bethany Grimes
    Bethany Grimes 19 days ago

    That place w the horse on top was majestic Times 10.

  • Mo
    Mo 21 day ago

    Where's the Mongolian pork and fish?

  • Noble Man
    Noble Man 23 days ago

    How much can you eat man wow

  • ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ

    ᠶᠠᠮᠠᠷ ᠠᠮᠳᠣ ᠲᠠᠢ ᠬᠠᠷᠠᠬᠳᠠᠴᠣ ᠪᠠᠢᠢᠨᠠ ᠠ

  • ODY_Hunt
    ODY_Hunt 26 days ago

    Wait what??? You were here while I was here???

  • Samy Rodriguez
    Samy Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Wait I know what it needs it needs HOT OIL 😂😂😂

  • soo-yun park
    soo-yun park 27 days ago

    sain bain uu

  • vimallayil layil
    vimallayil layil 27 days ago

    Ohh man next flight i go Mongolia to
    Eat this all stuff

  • Narka Naraa
    Narka Naraa 29 days ago

    I am mongolia

  • muiyan
    muiyan Month ago

    Thank you Jackie Chan!

  • Crypto MinD
    Crypto MinD Month ago

    im go in mongolia very nice foods there

  • Zaza Odorata Tsegmed

    Great Video man! That Made me so hungry for mongolian food ❤

  • DriFTox Gaming
    DriFTox Gaming Month ago

    I m mongolia

  • john romano
    john romano Month ago

    OMG why i open this youtube page... im on diet bro.... so delicious i should live in mongolia, i love meat

  • HeX Clan
    HeX Clan Month ago

    And Khorkhog is named Horhog or Хорхог

  • HeX Clan
    HeX Clan Month ago

    Im Mongolia :P

  • BeardOil 424
    BeardOil 424 Month ago


  • aman verma
    aman verma Month ago

    I am vegetarian .How I can live there hahhah

  • jose garrido
    jose garrido Month ago

    how hard is to get around in Mongolia

  • Temuulen Munkh-Erdene

    Bansh = Bounchs ahah just say BANSH! .

  • Deddy Sholeiman
    Deddy Sholeiman Month ago


  • M.Q.S. Bek
    M.Q.S. Bek Month ago

    Mongolian food same Qazaqstan food

  • KIK KI
    KIK KI Month ago

    what food is the best for you in the world

  • The Polarfox Hunter

    Is it halal? Are there halal restaurants in Mongolia.??
    I need to travel there and I am thinking of sticking to a vegetarian food as I am not sure of any halal restaurants there.

  • Munhdulguun Sergelenbaatar

    Үнэхээр гоё

  • Samsudin Udin
    Samsudin Udin Month ago

    Jackie chan ?

  • Mag1k
    Mag1k Month ago

    Чингисийн үр сад халуун цуст монголчууд..

  • Jack GamerYT
    Jack GamerYT Month ago

    I m mongolia

  • ZorroNegro 22
    ZorroNegro 22 Month ago

    Time to go to mongolia

  • Josh W
    Josh W Month ago

    You look like Jackie Chan

  • Suh Bat
    Suh Bat Month ago

    i am mongolia human. thank you

  • she·nan·i·gan
    she·nan·i·gan Month ago


  • Ethan Jong
    Ethan Jong Month ago

    I feel like he probably ate the equivalence of at least one whole lamb throughout this video

  • Kenneth Carpenter II

    Its so strange that you can eat things that would make a billy goat puke, but wont eat broccoli.

  • Gacha Rose
    Gacha Rose Month ago


  • Gacha Rose
    Gacha Rose Month ago

    Oh wow nice

  • Erdenentugs Tugsuu
    Erdenentugs Tugsuu Month ago

    ACCTUALLY broccoli is growing taller food but you are short man

  • Kentoto
    Kentoto Month ago

    Pretty sure it tastes very good but looks really disgusting

  • Ms Tergelsar
    Ms Tergelsar Month ago

    Tsuivan is the best, guys 😋 as a Mongolian woman if you make a great tsuivan , chances are you are considered as the best wife material is much higher than those who are not. True story 😜

  • Ms Tergelsar
    Ms Tergelsar Month ago

    Oh boy! My mouth is watering. Good job making such great video!

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    presentation is excellent😀

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    marinate or spice the meat b4 you cook it

  • Charlie  Suarez
    Charlie Suarez 2 months ago

    Lmaoo cameramen confused lmao 3:11😂😂

  • Bow to me Black god
    Bow to me Black god 2 months ago

    I bet none of there food have any seasoning lol

  • Ujuani Abelsen
    Ujuani Abelsen 2 months ago

    Aww.. he is just as crazy about food as me! My wife sometimes kind of nags me about it, but she also loves good food.

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell 2 months ago

    Fatty beef crack lmfao

  • mae pearl
    mae pearl 2 months ago

    what are the must-try's?

  • CatapilzZ
    CatapilzZ 2 months ago

    Mongolia is like meat heaven :)

  • CatapilzZ
    CatapilzZ 2 months ago

    1:08 *Buzz* 😂

  • Enkhtuvshin Bat-Erdene
    Enkhtuvshin Bat-Erdene 2 months ago

    The Mongolian cuisin is the best in the world super delicious and natural damnn miss my country

  • tadar apey
    tadar apey 2 months ago

    Let me travel with you😇

  • Ryōkaï Kun
    Ryōkaï Kun 2 months ago

    since when do mongolians eats pickles ?

  • sfgdhdhd
    sfgdhdhd 2 months ago

    Only Asians can enjoy such food :D

  • Ling J
    Ling J 2 months ago

    Nice work Jackie Chan

  • Stanley Vo
    Stanley Vo 2 months ago

    Oh ! Friend’s look so forgot me to go with .......hi hi ....

    ENNA ULLON 2 months ago +1


  • Tuguldur Khosbayar
    Tuguldur Khosbayar 2 months ago


  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh 2 months ago +1

    For the love of god someone bring this man some hot oil!!!

  • Taverna De Midgard
    Taverna De Midgard 2 months ago

    I can't believe that a guy that eats so many different things doesnt like broccoli

    REZI YT 2 months ago

    I am from Mongolia the foods are really nice

  • robscot971
    robscot971 2 months ago

    Say one time that this food sux. Or your just getting paid

  • Jono
    Jono 2 months ago

    Y’all don’t know Mongolia much. I’m lucky I’m Mongolian

  • osriodore
    osriodore 2 months ago

    There's also tons of street food, like buuz and khuurshuur and tsuivan. All delicious by the way.

  • osriodore
    osriodore 2 months ago

    I watched this video, then went to Mongolia, then came back and I have to say that traditional Mongolian restaurants are everywhere in Ulaanbaatar. Are you sure you really looked?

  • EmmaLovesDIY Vlogs
    EmmaLovesDIY Vlogs 2 months ago


  • E Z
    E Z 2 months ago

    How much does this cost in USD

  • kealyn serena
    kealyn serena 2 months ago +1

    Hey I'm from Mongolian the Mongolian food is really good

  • Teresa Jenkins
    Teresa Jenkins 2 months ago

    I'm glad the lamb dishes were good, but over all their dishes look uninspired...I don't think they have much variety due to the harsh land. They only have 95 to 110 days of a growing season...

  • _ACEcraft_ MGL gamer Mongol Minecraft Pe

    Tsuivan is real man's food in Mongolia